why we protest

Humanity is a privilege, we can’t give in
When they build walls, we’ll build bridges
This is resistance, we’re resilient
When they spread hate, we shine brilliant
March by the millions ‘til they hear the children
We found ourselves at a distance
Open up the jails and the overcrowded cells
When we oppress anyone, we oppress ourselves
Greatest gift I ever learned is helpin’ someone else
You feel fully fulfilled ‘cause you forget about yourself
Service, purpose works if you work it
Love everyone regardless of the God they worship
This isn’t the Apocalypse
We can’t address the hate until we acknowledge it
If Jesus was alive, would he let Mohamed in?
This isn’t nature, my daughter hugs strangers
We teach fear and preach hatred
Put up a fence, scared to meet our neighbors
Think that if we let them in, they’ll take advantage of us later
There’s so much anger and this world is ours, raise her
My daughter, hope it’s a dream when I wake up tomorrow

And we fight for the people that haven’t had a voice
Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice
Fight for women’s rights, if she does or doesn’t carry
We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all to get married
I’m not moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation
No time for apathy, no more tears and no complainin’
Gotta fight harder for the next four and what we’re faced with
Got my daughter in my arms and he is not gonna raise her

—  Macklemore, Wednesday Morning

One day y'all will understand what the American Civil Liberties Union does and how law and Constitutional rights work. But apparently today is not that day.

simplyagreste  asked:

I was wondering if I reblog your work, will you be mad? Is it the same as reposting because I am confused about the Miraculous Ladybug blackout. Thank you. By the way, your art is really good. - khai (simplyagreste)

Hello, khai! Thank you so much for sending in your ask! c: I understand there will likely be confusion, so I’m glad you came to forward with your concern. And also thank you so much for complimenting my art! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Important thing first: Reblogging and Reposting are NOT the same.

I definitely won’t be mad if you REBLOG my work! In fact, I’ll be really happy if you did. I highly encourage reblogging for every artist/content creator out there too. Reblogs make us happy, my friend. Reblogs make us feel appreciated, supported, and inspire us to keep sharing. c:

The thing with reblogs is, we encourage it because it comes directly from us. When you reblog something from me, no matter what kind of blog has it, it will link back to me. This means, those who look at your blog and can find me as the source of the work you posted, and they can easily click my name to find me. Which is great because it means you not only shared the one work you reblogged, you also indirectly shared the rest of my work too. And that’s super awesome! (╯✧▽✧)╯

The reblog button down there is all the permission you need to properly share the work on tumblr, so make sure to utilize it.

So never be afraid that a content creator will be mad if you reblog our work from us. We won’t! I promise. c:

As for REPOSTing, to really hammer in the difference and help you understand the purpose/source of the blackout more, I’ll tell you about what’s bad about it.

Reposting means you either take a screenshot of the post/save the post and reupload it either on another tumblr account or another social media account. Under a different name. Now, with permission of the creator and proper credit/linkback, reposting to other social media isn’t so bad, but the main problem is this:

There are people out there who simply take without asking and reupload other people’s works as their own. Often, they remove the watermarks/credits of the creators and put their own, thereby linking back to their own page, instead of the person who actually made the work. In essence, they are taking credit for something they did not make.

There are reposter accounts out there that have up to 60,000 followers, and they have done absolutely NONE of the work they’ve uploaded. Imagine that. Imagine all that work the artist did, and some other person just takes all the credit for it. Hours/days spent on a comic/artwork, and another person takes it as their own. And the original artist? Lost in the background, no recognition for their hard work to share with us something great.

Now that you know this, you can see why a lot of creators are sick of it. :c

Even if there were people who properly credit, there will be people who will take from THEM and not credit/remove credit altogether. That’s why there are a lot of creators who discourage any kind of reposting whatsoever.

Overall, reposting gets way too complicated in comparison to simply reblogging. And annoying, besides. A lot of creators have left/are leaving the fandom, electing to stop creating ML fanart, because the problem has gotten so bad that people are even making MONEY off work the artist did for FREE. And that’s why we have this protest going on. To raise awareness to this sad fact. :’c

Content creators are human too—they’re not fanart/fanfic robots for people to take from whenever. Make them feel like they matter as people too. Support the creator! Show them you care. Show them you love their work. Support them against reposters and art thieves! It’ll be worth it. c:

TL;DR— Reblogging = GOOD! Reposting = BAD! Directly support creators by REBLOGging. Ask permission before REPOSTing. Pineapples on pizza. Eggs on toast.

Thank you for your wonderful ask! Again, another lengthy answer, but I hope it was informative. If you or anyone has any more concerns or need more information, go ahead and visit @miraculousblackout or feel free to send another ask either to me or other people in the protest! We’re here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful!

Have a super awesome day, khai! (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

anonymous asked:

what's your icon means?

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised there are images and names of deceased persons below that may cause sadness or distress.

Sorry it took a while to get to this and my apologies, but this is a long answer.

My icon is in protest of the date that Australia marks to celebrate Australia Day, which is the official National Day of Australia. It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip.

However, it’s not a day of celebration for everyone, namely, the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Our history did not begin with the arrival of the British; we enjoyed thousands of years in this country with our own sovereignty. For many of us, celebrating on the 26th is not respectful because we view it as a day of mourning. It marks the beginning of colonisation and genocide of our peoples. It is celebrating the beginning of oppression for Aboriginal peoples. The dispossession of lands; mass murder; as well as threats of cultural and linguistic extinction.

Many of us refer to it as Invasion Day as it was an act of war against sovereign peoples; others, Survival Day, to recognise our resilience in the face of 200+ years of outright systematic genocide from the British imperialism and Australian colonialism.

We, the First Australians, do want to celebrate a day when we can talk about all of the wonderful things we love about our country. Yet, the 26th is not a day that has EVER felt good for us.

Australia, like many other colonial and post-colonial nations, has a history of denying that there was ever much wrong doing against Aboriginal people. And when there finally is an acknowledgement, others demand that we, as Aboriginal people, ‘get over it’.

Let me illustrate (in a short list) some of the things they want us to ‘get over’:

- Spread of smallpox that killed large numbers of Aboriginal people when the First Fleet arrived

- Arthur Philip calling for the death of Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy after he responded to violence against local Aboriginal people, namely women and children

- ‘Parties’ sent out to massacre Aboriginal populations for ‘offences’ such as killing livestock to feed their families after many of the native animals were driven out by early graziers. 

- Sexual violence against Aboriginal women and children

- Aboriginal people being forced to live on missions and reserves

- Aborigines Protection Board

- Aboriginal children of mixed parentage being forcibly removed from their families

- Assimilation Policy

- Exclusion from Education

- Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Here are some famous images of Aboriginal men who were taken prisoner. Images like these were often taken after a massacre had occurred.

Caption: Head chains were sometimes used for a Native’s entire Prison Sentence, up to 3 years or more, 24 hours a day.

The reasons for many of these ‘arrests’ were to dispossess people so that farmers could have their land; or in response to an Aboriginal person killing livestock for food in order to survive.

Below, we see Aboriginal children who were taken from their families and forced to live in ‘Homes’ where they were trained to be domestics and laborers for white families. Many suffered physical and sexual abuse. Many never found their families again.

Caption (which was handwritten by a white woman wanting an Aboriginal child as a domestic): I like the little girl in centre of group, but if taken by anyone else, any of the others would do, as long as they are strong.

The wider Australian community does not like to acknowledge that these abuses occurred in our SHARED HISTORY. Celebrating the official day of our nation when it marks the beginning of imperial rule in our country which led to these government sanctioned atrocities is NOT a happy thing for us. This is why we protest celebrating ‘Australia Day’ on the 26th of January.

These are from my own personal teaching resources; I use them with students to teach them about the History Wars Debate:

Historians engaged in History Wars Debate

Australian Prime Ministers on Australian history.

Discussion topics for students on omission and inclusion in history.

I think most Australians subscribe to Howard’s view that sharing the black armband view of history makes Australia’s colonial narrative look like a ‘disgraceful story of imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination…’

If that is the story of Australia, then it should be told. We should be celebrating what we have achieved as a multi-cultural nation with a long history (and prehistory) of Aboriginal occupation, not trying to hide what happened to the First Australians; not denying that the Australian Dream was built at the expense, detriment, and great sorrow of the nation’s Indigenous peoples.



Thank you for asking. If you wanted to know more, here’s some information about Frontier Wars; massacres; human right violations; Aboriginal Resistance; and Invasion Day:

                                                                                                                              Blood on the Wattle: Massacres and Maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians Since 1788 by Bruce Elder

Why Weren’t We Told? by Henry Reynolds

Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History by Robert Manne

Australian Human Rights Commission

Ten Ways to Stand with Indigenous People this Survival Day by Amnesty International

Sovereign Union - First Nations Asserting Sovereignty

A New Generation of Indigenous Children Lost in the System by Allan Clarke

Stories of Resistance

Teaching Resources:

Aboriginal Resistance to Colonisation: Four Case Studies by the National Museum of Australia

A Reference List can be found here for further reading.

I can’t believe there are people who actually enjoy eating McDonald’s fish filet sandwiches. They have fun eating fake fish…? Also American cheese does not go with seafood? Did they just put it on there in order to mask the taste of the biochemically engineered fish…? Why does this sandwich even exist? Why aren’t we protesting it?

If you are up right now, pray 2 rakah nafl for Aleppo, Syria.

Assad & Putin’s army has taken over 98% of the city and the 2% of people left are sittig with their families, saying/tweeting their goodbyes and waiting to be killed.

This is happening RIGHT NOW. And nobody is doing anything at all to stop it before the entire city of Aleppo falls.

Pray some nafl for Syria. Pray for Aleppo. Syria with its streets filled rivers of blood and murdered innocents.

Pray so that when we stand before Allah SWT we can at least say that we prayed for them once. How utterly pathetic.

When the Syrian child asks us why we didn’t stop the war and we say but we didn’t have the power.

And the Syrian father asks why we didn’t donate and we say we didn’t have the money.

And the Syrian mother asks why we didn’t spread awareness and we say we didn’t have the influence.

When the Syrian elders ask why we didn’t attend a protest and we say we didn’t have time.

When the Syrian girl asks why we didn’t write letters to our parliament and we say we were busy.

When the Syrian boy asks why we didn’t even speak of their pain or sign petitions for them and we say we were busy.

When the Syrian baby asks okay so why didn’t we at least pray? At least we won’t look completely pathetic right?

Pray nafl for Syria right now. Allah SWT is the Most Powerful and in His hand is control of the heavens and the earth. He works in unimaginable ways. Ask Him to help.

Pray for Aleppo.


At the end of the Women’s March in Boston everyone placed their signs all along the fence surrounding the cemetery in the Boston Common, creating a long wall of reasons why we protest. It was amazing to see my city unite like this! – January 21, 2017

A long, sad story about the attitudes that Autism Speaks propagates, and an encounter with a spokesperson "autism dad"

I’m still working on my post covering the Vancouver ASAN protest against the Autism Speaks walk, but here is the story of one of the “autism parents” we encountered. The interaction here was definitely the worst and most disheartening part of the day but I feel like it’s really important to talk about.

We were well into the morning, handing out flyers and pamphlets to the masses of families in “Team Aiden” and “Team Emily” shirts, answering questions and talking to anyone who stopped to look at our signage. A man and his adult son approached us and began chatting up our chapter leader, Alanna.

Marvin leaned down and quietly identified the man as the person who gave the fear/hope/cure speech on the stage prior to the walk. His motive was clear to Marvin and me from his hello— he was not there to listen. I was, though. I listened closely as I smiled and passed out flyers, and during breaks in the stream of people I watched the interaction between Alanna and the “autism dad” with growing distaste. Eventually I began taking notes.

Keep reading

Please stop the violence.

It doesn’t do anything. Destroying things won’t do anything to help this situation, trust me. Stop burning flags, stop vandalizing, stop hurting people. Peacefully protest if you want to do anything. Please just stop the violence.

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can you write some more things about INFPs?

(I got like 7 messages asking same/similar thing so if I don’t answer your similar question it’s here)

- Huge dorks
- all emotional and shit
- so sensitive
- it’s kinda cute tbh
- tiny little fluffy bunnies filled with melancholy and hatred
- if bansky did words
- why do you like english so much
- why poetry
- why
- why does your emo stage last like 10x as long as it should
- why ebony darkness dementia raven way
- why do you care so much
- what is the appeal of furries
- why is sonic the hedgehog hot
- why do ship him with shadow
- why do you like writing so much
- why do all the baby INFPs have ‘Welcome to my twisted mind’ as their blog description
- why do they identify as magicdarknesswolfgender/magicdarknesswolfself/magicdarknesswolfir
- why are you all gay
- why are the straight INFPs gay
- that doesn’t even make sense
- why are you like 95% enneagram 4
- what is up with your haircut
- why do you dress like you’re from a fairytale
- why do you live in a fairytale
- why are you so cute
- little soft cuddly seething balls of rage
- why sarcasm right now
- you clearly do give a fuck
- why are you a witch
- like not even a modern witch
- like you have 66 black cats and a pointy hat and a broomstick
- nono please don’t be sad
- why are you sad
- why do you enjoy being sad
- maybe there is no deeper meaning behind pokemon
- maybe there is no tragic backstory
- why are we protesting
- what are we protesting
- do you even know what we’re protesting
- what is wrong with cis white men
- calm down
- nonono i’m sorry i didn’t mean to hurt you
- glitter kitten of impending doom
- you really aren’t that tough tbh
- i’m sorry
- hug me
- dork

On Protests in the USA

I am disgusted to see protests on the level that is currently happening in the USA.

My question is, what are you all protesting? Are you protesting the result of a fair and democratic election? If your issue is with the voting system, why are we seeing these protests after the election instead of before?

Or is it just a case of ‘my candidate lost so I am going to go and cry about it in the streets because I can’t cope with the idea of being on the losing side’?

Please enlighten me.