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Akashi and  Kuroko Conversation and Mini Drama Ending

Akashi: You found a good partner, Kuroko.
Kuroko: Yes. 

Kuroko: Because Kagami-kun was there I was able to play my basketball.

Akashi: This time, we weren’t able to beat your basketball, your team’s basketball. But next time we won’t  lose.

Kuroko: Yes. We want to have the chance to fight against you guys again.

Akashi: By the way Kuroko….

Akashi: ….how do you end something like this?
Kuroko: Ah that’s right. Here you see… *whispers*
Akashi: Ah I see. Got it.

Akashi: So everyone! Now we’re done reflecting on Winter Cup. But there’s still a lot of time left in the day so why don’t we go play some street basketball?

Everyone: YEAH!

Tiny But Mighty -Sherlock Holmes-

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This is such a sweet gif of Sherlock, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the oneshot so you should just roll with it. 

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Prompt: To distract Sherlock, you suggest playing a game of CLUE to pass the time. Little do the two of you know that you’re both incredibly competitive. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “How about a walk?” 

  “For the final time Sherlock, John was very clear on your rules. You seem to not notice that you are getting over being sick and you have broken blood vessels in your eye. You’re not leaving the flat!” 

It had been a few days since the incident with Culverton Smith, and Sherlock Holmes was not a man that you could keep confined inside for very long. He lived and breathed adventure, and to spend his days inside was driving him insane. 

Sherlock sat up from his spot on the sofa, a mischievous grin spreading across his battered features. “We’ve still got CLUE.” He suggested, pulling the game box out from underneath the sofa. You’d heard alot about this game from John since you’d become Sherlocks girlfriend after The Reichenbach Fall, but you’d never had the experience to play it yourself. 

  “I’m so going to regret this.” 


  “Y/n, can you be any slower? John may return with Rosie at the rate you’re going.”

 You leaned forward on your knees and intently studied the game board. “If you don’t shut up, you’re going to learn what my wrath looks like.” You snapped, pressing your lips together as his eyes lit up. It had been an hour and a half since you started, and his sarcastic comments about your actual lack of knowledge for this game was beginning to get under your skin. “Who’s to say that Mr. Boddy wasn’t killed in the sitting room? What incentive does the butler have to off his boss?” 

  “Like I said, you see but you do not observe.” 

  “I observe that you’re a cheater! You can’t use your deduction skills in this game!” You cried out. Sherlock quirked an eyebrow as you jumped to your feet and stood in a fighting position, your hands fisted in front of you. “I’m going to fight you, Sherlock Holmes.” 

The grin that spread across his face made your heart melt. “Do you want me to teach you how to observe?” He mused, gasping as you took another step forward and lightly punched him in the forearm. “I observe that you’re the cutest short human being I quite possibly have ever seen in my life.” 

  “This cute human being is going to beat that adorable smirk off your face.” You collapsed in his embrace and smiled as he kissed the top of your forehead, wrapping his arms around your waist as you flipped off the CLUE board and launched it across the room. “I vote next time you’re incapacitated and on doctors orders that we just watch movies, and you deduce the endings until your heart stops. Sound good?” 

  “Can I spoil the movies for you?” 

  “We’ll talk about it.” 

John entered the flat with Rose balanced on his hip and rose an eyebrow at the disaster that was the CLUE board and pieces. His eyes flickered towards where you sat on the sofa, Sherlocks head in your lap and the rest of his body curled up in the fetal position. “Good Lord, it looks like a tornado came through here.” He mused, sitting the baby down in her high chair. “I take it CLUE went as expected?” 

  “I may or may not have threatened to beat him stupid for cheating.” You kissed your biceps and wiggled your eyebrows at John. “I may be tiny, but I’m more mighty than anything Sherlock Holmes can deal with. He should fear me.” 

  “You’ve been saying that since we met, and believe me, we all fear your ferocity.” 



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Sometimes it irks me that 99% of the time tarot just tells you what you already know but didn’t want to deal with.

Like, why do we even play with these overly judgmental pieces of paper?

Frank: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.

[Frank plays paper, Jason plays scissors, Percy plays rock, Leo wiggles his fingers]

Leo: Haha, I win.

Jason: What is that?

Leo: That’s fire. It beats everything.

Percy: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? [opens fist over Leo’s hand] Pop-pssh!

Leo: Well-played, Percy Jackson. Well-played.

This NBA season has been unbelievable so far!

-Russell Westbrook averaging a TD w/ 30 pts!
-James Harden averaging 29 and leading the league in assists at 12 per game!
-Kevin Durant scoring 27 a game on 68% TS and still shooting a career low in field goal attempt!
-LeBron James averaging career highs in rebs & asts.
-Chris Paul with one of the most offensively efficient seasons of any player in NBA history.
- Anthony Davis leading the league in scoring!
-DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid splashing 3’s!
-Brook Lopez with more 3’s this season than he’s had for the majority of his career.
-DeMar DeRozan averaging 30!
-LA Lakers are winning games!

Who said the NBA is watered down!?


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