why we must struggle

Possession - Superboy x Reader

Prompt: “Hurt me, don’t hurt them.” Superboy x Reader (requested by anon)

“Shit!” You cried out in pain. You hands flew to your head as you grasped at the splitting pain that erupted in your mind. You fell to your knees cradling your head in your hands as your head felt like it was being torn in two. “No, no, no! Stop this Ragana!” You cried.

I cannot be chained any longer mortal filth. You will obey my commands!’ Ragana’s otherworldly voiced hissed in your mind.

Ragana was a blight that you have been forced to deal with much of your life. When you were a small child you had found the relic storing the ancient witch’s soul in your parent’s attic and accidentally released her soul to be absorbed into yours. In the beginning she was weak. Through some training with various sorcery experts you had been able to subdue her and keep her at bay.

Times were changing though and as you grew more powerful in your abilities that came with having your soul tied to an ancient being she grew powerful as well. Lately you had been struggling to maintain possession of your own body and mind. Slowly but surely Ragana was winning the war.

“I will never obey you.” You growled but you were slipping. You were losing control and there was nothing you could do to stop it.

Embrace me [Y/N]. With your natural affinity for the magic arts and my power we will be unstoppable. Why must you insist on struggling, child?’ She purred in your mind reveling in her growing power.

“Because I’m the only thing standing between you and destroying this world.” You said wincing as you pushed back against her mental grasp.

Such a smart girl. Such a pity … I have grown such fond of seeing the world through your primitive mind. I’m afraid I can’t allow you to stand in my way any longer, dear child.’ She said and multiple simultaneous stabs of pain shot through your body. You screamed out and hunched over to cradle your sides that felt like they were coming apart at the seams.

“[Y/N]!” Conner cried bursting into the room at the sound of your screams. When he saw you hunched over in pain he immediately flew to your side and took you into his arms. “[Y/N]! What’s wrong?” He asked checking over you for any sign of injuries. In the back of your mind Ragana started cackling diabolically.

“Conner go! It’s Ragana, she’s - FUCK!” You cried as another wave of pain crashed over your body. Your vision started to blur and Ragana’s essence started to slither into the forefront of your mind.

“I’m not leaving you, [Y/N]! What can I do? Tell me!” He commanded frantically.

Your lover is certainly a loyal specimen, isn’t he? I doubt he would ever lay a finger on me when I finally take over in fear of harming whatever is left of you. Oh this will be fun. I will take great joy in breaking him, my dear.’ She laughed.

“Conner, you’re not safe! I can’t fight her anymore. She’s too strong.” You ground out, trying to maintain hold of the tiny shred of yourself that you were still clinging too.

“You’re stronger than her, you always have been.” He encouraged, cradling you gently in his arms. You brought your hand up to cradle his cheek, trying to take in everything about him. This very well be the last you ever see of him.

“Not anymore. I’m sorry.” You whispered weakly, tears streaming down your cheeks. You were so weak, so ready to give in.

“No! Stay with me, [Y/N]! I’m not going to lose you!” He cried wiping away your tears. Suddenly his face set into determination as he prepared for what he had to do next.

“Ragana! I’m talking to you now! Let her go!” He demanded.

Now why would I want to do that, beloved?” Ragana spoke taking control of the use of your voice. Conner frowned at Ragana’s form assuming almost complete control over you.

“[Y/N]’s powerful yes, but so am I. I offer myself to you willingly. Hurt me, don’t hurt [Y/N].” He proposed. Ragana sneered and laughed. She controlled your body to rise to your feet and slowly circle Conner in inspection, your hand reaching out to seductively trace his body with your steps.

“Conner no!” You broke Ragana’s control to cry out but she quickly forced your mouth shut.

“Shut up, you. You’ve had more than enough time to speak for us. It’s my turn now.” She hissed regaining control over your form. “I do admit, your offer intrigues me child. Fusing with a Kryptonian … now that’s power I haven’t felt in millennia.” Ragana pondered her options for a few moments inspecting her potential new host body carefully. She stopped and grinned wickedly when she made up her mind.

I accept.” She grinned and suddenly her influence retreated from you mind and escaped out of your body only for her essence to arc through the air and penetrate Conner’s form. The force of the fusion knocked him to the ground.

“Conner!” You cried joining his side. “Ragana please. Don’t do this! Let him go!” You pleaded uselessly.

“[Y/N] … The dagger.” He choked out as he fought to maintain his last shred of control over himself. You eyes widened when you realized what he wanted you to do and you quickly fled the room. Behind you, you could hear crashing and mayhem as Ragana tested her new form.

The dagger you were looking for was hidden away in a place that very few people had access to due to its very nature. The only reason you knew about it was because Ragana forced you to use your magic to locate it for her future use. You sprinted down the hallways of the cave until you reached the location of the artifact. You bypassed all the security with your abilities and forced your way into the room. You located the hidden compartment it was hidden in and used a spell to unlock it. You pulled the glowing green kryptonite dagger out of its sheath and held it in your hands.

You really didn’t want to do this but Conner - Ragana left you no choice.

You concealed the dagger underneath your clothes and marched back to Ragana. She now had complete control over Conner. When she saw you she turned his body and sneered at you.

You! Here I thought you had the good sense to flee. Now I see you are just as foolish as you are weak.” She laughed.

“You’re the one who’s weak Ragana! You’re a parasite. You feed off of superior beings.” You taunted. Faster than you could blink, she was at your side and took hold of you by your neck, squeezing with just a fraction of Conner’s raw strength.

Foolish girl! You dare insult me? Fused with your lover I will be the most powerful being on the planet. Your childish quips will do nothing to stop me.” She grinned through Conner, making his hand squeeze ever so harder on your neck. You could see the panic and torment lingering in his eyes. He was still in there somewhere.

“You may have the power of a Kryptonian, Ragana, but you also have his weaknesses.” You snarled pulling out the Kryptonite dagger you had hidden and plunging it into his arm. His hand released its hold from your neck and she howled in pain. “I’m sorry about this, my love. I promise I’ll make it up to you later.” You swore, wincing as you brought the dagger back down into his arm and twisted the blade. Ragana shrieked even louder.

NO! Foolish girl! You’ve corrupted him! I can’t -” She shrieked before here essence ejected itself from his body and dissipated into the air around you. Conner came back to himself and his eyes looked at you with that familiar tender loving look. You threw yourself into his arms and kissed him passionately.

“I did it!” You cried happily.

“[Y/N] I’m happy too but can you remove that?” Conner groaned looking down at the dagger still embedded into his forearm.

“Oh! Sorry!” You said apologetically carefully removing the blade from his arm and tossing it as far as you could across the room.

“Is she gone?” He asked looking into your eyes for any trace of her in your eyes.

“She’s gone but she’s not dead.” You shook your head. “Hurting you like that it forced her away from you. She’s disappeared to lick her wounds but she’ll be back.” You said sadly. Conner tilted your head up to force you to look into his eyes.

“Let’s worry about that later. Right now I’m just happy we’re both alive.” He smiled taking your face in his hands and tilting your head to meet his soft passionate kiss.


AN: little, dark drabble that isn’t really worth posting on Ao3. 

Rey jolted into wakefulness to a scene both familiar and foreign. Panic crawled its way up her throat as she remembered where she had been previously and as she took in the stark environment. The last thing she had seen before succumbing to a forced state of slumber had been the fanged snout and empty gaze of a black mask.

Kylo Ren had, once again, taken her from the battlefield.

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Don't Go There

If big girls never did big girl appreciation day, would ya’ll skinny girls would want one? Like it’s just one day, one day for big girls like myself to feel good. I grantee you most skinny girls don’t want to be fat. Ya’ll want to have curves, it’s a difference. You would never want to walk in my shoes as a fat woman. You would never want my struggle. So why you want a day when every day is your day. You sound like white people against blackout. Like I get you have your own struggles but they will never compare because you would never want to be fat. Stop using “real women have curves” bs. Let’s be real, a woman with curves and tummy is not as accepted as a woman with curve that is skinny. You want curves and still be skinny. Big Girl Appreciation Day is not just about having curves. It’s about the girls/women with tummies, not the figure 8 shape and more. It’s not just about having curves.

I rarely speak up but I’m tired of being quiet. I’m tired of people making things about them when it’s not. Big girls can’t have one day. Just one day where we are uplifting ourselves and others. One day where we throw the beauty standards to the side and love us. One day we aren’t in the shadow of others. Like I said you sound just like white people on blackout.

“Me me me, what about me?” What about you, I see skinny girls with no curves on my dash everyday regardless of their race. I see skinny girls with curves on my dash everyday. I rarely see big girls of all shape and sizes on my dash. To actually see myself represented, is so nice. To see big black girls like me, makes me happy. It’s nothing I get to see often. It took me years to see my beauty, my sexy and my strength.

Why do you have to go there? Why must you on all days try to make it about you. Your privilege is showing, your ignorance is showing. I know ya’ll have struggles but can they really compare to mine. I use to starve myself so I wouldn’t get bullied and punish myself. I use to not feel pretty at all.

You don’t hear people say “You are pretty for a skinny girl.” It’s very rare if it even happens at all.

I get the “you are pretty for a fat girl.” And the “you are pretty for a black girl.”

So I ask you again, why must you make it about yourself? Why must you step on others? Why must we be quiet?

I know you have struggles but when you only voice them on days or posts that has nothing to do with you, I know you have no real voice. You only find strength tearing down others. You can only speak when it’s not about you for once. You are so use to being the center of attention. Voice your struggle without stepping on others.

Why We Must Struggle

by: Kay Ryan
from: Say Uncle

If we have not struggled
as hard as we can
at our strongest
how will we sense
the shape of our losses
or know what sustains
us longest or name
what change costs us
saying how strange
it is that one sector
of the self can step in
for another in trouble,
how loss activates
a latent double, how
we can feed
as upon nectar
upon need?

To the one who does not see power in God, prayer is useless; but to the one who sees God as their everything, prayer is of utmost importance. This is why we must lend our voices not only in the struggles of life, but in the abundance of Christ. Go before Him, let Him hear your heart and know your plea.

-T.B. LaBerge