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[H] You Are Cordially Invited (Oct. 21st)

WHAT: The Tirsfal Theatre Troupe’s 3rd Annual Big Hallow’s End Bash

WHERE: Shadowmoon Village - Shadowmoon Valley (Outland)

WHEN: Friday, October 21st, starting at 7 PM WrA Server (9 MG Server)

WHO: FOR THE HORDE! (or Alliance with Horde alts!)

WHY: Because we love you!

Three years ago this night, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe first performed for the public at Razor Hill. Now, tonight, we invite you, our fans, and anyone who loves to party to escape from the fel and fire that looms over us all for one night of…fel…and fire.

The Tirisfal Theatre Troupes’ annual Big Bash returns, with a night of fiery fun and fel fury for all! But don’t worry about the Legion interrupting - we’re quite off their radar on Outland this time! So take a break from the Broken Shores, crack open a Glow-In-The-Dark Kaja Cola™, grab a Giggles™ bar out of the candy bucket, and don your best costume at our favorite event of the year!

But be forewarned - the Legion may have their eyes turned elsewhere, but you never know what lurks in the dark on this Hallows End night…

Fire and Sulfur and Ash, OH MY!

The Legion comes for us in this battered and run down orcish village, nestled at the entry to the seat of the Betrayer himself. The horrors are not eldritch, but the fel may very well consume your soul to eternal damnation. It might not be a good idea to wander too far from the village on this night, for these haunted lands still claim lives to this day.

Surely you are safe with us, blasting loud music to keep the demons away. Can’t say too much for the wicked souls that linger, though…


Come to the party early, and get situated at the celebration grounds! While you’re here, sign the guest list, meet some cool new people, and get ready to rock out with WrA’s premiere IC rockstars, SHADOWSTORM! Event begins 30 minutes before the party officially begins, so come as early as you can and party hard!


Who wore it best? You decide, as we continue our traditional costume contest! This year, we have a wonderful prize for the best! Creativity and resourcefulness will be rewarded greatly!

This year, we’re going to have the audience vote for the winners from 10 finalists selected by the troupe! The winners will receive these awesome prizes;

First Prize: 50,000 Gold + A commission done by our in-house artist, Jaylith, better known as jaynestrange.tumblr.com!**
Second Prize: 25,000 Gold + Blizzard Transmog Helm
Third Prize: 10,000 Gold + Rare Item for Transmog

** NOTE: Team costumes are allowed in this contest, but we recommend all parties consent to who gets to make the commission. Commission can have a value up to 100 dollars.


Live music will be streamed throughout the night by our very talented DJaylith~! Join her stream, which will be posted throughout the night, for a great skelection of spooky musical musings for you to dance to! You can’t go wrong when you tune in to DJaylith!


Get those little critters leveled and ready to tear one another limb from limb! Back from last year, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupes’ Pet Battle Tournament, the Slaughtering, is back with a vengeance! A few adjustments have been made to cut back on the time spent for this years’ tournament - all matches prior to the finals and semi-finals will be SINGLE ROUND MATCHES! The first player to have a pet die loses the match, so strategize accordingly!

Fantastic prizes await our finalists, however!

Semi-Finalists: 5,000g
Runner Up: 10,000g
Grand Prize: 30,000g + Exhibition Match with this years’ Troupe Champion!
The pet-battle signups will begin during the opening ceremonies, and close at 7:15 PM! The matches will begin 5 minutes after!


The Troupe’s lore archivist this evening will meet you at the top of the tallest tower in Shadowmoon Village, to tell you tales from beyond that will chill you to the bone! Gather round to hear some of the most harrowing stories in this perpetually cursed land!


For those of you who prefer to get your bare hands bloody rather than your pets, and happen to be in possession of the day of the dead Contenders’ Costume Toys, why not come to The Pit and don that mask in a grudging melee brawl! There’s no rules, no prizes, and no penalties! So get in there and kick some masked ass! 


They say each year, a mysteriously generous goblin runs through the haunted lands of Shadowmoon Valley with a sack of coins buldging and spilling about! When will he appear? Nobody knows! But when he does, you’ll want to follow him and fight for the coin he drops! Sources say he’s carrying almost fifty thousand gold, just waiting to fall on the floor! But when will he show up?!


Ever dream of having your name up in lights? You just may have your chance! Enter in the Tirisfal Playwright Contest, and your play may be among those we perform this evening! There are great gold prizes, so take a look and see!

The Grand Prize will be a handsome 75,000g, as well as your play being performed alongside our newest production, “Tales Of The Burning Region”! Participation prizes are also available!

Details can be found here: http://thetirisfaltheatretroupe.tumblr.com/post/148231595254/the-tirisfal-theatre-playwright-contest-2016


NOTE: Due to sudden time constraints, we will be unable to perform the winning play this evening! It will be, however, performed at the Skypetal Teahouse’s event the week after, and the winner of the contest will be awarded their prize before our presentation!


The Legion. Truly no greater danger to life is as looming and imminent here on Azeroth. They shattered our people at the Broken Shore, laid waste to our cities and towns. Now they want to take over the theatre!

Join Gul’dan and his pals in a series of short skits with wacky and disarming tales of stupor, and learn that although scary, ineptitude and idiocy exists in every corner of the cosmos! See Gul’dan become appointed the Burning Legions’ head therapist, and deal (poorly) with the problems of demons! Go on a safari with Stew Iwin and learn about the various demons at the Legions’ employ, and be converted into a fit of laughter as Gul’dan tries his hand at converting the Twilight Cult to the glory of Kil’jaeden!

Shows begin at 10:00 PM server, right after the costume parade!


A returning tradition, the TTT’s big raffle will be going on as well! We have a multitude of cool prizes in the works, including the Shadowmourne box items, all to be raffled away at the end of the night!* All you have to do is sign our guest list and be present at the time of the drawing!**

Prizes for the raffle include…

  • Muradin’s Favor
  • Jaina’s Locket
  • Sylvanas’ Music Box
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer
  • Reigns of the Crimson Deathcharger
  • In-store Blizzard Battle Pets
  • In-store Blizzard Mounts
  • Transmog Helms
  • 25,000g
  • Game Time
  • Fool’s Gold TCG Card Code
  • War Party Hitching Post TCG Card Code
  • Magical Ogre Idol TCG Card Code

*NOTE: Most physical prizes can only be received by Wyrmrest Accord characters. If it is an account-shared item like a toy or mount, you may claim them on a Wyrmrest alt, even if you do not have an alt able to use the item at the time of the drawing.
**NOTE: This is a change from last year, as we’ve found that having people present for the prizes creates less stress when trying to track down the winners.

[H] You Are Cordially Invited (Oct. 24th)

WHAT: The Tirsfal Theatre Troupe’s 2nd Annual Big Hallow’s End Bash
WHERE: Caer Darrow
WHEN: Saturday, October 24th, starting at 7 PM WrA Server (9 MG Server)
WHO: THE HORDE! (or Alliance with Horde alts!)
WHY: Because we love you!

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This show, the show you are about to see, has never been seen before. And after today, it will never be seen again. Sure, SHREK THE MUSICAL will be performed with similar casts in similar theatres. But because what you’re witnessing now is live, it is unique, and only the people in this room will ever see this show. That’s the magic of live theatre. It’s a living, breathing, ever-evolving thing.
—  David F.M. Vaughn’s Director’s Note for Shrek the Musical (performed in Fullerton, CA)