why we love misha

You know what the best part of this picture is? (Here’s a hint, it’s actually not the arm muscles, the tousled hair of sex or the face of an angel.)

This picture shows that he is, without a doubt, one of us. A fan. This whole “CROATOAN on your arm” thing is a FANDOM thing. WE came up with it. WE spread it. And HE joined in.

THIS is why we love Misha. THIS is why we flock to him at cons and mob his social media. He gets us. Because he’s one of us.

Everything about what happened to Misha is completely, unequivocally awful. But I also can’t help but think that he got hurt as badly as he did - to the point of needing stitches - because he didn’t do much more than block the assault. I mean, Misha’s strong enough to pick up his cast mates like it’s nothing, to carry his brother’s entire weight on one shoulder. I feel like he could’ve incapacitated his attacker if he tried, but chose not to because he is the exact type of person who’d see self defense as engaging in an ‘eye for an eye’ situation.

And now he’s at a con, where it’s easy even for a fan to feel overwhelmed. He’s there for those who’ve planned and possibly saved up for months in order to attend, and he’s keeping that in the forefront of his mind when his top priority should be resting and healing. Maybe being with his friends and fans is his way of recovering from the incident, which would only go to demonstrate how much he cares and how much Supernatural means to him. So, I hope all attendees show him support and love, but also give him space because he’s gone above and beyond for even being there.

And people actually wonder why we love him so much.


Cas Appreciation Week

“ My people skills are ‘rusty’ ”

Day 4 / Favorite Personality Trait :  naiveté and general adorableness/awkwardness.

Especially in the earlier seasons, as well as when he’s human, Castiel is clueless little munchkin. In either of the situations, Cas doesn’t exactly know how to act around or with humans. He’s unsure of himself, and that’s why I think we, as the viewers, relate to him so much. He’s adorable – too precious for this world, and that’s why we love him.

Hey, supernatural fans!

Do you like to create fanart? Do you love to write fanfiction? Or are you just a sweet person who wants to do something nice for your favorite actor?

Then, we need you!

My name is Anna (but you can call me Pond). I’m going to JibCon this year. It will be my first convention and I thought maybe, I could take a piece of you with me. I want to do something nice for SPN-cast. I shared this project with my lovely friend and we combined our ideas and decided to make some presents for Misha, Jensen, Jared and Osric.

For Misha: a book made by fans, ‘101 reason why we love Misha’
For Jensen: an artbook made by fans
For Jared: a big piece of fanart
For Osric: a booklet

So, if you wanna be part of this project to let your favorite actors know how much you appreciate them, and having them seeing your work/personal messages, please, follow this blog and signal boost this iniciative.

And if you have a friend or favorite artist\ficwriter tell him about this project!

Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or ideas.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome you to our team :)

So come on, SPN family! Let’s show love for our boys!


» The scrapbook for Misha “101 reasons why we love don’t mind you”

Dear Misha,

Once you said that you do not deserve us and our love. This book was created to show you how you are wrong. Here we have collected fans’ stories of how you changed their lives, helped them to manage with life’s difficulties and not to break, to help you see how much you have done and how much it means to us. You’ve told us a lot about yourself and how you overcame your difficulties and it inspired us to overcome our own. It’s incredible that one person can change so many lives. You give us the belief that things will get better. You make it better. So if YOU do not deserve love, then we do not know who deserves it at all. And this is our first reason.”

We love you because…


❤️ Why We Love Misha ❤️

In light of the recent hate spread via this innocent, positive post, I thought it would be nice to start a thread of reasons why we love Misha! The idea is for you to reblog this with your own (POSITIVE) thoughts on the subject in the form of a list. I’ll start with three:

  1. His charity, GISHWHES, and love for his fans
  2. His sense of humor, wit, and ability to relate to ordinary people at the basest level (i.e. any story where he embarrasses himself)
  3. His adorable smile and laugh :)

anonymous asked:

There was it again, wasn't it? Misha reassuring Jensen's fragile masculinity in public. Y'know: "The hearts are for me." like "It's ok, hearts aren't a manly thing, that's girly stuff. You get the thumbs cause you're the tough alpha male guy." So cute, but don't pretend. ;) We all know already this side of Jensen is kind of put on & fabricated, that he's so much softer. That's why we love him so much & surely that's also the reason Misha loves him so much. But SO cute how he lets him pretend. :)

Ahhh I know I can’t even watch the video without going (¬‿¬)