why we love jensen

Happy Birthday @nnaruto!

Happy Birthday, Jensen!

These are a few reasons why we love you. ❤️

1. You’re drop dead, stone cold gorgeous.

2. You are adorably goofy.

3. You’re a- mind my language- fucking badass.

4. You’ve got the single man tear nailed.

5. Your eyes are the prettiest green to ever green.

6. Your bitchface is always on point.

7. You’re a huge nerd.

8. You do a great Blue Steel.

9. You’re amazingly talented at hitting us with feels.

10. You’re kind to us.

11. You’re a great director.

12. You’re a wonderful friend and brother to Jared.

Basically, we love you because you’re you. As a member of the SPN family, I can say that as long as you keep doing you and we’ll always have your back. Happy birthday, Mr. Ackles! Here’s to you and a wonderful 2016. x