why we love dogs eat pigs and wear cows: an introduction to carnism

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hey sim, some of my friends are interested in veganism and although I have a but of knowledge and information on it I'm not very good at explaining and you seem to know much more than I do, i was wondering if you could provide me with links to show them? Thank you so much xx

good on you m’dear here is an array of resources:



  • animal liberation - information
  • slaughterhouse - information/study on slaughterhouses in the US
  • vegan: the new ethics of eating - information on all elements on veganism (eco, ethical, health etc.)
  • china study - informative on health side of veganism
  • living vegan for dummies - how to guide
  • why we love dogs, eat pigs, & wear cows: an introduction to carnism - informative in ethical/moral/philosophical ideologies behind veganism
  • crazy sexy kitchen - briefly informative on health of living plant-based + how to & recipes


instagram accounts

  • loni_jane
  • tessbegg
  • fithealthyproject
  • henyamania (also check out her youtube channel)
  • jason.pizzino (also check out his youtube channel)
  • kristi.keating
  • taniangel7
  • _rachelbutler
  • onehungrymami
  • annietarasova
  • plantbasedpam
  • foodies.eat
  • thrivingonplants (+ youtube channel)
  • fruit4jam (+ youtube)
  • elsas_wholesomelife
  • ellenfisher (+ youtube)
  • freeleethebananagirl (+ youtube)
  • slimliketim
  • bonnyrebecca (+ youtube)
  • earthlingmaxi (+ youtube)
  • talinegabriel
  • nourishyobody
  • agirlnamedally (+ youtube & tumblr)
  • vanessa_prosser

more then enough to turn anyway vegan up there! Good luck! Much love! xxx