why we love charmed

I love how we as a fandom just decided that Shiro is a romantic sap.

Like…why. We have no canon indication of what he’d be like in a romantic relationship, we just decided. He’s a sap. It doesn’t even matter who you ship him with, you’ll definitely see him portrayed as the one who whispers cheesy romantic lines in his partner’s ear and showers them with love and appreciation every day of their life.

I don’t know why we did this but it’s amazing.


#10YearsOfAmazingPhil Song! Lyrics:

Thank you for being AmazingPhil
Thank you for giving us 10 years
Thank you for all the things you do
And here’s the reasons why we love you

Your eyes your smile your laugh your charm
Your glasses your lion cat whiskers too
Your love for us and everything you do

You’re a nerd but in a very cute way
You like to game so make let’s plays
You give us something to look forward to

And do you know that you have saved
So many lives in so many ways
Thank you Phil it’s all because of you
Thank you AmazingPhil
Thank You