why we are in debt

Must Be That Dang Earp Curse!:

After blaming her pregnancy on the Earp curse in 2x06, Wynonna starts attributing many other things to the Earp Curse:

- “Coincidentally” walks in while Wayhaught is having a moment?

“Sorry Sis (and future sister-in-law)! Must be that dang Earp Curse!”

- All of Doc’s alcohol mysteriously disappears from Shorty’s cellar and is found in the homestead barn?

“No idea how that got there, gotta blame it on great-great-grandpappy Wyatt.”

- “Accidentally” sets all of Tucker Gardiner’s property on fire?

“Ugh, this Earp Curse I swear.”

- “Wynonna? Why are we $2,000 in debt from donut purchases?”

“Earp Curse, back at it again with the inexplicable phenomena.”

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ahhh I still don't understand karmic astrology. Please in your simplest terms explain it for me I would b so grateful 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Okay so what the majority of what people study in astrology would be considered mundane astrology, relating to the world we live in, our personalities etc. Karmic astrology is more so related to our eternal souls and the lives we live throughout. The Karmic synastry post I made showed indicators of possible recurring karmic relationships - that is, people we’ve had ties with in other lives where there was unfinished business and in this life we have to sort it out.

While there are karmic relationships, we all have Karma in our own chart, which is purely why we’re here in this life, to settle the debt. The Draconic chart, the moon’s nodes and our outer planets including Saturn show us the karma we have to settle. 

An Ode for Millennials

(To the tune of ‘ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’)

We’re super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium
Even though there are some folk who
seem to think we’re all bums
If you see our finances,
you’ll understand why we’re glum
Super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium
Um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I (x4)

Because I was quite good in class
And got some decent grades
They said I’d need a college pass
to have my choice of trades
But then when I was finished there,
degree up on my wall,
It’s nothing more than scrap paper
And no damn use at all.

We’re super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium
Even though there are some folk who
seem to think we’re all bums.
If you see our finances,
you’ll understand why we’re glum
Super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium
Um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I (x4)

I go out hunting for a job and everywhere they say
‘You need some more experience’ or 'not hiring today’.
And then, when you do get a job, the thing that really sucks
is earning less per hour than it costs for a Starbucks

We’re super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium
Even though there are some folk who
seem to think we’re all bums.
If you see our finances,
you’ll understand why we’re glum
Super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium

So when the businesses complain that we should be more flash
I wonder when they’re planning to provide us with the cash
Because until a living wage is given to us all…

But wait a minute…


They’ll spend it on avocados and make the market fall
Oh! And an ungrateful bunch they are too…

They’re super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium!
Super-anxious and debt-ridden kids of the millennium! (x3)

I post these things because I want the common person to get a better understanding to what has happened to African and Why it is In the condition it is today. Piece by piece I hope people actually make sense of these posts.
“We were indebted by Europe for fifty sixty, almost seventy years” –Thomas Sankara.

Thomas Sankara protested the fact that Europeans wanted Africans to continue to pay debts after the gained “independence” from European powers. The charismatic President of Burkina Faso was unapologetically African. Sankara’s logic was that Africans were not in control of their own resources when these debts were created, Europeans were so why should we pay debt to Europeans when they have done nothing but profit off of us? This financial enslavement of African nations still goes on today.It keeps Africans poor.

Sankara’s ideas  influenced many people this is the reason why France conspired to have him assassinated. Whenever a black man is talking about economics he is a threat. Remember that.

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New Wolf In Town

Stiles x Reader

Summary: You are the new girl in school and Stiles is the first to take An interest in you.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1382

So we’ve got a new student.“ Coach Finstock announced uninterestedly "You can tell everyone your name and then go sit between Stilinski and Mcall. Maybe they’ll finally shut up.”

“I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” I stated. Quickly, I moved to my seat in between the two boys and pulled out my books.

A few minutes into class, I felt something brush my hair but I saw nothing. I felt it again a few seconds later but again, nothing. Then a crumpled piece of paper landed on my desk and I looked up, confused. I saw both boys next to me giving me apologetic looks.

“Sorry.” The one to my left said. He had dark eyes and even darker hair. His tattoo stood out beyond anything else.

“If we could just get that back though.” The other said awkwardly, reaching out for it. He had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He just had the cute nerd thing going for him.

“Mind if I just…” I trailed off, opening the paper.

Woah, the new girl is cute

Yea, I call dibs!

Hey no fair!

Take that McCall

“So I see one of you called dibs.” I laughed. The one to the right raised his hand slightly,

“That, uh, that would be me.” He said

“That would make you Stilinski.” I stated “And you McCall.”

“Yea.” McCall said, scratching the back of his neck.

“About this dibs things, I think it’s up to me to decide, isn’t it?”

“McCall, Stilinski, (Y/L/N)!” Coach yelled at us.

“Yes coach?” I asked.

“Why are you talking?” He asked.

“I was just explaining to these two exactly why we can’t just print out more money to pay America’s debt.” I answered. He looked at the boys who smiled innocently.

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Generation Y

Generation Y
They say we’re lazy, entitled, ‘me me me,’
That we will be the end,
The downfall of the century.

Generation why do they blame us
For things we can’t control?
The national debt and soaring prices —
We didn’t dig those holes.

Generation wiser than they think
College prices are steadily rising,
And school isn’t about learning,
But rather, about memorizing.
“The most important thing is the grade,”
And so we learn to resent
A system that we can’t change.
We see the flaws, but have no power
Because we’re “young and naïve,”
Our voices “don’t matter.”

Generation wild
Mental illness rates have soared.
Kids have panic attacks in school hallways,
And cry behind closed doors.
Some feel like they’re going insane,
Only to be told to “get over it,
It’s a fashion statement, just another phase.”

Generation wired-in
We use social media and spend hours online,
Connecting with others,
Making friends from time to time.
We start trends and spread news,
Join communities of all kinds,
So we’re aware of the world and growing issues.

Generation wider horizons
Acceptance is a concept that we stand behind,
And we support every human,
No matter how they identify.
Fighting for equality is what we do.
Rallies, petitions, protests,
Marking the world with open views.
We say no to tradition and myopic beliefs
To make room for new norms
That will help us achieve.

Generation while they grew up
On the American Dream,
We got stuck with their mess,
And are expected to clean.

Generation Y
Chances are, we’ll make a few slips,
But we are the future,
And there’s nothing we can’t fix.

What do you mean, “not a chance?” You literally just said

who are also all flying on Firebolts, and Krum is, well, Krum. It may be rare for a team to win without catching the Snitch, but it seems like this was obviously a combination of teams who could make this happen. Unlikely? Maybe. But not a chance?

I think we just figured out why Ludo Bagman has so many gambling debts.

What democratic socialism means to me is that economic rights, the right for economic security should exist in the United States of America. It means to me that there’s something wrong when we have millions of senior citizens trying to get by on eleven, twelve thousand dollars a year social security. It means there’s something wrong when the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poorer. It means there is something wrong and government should play a role in making sure that all of our kids regardless of their income are able to get a higher education which is why I’m calling for free tuition at public colleges and universities and why we have to deal with this horrendous level of student debt that people are having. Now what’s going on in countries around the world, in Scandinavia, and in Germany, the ideas that I am talking about are not radical ideas. So, what democratic socialism means to me in its essence is that we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a Congress that continues to work for the interests of the people on top while ignoring working families. What this campaign is about and what I believe in is creating a government that works for all of us not just a handful of people on the top. That’s my definition of democratic socialism.
—  Senator Bernie Sanders

Young Jeezy - My President (ft. Nas)

Let’s give it up for Obama one last time, America’s first African-American President. Let us not forget his accomplishments, his shortcomings, and the fact he actually wanted to do a lot more good, but all the Republicans made a promise and a pact his first day in office, where Mitch McConnell, the speaker of the house at the time, vowed at a press conference that the Republicans would systematically block everything Obama tries to pass they don’t agree with. This is why we had two debt ceiling crisises among other things. This extremism and non-cooperative mindset in government is one of the biggest dividing factors in this country that directly led to Trump’s presidency. Never forget…—————————————————————————

My Song Rating: 9.3 out of 10


AUSTERITY 101: The Three Reasons Republican Deficit Hawks Are Wrong

Congress is heading into another big brawl over the federal budget deficit, the national debt, and the debt ceiling.

Republicans are already talking about holding Social Security and Medicare “hostage” during negotiations—hell-bent on getting cuts in exchange for a debt limit hike.

Days ago, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew asked whether our nation would “muster the political will to avoid the self-inflicted wounds that come from a political stalemate.”

It’s a fair question. And there’s only one economically sound answer: Congress must raise the debt ceiling, end the sequester, put more people to work, and increase our investment in education and infrastructure.

Here are the three reasons why Republican deficit hawks are wrong. (Please watch and share our attached video.)

FIRST: Deficit and debt numbers are meaningless on their own. They have to be viewed as a percent of the national economy.

That ratio is critical. As long as the yearly deficit continues to drop as a percent of the national economy, as it’s been doing for several years now, we can more easily pay what we owe.

SECOND: America needs to run larger deficits when lots of people are unemployed or underemployed – as they still are today, when millions remain too discouraged to look for jobs and millions more are in part-time jobs and need full-time work.

As we’ve known for years – in every economic downturn and in every struggling recovery – more government spending helps create jobs – teachers, fire fighters, police officers, social workers, people to rebuild roads and bridges and parks. And the people in these jobs create far more jobs when they spend their paychecks. 

This kind of spending thereby grows the economy – thereby increasing tax revenues and allowing the deficit to shrink in proportion.

Doing the opposite – cutting back spending when a lot of people are still out of work – as Congress has done with the sequester, as much of Europe has done – causes economies to slow or even shrink, which makes the deficit larger in proportion. 

This is why austerity economics is a recipe for disaster, as it’s been in Greece. Creditors and institutions worried about Greece’s debt forced it to cut spending, the spending cuts led to a huge economic recession, which reduced tax revenues, and made the debt crisis there worse. 

THIRD AND FINALLY: Deficit spending on investments like education and infrastructure is different than other forms of spending, because this spending builds productivity and future economic growth.

It’s like a family borrowing money to send a kid to college or start a business. If the likely return on the investment exceeds the borrowing costs, it should be done.

Keep these three principles in mind and you won’t be fooled by scare tactics of the deficit hawks.

And you’ll understand why we have to raise the debt ceiling, end the sequester, put more people to work, and increase rather than decrease spending on vital public investments like education and infrastructure. 

  • America: Sup China I was wondering i-
  • America: wait why i thought we had a deal
  • America: Really dude I just need like 5000 bucks
  • China:
  • China:
  • China: lol nO ARU
The Stimulus Myth: Debt Is Not Our Problem

A tale was created for the 2010 elections by Conservatives to create a “tax and spend” myth about Obama. The debt was projected by the CBO well before Obama took office in 2009, but Republicans needed to deflect attention away from the real causes: Bush recession killing the economy, Bush tax cuts killing revenues, Bush bailouts spiking the debt.

The myth manufactured was that a trillion dollars in stimulus spending had somehow caused the huge increase in the deficit in 2009. However, stimulus spending in 2009, was just over 100 billion according to the CBO’s Oct 7, 2009 monthly budget review - not one trillion 

The stimulus was 1/3 tax cuts which left roughly 500 billion in spending that was ‘divided up’ & went out over several years.

Before Obama took office in 2009, the deficit was already projected at 1.186 trillion & spending at 3543 billion. However, after Obama took office, 3518 billion was spent, which was 25 billion less than had been projected under Bush.

The increase in the deficit to 1.413 trillion by the end of the fiscal year 2009 when compared to the projection of 1.186 trillion made by the CBO before Obama took office, was from 252 billion more in lost revenue from the collapse, not additional spending.

Stimulus spending did not cause the large increase in the deficit in 2009 & deficits declined each year after 2009, even with some additional stimulus spending, because stopping the collapse allowed [tax] revenues to recover. 

From death panels, to birth certificates, to deficits - not one single thing the Tea Party protested against was real.

Some facts on our debt:

The interest cost of our debt is 1% of our GDP which is easily managed.

The federal government can borrow for 30 years at less than 4% interest with no collateral.

The Federal Reserve buys our debt and when it does all the interest is refunded to the Treasury.

Given these FACTS, why is our debt a problem? We have been in debt for over 80 straight years and that has NEVER been a problem for us

The Tea Party was never about fiscal responsibility and they were never honest about the stimulus. The fact is, the stimulus worked and should have been bigger to get more people back on their feet.

Millennials were robbed from having a fair shot at starting off due to Republican austerity and “a black President will never tell me what to do” Tea Party racism.

I’ve been spending hours in the library researching for my final paper of the semester, and I’ve found some disturbing trends. The arguement topic I am focusing on is that we should invest heavily in space exploration. I’m only allowed to use the school database for my sources, so I’ve been limited to academic journals, magazines, papers, books, and newspapers. 

What I’ve been finding is that the only con arguement (and I’ve only found them in newspaper editorial sections, suggesting that educated people generally support the funding of NASA) to funding space exploration is that we could be spending that same amount of money somewhere else. However, the same people that argue about how expensive it is also agree that there is a far greater return on the investment. It’s extremely contradictory. 

What it boils down to is that government officials are treating NASA as a special intrest group instead of national intrest group, and this is happening even though the support and funding of NASA is generally bipartisan. It’s why when I say something like, “We can help fix the economy, national debt, and the outsourcing of jobs by funding NASA…” I am automatically cast aside as someone promoting my own intrests.

But at the end of all this research, what I’m actually finding is that the solution to many of our Earthly problems is truly right in front of our faces, and it’s NASA. This isn’t a joke or a cheap plug! In this modern age of a technologically driven economy, we need STEM everything more than ever. NASA has an amazing track record for advancing a huge plethora of STEM fields.

We, as a nation, need to step back and very seriously consider that even if a lot of people don’t really care about exploring space, we care about the economy which means we need more STEM and we need it in the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable way. That’s NASA.