why watermark

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Don’t ask why my watermark looks different there were technical difficulties. D:

So, looking through the Day and Night AU by @beanpots, I don’t see a lot of Yuri(o) and Phichit? Well, you know, why not do some myself? Since I did Viktor and Yuuri already, the other precious babies need time to shine! They’re a little less fancy cuz well, they technically aren’t as powerful, right?? Dawn and Dusk really have a similar set of colours though…Also I can’t draw people facing the left properly I cry I’m sorry Phichit!


grumpy stacks and pblrttth in the wind

Happy Birthday Taylor Alison Swift: Dec. 13 1989. The thing about writing about my life is it is always changing. Hopefully my music will adapt to what I’m going through–and hopefully continue to be relevant. You never know when you will want to settle down. I want to have a family and I want to do all those things associated with having a family. But at the moment I’m just really excited about making music.”