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Here I am, innocently rewatching Phil’s speech from the BONCAs for the umpteenth time. I’m listening to the iconic “follow your dreams″ and “majority of 2016″ when all of a sudden, for the first time, I’m taken aback when Phil says “Dan Howell.” I know he says it - I was obviously expecting it - so this time around, why am I so wrapped up in the way Phil says Dan’s name? 

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t say it enough that it’s odd to hear out loud. (Which, to be honest, is probably the reason.)

Or maybe it’s because he’s not referring to danisnotonfire, web celebrity and fellow nominee, but to Dan Howell, the person behind the persona. He says “Dan Howell” - not just Dan, but the full name: Dan Howell. It’s so oddly formal, like he’s introducing him to this audience of their fans and friends and fellow creators who of course know danisnotonfire and maybe know Dan Howell. But not really, because they don’t know Dan Howell

Dan Howell, his flatmate. Dan Howell, the person with whom he’s spent the majority of 2016. Dan Howell, his partner in life.

Dan Howell, his best friend.

I know I’m over-analyzing. It’s just two words. Still, I get the same feelings all over again when not even a minute later, Dan introduces everyone to his best friend, Phil Lester.

  • What he says: Natsu needs to figure his priorities out.
  • What he means: Natsu's motivations for things are really starting to piss me off. Whenever Natsu is getting beaten down by a villain and is asked why he won't just give up, his nakama speech answer is NEVER a good reason. When Jellal asks it, it's because Jellal made Erza cry. Not because, you know, Jellal is an insane monster that needs to be taken out or he'll kill everyone. In the Grand Magic Games arc, when Natsu hands out his dull nakama speech while fighting motion sickness, I know him to be full of shit because his reasons for doing it aren't the guild, it was personal glory. He was upset that he didn't get to compete in the first day, so he demanded to compete in the second in an event called "Chariot" despite knowing full well he handles vehicles of any kind about as well as a snail handles salt. I was watching the Eclipse Celestial Spirit filler arc, and he gets that question from Loke, and his answer as to why he won't give up is that if he does, Lucy will cry. Bitch, no. You are still fighting because if you don't, LOKE WILL DIE. He is on a SUICIDE MISSION that you are TRYING TO PREVENT. You have known Loke longer than you've known Lucy for crying out loud, and his life is a bit more important than Lucy Heartfilia being sad. Don't even get me started on the Alvarez arc, where Lucy looking like she's dead--not actually being dead, mind you, for the umpteenth time--triggers E.N.D. awakening and causes him to shitkick DiMaria Yesta, then throw 8 (technically 15) years of friendship with Gray out the window to try to kill him when they meet. That aside, Makarov actually DIED FOR REAL. And Juvia and Gajeel also "died". Natsu has all the wrong justifications for doing the right thing (and oftentimes the wrong thing) despite ones being readily available, and it makes Natsu come off as either single-minded or self-absorbed given his poor priority organization.
The Designated Survivor

State of the Union Addresses are one of the few events in which almost every major official from all three branches of government are all in the same place at the same time. Of course, if there was some sort of attack on the Capitol, the entire government could be taken out in a doomsday, nightmare scenario that the government is very cognizant of. That’s why there are important continuity of government plans in effect, including the “Designated Survivor”.

The “Designated Survivor” is an official who is in the Presidential line of succession that the President chooses to stay away from Capitol Hill during State of the Union Addresses. That is done so there is a clear person available to take over if the rest of the people in the line of succession are somehow taken out. The “Designated Survivor” usually stays at the White House, Camp David, or an undisclosed, secure location during the State of the Union Address. A military aide carrying the same “football” briefcase containing nuclear launch codes that accompanies the President actually accompanies the Designated Survivor. The Designated Survivor must be eligible to serve as President.

Continuity of government fears during the Cold War is what originally led to the first usage of a Designated Survivor during the Reagan Administration. Since then, there have been Designated Survivors at each State of the Union Address. After 9/11, there were often two Designated Survivors chosen to stay away from Capitol Hill. Besides members of the Cabinet, the President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate (third in line to the Presidency) also sometimes serves as Designated Survivor, but the Speaker of the House (second in the line of succession), of course, sits behind the President during the State of the Union Address.

Tonight’s Designated Survivor is Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Interestingly, I’ve also heard that Senator Orrin Hatch, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, will not be in the Capitol tonight. If so, that means that Senator Hatch – a Republican – would take over as President in case of a doomsday scenario because he’s closer in the line of succession than Secretary Johnson.

•2009 Inauguration: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
•February 2009 Address to Joint Session: Attorney General Eric Holder
•September 2009 Address to Join Session: Energy Secretary Steven Chu
•2010 SOTU Address: HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan
•2011 SOTU Address: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
•2012 SOTU Address: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
•2013 Inauguration: Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki
•2013 SOTU Address: Energy Secretary Steven Chu
•2014 SOTU Address: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz
•2015 SOTU Address: Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx
•2016 SOTU Address: Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson/Senator Orrin Hatch, President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate

I feel like there’s a lack of Modern Royalty AU’s in the world, so here’s some Solangelo….


Nico is bored. So bored in fact, he can feel his eyes drooping shut as the speech he is trying to stay awake for drones on. He’s currently sitting in the front row of the opening ceremony of some new hospital, he never really pays attention to the places he’s required to attend. It’s not like he does anything important anyway. His Father, the King, is always too busy for publicity stunts like these, so shoves the responsibility onto his children. Nico never even gets to cut the fancy ribbon, that was always Bianca’s job. Glancing over at his sister next to him, he sees she’s listening with rapt attention. She has always taken her responsibilities more seriously that he ever had. Maybe that’s why she got to cut the ribbon, he muses.

He is broken out of his reverie by the sound of applause. He joines in politely, glad the speeches were finally over. Bianca and he are then called over to the officials in charge of the hospital to cut the ribbon. Bianca is handed a large pair of scissors, posing next to the ribbon for the photographers, before snipping it, and declaring the place open. There is another round of applause, as well as more photo ops of him and Bianca shaking hands with the officials. It was all fairly standard really. He’s been doing this his whole life; a handshake here; a smile at the camera there. And then tomorrow’s paper would be full of how the ‘nation’s sweetheart Princess Bianca’ and ‘handsome bachelor Prince Nico’ attended yet another event. The press loves them, and apparently the people ate it up. Never mind the fact that he and Bianca were nothing like that at all.

But they put on the show anyway. Their Father always says it was Nico’s duty, to act like a perfect Prince, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to scream at the world that he wasn’t some Disney character.

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Attack on Titan Theory

So, Mama, I have a theory. All of the Titans from the 1st ever attack are actually all humans that had been injected by the serum, so really every Titan is an actual human. The humans behind the walls are ones that didn’t get injected with the serum, only now some people did get injected with it (ei: Eren, Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Armin). And the reason that Titans eat people is because really, a Titan can die without the nape of their neck being cut, its just another person has taken over that body and is a new Titan. That’s why they seem to never die out.

I also got an A+ on a science project I did about this theory, because I had to map out a life cycle. It looked a bit like this…

Poorly drawn titan

poorly drawn titan eating a person

another poorly drawn titan coming out of the original poorly drawn titan

A random poorly drawn Levi in the corner with a speech bubble saying: “Clean your room, brat.”

So thanks for that A+ Mama!


Even now, faced as I am with the truth of your cold words, I refuse, because I believe things can still change. I may never succeed—the Assassin’s may struggle another thousand years in vain—but we will not stop!

Pretty sure that the whole Natasha being a monster quote is being deliberately taken out of context to demonize Joss. Could it have had better execution? Sure. Except you’re all just conveniently forgetting the context of her entire speech. She talked about why they made their agents infertile. It was to get rid of any remaining shreds of humanity. One less thing to worry about. Natasha was referring to her supposed lack of empathy and emotion because of the training process. Her lack of humanity because of the things they did to her like making her infertile. The quote wasn’t “oh I’m a monster cause I can’t have kids” people. The actual meaning of that quote was “They’ve turned me into a monster by taking away everything. Including my ability to have kids”.


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See #Ciara this is why people don’t fuck with you. Last week your show at the Filmore in Charlotte was cancelled due to power outage. I told you guys the power went out and we were in that theatre for 2 hours with no a/c. Nobody from her team gave us any water or anything. So she comes out at the last minute gives this speech and goes back on her tour bus. Today is the 18th and there is no show. I got my money back and that’s fine, but people have taken off work today and there is still no show. Ciara or anyone from her team have given a statement. That’s why your album flopped… @theshaderoominc

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France tonight. France tomorrow. #WeAreNotAfraid ‘cause #WeAreAllCharlie

Freedom of Speech was shot dead today.
Freedom of Art was murdered today.
Freedom was killed today.
But if our Freedom is taken away, we’ll come and get it back. Haven’t you seen how what you did brought us up all together?
We’ll come and get it, knowing that Hate can not be answered by Hate.

We call out our compatriots not to make the amalgam with the Muslims people, and those extremists. Why should a people be pointed out for what a minority did? People, gather your mind and make the difference. Gather yourself up as…

Today we are Fraternity
We offered you Equality
You took away our Liberty
But, we are not afraid
Because today, we are all Charlie.
We’d rather die standing than live on our knees.”