why was this show cancelled :'(

CBS: Hey let’s make a new Star Trek show and put women of color in the lead roles!

Star Trek fans: Oh! That sounds really cool!

Also CBS: Let’s put it on our overpriced streaming service so the fewest amount of people possible watch it

Star Trek fans:

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  • good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • another good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • yet another good show: also gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn ge-
Netflix Customer Service

Alright everyone! So I’ve just finished getting off a 20 minute call with customer service. The lady that took my call was the sweetest thing. What she said? They’ve been receiving calls like crazy about the cancellation of sense8 from left to right. She also told me there have been some angry callers, but please guys, if you want something done, please be kind, being angry isn’t going to help when you’re talking to these people. She also told me that EVERY SINGLE FEEDBACK THEY RECEIVE FROM US COUNTS AND THEY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. As she also said that Netflix is probably the only company she knows that does this. I spoke to her about the possibility of there being at least a special or a movie so we may be able to get a good and decent finale. Everything that we tell these people is being typed down and sent to headquarters. I came to ask as well about the possibility of Netflix selling the show forward and she said she wouldn’t know about that and told me that they can possibly keep making money off of sense8 if it’s still there. Make sure you guys tell them that if they cancelled it because they weren’t getting enough views; I specifically said to her “if you’re going to cancel it because it’s not getting enough views, excuse my language, but advertise your shit”. Why keep making money from a show that’s been cancelled if you’re not getting views and you’re not willing to promote it. I live in New York City and the only time there was ever something concerning sense8 here was the season 2 premiere which was amazing. Please let them know what this show means to you as well. She told me that people have called her and told her that they’re cancelling their accounts and this is happening fast where people are unsubscribing. Everything we do for this show makes a difference. She told me to lets keep our heads up and stay on the lookout which I won’t say it’s essentially a good thing but we’re doing good. So keep up the good work everyone, lets keep doing this!

Anything is possible.

The customer service line is 1-866-579-7172

ok let’s be real for a second, there are tears in my eyes, my heart is twice its size and my stomach is full, can you believe that we had an emotional and realistic scene between two beautiful women of colour with depth and personalities, a scene that was paired with an equally amazing interracial m/f pairing who weren’t thrown together for drama, but were give development and treated with care, can you believe the bold type is giving us all of this, this is why i stan this show, and i will always stan it, cancelled or not, this show is amazing, empowering, and beautiful, and is something we deserve 

Dearest, Netflix...

I’m still so damn mad at you.

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After six months, I finally finished this video! 

I miss S/V a lot, and I hope this’ll inspire some of you to go make some noise on twitter. Let ‘em know that we still want it, that we still love these characters and stories. If nothing else, thank the writers and cast for their wonderful work. <3 #SweetVicious