why was this picture ever taken

  1. The meaning behind my url:
  2. A picture of me:
  3. How many tattoos i have and what they are:
  4. Last time i cried and why:
  5. Piercings i have:
  6. Favorite band:
  7. Biggest turn offs:
  8. Top 5 (insert subject):
  9. Tattoos i want:
  10. Biggest turn ons:
  11. Age:
  12. Ideas of a perfect date:
  13. Life goal:
  14. Piercings i want:
  15. Relationship status:
  16. Favorite movie:
  17. A fact about my life:
  18. Phobia:
  19. Middle name:
  20. Height:
  21. Are you a virgin?
  22. What’s your shoe size?
  23. What’s your sexual orientation?
  24. Do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs?
  25. Someone you miss:
  26. What’s one thing you regret?
  27. First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive:
  28. Favorite ice cream?
  29. One insecurity:
  30. What my last text message says:
  31. Have you ever taken a picture naked?
  32. Have you ever painted your room?
  33. Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?
  34. Have you ever slept naked?
  35. Have you ever danced in front of your mirror?
  36. Have you ever had a crush?
  37. Have you ever been dumped?
  38. Have you ever stole money from a friend?
  39. Have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met?
  40. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  41. Have you ever snuck out of your house?
  42. Have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
  43. Have you ever been arrested?
  44. Have you ever made out with a stranger?
  45. Have you ever met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere?
  46. Have you ever left your house without telling your parents?
  47. Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor?
  48. Have you ever ditched school to do something more fun?
  49. Have you ever slept in a bed with a member of the same sex?
  50. Have you ever seen someone die?
  51. Have you ever been on a plane?
  52. Have you ever kissed a picture?
  53. Have you ever slept in until 3?
  54. Have you ever love someone or miss someone right now?
  55. Have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
  56. Have you ever made a snow angel?
  57. Have you ever played dress up?
  58. Have you ever cheated while playing a game?
  59. Have you ever been lonely?
  60. Have you ever fallen asleep at work/school?
  61. Have you ever been to a club?
  62. Have you ever felt an earthquake?
  63. Have you ever touched a snake?
  64. Have you ever ran a red light?
  65. Have you ever been suspended from school?
  66. Have you ever had detention?
  67. Have you ever been in a car accident?
  68. Have you ever hated the way you look?
  69. Have you ever witnessed a crime?
  70. Have you ever pole danced?
  71. Have you ever been lost?
  72. Have you ever been to the opposite side of the country?
  73. Have you ever felt like dying?
  74. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
  75. Have you ever sang karaoke?
  76. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
  77. Have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
  78. Have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger?
  79. Have you ever kissed in the rain?
  80. Have you ever sang in the shower?
  81. Have you ever made out in a park?
  82. Have you ever dream that you married someone?
  83. Have you ever glued your hand to something?
  84. Have you ever got your tongue stuck to a flag pole?
  85. Have you ever ever gone to school partially naked?
  86. Have you ever been a cheerleader?
  87. Have you ever sat on a roof top?
  88. Have you ever brush your teeth?
  89. Have you ever ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?
  90. Have you ever played chicken?
  91. Have you ever been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
  92. Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger?
  93. Have you ever broken a bone?
  94. Have you ever been easily amused?
  95. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
  96. Have you ever mooned/flashed someone?
  97. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  98. Have you ever forgotten someone’s name?
  99. Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real?
  100. Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows.

A new continent is discovered. No one knows why this large land mass has never been seen before, it doesn’t appear on any pictures taken from space and no astronauts have ever reported seeing it. You are part of the team in charge of mapping the area when you find out what they’ve been hiding.


this was an anonymous request, hope you like it love!

Word Count: 1000+

Rating: PG

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you scrolled through your Instagram. 

“What’s funny?” Joe asked, looking down at you. You were on your back on the couch, your head on his lap, his fingers running through your hair. You passed your phone to him, showing him Caspar’s Instagram post with Maddie. 

“They’re so cute,” you said, reaching up to toy with the strings of Joe’s hoodie. 

“We’re cuter,” Joe smiled at you.

“I know,” was all you said, but Joe knew you well enough to read what you didn’t say. He took your hand, kissing the back of it gently. 

The two of you were a very open couple when it came to each other, but not when it came to the rest of the world. Joe wasn’t really one to share his personal life, and that included you. You understood it, of course. After seeing all the hate on Maddie’s profile, or any girl who could possibly have any connection with any of the boys for that matter, you didn’t have to question why Joe wanted to keep your relationship a secret. 

That didn’t mean it didn’t suck though. From no PDA in the vlogs to no social media posts, it was hard to keep up with sometimes. Joe was Joe, but Joe was also thatcherjoe, and not being a part of that side of his life was almost like missing a big part of him. Sometimes, you just wanted to post a cute picture of your boyfriend. All the thoughts made you feel selfish, so you never brought them up, but Joe saw right through you anyways.

“I wish we didn’t have to hide either,” he murmured to you. “I’d show you off to the whole world if I could.”

“You can you know. I’m sure I’ll develop a tough skin,” you replied.

“You shouldn’t have to.” His voice was sharp, and you tread carefully.

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Defining the word "privacy"

Unfortunately some people don’t seem to understand that while actors/actress’ put themselves in the public eye it doesn’t mean they can be harassed about every aspect of there personal life’s unless they are inviting people to do so. For example, hounding people’s social media accounts with personal questions that are clearly not being answered is clearly not fucking okay. Asking two people if they are dating constantly is not okay. What are you expecting for them to reply to you, a random person, “yeah yeah we’ve been dating for 6 months now”. Obviously fucking not. If they wanted us to know they are dating it would be made clear. Shock horror: celebrities are actually allowed a private life. 

They don’t sign a contract that says they have to share every single aspect of their life’s with the public. They are allowed to share as much or as little as they want. Cole and Lili are clearly very private people who are more passionate about actually the job they have than being in the public eye, they do what they do as an art form not for the celebrity of it (unlike certain other people in the industry). While it’s become clear over the past couple of months that Cole and Lili are in fact more than just good friends it doesn’t give people the right to harass them and their friends comments with questions and freaking out over “Sprousehart”.  For example, after Elijahs video was brought to our attention last night why not just watch the recording that put on tumblr? Why did people have to go and follow him and screenshot the video causing him to have to delete it? how is that fair on Lili, Cole or Elijah? Its not, in any way shape or form. How would you feel if you were starting a relationship with someone and people were constantly questioning you and would be judging it every single step of the way?? For example, one pap picture taken at the wrong time when you are looking slightly down and suddenly your relationship is “on the rocks”. 

People also need to think about why they are keeping this quiet. For one they clearly don’t want to over shadow the show or for it to affect their characters. Two this also brings the fans into it. God forbid they ever broke up all hell would break lose in the fandom with pathetic immature people taking sides and hating on the other person. Thirdly, this is Lilis big break. So do you think she wants her incredible talent over shadowed by her personal life? No she has worked for years and over come so much for this so excuse her if she wants the show to be the focus. 

We are so freakin lucky to get what we get on social media and to get interaction from our idols. So please let’s show them the same respect by offering some privacy to them. I know this sounds crazy coming from a Cole and Lili fan account but trust me my fan girling stays on tumblr far away from Lili and Cole. I do not tag them in anything or bombard them with personal questions on any social media platform as it is disrespectful as fuck as well as causing them to share less with us which we absolutely don’t want. 

Summary: don’t harass people you call your idols or their friends and family as it will only make the said person/people resent the fandom as whole. 

Peace out✌🏻✌🏻

» the boy at the boardwalk

vernon x reader

gif; mine

word count: 2,280

includes: skaterboarding!vernon who gets distracted by a cutie on the boardwalk + injuries that need tending to + fluffity fluff

✎ feel like i haven’t posted a scenario in forever :(( so have some fluffy vernita!! i’m working on a woozi x wonu x reader fic tht i’m rlly hyped 2 get out so i hope this sates you in the meantime!

Hansol liked to skateboard to work every morning. He took the same route each day, starting from the smooth tile outside his apartment and ending at the glass doors belonging to the town’s diner. He never had an answer as to why his skateboard came with him everywhere. Pictures taken from last year’s Halloween party presented Hansol lousily wrapped in toilet paper, his costume being the ever so original mummy that at least six other people at the party had certainly not been wearing. Hansol liked to claim his costume came out different. He was a skateboarding mummy.

On his best friend’s birthday he had one arm resting thoughtfully around his shoulders, tiny splotches of buttercream frosting across their noses and hardly sticking to their foreheads. Hansol’s skateboard must have also been treated as an equal member to the night for along the black surface were more frosting smears, the board held tightly in Hansol’s other hand. Even when his younger sister fell from the monkey bars and sprained her wrist, pictures taken of her recovery in the hospital room had snippets of Hansol smiling, skateboard sitting in his lap.

Seeing Hansol without his skateboard was like seeing butterflies without wings. A peculiar sight indeed if someone ever managed to glean across it. In fact, something Hansol liked to glean across more than his skateboard, was you.

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Kenny Omega NSFW Alphabet

Originally posted by leelakoiwolff

So I thought I’d share my Kenny Omega ultimate headcanon companion edition in the form of this awesome NSFW Alphabet meme. I think I covered all the bases for what I think about him as well as well few other things that I just thought were fucking hot and had to include them.

Any comments, likes, reblogs and replies are ALWAYS really appreciated, it keeps me motivated to keep writing more!

Warnings: Obviously NSFW and LOOOONG (like 3500 words)

Tags: @cynda-wrasslin @kingslayers-angel  @alexahood21 @littleballofdean @cosmicswimming @theelitevillian @sunflowers-and-swear-words @50shadesofkennyomega @ang-78 @georgina019 @idle-vanity @purplegirl20 @socyd @itzelrollins @shalanar @styl3sl0v3r @daddy-slug @blissfulrollins @imaqueensoeatmyshitbitch @vixxyvampire@macfizzle @gabrielabanegas18 @luchaparasiempre @honestopinionsbytiffany  @jeffhardyyyy @adamcolesbaybay @daintymissdevitt@ @kathamustafina @ashtonelite @trainwreqk  @ultrabarbe1981-blog @blondekel77  @glamlover87 @heelstarla  @luchaparasiempre  @lady-laura-speaks @glitter-m0nkey @poe-slittleraven13 @gurimujox @sarahmatthews7  @kingslayers-angel  @wwesavedme @wweximaginesxd 

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BTS REACTION (Hyung Line): He mistakes your quinceañera photo for a wedding photo.

I did this for pure funsies. To all my fellow Latinas out there.

Fun fact: My quinceañera dress was actually a wedding dress but because it was champagne nobody really thought much about it xD Please enjoy!

-Admin Goddessmoony

S E O K J I N:

He is cleaning out the closet and finds a box of yours that has dozens of pictures in it. He sees a photo of you in a white dress with a bouquet of pink roses in your hands, eating a piece of bread given to you by a priest, and next to you is a man kneeling in a black suit doing the same. The picture is blurry but the effect it has on him is clear. He has a ring in his pocket and a future planned out, but how can he propose when apparently you don’t trust him as much as he thought you did?

He wants to talk to you about it immediately and goes to the kitchen where you are enjoying a bowl of cereal as a snack. He slides the picture to you, “What is this?” His tone is one of frustration, that causes you to scrunch your brows and pick up the photo.

“A photo of my quinceañera ceremony? Wasn’t this in a box in the closet?”

“A photo of what?”

“My quinceañera…In my culture, at the age of 15 girls are considered women. Families hold a religious ceremony and big party in celebration.”

He gives you a wtf? face, “Then why do you look like a bride?”

You huff, “Years later and I still get this shit! Wait, did you think I was married?!”

“What? No…” Before you can reply back he pecks you on the lips, “But what do you think of becoming a bride?” He takes out the ring from his pocket and gets down on one knee, “Will you marry me?”

Originally posted by jhopefluxo

too smooth

Y O O N G I:

He takes a quick glance at the picture on your desk of your office. It’s a photo of you in a white dress, laying your head on the chest of a man in a black tux with his arms around your lower back. You and the man are looking at each other with joyous smiles. And guess what? He literally does not give a fuck that you have already been married. In fact, he’s thankful that your fool of an ex-husband let you go because then you wouldn’t be with him.

From then on, he will be extra affectionate towards you. Letting you know how much you means to him and expressing his love more often. He doesn’t want to risk losing you over him appearing to be unappreciative of you. It’s not until you introduce him to the man in the photo that he even remembers you had been married before.

“Yoongi, this is my best friend [male friend name].”

He will look at him with a tilted head and scrutinizing eyes, “You’re that guy from the picture on her desk.”

Your friend laughs, “That picture from her quinceañera? It’s so old but it’s her favorite one of us.” He discreetly googles quinceañera. Satisfied with the information that you were indeed not married to your best friend, Yoongi asks him for advice on how to propose to you.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

H O S E O K:

He is helping you unpack your stuff into the new apartment. While you are in the kitchen fixing up lunch, he comes across a white lace album with a gold heart that has August 25 threaded in white on the lower left. Curious, he opens it and on the very first page there is a picture of you in a beautiful white dress with a bouquet of hydrangeas in your hands and a handsome man in a white suit with his arm around you. Your smiling the widest he’s ever seen and the man is looking at you affectionately. Hobi doesn’t notice the subtle signs of youth, too taken aback by how radiant you look. Then his mind goes to a screeching halt, ‘WAIT, SHE WAS MARRIED ADFSJKL?!?’

He would begin to wonder why you haven’t told him, aren’t you two in a serious relationship? You are moving in with each other after all! But then he thinks of all the possible reasons for you to get divorced when you clearly looked happy and becomes determined to express to you that you can confide in him more.

You walk in with a plate of sandwiches and see the album in his hand, “Oh, is that my quinceañera album? I never finished that.”

“Your what?”

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

after explanation

N A M J O O N:

He is waiting for you to get ready for your date, and while it isn’t the first time he’s been in your apartment it’s the first time he actually pays attention to the things around him. Looking at all the pictures you have on your fireplace, he notices an elegant silver frame that’s been pushed to the far back. He wipes off the dust on the frame with his sleeve. The picture is of you in a white dress, holding a man’s hand with your right, in your left there is a large bouquet of baby breaths. The priest behind the two of you has a bible against his chest and is wearing a fatherly grin. You are wearing a smile that shows all teeth and the other person is looking at the floor with their own toothy one. The picture is taken from a distance so your age isn’t discernible.

He takes a deep breath, ‘Okay Namjoon, so she was married and hasn’t told you. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t trust you. She’s just not ready yet, which makes sense…Even though it’s been six months. But god, we are both in our 20s, she must have gotten married so young. I hope her divorce settled easily.’

You walk into your living room and immediately recognize the silver frame in his hand. “Oh, I thought I lost that!” You smile as you look at the photo from over his shoulder, “That reminds me, it’s going to be my little cousin’s quinceañera soon. I think it’s a good opportunity to have you meet my family.”

“…That makes a lot more sense,” he says out loud, which causes you to look at him like ???

Originally posted by lil-unicorn-yixing

Boooooiiii, where that above 140 IQ at.

Send requests for texts, reactions, scenarios or mood boards °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

He Cheats Part One

Originally posted by fireprooof

Pairing: Y/N and Harry 

Word Count : 1133

Harry had been distant lately. He always seemed to be in the studio or in meeting or prepping for some interview. He never seemed to be around she never knew how to address it, she didn’t want to be clingy. But she missed him, she missed eating dinner together, she missed staying up late and laughing, she missed him. It made no sense to her, she knew he was a busy guy, she knew what she had signed up for. But he used to make time for her, he used to make it a priority to see her and spend time with her.

She sat at the table, the meal she had just cooked for the two sat in front of her. Her plate untouched, his seat empty. She was going to tell him how she was accepted into the medical school in L.A., there they could be closer. It would be easier for them. It wasn’t her first choice but she loved him and the school there was just as great as her current college, maybe even better. She was ready to change her life to be closer to him.

The tears pooled at her eyes as she looked at her phone, she had hardly ever googled his whereabouts, but she needed to know. She needed to know why he was ignoring her, why he had shown up late in the night and left early in the morning. Her lower lip trembled as she saw it. He was wearing the shirt she had bought him, her favorite shirt. He was sitting in the back of the booth, clearly hiding from everyone else, the picture must have been taken by a worker. His lips pressed on another girls lips, his hand cupping her face. She swiped to the next photo where he stood, grabbing her hand to help her up. The last one broke her heart, they were walking into a hotel room.

She stood, grabbing the plates and tossing it all in the trash. Her heart felt like it had dropped to her stomach, she couldn’t make it up the stairs. Half way up her knees gave out and she sat on the stairways crying. Her head laid on one of the higher steps, the salt water streaming from her eyes. She angrily grabbed her phone tossing it on the ground. She could have sworn someone had grabbed her heart and pulled it out of her chest, stomping on it, and then forced it right back into her chest. Her sob increased and her body shook, she just wanted it to end. She hated him. She did.

The door opened and Harry walked in, shaking the snow from his hair. He slipped off his jacket and hung it on the rack. He stopped hearing the muffled sobs, her sobs. He hadn’t heard her cry like that ever, he had seen her cry of course. But he had it never heard her so hurt. He could hear her trying to breathe, but the sobs just kept pouring out. He turned and saw her sitting there, and he could of sworn that right then and there his own heart broke. He had never felt like that before.

“Y/N,” he says gently walking up the stairs and sitting next to her, he reaches out to touch her but she shoves at his shift.

“Don’t,” she says, in a voice he had never heard her use before, it’s cold and sharp, but at the same time she sounded so broken and hurt.

“Kitten,” he tried again, voice soft and gentle, his hand reaching for her face but she pushes it away.

Another sob, Harry frowned, “what’s wrong?” he asked, but deep down inside he knew.

She sniffled, hiccups leaving her mouth. Her hands are shaking as they come up to her face, wiping away the tears. Once the sobs have died down she looks at her hands, “I got into the school in L.A.,” she says.

“That’s great we can be much closer,” Harry says.

“No,” she says, “I know Harry. Why would I want to be closer to you when you’ll only leave me at night for her? Why?”


“Why!” She screamed, “why Harry? I work all day and have classes and I come back here and cook for you and clean and love you and you what? You leave in the middle of the night to be with her.”


“You take her out! You kissed her, you oh god, you slept with her,” she whispered, her face dropping into her hands, “why?”

“I don’t know,” Harry says, “she was there-“

“And what? I wasn’t!” She cried, “I’ve been here, waiting for you to come home, just waiting.”

“Baby,” Harry says, but she stands, “where are you going?”

She storms up the stairs and Harry follows, but she slams the door and locks it before he can enter the bedroom. “Y/N, please, she means nothing to me,” Harry begs.

She grabs a duffle bag and starts shoving clothes into it, “clearly she meant something,” she yelled back.

“It was a mistake,” Harry tried.

“Yeah which time? The dinner, the hotel, or are there others I haven’t heard about?” she yelled.

She zips the bag and drops it over her shoulder pulling the door open. Harry’s eyes are watering and he looks at the bag then at her, “please, don’t leave. I’ll never seen her again. You love me right?”

“Yes,” she says, “but I can’t. I can’t-I don’t trust you anymore.”

She starts walking away and Harry grabs her arm pulling her close to him, “please, please,” he begs, dropping to his knees, hugging her legs, “I’ll do anything, just tell me what to do.”

She cries, shaking her head, her tears falling on to his head, “the damage is done,” she whispered.


“Don’t you get it!” she cried, “you hurt me Harry, this isn’t something little. T-this isn’t a small kiss that happened after ten drinks, this is something you did again and again, this is something you left me alone for, you hurt me.”

She grabbed his arms, pulling them off, “you hurt me,” she repeats.

Harry stands reaching for her but she shoves him back, “you hurt me!” she screamed, “I can’t do this Harry.”

She turns running down the stairs and he follows, “no please, no don’t go, please I’ll never see her again, I won’t ever talk to anyone else,” Harry promises following her.

“No!” She yelled, turning, “don’t beg me to stay when you’ve left me for nights!”

She grabs her car keys, “bye Harry.”

“Y/N,” he cries, “please.”

But she’s in her car already, doors locked, engine turned on. She’s not sure where she’ll go but she knows it has to be far from him.

sweet like ice cream

Taeyong overreacted too much sometimes, especially when it came to the thought of breaking up with you.

this is a mix of two ideas but honestly neither worked well alone so i smashed them together and got this :D. this is for @cremethorns because she was dying over her finals so i thought i’d write this for her but her finals are over so. whoops? have it anyways <3 enjoy ^^

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Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Jared kisses you before he leaves for Vancouver. Can you make the distance work, or will he be just another fling like every other shoddy relationship you’ve ever had?

Word Count: 1,077

Warnings: self doubt, talk of past abuse, fluff

A/N: A very late submission for @iwriteaboutdean‘s challenge, and my song was Push by Matchbox Twenty. I swear I’ll get better at deadlines. This took forever to write, and I have about six different versions of it floating around in my empty headspace, but this is the one y’all get. Enjoy!

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough.” You looked at your feet as you scuffed them across the pavement. “It’s… been a long time, Jared. I just - I don’t know if any of them have ever really loved me.” You slumped against his side.

“Of course you’re good enough, [Y/N]. You deserve so much more than they could ever give you. You deserve someone who treats you like a queen. You deserve-” He wanted to keep going, but you stopped him.

“Someone like… you?” You dared to look him in the eyes.

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send me fob songs

Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Honorable Mention+ Have you ever had detention? what for?
Calm Before The Storm (eowyg)+ Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? What about?
Switchblades And Infidelity+ You can press a button that will make anyone or anything explode. Who or what would you choose?
Pretty In Punk+ What dream color(s) would you love your hair to be?
Growing Up+ Your most favoritest age you’ve been so far?
The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys In A Broken Down Van)+Name one thing you have wasted time on.
Short, Fast And Loud+ Short or tall? Fast or slow? Loud or quiet?
Moving Pictures+ Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theatre?
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gonna Give It My Best Shot)+ What is your favorite day of the whole year?

Take This to Your Grave

Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do TodayDo you get jealous easily?
Dead on Arrival+ How do you start a conversation?
Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy+ What do you think of people who cheat?
Saturday+ Who is your bestfriend?
Homesick at Space Camp+ What is your favorite planet?
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)+ Who would you absolutely love to punch in the face?
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago+ Is there anyone in the world you would want next to you right now?
The Pros And Cons Of Breathing+ Do you hate anyone?
Grenade Jumper+ Is there anyone you would take a grenade for?
Calm Before The Storm (tttyg)+ What phobias do you have?
Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over+ Do you consider yourself sucessful?
The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes+ Has anyone ever lied to you?

My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon+ Weapon of choice in zombie apocalypse?
“It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love”+ Do you have a promise that you will always keep?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)+ Have you ever been to prom?
Love Will Tear Us Apart+ When was the last time someone told you they loved you?  
Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy (Acoustic)+ Are you keeping a secret from someone?

From Under The Cork Tree

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued+ What name(s) do you dislike?
Of All The Gin Joints In All The World+ First Fall Out Boy song you’ve ever heard?
Dance, Dance+ Favorite line in a song that you would so get tattooed on your ass cheek?
Sugar We’re Going Down+ Favorite pet name to be called?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner+ Are you the rarest pepe?
I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)+ Have you ever gotten into a fight? if so, what was the outcome?
7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)+ Least favorite thing about school/college?
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends+ Your house is on fire. What are the things/people/animals you’d grab on your way out?
I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me+ Bandmemebers you have a crush on?
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”+ Night owl or early bird?
Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)+
What do you want to do before you die? Do you have a bucket list?
XO+ Are you reliable? why?
Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers+ Have you ever fractured/broken any bones?
The Music Or The Misery+
What band(s) do you absolutely hate?  

Infinity On High

Thriller+ What is one thing you would like to go back and tell your 12 year old self?
“The Take Over, The Breaks Over”+ Do you like having picture taken of you or selfies?
This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race+ If you were the president, what is the first thing you would make illegal and legal?
I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)+ You get three wishes, what are they? (you can’t wish for more wishes)
Hum Hallelujah+ Have you tried to be someone you’re not to impress someone?
Golden+ Favorite gem stone/mineral?
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs+ Best memory of someone who has left your life?
Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? Bands you’ve seen perform live?
The (After) Life Of The Party+ Would you rather be a ghost or skeleton in the after life?
The Carpal Tunnel Of Love+ Favorite flavor of icecream?
Bang The Doldrums+ Do you wear makeup? if so, what kind?
Fame < Infamy+ Cursive or print hand writing?
You’re Crashing, But You’re No WaveHave you ever been to court? why were you there?
I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers+ Do you plan on ever getting married?
G.I.N.A.S.F.S.+ What is your eye color? if you could change it, would you?
It’s Hard To Say “I Do”, When I Don’t+ What was the most hurtful thing that someone said to you?

Folie à Deux

Lullabye+ A song you would want your children to listen to.
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes+ Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
I Don’t Care+ Favorite month of the year? why?
She’s My Winona+Wa aoh oh ooh. What song popped into your head?
America’s Suitehearts+ Andy the Candy, Pete the Treat, Joe the Hoe, or ‘trick the frick?
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet+ Have you ever lost a bet?
The (Shipped) Gold Standard+ What is the one song that has helped you push through?    
(Coffee’s For Closers)+ How do you like your coffee?
What A Catch, Donnie+ What two bands/musicians should make a song together?
27+ What do you think about aliens?
Tiffany Blews+ Are you scared of the dark?
w.a.m.s.+ Do you like snow?
20 Dollar Nose Bleed+ Would you pay 20 dollars to punch someone in the face?
West Coast Smoker+ What do you think of the ocean?
Pavlove+ Are you happy with the way you look? is there something you would change?

Save Rock And Roll

The Phoenix+ You’re wearing the same thing as someone else. Are you going to be the one to change or are they?
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark+ Do you enjoy bonfires?
Alone Together+ You are the last person on Earth, but you can choose someone else to be with you. Who would you choose?
Where Did The Party Go+  What is the last thing you drew a picture of?
Just One Yesterday+ What did you do yesterday?
The Mighty Fall+ What is the best pick up line you’ve heard lately?
Miss Missing You+ Do you think anyone misses you at the moment?
Death Valley+ Have you ever broken a promise?
Young Volcanoes+ You are a killer in a horror movie. What song is playing in the background? 
Rat A Tat+ Favorite time of day?
Save Rock And Roll+ Would you get revenge on those who have hurt you?


We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)+ Your funeral song?Art Of Keeping Up Disappearances+ Have you ever written your own music or poems?
Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside+ Do you think tie dye is still cool?
Love, Sex, Death+ What are your favorite scents?
Eternal Summer+ A summer you will never forget?
Demigods+ What is your favorite type of dinosaur?
American Made+ Do you prefer cooking or ordering take out?
Caffeine Cold+ Ice coffee or hot coffee?

American Beauty / American Psycho

Irresistible+ Favorite city you’ve visited?
American Beauty / American Psycho+ Would you reffered to as the beauty or the psycho
Centuries+ Do you like heavy metal? or hardcore/screaming music?
The Kids Aren’t Alright+ Have you dedicated a song to someone before? what song was it?
Uma Thurman+ Do you believe in miracles?
Jet Pack Blues+ What are your favorite colors?
Novocaine+ Vest, Jacket, or Hoodie?
Fourth Of July+ Do you collect anything? if so, what do you collect?
Favorite Record+ Favorite album?
Immortals+ Favorite animated movie(s)?
Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC)+ What is the best thing about Halloween?


Alpha Dog+ Favorte dog breed(s)?
From Now On We Are Enemies+ Do you have more enemies than friends?Lake Effect Kid+ Is there somewhere you rather be?
Roxanne+ Have you ever called the police?
Save Your Generation+ Ever had a rumour spread about you?
Start TodayYou have a free ticket to any concert of your choice. Who would you go see?
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out+ What do you want for christmas?

Jefferson: What! James and I are not dating! Why would you ever think that? We are just fri-

*Alexander pushes Jefferson to the ground and thousands of pictures of James Madison falls out of his pocket*

Jefferson: Uhh those are not mine I’m just holding them for a friend.


Jefferson: …I can explain.



Still waiting for the day Y/S/N becomes an actual thing.”

“Why aren’t they dating??” 


Y/N read to herself as she scrolled through the comments on her recent Instagram post. She had posted a picture of her and Joe they had taken earlier that day when they had gone into the city. 

These comments weren’t anything new to Y/N, she had been getting them on all of her social media accounts ever since she made her first appearance in Joe’s videos a few years back. They both had denied the speculations that they were dating, only just friends, but Joe’s fans still had their suspicions as Y/N was only ever seen with Joe. 

Joe had had many discussions about this in his vlogs or livestreams. He would recall how they met, bumping into each other in a crowed bar, and instantly hit it off, but only in a friendly way and that Y/N just wasn’t as close to the other boys as she was to Joe. There were times when Y/N wasn’t in Joe’s videos for weeks at a time and when the fans began to question if they had broken up, Joe had to remind them that they were never dating to begin with and that the two of them were just busy or that they were still hanging out but without the camera. Y/N wasn’t a YouTuber and there were days when she didn’t necessarily want to be on camera and Joe respectfully didn’t vlog that day.

Y/N let out a sigh as she tossed her phone beside her on the couch and stretched her arms above her head, letting them fall against the back of the couch. 

“Whats up love?” Joe asked as he shut his laptop and stood up from the chair that sat by the window behind the couch. 

“Have you finished yet? I’m hungry.” Y/N pouted as she hung her head over the back of the couch where she was met with an upside down version on her friend. 

“Yes, I just finished. I would’ve finished earlier if you hadn’t posted an Instagram. My phones been blowing up.” Joe said shooting her a smile before walking into the kitchen. 

“Hey, its not my fault your fans are a little obsessed with Y/S/N.”

“It is actually because you’re half of it. I’ve been shipped with a lot of people Y/N and besides Jaspar, Y/S/N is the only other ship that has blow up this much.” Joe said picking up his keys. “You ready to go?” 

Y/N pushed herself off of the couch and tugged back on her shoes she had kicked off hours ago. “I’ve been waiting on you.” She said heading for the door with Joe closely behind. 

The two ventured down the streets of London, taking a shortcut through the park on their way to their favorite restaurant. Their quite park that they had walk through many times before was surprisingly flooded with people. There was music playing in the background of noise conversations as kids and adults socialized through the park. 

“Oh yeah I forgot this was going on.” Joe said remember he had read a flyer about the small weekend festival that was being held in the park. 

The two walked further into the park, Joe’s hand moving up grab Y/N’s as they made their way through a small crowd of people that was near the band that was playing. 

“Maybe we could just hang out here for dinner. I mean the food smells amazing and this band is pretty good.” Y/N said leaning into Joe a little to make sure he could hear him over the noise. 

“If you want.” Joe said looking up at her and pulling her towards the food after she nodded her head. 

After they had gotten their food and eaten, the two made their way back to where the band was playing. When the familiar chords hit Joe’s ears, he began to sing along, taking Y/N’s hand in his as he spun her around to the beat of the music. 

“I never understood why you tell people you can’t dance Sugg.” Y/N laughed as the two swayed back and forth before throwing her head back in laughter. 

“Gotta keep some things hidden Y/N. How am I suppose to impress the ladies if they know everything I have to offer. ” He smirked, spinning her around once again before the song ended.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the currently band left the stage and the next got ready for their set. 

“Excuse me you two.” A voice called out in the direction of Y/N and Joe. Joe turned his head to the side, a smile appearing on his face when he saw an elderly lady waving at him. “You’re that Thatcher Joe Sugg aren’t you?” 

“Ha ha yes I am” Joe said taking the lady’s hand in his. 

“Oh my grandchildren love you to pieces. They’ve even made watch a few of your videos and now I’d like to considered myself a fan too.” The woman smiled, “Oh hello there Y/N.” 

“You know who I am?” Y/N questioned through her smile. 

“Of course I do! My grandkids go on and on and on about Y/S/N and honestly I think you two are pretty cute.”

“Oh no were not dating” Y/N said laughing to herself a bit. 

“Oh I see, well I’d make sure you two and you’re fans are on the same page. You two do give off a ‘we’re a couple’ vibes.” The woman raised an eyebrow as she nodded down to Joe’s arm that had found its way to your waist after the song had ended, neither of you two really realizing.

Joe pulled his hand away from your waist and up into his hair as he laughed to himself. 

“It was nice meeting you two” The women said sending Y/N a wink before walking off. 

“Well that was interesting.” Y/N said bringing her attention back to Joe. 

“Yeah…it seems like more people want Y/S/N to be a thing than I originally thought.” 

“Is that bad thing?” Y/N asked over the music that had begun to play, “I mean apparently we give off ‘couple vibes’ and I don’t think it would be that weird.”

“You don’t?” Joe asked. 

Y/N shook her head, “Not really. We’ve been friends for nearly 3 years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of things about you, things that made me realized that I don’t not want to have you in my life and friendship is a tricky thing that can sometimes fall apart and I don’t want that to happen…if that makes sense.”

Joe moved his hand up to Y/N’s face and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before leaning in and kissing her.

“It makes perfect sense love. I realized that I don’t not want you in my life either.” Joe laughed and then winced at the pain in his arm. 

“Way to ruin the moment Sugg.” Y/N said trying her hardest to keep a straight face but failed. 

“The moments not ruined,” Joe said pulling her back into a kiss. “We still have all night.” 

Y/N smiled up at Joe before turning back to face the band on stage, her hand moving down Joe’s arm to interlock with Joe’s. Y/N’s gaze drifted away from the stage to a familiar person looking over at them. The women they had spoke to just minutes ago shot her a thumbs up before she danced along to the music. 

“How long do you think we have until the world finds out about Y/S/N?” Joe asked as he nudged Y/N’s side. 

“Not sure, but something tells me she can keep a secret.”

All I Ask.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Titled: ‘All I Ask’ 

Cast: Dean, Y/N, Charlotte (6), Cassie, (3), Catherine, (2), and Bennett (7 months old) 

Word Count: 1,169

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s 2K Writing Challenge! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate!! And @chaos-and-the-calm67 this was one of the gifs you submitted I just turned it into a one shot! 

Warnings: language, FLUFF, daddy!dean feels, and FEELS. 

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After your son Bennett was born you practically on your hands and knees just begging Dean ever chance you got to go get some pictures taken. They weren’t going to stay that young forever. You would remind him frequently to also guilt him. Dean didn’t understand why you wanted pictures done so badly and after he thought it over and talked to Sam about it. He decided for your birthday, a part of your present they could go out and get some pictures done. 

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1. Do you think your TC will teach you next year?
2. If you have to move to another city, how would you tell your TC? Would you confess to them? How?
3. Have you written a letter to your TC? If no, would you ever do that and what would be in it? If yes, what did you write?
4. Are you attracted to your TC in an emotional or sexual way? Or both?
5. How did you meet your TC? Do you remember your first conversation?
6. Have you had a serious problem because you have a TC? If not, what problem could you have to deal with?
7. Have you ever had an argument with your TC?
8. Do you see your TC outside of school?
9. On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want to kiss your TC?
10. If your TC is married, would you (still) want a relationship with them?
11. Do you have a photo with your TC? If yes, how did you get it?
12. Do you think anyone you haven’t told about your TC knows you’re crushing on them?
13. When is your last class with your TC? Will you see them in summer break?
14. Have you ever mentioned teacher crushes/the tcc to your TC?
15. Do you think one of your classmates has feelings for your TC?
16. Do you get jealous when you see your TC with other students?
17. If you and your TC had a long distance relationship, do you think it would work out?
18. What is your TC’s degree? Do you like what they studied?
19. Have you ever cried about your TC? If yes, why?
20. Have you ever cried in front of your TC? If yes, what happened?
21. Do you know about your TC’s family? If yes, what do you know? What else would you like to know?
22. What would happen if you found out your TC is dating another student?
23. Have you ever secretly taken pictures of your TC?
24. Do you like your TC’s classes? Are they easy or difficult?
25. Describe a special moment you had with your TC.
26. Are you in love with your TC? How do they make you feel?
27. Have you ever gotten angry at your TC? Is there anything you don’t like about them?
28. Has your TC ever given you a compliment?
29. Have you ever given your TC a compliment?
30. Will you remember your TC when you don’t see them anymore? Will you keep in touch?