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Deep Ass Starters.
  • Sometimes it's hard to get in depth with your muse and their backstory, because you can't figure out how to bring those things up with others. Here are a couple of starters intended to make things a little more personal!
  • "What's holding you back?"
  • "I'm not comfortable with this conversation."
  • "Will you /ever/ be comfortable with this conversation?"
  • "Let me in sometime!"
  • "It's not that easy, you know."
  • "Help me understand."
  • "It's hard to connect with someone when all they do is push you away."
  • "Why are you always so cold?"
  • "Why are you always so happy?"
  • "Are you really happy now?"
  • "Who hurt you this badly to make you this way?!"
  • "What, did your ex mess you up that badly?!"
  • "Why do you keep fighting it any time you feel?"
  • "It's a problem, I get it."
  • "This is all kinds of messed up."
  • "That's not exactly a good coping method."
  • "So what happened, with your parents, really?"
  • "What was your childhood like?"
  • "Everyone has at lest a little bit of mommy/daddy issues. It's nothing to be ashamed of."
  • "My parents aren't exactly perfect models, either."
  • "You were bullied? What for?"
  • "Was it hard? Coming out, I mean."
  • "You can't just run away all the time."
  • "You can't just hide all the time."
  • "Are you still thinking about them?"
  • "I'm not the enemy here. But this makes me wonder who the real one is for you."
  • "Is the reason you're so cold and defensive because you feel threatened?"
  • "How long has it been since you last spoke to them?"
  • "You never talk about it, why?"
  • "How come you're so different around them?"
  • "It's like you don't have a care or worry in the world."
  • "You seem so perfect. I don't get it."
  • "What was your ex like?"
  • "I don't think I was ever good enough for them."
  • "Are you not comfortable being intimate?"
  • "Why don't you feel comfortable being intimate?"
  • "Letting someone see you that vulnerable, it's a scary thing."
  • "Are you scared of being hurt?"
  • "Have you ever been taken advantage of?"
  • "Why are you afraid of saying I love you?"
  • "I never understood how someone could say those words so easily."
  • "You're hurting others the way you've been hurt in the past, don't you think that's ironic?"
  • "You use people to make yourself feel better."
  • "I'm scared of being used again..."
  • "Losing someone isn't easy, but you're making it harder than it needs to be."
  • "How long has it been since you lost them?"
  • "You're too attached."
  • "I'm not attached, I'm just comfortable with what I'm familiar to."
  • "Maybe the real reason you're so controlling is because, deep down you'd rather have them in your grasp than lose them."
  • "Why did you ever break up?" / "Why did we ever break up?"
{PART 25} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook dreams of having the future with you that he always envied human’s of having. But as soon as he arrives home, his entire world - and everything in it gets turned upside down. He must make a choice in the face of evil; while evil holds you in its grasp.

“And he found strength in the only thing that he was powerless to; it had always, from the very beginning; been her.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} //{Part 24} {Part 25} {Part 26}

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Colin Firth admits that he knew about the sexual abuse by Weinstein, because a colleague told him 25 years ago. I give him kudos for owning up to it now, but it is utterly shameful that it took him so long to own up to it. It takes courage to admit to it and he does more than many other big Hollywood actors who go with a generic “I had no idea, how horrible” - a statement he issued at first as well. As he says himself, yes, he should have owned up to it earlier and he should have done more than merely state his sympathies towards her 25 years ago or in all the years since then.

I get if men might not be able to speak up, because they were also under pressure to lose their career, or because women close to them had to fear to be destroyed by the public and Weinstein. I get staying silent to the public and merely warning friends and other actresses about Weinstein behind closed doors. While men are nowhere near under the same pressure as women, their careers still depended on Weinstein in that openly accusing him might have harmed them. Fear is a very potent silencer.

BUT Colin Firth continued to benefit from Weinstein, he was totally fine with a sexual predator as long as he benefited from it. If you know someone is an absolute vile human being you don’t cuddle up to him. You don’t turn a blind eye. There are accounts of many actresses that say they got warned by people not to be alone with Weinstein. Actors that while working for Weinstein still tried to protect actresses from it. That’s the least everyone can do. For all we know Colin Firth didn’t. You might stay polite and distant if you have to for professional reasons, but you don’t get close to them to advance your career. You don’t pretend you had no idea that the guy was horrible or a sexual abuser if you had a first-hand account. That is the disgusting thing Colin Firth and many other men in Hollywood did.

25 things I learnt in the midst of my suffering
1- when push comes to shove you always only have yourself.
2- Those who promised to always be by your side through thick and thin are going to leave.
3- No boy is going to swoop in to come and save you, when it doesn’t work out you will be left crying harder than before on your bathroom floor.
4- You’re going to want to give up, but don’t.
5- Quit holding back, say what you need to even if you make a dick out of yourself at least you know you tried.
6- Put down the fucking bottle, why are you doing this to yourself? Do you really think drinking yourself unconscious is going to help.
7- Other people’s opinions do not define who you are, don’t let what they say about you get you down.
8- It’s okay to want attention but don’t go exploiting yourself for it.
9- Stop putting on an act for everyone, you don’t have to pretend every moment you’re around people to be happy, all you are doing is damaging yourself even more.
10- Your mood is going to go up and down, let it. Feel whatever the hell you’re feeling.
11- It’s okay to take a few days off school for your mental health, you come first, education second.
12- Love isn’t the way media portrays it to be, there is no happily ever afters only a broken heart and damaged trust.
13- You are not your depression or anxiety. It does not define you. There is so much more to you than the mess inside your head.
14- As you get older you’ll notice more people starting to leave, let them. You never need someone who doesn’t need you.
15- You don’t have to be like her for someone to love you, the right person will love you for who you are.
16- Not everyone’s intentions are good always remember that.
17- It’s not the end of the world just because a boy left you.
18- Never wear your heart on your sleeve, unless you want to get taken for granted.
19- Get up even when you don’t want to, get in the shower, life goes on.
20- Just cry, stop being so ashamed of your emotions, let it out, if you feel like you’re needing to hold it back you’re with the wrong people.
21- Don’t push people away because you’re scared, you can’t expect everyone to come running back.
22- Friends lie, boyfriends cheat, your parents will break you, it’s all apart of life.
23- Don’t beat yourself up to much over one bad grade, you are doing the best you can.
24- If you’re waiting for your phone to light up turn it off and leave it off for awhile, your unnecessarily breaking your heart every minute that goes by without their name coming up.
25- Try not to let fear paralyse you too much. Life is about taking chances.
—  B.L letters I never sent
Elven anatomy and physiology* headcanons

Mostly based on canon and observation, some actually canon and sometimes just plain making it up for fun. I have another one for dwarves coming, and may do one for qunari.

*I hope I’m using that term right.

  • Elves are androgynous and display minimum sexual dimorphism; the only visible differences between an elf with a uterus and an elf without is breasts and slightly wider hips.
  • Though elves have thinner body hair than other races some elves have thicker hair than others and sport very faint, light growths of fuzz along their jaw, chin and above their lips - what passes for beards amongst elves.
  • Ears are mobile, unless they put effort into avoiding it their ears will be almost constantly twitching, either as part of their emotional body language or due to reacting to sound. Their size, shape and mobility lends elves better hearing than most races (save Vashoth and Qunari who have similar ears). They’re also more tactile (sensitive to touch).
  • Hair and eye colours unseen in humans are known to occur in elves, such as eyes in golds, greens and blues in incredibly bright or pale tones, as well as shades of purple and violet. Assuming Ghilan'nain did not have albinism or dye her hair, white or platinum blonde hair can also occur naturally (as in before the pigment starts fading from age).
  • They also canonically have an extra layer behind the retina which gives them tapetum lucidum, or “eye-shine”, which catches light and shines it back through the lens. At night this will allow them night vision. As a result of evolving to see in the dark, the size of their eyes is much larger in order to catch the maximum amount of light, there are barely any whites to an elf’s eyes, with the iris and pupil taking up most of the eye. It’s also likely they have excellent day vision as well. Their pupils contracting and expand rather like a cats.
  • As a side note to the above, elves are likely not diurnal by nature (diurnal species having no use for night-vision). Although active during the day, they are likely just as active at dusk, dawn and sometimes night (preferably when there is a full moon or similar light source). City elves in general, having adjusted to human norms likely keep diurnal time patterns by habit (although elven rogues no doubt take advantage of their nature). Dalish camps however are more likely to see full activity on a near 24-hour basis, some clan members sleeping through the day, others through the night.
  • Leg muscles are also more highly developed than in other races, their thighs tend to be thicker and even a mildly malnourished city elf with no martial training could probably cause a decent amount of damage with a kick.
  • The soles of their feet are much coarser and thicker-skinned than other races, and more prone to thick callouses, making the skin harder to cut or damage. This is likely why elves do not always bother with shoes (though there are still conditions where shoes should be worn).
  • There is a notable physical difference between Dalish and city elves (or those few city elves who did not grow up in abject poverty). Due to malnourishment, city elves are typically smaller than humans, and lacking body fat (and often muscle mass) tend to have the short incredibly skinny “lithe, willowy” frames humans have come to associate elves with. Dalish elves on the other hand (while still prone to slimmer frames on average) get a large amount of daily exercise and train in combat and archery from a young age, as such you would be hard pressed to find a Dalish without at least some degree of notable muscle. Being archers, it would in fact be incredibly strange to find a Dalish without very defined back muscles. Being less prone to suffering malnutrition (short of accidents) they also tend to be taller and stand as tall as many humans, with an average height of 5'5".
  • A side effect of their innate magical nature - their dormant immortality and dreamer abilities - is that elves both have incredible memories compared to other races, usually forgetting only their earliest memories. A rare few even possessing true eidetic memories allowing them to recall their entire lives in clarity. 
  • They have a tendency to enter a state of lucid dreaming far more often than other races their dreams usually being vivid and clear and easily recalled upon waking (even those who are not mages).
  • Also due to their inherent connection to magic, all elves will typically display at least some degree sensitivity to arcane energy, even those who do not develop magical abilities themselves (albeit to varying degrees). Many will notice when something “feels off”, which is usually subconsciously noticing a shift in the veil or a nearby spirit, or picking up on some residual magical energy left from a spell or enchantment. Elven mages also tend to do better in the spirit school than their non-elven peers.
you caught me || scott mccall

word count: 1479

warnings: very cute scott mccall

prompt: none

author’s note: you may have seen this before, i promise this is my imagine. my blog was deleted and so i’m reposting it on here! enjoy this imagine!

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is it still called love even when he gets angry at you when you don’t want to have sex tonight?
is it still called love even if he only texts back every couple of hours?
is it still called love even if he avoids going past your place of work purposely and doesn’t say hello?
is it still called love when all he wants to do in his room is have sex?
is it still called love even if every time you see each other you just have sex?
is it still called love even if you know that you love him more than he loves you?
is it still called love even when he doesn’t make an effort?
is it still called love even when you know that you try a lot harder than he does?
is it still called love even if you know you are dying inside with every passing moment you spend with him?
is it still called love even if you feel an inconsolable depression every time you think about him?
is it still called love when he becomes the reason why your period isn’t the only blood your body is shedding?
is it still called love when you look at others and wish you were as happy as them?
is it still called love if you think that you don’t love him anymore?
Why Me? (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Just a quick little dabble that I did.

As the girls scanned the book in front of them they wonder what to do.

“We have to tell them” Betty said knowing that it was the best idea.

“But about the other girls? Some people don’t even know they’re in here. Why would we cause them the shame that we’re feeling?” Ethel explained “It’s not fair”

“I think Ethel right” Cheryl said speaking for the first time since they open the book. Everyone looked at her not really expecting her to care about others. But one person knew the truth.

“You’re only saying that since you don’t want Jason poor image that everyone had of him to be gone” Veronica claimed while she crossed her arms, she knew damn well what Cheryl was thinking.

“That’s not it” Cheryl yelled but no one listen instead they waited for Betty to speak as she was the one holding the book. Betty looked around at all of the girls in front of her and thought for a moment what she was going to do. Polly was there and this could help her with their parents but did she really want to put others through this pain of being slut shamed? She knew what she wanted finally and opened her mouth

“We’re going to go to the principle with this. That’s the finally answer so if you don’t like it you’re going to have to deal with it.” Betty demanded but no one objected. “So to help us with all of this, we’re going to split up in pairs to let the girls know before the school does” Everyone nodded their head and picked a girl.

 Betty and Veronica standard side by side looking at the sea of people moving through the hallway. This was the last girl that needed to hear the truth. It was Y/N L/N. Betty always thought of you as a sweet girl who couldn’t do no harm but now she could only think about the damaged girl you would become. The girls made their way over to the bleachers where you were sitting reading your book. Betty figured you were waiting on Reggie since he had football practice, after all he was the reason you were in the book.

“Hey Y/N” Veronica said as she took a spot right next to you. You looked up at the two confused on why they were here but smiled anyway. Sure you guys never talked but you weren’t going to be rude.

“What brings you guys here?” You asked wanting to get straight to the point, it was a odd thing to you. Betty and Veronica give each other a look before they both look away to where the boys were playing.

“You do actually”  Betty let out not making eye contact. This was going to be harder than she thought.

“Me?” You questioned taken back for a moment but you continued on “What would you guys need to talk to me about?”  Veronica let you wonder for a minute before she spoke up.

“It’s Reggie”

“What about him?”

“He did something that you should know about before it gets out there”

“Hold now, get out there?” You questioned more confused than ever. What did that boy do now?

“Yeah, well he’s on the football team obviously” Veronica as she waved her arms toward them. You nodded your head not really knowing where she was going with this.

“This isn’t something that’s lightly, Umm well you see the team has a book. Where they keep track of who hooks up with who” As the words rolled off of her tongue you knew then. Reggie Mantle had put you in there, thanks to your causally fun with each other.

“I heard enough” You told them as you stood up from your spot. You look out on the field feeling betrayed by Reggie, you thought you guys meant something more then some name in a book.

“There’s more to know” Betty piped in but you didn’t want to listen. You put up your hand to stop her.

“I personally don’t care.” You raged, oh how Mantle would pay for this one. “Do whatever you pleases” You walk away from the two not caring about what they were going to do. Obviously they were going to tell since they mentioned it. You were hurt and in pain. Reggie was something special to you. You knew you were falling for the boy and before you could say anything about it you were already regretting it. But as you did walk all you could wonder was why. Why did he do it? Why?

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Hi, very very hot hcs you lot have down here, can I request overstim, machine fucking, and objectification with a side of extremely dirty degradation? Thank you!

Hi so maybe a fic where it takes place at the end of dans new video and after the camera goes off and the kiss and have sex basically I would like a smut fic with phil in dans sparkly jacket please

something along the lines of Dan being edged and overstimulated so hard he cries but Phil won’t stop and yeah that’s about it do what you will with it ;)

That gif looks soooo like Dan I wanna see him rut against that blanket until he’s whining and begging gahhh 

Could you do a hc of dan having multiple orgasms because phils fucks him so hard 

 the sparkly jacket prompt is a bit outdated by now, but ehhhh


Tags: All the shit above

Warnings: I don’t think any

- As soon as he turns the camera off, Dan takes a long breath. Filming was harder than he expected. That of course, is Phil’s fault. Dan filmed him playing the piano in his sparkly jacket first, then, before he could do anything else, Phil had him pushed down onto the bed, pulling down his skinny jeans.

- For the better part of an hour, Phil had teased him, and then left Dan, hard and aching, to film his video. To make matters worse, Phil knows how much of a turn on it is for Dan when they share clothes (it’s a possessive thing, something Phil understands), so he pulls on Dan’s sparkly jacket with no shirt or pants to help Dan film. So Dan has been worked up while filming, and now that he’s done, tears are beginning to fall down his cheeks.

- “Lemme come, Daddy, please?”

- Phil smirks and steps over to Dan, lifting him to his feet from the chair he’s sitting in and kissing him. Well, it isn’t so much a kiss as it is Phil claiming Dan’s lips with his own, hands slipping down to push down Dan’s skinny jeans. Dan gets the message and steps out of them, breaking the kiss long enough to discard his shirt as well. “Eager,” Phil murmurs, and pushes them back so Dan falls onto his bed. “Now, what should I do with you, hmm?”

- “Fuck me?”

- “Now, remind me, do pathetic whores who can’t listen to rules get fucked by their Daddies?”

- “No…” Dan was caged for a week, and when Phil took it off him, he informed Dan that Phil would take good care of him if he could keep his hands off for a couple hours while Phil worked. In twenty minutes, Dan had already come twice. It’s been a couple days, but Dan’s still feeling Phil’s wrath. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

- Phil reaches for the lube. “You should be, bitch. Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to take what I give you, no more, no less. You will not complain. You will not touch yourself without permission. You will not come without permission. I’m not going to restrain you or give you a ring. This is about self control.”

- “But-”

- “No buts,” Phil chastises, and spanks Dan sharply before lubing up two fingers and pushing them past Dan’s hole at the same time, giving him a moment to adjust to the burn before he starts to fuck Dan with them, purposefully avoiding Dan’s prostate. He quickly adds another finger, smirking at Dan’s quiet moan. Before long though, he pulls his hands away. He’s about to lube up his cock to fuck Dan while he edges him, but Dan’s hips drop to the bed so he can grind against the sheets and his left hand slips behind him to finger himself. Instead of stopping him, Phil crosses his arms and watches, eyebrows raised.

- It doesn’t take long for Dan to come, and the boy immediately realizes what he’s done and swallows. “Such a needy fucking bitch, aren’t you? No regard for rules or anyone but yourself.” 

- “I’m sorry Daddy-”

- “Shut the fuck up, whore,” Phil sneers, and grabs a cock ring to roll around Dan’s length, starting to soften. He disappears briefly and comes back with a chair, rope, and something Dan can’t quite identify. Phil’s steady hands tie Dan’s ankles to the feet of the bed and then to his thighs in a way that keeps him from moving his lower body. His hands are soon secured behind his back as well, so that Dan falls face forward onto the mattress. The something Phil brought in is set on a chair, there’s the tell-tale click of a lube cap, and then something cold and slick presses inside Dan’s hole, just far enough in to push past his already pink and puffy rim. All of it is followed by what sounds like a switch being flipped, and then what Dan assumes is a toy begins to fuck into him at a steady pace.

- Of course, a fucking machine, he thinks bitterly, biting back a gasp when the fake cock nudges his prostate. It’s going slowly, but before long it speeds up, making Dan whine. Of course, it feels good, but it’s also torturous because he can’t come or touch himself and the barely-there glances aren’t enough. Behind him, he can hear the tell tale sound of Phil’s hand stroking his own cock, slick with lube. 

- When the machine speeds up again, Dan feels tears pooling in his eyes. “Daddy, please lemme come lemme come lemme come please! Fuck me, please, let me come Daddy! Daddy please!” He shouts, like a dam has been broken, all of his pleas spill out.

- Chuckling, Phil runs a hand down Dan’s back, scratching lightly. “You shouldn’t have been a naughty whore then.”

- “I’m sorry daddy I’m sorry I’m sorry just please!”

- After rolling his eyes, Phil slows the machine to a stop and moves it and the chair aside, Phil says, “The only reason you’re getting fucked by my cock after how bad you’ve been is that I’m not going to deny myself using my little cumdump.”

- The words only serve to make Dan even more desperate, and he practically drools when he feels the head of Phil’s slick cock pressing at his hole. “Now, what do we say, Daniel?” He asks, the scratchy sequins of the jacket making Dan itch when Phil lays a hand over his back.

- “Please!”

- Phil swiftly pushes in, only giving Dan a moment to adjust before he starts moving, fucking Dan at a brutal pace. He grabs Dan’s hair in one hand to yank his head up from where he’s biting a pillow. “Such a fucking cockslut, messy, desperate to be fucked, and falling apart on my cock. You’re nothing but a dirty little cumrag, aren’t you?” His other hand reaches down to Dan’s stomach and rubs at the head of his red and leaking member.  Dan begs for release a little more, enough that Phil pulls off the cockring and tosses it aside to stroke Dan in time with his thrusts.

- It takes less than a minute for Dan to come, moaning loudly enough that the neighbors will probably complain later. He tries to collapse down to the bed, exhausted from coming twice already, but Phil keeps fucking into him and touching him, all while telling Dan what a slut he is, and how he’s only good for Phil’s pleasure. He comes for the third time not too long after with a scream. By the time Phil comes, it’s about ten minutes after Dan’s last orgasm, during which he came dry, not even hard, sobbing and begging Phil to stop, but not safewording. Afterward, Phil pulls out and just takes a long moment to observe Dan, and the way his puffy, abused hole is leaking come, and the same substance coating Dan’s thighs and the sheets beneath him.

Not sure if I like this or the ending but oh well // I DIDN’T WRITE AFTERCARE BUT IT IS IMPORTANT Y’ALL


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Genre: romance/fluff/
Pairing: JIMIN/You
Length:1041 words
Summary: Jimin isn’t digging the idea of you going on a date with another  guy and confronts you about it.

IMAGINE Jimin being jealous because you’re being asked out on a date by your Senior Kim Taehyung. The boy is well aware of the fact you’re both merely friends and that you’ve been relaying on each other in the hard times, but his feelings are stronger than him. He doesn’t like the idea of you laughing in Taehyung’s arms on a Friday night. Sure, he had no right to intervene whatsoever, because the only thing you both shared was a friend’s with benefits kind of relationship, but it still irked him to imagine you lying next to another man.

“Where are you going?” He’d ask you as he’d sip on his coffee.

“I’m going to that date with Taehyung” you simply reply as you grab your earrings from the counter

“Come on, you know it’s going to be a waste of time” he rolled his eyes at you

“That’s the same thing I said about your date with Minah and still went to her.”
You stared at him

You stared at your reflection as you carefully applied your red matte lipstick. This night was going to be fantastic and no one was going to cock block you again

“Why should I listen to you, when you never listen to me?” You raised a brow

“Minah just wanted to talk about our bio project, no need to get skeptical about a girl who was never interested in me” Jimin stood up from his chair to lean against the wall next to you

“Yeah , well maybe if you learned to look into her eyes , you’d understand that she was just using that project as a pretext to spend time with you” you press your lips together to spread your lipstick

“Right back at you.” He adds “Maybe if you saw Taehyung’s true thirsty intentions, you wouldn’t be so exciting about leaving tonight” he takes off his glasses and swirls them between his fingers

“Taehyung is a nice guy. I don’t see why you’re acting like this” you add a little more mascara onto your lashes

“I’m acting like this because you don’t know what you’re getting into!” He steps closer to you “Men aren’t as cutesy and fluffy as they pretend to be, Y/N. I, myself, know for a fact that anyone would wait for the right occasion to jump on a prey like you”

“Oh, I’m a prey now?” you laughed “I think that I’m more dangerous than taehyung. Black belt in taekwondo “you remind him

” That’s not the point! “jimin grabs your arm

Jimin takes this opportunity to slide his muscular forearms around your sensitive waist for a backhug.He presses his chin onto the warm skin on your shoulder blade. You feel comforted yet puzzled over his sudden act.He never did such things in the past. What got onto him?

"Don’t go to him” his warm lips whisper on your sensitive skin

“Why?” you turn your head to the side, suddenly brushing your nose against his soft cheeks

“Because I don’t like you with him” his iron grip tightens onto your waist

You suddenly roll your eyes at his words. You expected something else and all you got was jimin’s selfishness, which was very disappointing to you.

“Stop cock blocking my chances of finding a boyfriend, Jimin!” you elbow him in the stomach quickly as you set yourself free from him

“I’m not cock blocking. I’m trying to protect you” he stares into your eyes

“You’re not protecting me” you smack his hand “you’re just being a big hypocritical asshole” you try walking away

“Are you giving me attitude? Right now?” he raises a threatening brow

“I’m just trying to remind you that you’re selfish” You stare at the floor

As you’re about to grab the door handle, Jimin flips you around in a few seconds as you’re now under his deep gaze. He pushes you against the cold door as the door itself closes thanks to your weight being pressed on it. The boy pauses for a few seconds as the tension grew heavier in the room.He stares at you and you try avoiding his eyes at all costs.

Your heart unavoidably start racing at some abnormal pace and you feel yourself trapped not only t between Jimin and that door, but trapped in your feelings as well. Why was your best friend making you feel that way? Nothing about this was right

“Yes, I’m a hypocritical asshole for only wanting you for myself” Jimin hung his head low as his soft bangs were brushing against your forehead “But it’s harder than me” he sighs as his face gets close to yours, his nose brushing against yours “I can’t bear with the thought of seeing you in the arms of some other bastard who won’t treat you right” his soft fingers casually sliding from your shoulders to your arms

“ Because the woman I love should be treated like a queen” he tilts your chin up to stare back onto your wavering eyes “ Because I want to be the king to my queen” he eyes alter from your lips to your eyes “ Because I love you”

With no warning he presses his manly lips onto your delicate ones. He didn’t hesitate to show you his real intentions and who was the king in this situation. His feverish nibbling onto your bottom lip to grant him access to a new world. His precautious fingers holding onto yours, your body yearning for more as the second passes by. He grabs onto your waist as you weaken under his masculine grip and find yourself grasping onto the fabric of his hoodie for support.

His gentle yet swift tongue battling against yours. His fierceness mixed onto his gentle intentions were expressed through his moist lips. His wish to make you feel his desperation and love through this heated kiss. His intoxicating cinnamon scented and aroma making you dizzy from all the action He swipes his tongue ardently as your kiss suddenly shows jimin’s eagerness to hear a moan coming out from you.. He grabs your wrists and holds them above your head.

“Tell Kim Taehyung to go find himself a new date for tonight” he stares at you before pressing his lips onto yours again for a long night full of adventures and secrets


My Perfect Psycho

Warning!- Killer! Au, Blood, Death, Dirty talk, Knife play

Genre- Smut

Group- Monsta X

Member- Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Admin- Aussi

Shin Hoseok was undoubtedly beautiful. His body was tall and lithe, covered in smooth muscles that you could sometimes see over his shirt. His straight teeth were covered by perfectly plump lips. His ears dipped out slightly, slimming his already angular face. His jawline was naturally sharp, adding to his beautiful profile. His eyebrows were full but not overwhelming in any way. And god his eyes. They were formed half moons when he laughed or smiled, melting anyone who could see. When he didn’t smile they pointed up slightly, giving him a cat-like eye- not that I was looking at him, of course.

Hoseok was charming. With the help of one sweet smile anyone would comply to whatever he wanted- male or female. In no way was he pushy about it, he was kind and bashful when he asked favors.

Hoseok was powerful. With a slight tilt to his lips and a seductive look in his eyes he could make the most respectable person fall to their knees, begging. He didn’t even have to speak.

Hoseok was smart. Since he was young Hoseok had always been considered a genius. His IQ and problem solving skills earned him spots in articles and any job he desired. This fame didn’t make him slack however, if anything it only made him work harder.

You could say he was the perfect man, everything anyone could ever want. So why would a man who could have anything he desired at his fingertips in an instant be a killer? Perhaps it’s because a life was the only thing that he couldn’t have with total ease. Perhaps he enjoyed seeing someone look at him with something other than admiration. Maybe playing cat and mouse with the police gave him a sick satisfaction. Because he was too smart and needed a challenge- a game that allowed no room for mistake. Maybe his parents were abusive- or too nice. Maybe it was as simple as a dysfunction in the orbitofrontal cortex.

He was a co worker of mine but we had never spoken out of a respectful ‘hello’ while passing each other. I knew of him of course, it was hard not to when everyone in the office cooed over how untouchable and attractive he was. He was a very friendly person, talking to anyone who started a conversation. He never showed romantic interest in anyone in the office however, no matter who threw themselves at him. This only spurred everyone’s interest, hoping they could be the one to date the Shin Hoseok.

You can imagine my surprise when our resident untouchable was on a date with a girl, whispering closely into her ear as she flushed a bright red. I was intrigued at the thought of our ‘ethereal Adonis’ who hadn’t shown attraction to the world’s most attractive and rich people being on a date with a seemingly ordinary person. These thoughts were disrupted when I looked into his coal eyes.

It wasn’t admiration in his eyes or love. They were calm, cold, and collected. He was scrutinizing her every move, observing her like a lab rat. She didn’t seem to notice past his facade, however, far too busy fawning over his looks.

I turned away from the couple, stopping by a food stand and ordering a few things to eat at home. Work was hard and I was far to exhausted to cook and too hungry to skip dinner. I handed the woman my money and thanked her before walking in the direction of home. After walking for a few minutes I spotted Hoseok with his arm slung around his dates waist.

They walked for a while through the winding roads of my neighborhood, the girl giggling loudly. Hoseok paused by a street light and turned her to face him. She smiled brightly as he slowly leaned in to kiss her. Voyeuristic as it may seem, I couldn’t look away.

So there I stood, watching silently as she closed her eyes and victorious smile crept onto Hoseoks lips. He leaned in so their noses brushed together. Instead of his mouth, his hand covered her lips. The girl brows furrowed slightly in confusion as she began to open her eyes.

The way the knife tore into the soft tissue of her skin was as fast as lightning and smoother than I would care to admit. I gasped but quickly closed my mouth and hid behind a corner, hot tears welling in my eyes. I peeked back, my heart repeatedly slamming into my chest.

Her eyes and mouth were open wide as she attempted to scream. Hoseoks hands latched on tighter, muffling the noise. He quickly slashed at her jugular as she looked at him pleadingly.Her eyes slowly drained of light as she slumped to the ground, dead.

I couldn’t help but let out a loud sob, making Hoseok to jerk around. I dropped my food and bolted, hearing the sounds of his feet padding after me. I took the shortcuts to my house, running faster than I ever had before.

I unlocked my door, hands shaking badly as I darted inside. I closed the door quickly but quietly and locked it behind me. My hands reached for my phone, dialing 911 but hesitating.

Who would believe that Shin Hoseok was a killer? He would charm his way out of a police investigation or come up with an alibi. He was a genius. Tonight was a mistake on his part. He hadn’t looked around and the both of us were facing the consequences.

I threw my phone across the room, tears streaming down my face as I hiccuped. The scene played in my head like a record, blood splattering onto the ground. I darted to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet in time for my stomach to spill it’s contents inside the porcelain. I collapsed against the floor, weeping.

I put my hand over my mouth- much like Hoseok did to the girl- and screamed in anguish.

I walked into work, utterly exhausted from my lack of sleep and terrified at the idea of being recognized by the beautiful killer.

I walked briskly through the halls, trying to hurry to my desk where I was safe- well safer at least. A hand grasped my wrist and I jumped, freezing in place. A minute in the office and I was already caught.

I turned around to see Hoseok smiling curiously at me, “Why are you walking so fast?” He questioned, furrowing his brows playfully. Last night flashed behind my eyelids, causing me to flinch.

“I- I have a l-lot of work to do today and I drank lots of coffee so i’m jittery,” I lied, slowly pulling out of his grip. He nodded before smiling blindingly.

“Well have a good day!” I did my best to smile back at him. I muttered back that he should too and scurried away nervously. I was sitting in my cubicle, attempting to calm myself when my boss walked by.

“Are you okay?” He asked, resting a sweaty hand on my shoulder.

“I’m fine.” I gave him a pinched smile in return but he didn’t seem to notice. He gave me a pat on the back.

“I would hate for you to feel sick.” He added, looking sympathetic. I nodded quickly, hoping he could leave so I could bury myself in work. He sauntered to his office and I sighed in relief, slamming my forehead down on the wood of my desk.

I was sitting on the couch, attempting to engross myself in a good book when a knock sounded at the door. I stood up set my book aside before walking to the door and opening it, expecting a friend, instead peering into the dark eyes of Shin Hoseok. My eyes widened with shock but I composed myself, “Hoseok, what are you doing here?” I asked, faking a smile.

“You left your bag at the office and I thought you would need it. I thought I would bring it to you.” He explained kindly.

“Thank you.” I replied, taking my bag back. I moved to close the door but he wedged his foot in so I couldn’t.

“It’s rude not to even offer me coffee after coming all the way over here.” He said, frowning. I hesitantly opened the door and he pushed his way inside. I remained by the door for a minute before closing it reluctantly.

Hoseok was sitting on the couch when I turned around, waiting patiently for his coffee. I forced another smile before walking into the kitchen and beginning to make the coffee. It’s times like this I wish I had cyanide handy to slip into his drink. I knew for a fact that I couldn’t overpower the man or outsmart him. My only option was to feign innocence and hope would leave.

I poured the coffee into a mug and walked back into the living room. Hoseok looked up from his phone and placed it back in his pocket, “Thank you.” he said gratefully. I moved to set down the drink but my shaky hands caused it to spill slightly, the hot liquid stinging my hands.

Hoseok gasped, “Are you okay?” he took my hand in his own and observed it for burn marks. My heart fluttered slightly but I played it off as being nervous. It’s only to be expected while a devilishly handsome serial killer is touching you. I slowly pulled my hand out of his, cradling it slightly.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt that much.” I assured him, sitting down in a chair. Hoseok frowned, taking a sip of his coffee. I licked my lips, hurriedly thinking of an excuse. His eyes followed my tongue, lingering on my lips for a second

“You seem very nervous. Am I scary?” He asked, tilting his head to the side.

“I haven’t had a guy alone with me in my house before. It’s nerve racking.” Hoseok took another sip of coffee. He stood up and circled the chair I was sitting in, pretty fingers trailing across the sides.

“I know that you know.” He whispered into my ear, plush lips brushing against the lobe. I bolted up from the chair and ran to the door but before I could reach it Hoseok slammed me into a wall, pinning my hands above my head, “That was rude.” he chided.

Fearful tears welled in my eyes, “I won’t tell anyone, I swear I won’t!” I promised. The man tsked in disapproval, his lips trailing over my neck and his breath tickling my ear. My breath stuttered at the close proximity.

“I know, Babygirl.” He said, kissing my neck. I held in the urge to moan, closing my eyes and soaking in the pleasure, “It wasn’t even hard to find out it was you. You brought the same bag you wore last night to work this morning and you were acting very suspicious. I decided to search your address and when I did I realized that you lived in the same area I was in last night.”

“I said I won’t tell anyone so just go.” I panted, heat pooling in my stomach. This was wrong- this was so fucking wrong. He licked a stripe on the underside of my my jaw and sucked on the skin just below my ear.

“You like this don’t you, Babygirl? Does being powerless like this turn you on?” Hoseok asked, nipping at my ear.

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Warning: Unbeta’d and also it’s like midnight so sorry if it’s badly written

So by this point is practically comfirmed that Keith is Galra, right?

Well, Lance could be altean and could be related to the previous blue paladin.  I also think Lance is fully aware of this.

My first points both obvious and weak when used alone.  Keith and Lance are show to be the oppisites in the show, fire and ice, red and blue, etc. etc.  If Lance is Keith’s oppisite and Keith is galra it fits the trope for Lance to be altean.  

This is also fitting with the ideal of the resistence in the empire and the teams reactions to it.  We, the audience, know for a fact that that resistence is true as we were allowed to see Thace helping the team (an important note to make).  This means that we’re not meant to agree with Allura.  The creative team is making it clear to the audience that Allura is wrong.  I have no doubt Keith being Galra is going to be an issue with her.

But Keith and Lance are an amazing team when they actually work together.  There’s also been mentions about their relationships from the team behind it about them getting more time to develop their frenemy status and just the importance of their relationship so by having Lance be altean, and better yet by have altean Lance accepting galran Keith it futher pushes the message that just because you’re galra doesn’t mean your bad (read into that message as you will)

Now lets travel back to episode one to further this idea (i have a lot about this episode guys) that Lance is aware of his altean heritage/self.  Did it bug anyone else how quick Lance is to accept the situation?  Not once at all does he question what happened.  He completely ignores Keith as they enter the cave, and not in a ‘whatever Keith’ way (such as pointedly looking everywhere but Keith way) but instead he goes straight for the pictures.  At no point does Lance have a ‘what the fuck’ moment despite how everyone else seems to solely be having these moments.

You might argue that Lance was helped by Blue but I remind you that Blue didn’t start talking to Lance until he was already in the pilot seat and furthermore that should be more a reason to freak out.  I will admit, everyone else seemed to act in that same way upon finding their lions (Keith’s ‘good kitty’, Pidge’s grin, Hunk’s praise).  However, you know the difference between the others meeting their lions and Lance?  The lions had already been explained to them.  If Lance really didn’t know anything about Blue why would he respond the same way people with knowledge did?

Another point is our intro to Allura.

Allura:  Your ears.
Lance: Yeah?
Allura: They’re hideous.  What’s wrong with them?
Lance: Nothing’s wrong with them!

This is pretty much the first thing Allura says.  This is our introduction to her character.  In her cyro-pod effected mind the first thing she can think to comment on is Lance’s ears.  Why not the lack of marking’s on his face?  Why not the fact he’s a stranger in her castle?  Yes, she attacks Lance but it’s not until after Lance reveals his ears are normal.

Not until he reveals he’s not whoever she thinks she’s seeing.

This line’s always stuck with me because a characters introduction is very, very important.  And Allura is shown to be a badass so why not make her first move the attack?  Why is this line more important than that?

So who could Lance be that she’s momentarily confused?  A blood relation could look quite a lot like Lance [or there’s the harder to proof part: Lance being the previous paladin but I’m too tried to get into that].

Then there’s the explain on the Blue Lion.  There isn’t one.  Yes, Lance is cocky but would he really pick to brag about himself instead of having a pretty girl reveal his good traits?  Probably not.  Unless he didn’t want the others to know.  We’ve been told by the team behind VLD that Lance is a deeper character than what he appears.  He’s got his insercurities and maybe the explanation on why he’s the Blue Paladin was a bit too personal for him.

Of course, Lance couldn’t know that unless he knows why the Blue Paladin choose him.

Coming back to Season 2 lets talk about episode 2.  Lance and Hunk get their own episode in their return to the others but it’s obviously very Lance centric.  And why?  Because Lance uncovers a special ability in his lion.  You know how else did this?  Pidge.  You know the difference?  Pidge had to be told to strengthen their bond with Green, and then they had to strength it.  Lance did not have to do this.  To me this suggests Lance has a closer bond to his lion than the others.

Maybe that’s just because he’s Lance.

Maybe it’s because he actually knows what he’s doing.

Anyway those are just some ideas I have on the idea that Lance might actually be altean.  Night. 

anonymous asked:

can someone explain why ppl say sm hates sj? isn't leeteuk like lee soo mans prodigal son and didn't kyu say he's the only thing that makes sm ceo smile these days? why do elf think that did I miss something?

I seriously don’t know what make you think that ‘leeteuk’s like lee soo man’s prodigal son’ but anyway, from the start super junior was neglected by the company, as lsm said: “after tvxq formation, the members that weren’t chosen to be a part of the team were on the verge of disintegration. But because we had already contracted with them, we had to take responsibility. One of the teams was Super Junior, a group we raised to excel in music and variety shows. In order to survive, they had to cry tears of bleed through their efforts. We felt sorry for them, which is why we helped.”  Basically they debuted suju because they had to and after that the company was like ‘survive if you can otherwise we gonna replace you with someone new anyway’ and suju survived even when they had to work 100 times harder than others.

SM never really put much efforts in promoting them and super junior/elf have often been mistreated by SM [you can read about it here (1,2,3,4,5,6)] also, as heechul said: “I sometimes mention how we’ve been ranking first in Taiwan for 38 weeks and how Bonamana has been topping for 18 weeks and stuff like that when talking to people in our company and ask why they don’t make articles for us. I asked them to put out a few headlines like other companies do so that people just don’t think we’re doing nothing. When I say things like that, however, they’ll say back, ‘It’s because we think that it’s definite that Super Junior achieves those things. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a big deal out of things like that.’ So I’ll always just say back, ‘Yeah, you’re all talk.’” This just shows that SM don’t promote suju and they don’t care about them at all. That’s prolly the reason why, in Korea, many people don’t even know about super junior’s success and achievements. SM know that ELF will still support super junior even when they won’t put any efforts in promoting them, so they aren’t doing anything at all for them, which is just sad.

and to summarize the statement ‘sm hates super junior’ i’ll just leave this comment from an article here:

“So they made a group that they didn’t even think would do well out of pure sympathy. They made them sleep only 2-3 hours a day and travel to Malaysia, China, and Korea in just a day. They made someone who lost their father three weeks ago stand on stage and sing bright songs. They made an injured person that couldn’t even walk properly drag their legs on stage to sing. They made someone that had just come out of a car accident to go on TV. In such a tragic setting, you forced these kids to go on variety shows, perform at events, made them the talk of misunderstanding and criticism just so you could touch a bit of money. Even if they created laughter on variety shows, worked so hard to the point of fainting, they were only given several hundreds for their work – all members included.”

if sm don’t hate super junior then why would they treat super junior like this despite of them doing so well and making most of sm’s money and all of that from a group that they debuted out of pity and with no expectations at all? If anything SM should be grateful to have super junior in their company and should really stop treating them so bad. Let’s just hope SM will finally get their shit together and better not mess their upcoming comeback as well :/

Teasing Tom when you're his director's daughter

• one of the perks about being the daughter of a big director of Hollywood it’s that you always get to now the starts eventually
• 90% of the times the cast it’s like the double of your age so you avoid hanging around in the set
• but recently an amazing thing happened
• almost all the cast were close to your age
• your dad is the director of the newest movie of Spiderman
• you almost freaked out when you saw Zendaya in front of you
• that woman is a goddess and you’d fight anyone who date to say the opposite
• you wish Jacob could be your teddy bear because he’s so unique and such a good person
• Laura is so sweet
• you wouldn’t mind if she was your sister
• and Tom
• oh god
• Tom would be the death of you
• the first time you saw him your legs became spaghetti
• that thick accent make your heart pound strong in your chest
• everytime he calls you “darling” you swear you can feel pool being formed in between your legs
• not ti mention his unique and lovely personality
• that boy is husband material
• didn’t take long to you become real friends
• but your closest friend was Harrison due the fact he’s always with you on the backstage
• he knows about your little crush on Tom but he just don’t talk anything
• and you know that he knows but Harrison is a super discreet guy so you don’t really care
• you wish you could ask him for some kind of help but you’re afraid that if you say the words out loud he’ll feel the need to tell something to Tom since they’re best mates and all
• so you just stay quiet and start to think about a plan on your own
• and the only thing that came to your mind it’s provoking him until the edge
• you started slow
• your clothes are reveling a little bit more of skin and you’re using a new perfum
• everytime you talk to him you let pretty obvious that you’re staring at his lips
• and you always try to be the closest to his body as possible
• when you know his watching you, you throw your head back and massage your neck exposing your chest a little bit more
• when he take a break and go eat something you try your best to look at his eyes while you eat a strawberry or a popsicle
• you know you can’t exactly be on the set all the time because this is something serious, it’s his job and you father’s job
• so everytime you appear, you make sure you’re drop dead gorgeous
• you’re 100% sure that he blush when you catch him staring at you or that he gag talking to you when wear a low cleavage
• and he defiantly went to the bathroom more than one time after seeing you licking the popsicle
• so this means that he at least feel something for you
• even if it’s just lust
• and suddenly he’s avoiding you a little bit
• so you defiantly make him feel things that he can control
• so why the fucking hell he just don’t kiss you?
• the only other option that you knew to provoke a man it’s jealousy
• now would the perfect time to ask Harrison for some help
• but something inside you don’t feel comfortable with this
• so you just try harder
• what’s the most reveling outfit that you have?
• in the next day you appears on the set wearing a bikini and a minuscule short
• you thought your dad was going to have a heart attack but he was pretty much okay
• sometimes you underestimate your father and his capacity of acceptance
• he only asked you if you were going to swim alone or with someone and where
• the one who had a heart attack was Tom tho
• in the moment he saw you he almost broke the pen on his hand
• and quickly he start to walk away from you
• you chuckle softly at his reaction
• poor boy
• you’re going to do so much worst
• “Why are you wearing just a bikini?”
• you’re so distracted that you didn’t notice Zendaya almost by your side
• “I’m going to swim.”
• “So why are you here?”
• “Uh… I brought my dad’s wallet.”
• “I thought we were friends.”
• “We are!”
• “So why are you lying to me? You don’t even told me about you crush on Holland.”
• you stop breathing for a moment and look at Z with wide eyes
• “Whaaaaaat?”
• “You said we’re friends so what kind of friend I would be if I didn’t notice that you’re in love. Besides that scene with the popsicle it’s something unforgettable.”
• “So obvious?”
• “Pretty much.”
• “So why he don’t fuck me already? Or turn me down if it’s the case. Why the hell he don’t do something?”
• “Because you’re the daughter of his director…”
• “My father couldn’t care less about what I do as long I’m safe, healthy, happy and it’s not illegal.”
• “He doesn’t know that. And if you want him so bad, I don’t you make the first move?”
• “Uuuhhh… I don’t know. Maybe I like the game. I like teasing him. And maybe I’m afraid that my mind it’s playing with me and he actually don’t like me.”
• “So you crazy. Okay.”
• “I’m not! I’m like a cat. I like to play with my prey. And I’m a insecure but that’s not the point. Do you have any ideas?”
• “I don’t you try to make him jealous? Always work.”
• “Because I don’t want to involve Harrison at this. They’re best mates. What if Tom really gets mad and end up fighting or something? It feels wrong.”
• “And what about me?”
• “What about you?”
• “We can pretend we’re a thing. This will make him jealous and horny. Best combination.”
• “Would you do this for me?”
• “Of course. We’re friends. Besides kissing you wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”
• “And maybe you’ll make Harrison jealous too. It’s a win win.”
• “How…”
• “What kind of friend I would be if I didn’t notice that you have a tiny winy crush on Harrison?”
• “Okay, you have a point. So you’re up?”
• “Hell yeah. If everything fails I kissed the goddess Zendaya. This is already a a victory.”
• “So… Here’s my plan…”
• Z was a genius
• a evil genius
• you let your day flows normally
• you go to the pool with your friend
• and stays there until the schedule time with Zendaya
• you’re actually pretty happy with your tan
• but now it’s time to some action
• in the moment you arrive in the sets your run into Tom’s trailer hoping no one saw you
• the door is open just like Z told you
• you look around the space, see a bed and you can help yourself
• your just lay on the bed and cuddle up taking a deep breath smelling his scent
• you try to fight but your eyes are getting heavy second by second
• you’re almost gone when you heard the door closing
• “Y/N, what are you doing here?”
• you open your eyes slowly to meet Tom staring at your body on his bed
• “I was swimming and Z asked me to pick her up after the tu guys done but she’s not answering her phone and her trailer it’s locked.”
• “Oh… And why are you… only wearing…”
• “I didn’t want to get my short wet and I forgot my shirt.”
• you sit on the edge of the bed looking up and facing him close to his body
• “Aren’t you cold? I mean… You’re all wet and almost naked…”
• you raise one eyebrow at him and grin at his words
• his eyes go wide open when he finally notice what he said
• “Oh my god. I’m sorry. That was awful.”
• you chuckle softly and put your hands in the middle of your thighs squeezing your breast
• “Well… I’m all wet and almost naked…”
• Tom felt a shiver run through his body when he listened to your husky sleepy voice
• “Uh… Do your want… A towel… A coat… A blanket?”
• “A coat it’s perfect. But I’ll not give it back to you today so choice one you’re not going to miss too much.”
• he just take the sweater he’s using and give at you
• your first instict is bury your face in it and take a deep breath smelling his scent
• a soft and low moan scape from you making Tom swallow dry
• “Tom… Could you untie the knot from the top of my bikini? It’s too tight and I don’t want to wet your sweater.”
• he nodded but his face was in a deep ton of red
• you turn around and kneel in the bed facing the wall
• you can feel the tip of his soft fingers on your neck while he’s trying to untie the knot
• his warm touch in contrast with your slight cold skin make you shiver
• when he finally untie your bikini you, without turning around, put on the sweater
• you really don’t know what to do now
• but for a miracle someone open the door
• “Bae, I saw the messages. I’m sorry I let you waiting”
• it was Z
• you turn around and barely have time to sit on the edge of the bed again before Zendaya’s body it’s on top of yours in a bear hug
• you lace your legs around her slim waist and let a giggle out when she miss your cheek with a sloppy kisses on your cheek
• when Tom cough she looks at him and smirk
• “Leave me be, Holland. Let’s go hon, he don’t deserve to be around your glorious presence.”
• and she just take your hand, grab you purse and basicly drag you out of the trailer
• in the moment you put your feet outside you both start to laugh almost hysterically
• and your days flows like this
• a lot of pda in front of Tom with Z
• you would be lying if you said you wasn’t liking
• Tom getting furious was a bonus
• but the most beautiful thing was your father
• he saw you laying on Zendaya’s lap while she playing with your hair after giving you a kiss on your forehead and he just gave you a thumb up
• when you both got home he only said “She’s pretty and a wonderful person. I raised you well”
• you actually cried
• your old man was the best
• the day of the final judge has come
• Z was throwing a pool party and invited everybody
• everything was normal
• the thing is: she invited who was going tomorrow to the set to sleepover
• when the party was over only left you, Z, Harrison, Tom, Jacob and Liz
• Liz was already sleeping so doesn’t really count
• even though it’s almost midnight, you and Zendaya were still on the pool while the boys were trying to do brownies
• it was a hot summer night so you’re actually pretty happy being in the pool
• sometimes you think you’re a mermaid and your happily would be one of those mermaids on the **
• “They’re coming!”
• Zendaya’s voice brought you back from your imagination and before you could process what was happening her lips were on yours in a passionate kiss
• instinctively you kissed her back and her hands were on your hips pulling you closer to her body
• your hands were tangled in her wet hair and after a hard pull her nails sinked on your skin making you moan
• her lips are so soft
• her skin are so smooth
• her hands are so gentle yet passionate while they travel you body
• you’re actually loving this moment
• and she’s pretty happy too judging by her hard nipples rubbing on yours
• a fake cough made you two break the kiss and face the three boys standing in the door staring at you with mouths open and wide open eyes
• “Uuuhhh… We were… The brownies… Chocolate…”
• Jacob’s lack of words almost made you laugh but in the moment you saw Tom’s face you almost lost moan
• he’s beautiful when he’s furious
• clenched jaw, heavy breath and more dark than normal
• Z grab your hair close the scalpe and gently pull your head back exposing your neck and giving a kiss right in your sweet spot
• the moan you’re suppressing finally comes out and she smile against your skin
• you can hear Tom mumble something and when you turn to see he leaving and entering the house
• Zendaya was smiling openly and you’re happy too but now you’re a little afraid that this is not going to work
• “Where he’s going?”
• “He said he’s going to sleep but I’m pretty sure he’s more than awake now.”
• Harrison never waste a chance to joke with the situation
• you get out of the pool and just go after him without saying a word
• he’s in the room on the end of the hall so you just open the door without knocking
• to be honest you were expecting to see him touching himself but no
• he was just lying shirtless in bed with his arm cover
• “Tom… Are you okay?”
• “Why aren’t you with you girlfriend?”
• his voice was so a acid that made your heart sink
• “She’s not my girlfriend, Tom.”
• “You were sucking her face.”
• “Well… But we’re just friends. She’s not interested in me. And I’m not interested niether. We’re just friends who decided to find some relief. Too much sexual frustration.”
• “What the fuck, Y/N? I thought you liked me. Or at least wanted to fuck me. And now you’re just with one of my dearest friends. What’s wrong with you?”
• he incredible didn’t move for his position so you would take the chance
• “You wanna know what’s wrong with me?”
• each word you spoke was a step closer to the bed
• “My problem, Holland… You see… My problem is you”
• and in one fast move your sitting in lap holding his hands above his head
• “I’ve been wanting you for long and you didn’t made a damn move. But you’re such a coward. If the man I want is not a man enough I don’t want any other man. I’ll search for something better then. You know how many time I’ve sucked a popsicle thinking about your thick cock pulsing in my mouth? How many times I had my panties soaked when I watched you shirtless? And you did nothing.”
• before you could even process what happened Tom was in the top of you with both of his hands holding your hips in a strong grip
• “Do you want me to do something, darling? I will. And you’ll regret teasing me. So shut your little mouth before I fucked it.”
• and he kissed you
• oh boy
• what a kiss
• his lips are even softer than Zendaya’s and he defiantly are more rough and dominant than her
• he bites your bottom lip and give you a slap on your left thigh making you moan
• now he’s kissing your neck and he’s doing everything you ever dreamed about
• he’s marking, sucking and biting the whole area and you couldn’t be more happy
• you’re moaning shamelessly and the way his hands explore your body don’t help
• they rest again in your hips but this time they rip the lower part of your bikini as if were paper
• you thought about complaining but after another slap and a kiss in the vain between your breast you decided no
• his warm lips leave a trail of fire trough your body and when he’s finally facing your pussy he don’t waste time
• he just start to roll his tongue on your clit
• you know he barely stared but you’re moaning like a porn start
• you’re saying his name over and over
• eventually he insert two fingers inside you and he’s so hungry for you that he just start to fuck you with his fingers in a insanely fast pace
• the way he’s curling his fingers inside you are making you scream
• the familiar knot on your stomach starts to be formed and you tangle your fingers on his hair
• “Tom, I’m coming. Fucking Christ.”
• you came hard like never before
• and you realize what happened
• you actually squirted
• his face are covered with your juices and you don’t even get the chance to be embarrassed because the way he’s cleaning you up, not wasting one single drop, make you feel even more excited
• when he finishes, he start a new passionate kiss and this time you can feel your taste in his mouth
• you’re really moaning like a porn start
• he break the kiss to catch a breath
• “Did Zendaya made you squirt, love? Did you screamed her name like you screamed mine?”
• when you don’t answer you feel his hand hit your ass with force
• “No, Tom. You’re the only one who made me feel so good. But I bet Harrison wouldn’t be bad too.”
• he chuckle and stand up of the bed
• “Darling, I want you to lay in your back with your head out of the bed. I told you to watch your pretty mouth.”
• no need to say that you’re with a new pool between your legs again
• he’s slowly unbutting his pants and you take this chance to take what’s left of your bikini
• before you do what was told you to do you keep in the bed and pull him closer by his boxers
• you slowly take them setting his cock free and oh my
• you can see the precum and the way the veins are pulsing
• you literally salivate and give him a lip from the base to the tip swirling your tongue on his head
• his taste is addicting and you can’t wait to receive morr
• his hands fly to your hair in a reflex and he throw his head back
• you do this a few more times before his whole dick is covered in saliva and only after this you lay in your position
• he don’t waste time before pushing himself into your mouth
• you moan feeling him deep down in your throat making him groan at the vibration
• he start in a slow pace not wanting to hurt you
• but he’s seeing the tip of his cock in your throat and the way your boobs are bouncing make him lost the control
• he’s now literally fucking your mouth and it’s so good but so good
• you’re trying your best to not gag but the tears on your eyes doesn’t fool anyone
• you need to breath and he knows it so he just pull himself out of you at once
• you’re heavily breathing and your pussy blame for relief at this point
• “All fours, babygirl. Now.”
• and you don’t think twice before your with your ass in the air
• you moan loud when you feel the tip of his cock teasing your entrance and you try to push your body to meet him
• but you only gain a smack on your butt
• he’s doing on purpose, you know that
• you fell like this hell is never going to end when he finally push all his length inside you at once making you scream
• he grab both of your arms with his hands litfing your chest from the bed before he start to pound into you merciless
• the sounds filling the room are pornographic
• the sound of skin against skin, yours moans and the curses are leading you to oblivion
• “You’re mine. Do you hear it? You’re fucking mine. If I have to fuck you in front of all country to you understand that I will. Say to who you belong.”
• you moan his name and let a loud gasp escape after he hit that spot inside you
• you feel his dick is pulsing thought your walls and that would be the enough to start the fire in the pit of your stomach, your walls fluttering around him
• his thrusts are erratic and hearing his groaning and moaning your name it’s what you needed to the send you to edge
• you feel your body be consumed by your orgasm and clench your walls around his cock almost in a painful way
• Tom grip onto you tighter to keep you steady
• the thrusts would be more erratic and with a few more you would feel you knew he had cum inside of you
• you feel his body falling in the top of yours and now that you both are trying to calm down you’d feel his dick twitching inside you sometimes
• he stand up and try to go to the bathroom but you don’t let him
• you wanna be like this forever
• you just pull him into a hug and make him lay back on bed
• his arms are around you and you can feel his heart beating against your ear
• “Why didn’t you told me about your crush on me?”
• “Tom… I’m crazy. You should know that. I kissed Z just to make you jealous.”
• “That really confused me. I’ve never been so furious and so hard at the same time before. And are you not going to ask me why I didn’t told you about my crush on you?”
• “Beacuse you were afraid of my father.”
• “Oh… So you know…”
• “Yep.”
• “He’s going to kill me?”
• “Nah… You can chill.”
• “And can I ask you another thing?”
• “Be my guest”
• “Who’s the best kisser?”
• “Tough one. I guess I’ll have to kiss both of you again.”
• “Are you kidding right? I mean… that was super hot but you’re mine. I don’t share.”
• “Yeah… I’m kidding. And I don’t believe Harrison would be happy with Z and I making out again. At least not now.”
• “Wait… Zendaya and Harrison? What? When this happened?”
• “To be honest I don’t really know if happened but I have faith. Tomorrow I’ll find out. Now let’s sleep. If you’re a good cuddler maybe I give you a "good morning blowjob”.“
• "Jesus… You will be the death of me.”

a/n: guess who was in the hospital?
that’s right
and guess who are so stressed with all the college bullshit that are with grey hair?
somebody please kill bc I can’t handle my life anymore and I just want punch people
and I really want have a rough sex Tom Holland or Sebastian Stan (or with my ex, I still love him tho)
and I’m going to do the masterlist soon
I just need a fucking house bc I’m not even on my own house anymore
I know this is another breakdown and I’m sorry but my family it’s freaking out since they discovered my relapse on eating disorders

EXO reacts: Their s/o wants to be tall because they hate being short (ot9)

requested by anon :D I tried to make it gender fluid but it didn’t work out

Originally posted by worship-exo

Kim Minseok/Xiumin

 I can see him as someone who doesn’t really give much thought to your height. Of course he likes to be taller than you, but he won’t admit it to you. He knows that people need time to start loving themselves. Still, as long as he is with you he’ll try helping.

“You know what?”

“What is it?”

“You’re the cutest little bun I’ve ever seen in my life.” he says while grabbing your cheeks in between his hands.

“Oh stop being so sweet Minseok.” you answer happily not really minding his antics.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 He gets frustrated everytime you say that, because he likes your height. I think he’s a bit of traditionalist, so having his s/o shorter than him makes you look better. But all in all it isn’t that important.

“If you could at least try to accept it!” he snaps one evening after you criticized hundredth person in the room for being taller than you. “I tried to understand you, so now you should try to understand me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Height doesn’t have much to do with person’s value! Don’t you get it? It doesn’t matter how much you want it, it won’t happen (y/n).” you look down, hurt because his anger was pointed at you.

 Junmyeon feels guilty for making you sad, so he comes over to make your eyes meet. He tries to pour as much sincerity into his words as he can.

“It doesn’t matter, alright?”

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The trouble with polyamory, or rather the common perception of polyamory....

Every kind of relationship, whether you’re straight or not, monogamous or not, has its problems. But for some reason the concept of polyamory seems so immoral to most people, even in the LGBT+ community, that no one believes it could ever work long-term.

Yeah, it’s more complicated than having a relationship between just two people, and yeah sometimes one or more of the people in the relationship have to be let go of eventually, but that’s true of any kind of relationship.

Polyamorous people have to work harder at making sure no one sees the dissent because people are just WAITING to say “See? I told you it wouldn’t work. Now straighten up and get yourself a PROPER relationship.”

That mindset makes me want to stay in an abusive relationship rather than cut myself loose and find another pack, frankly. If my mom knew that I’d been kicked out multiple times, she would act so patronizing and superior that I would rather be HOMELESS than to have to move back in with her.

And why? Why do people, ESPECIALLY people in the LGBT+ community who’ve faced similar reactions, feel so strongly that polyamory isn’t the same as being in a “real relationship”? The idea that humans are designed to mate for life is factually incorrect, as shown by the divorce rate in America alone! The idea that humans can only feel romantic love for one person at a time is also factually incorrect, or else people wouldn’t cheat on their partners. Now, the concept that humans are SUPPOSED to only feel romantic love for one person at a time is a fairly recent social construct, and one that makes the concept of having an affair into more of a problem than it has to be. 

Sure, there would still be lots of people who would get jealous, and not everyone is able to make polyamory work, but that’s not the problem. Not everyone HAS to try polyamory! But for the people who DO try, why must there be such a stigma? Why must people be so adamantly hateful of the thought that someone can have more than one romantic partner and actually be able to make it work, even with ups and downs, just like any other kind of relationship? Why must polyamorous people have to struggle so much harder to keep their relationship problems a secret than monogamous people?

I don’t want anyone, myself included, to have to face jeers and abuse for not being able to make it work, when in fact the separation rates of monogamous couples is probably about the same if not higher than in polyamorous couples, specifically BECAUSE you have to work harder for polyamory to work out well.


Hiraeth | Pt.4

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 7,135.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us.

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BTS Reaction to: You Avoiding Them After Sympathy Sex

@rosalinecarlton:  Can i request for a BTS reaction: When you avoid them after having sympathy sex(after your break up)? Thnx in advance😊😊😊

Jin: Knew that you had just ended your relationship but thought that you coming to him, out of everyone else in your life, really meant something. He would give you space for a week or so before confronting you, asking why you were avoiding him:

“Did that night mean nothing to you? Were you just using me?”

Originally posted by beagletae

Suga: Would have taken the longest to convince into sex, after your breakup. Logic told him he was just a rebound but his heart yearned for your touch, even if it was only one night, and even if it meant nothing to you. Although he had prepared himself for the aftermath, having you avoid him hurt more than he was expecting.

“Yah! Where are you going? You can’t look at me now but a month ago you had no issue sucking my dick?”

Originally posted by jeonbase

J-Hope: Took the least convincing to get into bed tbh. That night of passion was led by his dick and not his head. When you showed up, wanting to have sex, he had dragged you into bed before he could think about the consequences. Being avoided hurt him so bad. He was hopeful, that night, that you returned his feelings but instead he now sees himself as your regret. Takes the longest to confront you, since he’s hopeful you’ll somehow realize you love him. But even hope runs out.

“So that’s it, huh? You use me for one night and now you can’t even look at me? Does the memory of that night disgust you? Am I just dirt beneath your shoe?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Rap Monster: We all know he’s got a big brain but we can’t forget about how pure and loving his heart is. When you show up, recently single, at his door, his brain tells him not to sleep with you. He knows he’s a rebound. But his heart doesn’t listen. And his heart convinces his brain that there might be a chance of love here. So when you start avoiding him, he’ll laugh, knowing all along that he knew but didn’t want to believe it. He wastes no time in confronting you, wanting answers:

“Did you want to hurt me? Did you know how much I cared for you or was I just the only fool who opened the door for you that night?”

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Jimin: Will be the most hurt out of all the boys. He has a heart bigger than life and when you hurt him, that really leaves a scar. He trusts so easily but earning back that trust is a lot harder. He’s so upset and disappointed when you start avoiding him. If you regretted the night, then why not say so? Why avoid him and make him feel like shit instead? It will take the others to push you two together, before he’ll confront you.

“I understand that you don’t return my feelings. And that you’ve recently broken up. I was just used to fill a hole in your heart for a night, right? I mustn’t have filled it well. But I hope you find someone that does and who makes you happy, even if that person is not me.”

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

V: Gets really mad. Although he can be childish, he would never play with someones emotions like you had. When you spent the night with him, he thought that was you moving on, with him. It takes a few days of you avoiding him before he’ll understand what that night really meant for you. When he confronts you, he’ll downplay how much you hurt him and focus more on your actions.

“Do you think that’s okay? To sleep around randomly and then ignore that person? Being hurt from your breakup doesn’t matter. That’s really selfish - Grow up, Y/N.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jungkook: With no experience with a situation like this, he’s really lost and confused. He didn’t understand how he could be just a booty call to you. Did the fact that you went to him, in your moment of need, really mean nothing to you? Although he can’t stop thinking about that night, about happy he was with you in his arms, he’ll act nonchalant when confronting you.

“You get a taste of this and yet walk away so easily? Fine, that’s your loss. Call me when you realize your stupidity.”

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A Coliver 3.15 coda.

“Marry me, Connor.”

Connor stares, wide eyed and shell shocked, thinking he must have heard wrong, because he can’t even begin to comprehend the idea that Oliver is asking him to marry him. His lips are parted but no sound comes through. The words ring in his ears.

Marry me, Connor.

“C’mon, say something,” Oliver whispers after a moment of silence. His hand finds Connor’s where it rests limp on their sheets. “I want you to marry me.”

“Um…” Connor awkwardly clears his throat and scoots up an inch on the bed. The other man leans back to allow him the space. “This is such a boner killer, dude.” Connor mumbles under his breath. He can’t even meet Oliver’s gaze.

“I know it’s not the most romantic proposal–” Oliver doesn’t miss the way Connor flinches at the word. “But I want this. I want you, I want us. Forever.”

Connor pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. He didn’t think he would ever hear Oliver utter those words to him–he certainly wasn’t expecting it now. Not when the state of their lives is invariably a mess. “Forever’s a long time, you know.” Connor finally says as he looks up.

“Of course I do,” Oliver says softly. “And I want it with you.”

He says it with such conviction that Connor almost believes him.

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