why was this even necessary

I agree, fans can absolutely act entitled, however, I don’t think the fanclub issue is really an issue of entitlement? I’m not suggesting K-idols should speak English or do more events (like cafe events, signings, guerrilla concerts, etc) overseas or even that fanclulb benefits should apply to concerts overseas too. They’re Korean idols, obviously those events will be in their country, where they speak the language and spend most of their time. It makes sense that things center around Korea and I don’t think it should be otherwise. But why is it even necessary to split up the fanclub? I think they’re creating a problem or (more) division among fans where it’s not even necessary..



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Okay I might be leaving a little bit out to make this funnier, but I love how he goes from “I want everyone to recognize my voice, I want to be more macho” to “okay yeah I want to attract girls”.

Don’t Say Anything (End)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fucking fluff my dude. We need fluff after this emotional rollercoaster DSA put us through. Also warning if you don’t support having a kid before getting married I guess? Fun fact: My parents aren’t married at all but they’ve been together for 18 years (crazy, I’m 17) and my momma had me when she was 19. Idk why I’m telling you this alright goodbye

A/N: Why do I always put an authors note even when it isn’t necessary? It’s a mystery to me. Anywaysssss It’s over! Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this series, I hope you absolutely loved it! Heartbreaking fics is what I do best I guess. Alrighty well finish reading this shit and tell me what ya this overall :)

9 years later

Bucky wakes up to the sound of giggling and the smell of bacon being cooked. He let out a grunt and stretched, looking over and checking the time on his clock. 9:15 AM. With a huff (because quite honestly, he didn’t want to get out of bed) he stood up and immediately saw the papers sticking to his metal arm by the help of some magnets. He smiled, taking them off and looking them over. There were 2.

One of the papers had ‘I love you daddy’ written on it with hearts while the other had a stick figure drawing of 5 people all smiling. This made Bucky smile even more, knowing exactly who pinned the papers to his arm. He pulled the magnets off and walked downstairs, heading straight to the kitchen where he saw you and his three kids.

Your first child was named Rosalyn. Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. She wasn’t necessarily a mistake - god no - but she was unplanned. You and Bucky had only been dating for 3 years when you got pregnant with Rosalyn. It was a surprise for both of you. Her middle name, obviously named after Bucky’s mother. You remember his reaction when you suggested it.

After many long hours in labor, you had finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl. You were sat up on the bed, pen in hand as you filled out the form the nurse had passed on to you. You and Bucky had agreed on the name Rosalyn but when you came across ‘middle name’ you turned to the super soldier who was in the middle of doing skin-to-skin with your little bundle of joy.

“Buck.” you say softly. His blue eyes find yours and he smiles. “We never discussed a middle name.”

He pouted, looking down at his daughter who was sleeping soundly in his arms. “Hmm.. Delilah? What do you like?”

Your eyes go down to your daughter and you smile before locking eyes with Bucky. “How about Winnifred?”

The ex assassin’s eyes soften and gloss over with tears at the mention of his mothers name. “Really?”

“Yes, really. It’s a beautiful name.” you nod.

Bucky sniffled, quickly wiping away a stray tear. “It is.” his eyes travel down to the baby. “Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. I love it.”

Your second child was named Olive Natalia Barnes. You had her a year into yours and Bucky’s marriage. She was a stubborn little thing; didn’t want to come out so the doctor had to induce your labor. Olive was a little sassy thing (I mean for Pete’s sake she rolled her eyes at Bucky!). She reminded you of Natasha, hence her middle name. Upon hearing the news about Olive’s middle name, the red head cried. A lot.

The doctor finally let you have visitors but only two at a time and the first two people through that door were Steve and Natasha. They made their way to the foot of the hospital bed and smiled at you.

“Hey Y/N,” Steve was the first to speak. “How’re you feeling?”

You give him a smile. “Sore, but I’ll manage.”

The blonde chuckles before moving over to his best friend leaving Natasha who had migrated beside you.

“You look like shit.” the red head comments and you laugh.

“Thanks Nat, just what I needed.”

“Hey, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t tell the truth?” you laugh again. “When can you go home?”

“They want me to stay one more day.” you respond and Natasha nods.

“Seems reasonable.” her eyes drift over to Olive who was wide awake. “And who’s this little one?” she cooed.

You smile. “This is Olive.” you carefully hand her over to Natasha.

“What, no middle or last name mom and dad?” she joked, keeping her eyes on the baby.

You look over at Bucky who smirked and that’s just what you needed before you turned back to Natasha. “Natalia. Olive Natalia Barnes.”

Her eyes snap up to meet yours, flickering between you and Bucky. “Oh my god.”

Her eyes fill with tears as she starred down at your baby girl.

“Do you like it?” Bucky questioned when all you could hear was her crying.

“Buck and I think it suits her. She rolled her eyes at him earlier. Reminded me of you.” you add with a smile, watching the two bond.

Natasha lets out a laugh and wipes away her tears. “I love it.” she says. Olive wraps her tiny hand around Nat’s finger. “I love it so much.”

Your last and final child was named Steven Christopher Barnes. You had him four years into your marriage. Bucky chose his name; naming him after his best friend. In all the years you’ve known Steve, you’ve never seen him cry. That was until the day Bucky told him what his nephews name was.

The doctor allowed visitors two at a time, just like last time with Olive. Again, Natasha and Steve were the first two to come in. Bucky was holding your son, rocking him back and forth in his arms.

“Alright, kid number three, let’s get this show on the road.” Nat joked as she sat in the extra chair beside you.

You lean your head back and smile.

“How was it? The birth, I mean.” Steve asked as he stood next to Bucky.

“God, by far the easiest.” you respond causing both Natasha and Steve to laugh. “He just slipped right out like a waterslide.” you imitated a waterslide with your hands and mouth and Bucky chuckled.

“Wow really?” the red head questioned.

“Mhm. They told me to push, I did and he was out like that.” you snap.

“Wow..” she murmured. “Oh hey are you fine… down there?”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Well with Rose you… ripped… down there and then Olive did the same thing. Did it happen this time?” she questioned.

“Nat, do you see how big my son is?” you gesture over to Bucky. Steven has been your smallest child - in a healthy way of course, he was perfectly healthy.

“Ah, okay, I’m taking that as a no.” she nods.

The two men chuckle and you advert your eyes over to them.

“What’s the little guy’s name?” Steve questioned, peering down at your son.

“Do you want to hold him?” Bucky asked as he stood up.

“Yeah, of course.” the blonde nods. Bucky passes Steven to his friend who cradles the little bundle safely.

Bucky smiles at the sight. “His name’s Steven. Steven Christopher Barnes.”

When the super soldier looked up, his eyes were threatened with tears. “You named him after me?”

“Yeah. You’re the most caring, inspiring, brave, kind-hearted person I know and I only hope my son will turn out like you. You’re a good man, Steve. I’m proud to call you my best friend.” Bucky tells him.

Steve lets out a small sob as he gently hands Steven over to you before engulfing his best friend in a tight hug. “Thank you, Buck.” he cried into the brunettes shoulder. “I love it.”

“What are you lovely ladies doing?” he asked playfully. Steven makes a noise from his highchair. “Oh, and gentleman.”

“We’re helping mommy with breakfast!” your six year old, Rosalyn replied with a smile.

“Daddy, daddy! Did you see my drawing?” your four year old, Olive asked, jumping off the chair she was sitting in and running over to Bucky.

He squats down to her level. “I did and I loved it, doodles.”

Olive smiled and wrapped her arms around her father. Bucky calls her doodles because she loves to draw. He picks her up in his arms before striding over to the fridge. Using the two magnets, he pins the papers to the fridge before making his way over to you.

“Morning baby.” he spoke.

“Morning.” you look at him and smile only for Bucky to capture your lips in a kiss. Rosalyn and Olive let out strings of ‘ew’ and Bucky pulls away, chuckling.

“What are you saying ‘ew’ to?” he questioned, holding Olive tightly as he rounded the counter to Rosalyn.

“You and mommy kissed.” Rosalyn scrunched up her nose.

“What’s wrong with kissing?” he was now standing in front of her.

“It’s nasty!” Olive cuts in and Rosalyn nods in agreement.

Bucky smirked. “Oh really? So how would you feel if I.. kissed you!” he grabs Rosalyn and began peppering kisses on both her and Olive. They laughed, trying to get away from him but of course failed. He didn’t let them go until one year old Steven shouted ‘daddy’.

Moving away from the girls, he walked over to Steven who sat in his highchair, eating. “What? Why’re you yelling at me?”

The toddler giggles and raises his arms in the air, making grabbing motions.

“You want up?” Bucky asked and Steven nods. “Well too bad. Eat your food.”

Bucky turns away but looks over his shoulder only to see Steven’s lip quivering, getting ready to cry. He immediately turns back to his son and kneels down. “Oh no baby I was just kidding, come here.”

He lifts Steven out of his highchair and cradles him to his chest as he swayed back and forth.

You put the last piece of bacon on a plate before taking it over to the table, passing Bucky and Steven. After setting the plate down, you turn to your husband and son. “Oh my baby, what happened amorcito?” you coo and Steven lifts his head off of Bucky’s shoulder to look at you. He’s pouting, lip quivering even though he was perfectly fine when Bucky picked him up. “Is daddy being mean?”

The one year old nods and you softly run your fingers through his hair with a pout. Bucky rubs Steven’s back and kisses his cheek. “I’m sorry, bug.”

After a minute or two, Bucky puts Steven back in his highchair before sitting down as well, ready to eat.

You and your family make it to Tony’s new and improved Stark Tower (Tony’s request). Upon entering the living room, you see that everyone was already there.

“Hey.” you greet first, Steven in your arms while Bucky held Rosalyn and Olive’s hands.

They all turn their heads towards you and smile. “Hey guys.”

“Auntie Nat!” Olive shouted, pulling her hand from Bucky’s and running over to Natasha.

“Hey doodles, what’s crackin’?” the red head placed Olive on her lap.

“The bones of my enemies.” the four year old responds and you shake your head.

“Ah, I’ve taught you well.” Natasha high fives her.

Rosalyn slips away from Bucky’s grasp and makes her way over to Wanda and Vision.

“Hi aunt Wanda.” Rosalyn smiled.

“Hey Rose.” Wanda grinned, making room for the six year old to sit.

“Hi Vis.” Rosalyn waved.

Vision nods his head. “Hello, Rosalyn.”

Rose gets comfy. “Can you tell me about outer space?”

“Why yes,” he smiled. “What would you like to know?”

You tear your gaze away from the two when Steve comes towards you, arms outstretched. “Gimme.”

You smile, handing him Steven who hugs Steve tightly. “Hey buddy.” he chuckled. You watch him walk back to Sam and Clint and you scoff.

“The asshole didn’t even say hi to me. No ‘how’re you doing’ or ‘hi Y/N - Nothing!” you say.

Bucky chuckled. “He’s attached at the hip with Steven. Those two are hard to separate.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Tell me about it.”

At that moment, Bruce walks up to the two of you, a water bottle in hand. “Hey guys.”

“Bruce! You’re back!” Bucky exclaimed, hugging the doctor.

“Yeah, I’m back.” he laughed as they pulled away.

“For good?” you question.

Bruce smiles, knowing why you’re asking. “Yeah, for good.” he then turns to look at Natasha who was busy with Olive. “It’s about time I stop running away from the good things in my life.”

You grin and Bruce turns back to you. “Anyways I should get going, I’m surprised Tony hasn’t called me-”

“Bruce!” Tony’s voice cut off the doctor.

Bruce chuckled. “I spoke too soon. See you guys later.” and with that, he disappeared into the backyard.

Bucky set the diaper bag down near the wall just as Thor walked up to you. “James, Y/N!”

“Thor!” you shout, wrapping your arms around him. He gives you a bone crushing hug. Literally. He cracked your back.

“How is everything? The kids?” he asked.

“Everything’s good, the kids are good.” you nod over to where they are.

“And the baby..” he trails off.

“Steven.” you nod.

“Ah, you named him Steven.”

You let out a laugh. “Thor, I was not going to name him what you suggested.”

Bucky wraps his arm around your waist, a thing he usually does for no reason.

Thor touches his chest dramatically. “What’s wrong with Asgardian Warrior Barnes?”

“Everything!” you chuckle.

“It would have been perfect for him. He could have been a warrior for Asgard.” he responds.

“Uncle Thor!” the voice of Olive rips through the air.

“Yes, my green Olive-” Thor turns around with a smile but it is immediately wiped away when he sees Olive holding his hammer with no struggle at all. Suddenly everyone’s eyes are on her.

“Uncle Tony tripped over your hammer so I brought it to you.” she smiled, lifting it up. Thor takes it.

“Right.. Uh…” he clears his throat, looking around the room at everyone who was watching. “Thank you Olive.”

She nods and walks back to Natasha while everyone pondered what just happened. Four year old Olive just picked up Thor’s hammer. Holy fuck.

“Right…” Thor says again. “I’m just gonna… go see if Tony needs help.”

And he was gone. Sam was the first to break the silence, laughing his ass off. “Hey Bucky, your kid is worthy.”

“Can it, Sam.” Bucky chuckled and just like that, everything was back to normal. You look around the room, frowning when you don’t see Pietro even though you knew he was away on a solo mission. You missed your best friend.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about, baby doll?” Bucky questioned.

“Pietro.” you sighed. “I miss him.”

“I know baby,” he sighed, kissing your forehead. “He’ll be back next week.”

“I know.” you lean into him, wrapping your arms around his waist. You let out a deep sigh, watching your kids smile and laugh with your friends. It was a wonderful sight.

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky murmured softly and you pull away slightly, enough to look at him.


The brunette smiled. “Thank you,” he says. “For giving me a chance all those years ago. For marrying me. For giving me three beautiful children. Thank you.”

It’s your turn to smile. “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” he responds and your lips meet in a kiss. “And maybe we can get Nat or Steve to watch the kids tonight so we can…” he trails off while his thumbs rubs circles on your side.

“How long has it been since we’ve had sex?” you question.

“Six months.”

You groan before looking around. Olive was with Natasha, Rosalyn was listening to Vision talk about outer space and Steve was sitting on the floor with Steven and Sam, Legos sprawled out before them. You look back at Bucky.

“Who says we have to wait till tonight?” you smirk.

“Are you suggesting we-”

“Yup.” you nod. “My old room is upstairs and I know for a fact that it’s empty.”

“Naughty, naughty.” the soldier smirked before glancing around to make sure no one was watching. “Let’s go.” and with a squeeze to your hip, the two of you enter the elevator.

Some things never change.

A/N: I don’t know if you guys read my end-of-the-chapter authors notes but if you do holy fUck this was 2617 words and it’s 5:39 AM and I’ve watched Wreck-It Ralph a total of 5 times while writing this. Anyways it’s the end! Tell me what ya think!


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Pairing: Yuta x (female) reader
Genre: smut; fuckboy!Yuta
Warning: drugs and alcohol possession, sex while intoxicated, sex while buzzed, sex while high

It was dark as people grinded against each other. The music pumping through their veins, giving them confidence, letting the rhythm control their body.

You leaned against the wall and took a drag of the joint that was passed to you. You held it in before exhaling the smoke that formed into ‘Os’.

“That’s so basic, I could do better.” Your best friend Sanah commented before taking a drag herself.

You giggled and ran your fingers through your hair. You reached for your beer bottle and downed the rest of your beer. The buzz and high you felt clouding your mind. This was exactly what you needed and you didn’t think anyone could ruin the tranquil state you were in right now.

“I see you decided to come after all princess.”

You spoke too soon.

“Free weed is free weed. I’m here for the alcohol too.” You commented standing up from your spot on the floor. You sauntered towards the kitchen to poor yourself a drink. You were gonna need it if you had to deal with him.

The douchiest guy on earth was talking to you and honestly you’d rather be anywhere else than near him. Nakamoto Yuta is literally just a bunch of walking hormones.

“Is that really all princess?”

“Hm let me think,” You said pretending to ponder other reasons, “Weed, alcohol, a bit of dancing? Yeah that’s pretty much it.”

You poured the both of you a shot of vodka and passed his glass over to him. Yuta smirked and set his shot down. He leaned closer and pressed his lips onto your jaw making his way down your neck.

“I know that’s not all you want. I’ll be right here to give it to you when you’re ready. Whether it’s here, in the living room, or in my bedroom. I’m always ready.” Yuta whispered in your ear. His fingers splayed across your waist as he closed whatever space was left between you two.

“I know, so I suggest you go find someone else to stick Yuta Jr. in. Looks like he’s ready to play.”

You finished your shot and pushed your empty glass in his hand. You were here to have fun so that was exactly what you were going to do. You strutted towards the dance floor and found someone who caught your eye. Smirking, you motioned for him to come near you. Your hips swayed and your hand pushed back your hair.

“What is a girl like you doing all alone?”

“I’m not alone anymore am I?” You asked innocently as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m all yours.” He responded as his hands began roaming your body.

“Good, because I need someone to entertain me.”

You turned around, rolling your hips against him, and grinded into his pelvis. You laid your head against his shoulder and let your body take control of itself.

You tilted your head and saw Yuta leaning against the wall smoking his blunt with a girl palming him through his jeans and kissing his chest. If looks could kill, you and this stranger would be dead on the spot.

Which made this even more fun.

You never said you didn’t like being a tease. You liked making him suffer, he deserved it anyway. Besides it looks like he found someone to get him off already.

“Alright everyone let’s play spin the bottle!” Yuta exclaimed with his eyes trained on you.

You scoffed at his immaturity. Spin the bottle? Really Yuta?

“You’re getting laid tonight, let’s go!”  Sanah said excitedly, pulling you away from the stranger you were pressed against. She set you down next to her causing you to be right across from Yuta.

“I’ll go first.” Yuta stated laying the empty beer bottle on the floor.

You scoffed and watching the bottle spin. Yuta sat down next to the same girl he was leaning against the wall with. You rolled your eyes at how she just threw herself at him. Was that even necessary? Wait, why are you even bothered by this? Was it the weed making you feel this way?

“It’s slowing down.” Sanah whispered.

“I don’t care.” You commented still staring at Yuta’s new toy. She was straddling his lap and you hated it. Who did she think she was? Fuck, maybe it was the weed.

“Well you should.”

You averted your eyes to see the end of the bottle pointing at you.

“Well princess are you just gonna sit there?”

“Spin it again.”

“Can’t, we have to kiss for ten seconds. Rules are rules.” Yuta chuckled, he must really be enjoying this. The girl climbed off of him, giving you a dirty look as she moved. You rolled your eyes and crawled towards the middle.

“Sit on daddy’s lap princess.”

Yeah, he was enjoying this too much. How did this even happen? Out of so many people the bottle had to land on you. He held your waist as you straddled his lap. You sighed and leaned down to meet his lips.

“Just this once Nakamoto.” You whispered.

“We’ll see about that.”

Yuta closed the remaining gap between you two. You could hear the cheers going on around you. You knew everyone would definitely lose their shit. You and Yuta running around each other was a known thing around campus.

You could taste the alcohol and marijuana in his mouth. His lips were so soft against yours. You ran your fingers through his hair and tilted your head to deepen the kiss. He nibbled on your lip and sucked on it. You pulled away, your lips covered with a sheen of saliva.

“That wasn’t ten seconds.” Yuta stated pulling you closer by your shirt.

“That was definitely ten seconds.”

“No, I say that was about five seconds. Now I’m losing my patience.”

“You poor thing. What do you want me to do about it then?”

Yuta lifted up your shirt until your bra was revealed. His hands groping the covered mounds on your chest. Fuck, it felt so good you had to bite your lip to hold back a moan.

“I want a little more than just a kiss. Put on a little show for me.”

You removed your top and threw it towards Sanah. “Do as you wish. You have five seconds.”

You leaned down and reconnected your lips. The kiss between you two was rougher than before. His hands massaging your breast through your bra. You could sense the sexual tension in the air, but you didn’t mind. You could hear mutters of profanity and grunts around you. You rolled your hips down eliciting a groan from the boy. Yuta licked your bottom lip and you gasped. He took that as an opportunity for his tongue to invade your mouth. You could feel yourself getting soaked the longer this went on. You couldn’t give him all the satisfaction, so you pulled away crawled off of his lap.

“Your ten seconds are up.”

Yuta stared at your figure as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes glued to your chest.

“I think I’ll keep my shirt off for a little while. It’s a little hot in here, don’t you think?”

Yuta clenched his jaw and roughly set his girl toy on his lap. He then began to kiss her aggressively, teeth clashing and tongues pressed against each other. She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. Yet his eyes were wide open and glued to you and only you.

You could feel your blood boiling at the sight. You stood up and grabbed your top from Sanah’s hands. You weren’t going to let him get to you. He was the number one fuckboy of them all. You should be used to this by now. It’s not worth it.

Getting your feelings hurt wasn’t worth it.

You slipped on your shirt and grabbed a bottle of vodka. Fuck him, fuck boys, and fuck parties. You poured yourself a shot, but decided against. What were you even doing? Were you really this weak? You took a deep breath and went to drink straight out of the bottle. You needed to go from buzzed and high to on the verge of death.

“Woah slow down, I think you’ve had enough.” Someone said taking the bottle out of your hand. You wiped your mouth and leaned against the wall, your eyes trained on the boy in front of you. Couldn’t they just disappear for a little while?

“I don’t think I’ve had enough.”

The stranger chuckled softly at your slightly slurred speech.

“Trust me sweetheart, you have.” He retorted, running his fingers through your hair. He leaned his arm against the wall behind you and stared intently in your eyes. You had to admit he was cute, but a little too cute.

Seemed cocky too.

“Since you want to tell me how much I can take, what’s your name?”

“Taeyong, yours?”

“Y/N, pleasure to meet you.”

“Trust me princess the pleasure is all mine.” He whispered in your ear.

You smirked and pushed yourself off of the wall. “Lets dance.” Even though you were borderline drunk and pretty high, you managed to keep your balance steady just a tad bit.

You leaned against Taeyong and let him be your guide. Your hips rocked with his to the music. You could feel the heat from everyone on the dance floor. Taeyong slid his hands underneath your shirt and made contact with your bare skin. His fingers tracing little patterns on your sides. He pulled you closer so you were leaning right against his hips.

“I know something that’s way more fun than just dancing.”

“What is that exactly?” You asked pretending to be clueless.

You felt his hand slide into your jeans and inch their way down further and further. Was he really going to touch you while everyone was around.

“Shit!” You hissed as his hand slowly rubbed your pussy.

Okay maybe he was.

You bit your lip and giggled into his neck. Your hand gripping his shirt. You thrusted your hips a little to get more friction.

“You like that, yeah? Such a dirty girl, getting off while everyone’s watching. I like that.”

Taeyong sped up his pace and pressed your hips down against yours. His hand slipped under your panties and played with your wet folds.

“Fuck, Taeyong..”

“I can make you feel so good tonight baby.”

He pulled his hand out of your jeans and licked the juices off his fingers. You licked your lips and nodded in agreement. There’s nothing wrong with hooking up with a stranger anyway.

“Let me get ready, I’ll be right back.”

You smirked and swayed your hips as you walked away. Fuck you were so gone, you needed to freshen up a little. You opened a door only to find someone you were hoping you wouldn’t run into.

“Sorry I was looking for the bathroom.” You muttered. You began closing the door when he replied.

“Looked like you were having a lot of fun down there with that guy.”

You rolled your eyes and leaned against the doorframe. “That’s none of your business Yuta. Although you and that girl were a little close too.”

“That’s none of your business, Y/N.”

Yuta stared at you from his bed. Joint in between his fingers as he blew out the smoke that clouded his lungs. His eyes dark in the low lighting.

“Who are you to tell me who to hook up with?”

Yuta chuckled and stood up from his spot. He then calmly made his way over to you, his expression sultry. Before you knew it he yanked you from the doorframe and slammed the door shut, your back roughly hitting against it.

“You should obey daddy.”

He took a long drag and slowly blew the smoke in your face. His red eyes trained on you, studying your facial features. His thumb grazed over your lips, to your chin, and down your neck.

“Should I obey? I heard you liked your girls naughty.”

“Don’t forget sweetheart, naughty girls get punished.” He whispered in your ear. The feel of his breath tickling your skin sent shivers down your spine.

You shouldn’t give in, you shouldn’t give in.

“Punish me, daddy.”

Yuta smirked in response, his lips already attacking your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and closed your eyes. You shouldn’t give in, but oh god did you want to. You bent your neck to the side to give him more room.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to dominate you in front of everyone. Show every guy who was jerking off to the sight of you who you belonged to.” Yuta growled.

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“You belong to me and me only. You belong to daddy and daddy needs his babygirl right now.”

Yuta lifted up your shirt to remove it, while you unbuttoned his pants. Fuck your conscience. Fuck the warning signs. You want him right here, right now. The thought of his cock intruding your walls made you so wet it was unbearable.

“I need you so badly daddy, it hurts!” You whined, dropping on to your knees and placing your mouth on his clothed erection.

“Why don’t you take good care of me baby? Show me just how talented your mouth is. Show me you deserve daddy’s huge throbbing cock.”

Your fingers hurriedly reached to pull down his boxers. Your mouth salivating at the thought. You practically moaned at the sight of his stiff cock. Precum already dripping from his tip.

“It’s so big, daddy.” You praised. You slowly licked a long strip on the side of his member. Yuta hissed and grabbed at your hair with hand, the other tightly holding his blunt in between his fingers.

You steadily placed your mouth over his cock. His moans giving you confidence. The slight taste of his come lingering on the tip of your tomgue causing you to want more. You wrapped your hands around the base and began bobbing your head. Your tongue licking the sides.

“Fuck, that’s it babygirl! Shit! Keep going, make daddy come.”

You hollowed your cheeks and picked up the pace, taking him as deep as you possibly could. Yuta roughly grabbed you by your hair and thrusted into your mouth. His tip hitting the back of your throat, making tears swell up. You moaned around his cock which sent a shiver down his spine.

“Fuck, Y/N! I want you to choke on this cock! Make me proud, show me how much of a good girl my princess is! That’s right baby, right there.” Yuta hissed grabbing the back of your neck with his free hand. He was so close to being pushed over the edge.

Yuta inhaled the drug and exhaled directly in your face. The alcohol and weed making him dizzy.

He loved it.

Yuta pulled out and started pumping his member to bring himself closer to his climax.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded.

You did as you were told and opened your mouth as widely as you could. His grunts and moans getting to you. Fuck, you were throbbing so much it hurt. Suddenly Yuta came all over your face. His come hit your cheek, chin, lips, and even some on your chest. Some of it made its way into your mouth.

“Such a pretty picture. Daddy’s seed all over you. Dripping from your chin onto your breasts.”

You licked your lips and pulled him down for a kiss. Your tongue exploring his mouth as you devoured his lips. Yuta pulled away to lick his come off of your cheek and chin. As he went to kiss you, you sucked on his tongue and let it invade your mouth.

“Such a nasty girl.” He muttered, smirking.

He lifted you up and carried you to the bed. He took a swig of alcohol from the bottle next to his bed and stared at your form. You whined and squirmed around waiting for him to do something.

“I never thought I’d see the day where I have you in bed.”

“If you don’t do anything really fucking quick you won’t be seeing me in bed much longer.”

“Is that a threat princess?” Yuta growled.

“Just know I have someone else waiting for me downstairs. His fingers are like magic, I’m sure his tongue is even be-” You were caught off by Yuta’s grip on your neck. You thrusted your hips in response, you were getting more and more aroused by the second.

“You let him touch what was mine? You let his dirty fingers touch that pretty little pussy of yours?”

“Y-Yes daddy.”

“You’re in so much trouble babygirl.”

Yuta ripped your panties from your body and unhooked your bra. He pulled his shirt over his head and spread your legs apart. The burning in your thighs only heightened the pleasure you were getting out of this.

“You’ll be begging for mercy, you’ll regret even coming up here.”

He sucked and bit on your thighs wanting to leave marks behind. Your toes curled and you had to grip at the sheets. His teeth grazed the flesh and he licked over his marks.

He then slowly let his tongue touch your folds. You were soaking wet and it was driving him crazy. Your juices dripping onto the sheets. Your chest quickly rising because of your labored breaths. The way his tongue moved was painfully slow. You couldn’t stop squirming.

“Stay still or I’ll stop.”

You groaned and threw your head back. How could he say that to you? You were basically dying up here, does possess zero sympathy in his body?

“Yuta, please! Daddy go faster!”

Instead Yuta kept his steady pace. Torturing you as he sucked on your clit. You gasped at the pleasure and reached out for him, but he roughly slapped your hands away.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t think you’ve earned that privilege yet. Now stay still babygirl.”

Why was he doing this to you? You didn’t deserve this. You watched as Yuta lapped over your folds, your pussy glistening with his saliva. You were so close! At this rate you were gonna come so quickly.

“Yuta, stop! I’m gonna-”

“Come for me. I need to taste more of you. Shit, you taste so good. Such a good girl for daddy.”

With one more suck you finally found relief. He licked every drop of your juices and cleaned you up. He leaned over you and reached for a condom that was placed on the table next to you.

“No, I want to feel you. Only you.”

“Are you sure baby?”

“I’m on the pill, just oh god! Please fuck me raw, fuck me so hard I won’t be able to move.” You whimpered.

Yuta nodded and threw the condom back on the table. He readjusted your legs and lined himself up with your entrance. You were more than ready for him. The excitement building inside of you.

You groaned when you felt him entering you. The painful sensation causing you to bite your lip to silence your cries. You both couldn’t deny how good it felt though. Yuta has never experienced such a perfect feeling, the way your walls trapped him in tightly was holy. As if your body was crafted by the gods and goddesses themselves.

He took his time and cherished this moment of being so deep inside of you.

“Daddy, please!”

“Please what princess?”


Yuta nodded and picked up his pace. He leaned down and his lips latched onto your neck. Sucking and biting on your pulse. The way his hips moved made you beg for more. You underestimated him, he was way better than you thought he would be. Euphoria spreading throughout your body. He rendered you speechless.

“There you go baby, that’s it. Do you love how daddy’s cock fills you up? You feel so good around me I never want to stop.”

Your nails scraped against his back leaving a trail of angry red marks behind. You clenched around him in response, bringing you both close to your orgasms.

“I’m so close Yuta, please!”

“Shit, me too!”

You groaned and dug your nails into his shoulders. Yuta pounded into you until you were a limp mess. Your legs felt numb and your hips were most likely bruised. You were so close and couldn’t hold it in anymore. Your voice screaming his name as you came all over his cock.

“Yuta please,” But he wasn’t finished yet. Yuta lifted your hips and adjusted the angle so he could push himself in even deeper. You arched your back and cried out. The room was spinning and you were sure this amount of pleasure was lethal.  

“Ngh- Fuck, Y/N!”

Yuta pulled out and shot his load all over your sensitive pussy and your hips. He collected some on his finger and brought it up to your lips. You sucked his fingers clean while keeping intense eye contact, this has to have been the best fuck you’ve ever had.

“Better than I thought princess, who knew you could be so nasty in bed.” Yuta commented as he searched for something to clean you up with.

“I never thought I’d say this, but you were better than all my past hookups combined.”

“So was that what that was? Just a hookup?” He asked before licking his come off of your woman hood.

“Yuta, stop I’m sensitive!” You exclaimed trying to push him away.

He simply chuckled and cleaned the rest up carefully with a wet towel. Leaving a quick kiss on the thigh in the process.

“You didn’t answer my question baby.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be a hookup in the first place. At least not with you, but I wouldn’t mind if it was more. You’ve proven your worth.”

You turned towards his laid out figure and stared into his eyes. His fingers trailed back and forth from your thighs and hips to your side.

“So, this is gonna be a regular thing now?”

“If you keep bringing the weed and alcohol it can be.”

Yuta chuckled and pulled you closer. Oh, did he have plans for the both of you.


(I’ve been working on this forever omg)

But before anything starts I want to just confirm.
THIS IS A THEORY DO NOT TAKE MY INTERPRETATIONS AS FACT UNLESS I PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF A CERTAIN CLAIM OK? EX: Levi thinks Petra is cute due to an interview, Levi likes black tea, Levi wishes he was tall etc.

The way I see things, I believe that the way Rivetra works in the show is an unrequited love on both ends.
Let me explain.
Levi knows that he had a deep feeling of respect as well as a sense of defense over Petra in many scenes of the manga and the anime.
Such as warning the left flank, helping the wounded etc.
He always positioned her away from danger despite her having a higher kill stat than him. (evidence provided in the official guidebook)
Now, when he is searching for his squad after their deaths he begins to slowly pass each body, I noticed he didn’t pass them in order of how they died.
When this scene happened, I was expecting that’s what they would do to try and prove no greater connection over a single member. You know, show that he had a strong bond with all of them as a whole as equals.
But, he found Petra last. It almost felt like they wanted him to find Petra last in a way to say “he was searching for her in hopes she was alive.” (In my opinion, don’t take this as fact)
And I feel that once he fights the female Titan, and is now gathering the dead bodies, his expression is a lot more hurt and furious than when he first saw her.

Not to mention in the official wiki he was described to be “protecting Petra’s body” when they were going back to the walls, even when he knows it’s just her dead body, and that she’s long gone.
I mean in the anime he told those soldiers to leave their friend’s body behind because it’s just that. A body. Levi decides to comfort him with a patch later on, stating that the reason he even took the patches from their uniforms was because it comforted him.

We see that he only took Petra’s on screen. (Very heartbreaking but selfless of him to sacrifice his own comfort for a comrade mourning) But…How do we know it’s her? Her skin tone is light, just like the body’s (they haven’t been dead too long and blood loss may have been heavy but she still would bare the closest resemblance) and it has a bite mark imprinted in the skin on their hand. The only other person who’s hand was focused on in the anime around that time was hers.
It triggered the transition from the flashback to the present, and Petra was the one to speak on behalf of the squad as to why they even did it. She was the one that filled that mark with the most heart. So, it’s about 90% clear to assume it was her body.
He reassured himself another time when the bodies were dropped that she was only a body then. She’s gone and there’s no point in staying trapped in a rut of thoughts of what could’ve been. I see it as a sense of self comfort as he tried not to look back to Petra’s body (he failed though) to spare him any pain, frustration, or regret.

He’s having more trouble remaining stoic with his emotions than before. So that means he OBVIOUSLY cares that his squad died, but it was when he saw Petra that the expression set for a longer period of time.
My interpretation of this is that he was frustrated at himself for still not knowing whether or not he had feelings for her or not. It’s only until he meets Petra’s father when it clicks to him that he may have actually harbored feelings of love towards her, without even realizing it.

Same goes for Petra. She translated it through her letter as devotion and dedication in a form of respect towards him, because she may have mis-categorized her true feelings. After all, her Father is the one interpreting marriage and such, showing he may have seen past her real feelings though a bit more extreme.

I even looked through the panels of the manga, and every time there’s a free space for the squad, Petra is always talking to Levi showing more proof that there was an obviously strong connection. They may have loved each other without even realizing it, and it makes sense considering they don’t necessarily focus on love in their world and in the anime.

Speaking of the anime and revisiting a previous statement, there’s a scene shown only in the anime and never in the manga where Petra’s body falls, and Levi is shown looking back in regret. Isayama green lights every scene put in the show and is notorious for adding scenes he wished he could’ve put in the original source material. But why? Why would that scene be necessary enough to put in if it wasn’t even in the manga? I personally believe it may be because he wanted to translate their bond more.

There’s also the evidence of having their own Valentine’s Day art out of all possible couples where Petra is giving her own gift to Levi.
Petra even had the honor of receiving her own Birthday art which very few characters had received.
If she wasn’t an important character like others say, then why did she make such an impact on the franchise to keep reappearing even after she was killed off?
Notice that the two men in her art are Eren and Levi, because she had made an impact in both their lives.
Eren was taught to trust in others, and now understands that he must earn trust before receiving it.
While Levi?….What connection is it that differs from the rest of her squad?
In his separate card for her birthday art, he says that Petra picked out the suit for him and found it helpful she did, confirming the canon that Petra on occasion picks out his clothes when he’s out of uniform.
Pretty close for being a Captain and Subordinate, no?
Not to mention it was confirmed a while back that Levi saw Petra as a cute subordinate, whether or not he loved her as a significant other was still undetermined, but he definitely loved her as a comrade at the very least. Canon as a relationship or not, they still have a strong bond I wish I could explore more!
Ahhh, it’s so interesting.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it, and also understands this is a theory and the pairing isn’t considered canon officially. It’s honestly just my view of why I still hang onto this ship for so long! I apologize if it’s a bit scrambled it’s so late at night when I finished! ε-(´∀`; )

Enough is ENOUGH

// listen I’ve tried to keep the peace but this person has gone out of their way to get many others involved, and constantly try to initiate unwanted contact, so you know what?


Why? For failure to respect my wishes and constantly trying to bother me after I’ve disclosed many times I wish to be left alone. I’ve had enough.

How did it all start? It began with him shipping me and my friend during a game

Lots of people were in that match, lots of people saw. It was VERY dangerous for myself because my parents often watch me play games, they know who I talk to online and they are homophobic. To imply my friend and I were a couple would be detrimental, but that’s its own issue. Lav did apologize for this, but because of how dangerous and insensitive his actions were, me and my friend wanted to minimize and stop contact with him respectively but instead of respecting our wishes, Lav began harassing and instigating us.

I got messages from several people over the course of some months that where the beginning of a disturbing pattern.

At the time it was shown that he “didn’t know what he was doing” or “didn’t understand” despite constant warnings. It’s no excuse. 

I’ve colour coded separate people so you know they’re different..

I appreciate friends wanting to come to help others in need, but the full story was not given.  Our conversations where private and between adults, but Lav has continued to bring others into this and spreading misinformation to make himself seem like a victim.

He has convinced mutual and non-mutual friends to reach out to us on his behalf instead of just leaving us alone. He claims to be distressed by our presence but instead of blocking us and moving on he continues instigating.  

In January of this year this happened… He tried to claim a fraudulent purchase report on a donation he had given to my friend back in August of last year. At the time my friend was going through a financial crisis and asking for donations, but this donation was also given after he’d been blocked. 

How do I know this report was malicious and not a normal refund request? I have the following screen shot of a conversation where he says he’s doing this to specifically cause trouble for my friend.

I don’t understand where this whole court thing is coming from, let alone why he feels its even necessary. If he’s having trouble because the people who he is harassing told him to A) cease and desist, B) Leave them alone, or C) Go enjoy the splatoon community elsewhere and stop harassing people who clearly do not want involvement in his affairs then there’s an obvious solution; Stop.

To bring it all back. I’m not saying inkling-lavender can’t have fun and enjoy splatoon, I’m not saying he should leave tumblr,. What I’m saying is I’ve seen this shit and SO MANY OTHERS have too and people are distancing themselves for a reason. He’s trying to make himself look like a victim and abusing his friends kindness by having them harass others on his behalf, telling them only parts of what happened and leaving out that we’ve politely and impolitely asked him to stop trying to contact us for over half a year.

What I am doing, is asking that he LEAVES US ALONE. And that he leaves others out of this because its none of their business. We can co-exist without interaction.

And to readers, please be aware of this because I’m sure he’ll try to make himself look like the victim again, but the only reason I felt the need to make this post was because he has not stopped. Even now he’s still harassing me and my friends. Even after being told to back off, being told to leave us alone and being blocked.

We’ve had him blocked on all platforms for months and he has continued to try and pester us through these tactics. We want it to stop.

I’m sorry this is so long, I don’t want any hard feelings but I’ve had it.

Don’t abuse my trust again.

rhink gothic

You’re watching a Youtube video. Two men are racing to strip down to tiny purple shorts. The taller man tells the camera that they are testing undressing efficiency. For science.

You switch to a different video. They’re now making out. The taller one stops to inform the camera that they’re testing lip balm flavors for science before the shorter one tugs him back down.

Another video. They’re eating cucumbers and bananas. Comparing how much they can fit in their mouths without gagging. It’s very scientific. People are laughing off-screen. The shorter man can fit an entire banana down his throat and the taller man calls him a banana genius.

Another. They’re humping each other with nothing but a large sheet of plastic wrap between them. You wonder why the plastic is even necessary at this point. The taller one cries out that testing plastic wrap durability is for science all of this is scientific we are all for science we have all become science.

(gif not mine)

Coincidence: Chapter 1

Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/swearing, slight violence (not a lot though)

Word Count: 1,110

It was late at night when you first saw him. You were on your way home from your job at the coffee shop and ready to go die in a hole. Work had tired you out even more than usual, and with finals coming up you had little to no time to relax. Why were finals even necessary? They barely even affected your grade! It feels like they were only put into this world to make you suffer.

You sighed as you continued walking home, ranting about finals in your sleep deprived mind. Suddenly, a strong gust of cold, winter air blew in your face, almost throwing you to the ground.

“At this rate I’m gonna catch a cold,” you sighed, annoyed at the fact that the only reason you were walking home was because your friend failed to pick you up. Well, you couldn’t blame her, it was almost one in the morning, who would come and pick you up at this hour?  

“For fucks sake, why didn’t I buy a car!” you whined, feeling all the stress that has been piling up on you slowly leave your body. You shouldn’t throw a tantrum in the street, it’ll draw unwanted attention to yourself, and that’s the last thing you want to deal with at the moment. You took a deep breath and continued walking.

“Hey! He’s trying to run, get him!” a deep voice shouted from an alley a few feet ahead.

Suddenly, a well-dressed man came dashing out of the alley, heading straight for you. You quickly jumped out of his way, hiding behind a few trashcans. This wasn’t a bad neighborhood, was it? You have never seen any gang members lurking around this part of the city, why are they a threat now? You peeked out from the side of the trashcan to see where the man had gone. He was fast, he was almost close enough to (what you assumed to be) his car. However, he wasn’t fast enough. Three beefy men soon came out of the alley running twice his speed, tackling him to the ground in no time. Suddenly, you heard a deep laugh come from the direction of the alley.

“You thought you could get away, cute,” the mysterious man laughed once again.

Was this the gang leader? What if he saw you? Would you get mugged too? He slowly walked over to the struggling man. One thing you noticed right off the bat was that all these people were so well dressed. They can’t be gangsters, can they? They were all well-dressed, so they obviously had no need for money. Who were they, then? Nevertheless, you still were scared to the point where you could piss yourself.

Once the man finally reached the others he reached into his pocket and took out a gun. It took you every ounce of strength in your body to refrain from screaming. What the fuck! Holy shit, was he going to shoot him?

“I suggest you stop struggling and we can get down to business, now, where’s the money you owe?” the man questioned while pointing the gun to the other’s head.

“I don’t owe you anything, V, it’s the boss that does.”

V, what type of name was that? That can’t be his real name.

“Well then, where’s the money that ‘the boss’ owes?” V growled.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?” the other man replied rudely. V nodded to the two beefy men holding the other down. One of the men held the victim in place while the other kicked him in the gut, causing him to spit out blood.

“I advise you to not give me an attitude, and I might let you go alive,” he said, smiling sadistically.

The man took many deep breathes before answering. He look like he was about to pass out from the amount of pain he received.

“Come on, what do they call you? Oh, yes, Jackson Wang, isn’t it? Come on, Jackson, just tell me where the money is and I’ll let you go home to your family and friends. Doesn’t that sound nice?” V urged on the man called Jackson with a teasing tone, as if this was all a game to him.

As bad as it sounds, you didn’t want anything to do with this right now, it all seemed so surreal. Deep down, you really wanted to help Jackson, clearly this wasn’t his fault, it was his boss’s fault. However, right now your priority was to get home and get to bed. All you had to do was get out of the area as quietly as possible. That shouldn’t be so hard right? You carefully started to crawl away from the trashcans and in the direction of your home. However, luck didn’t seem to be on your side today when you knocked over one of the trashcans you were hiding behind.

“Shit”, you cursed, drawing V and his henchmen’s attention towards you, conveniently giving Jackson the chance to escape and get in his car.

“Get her!” V yelled at his henchmen, causing you to run like you were in the Olympics.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you whispered as you ran along the sidewalk, heading towards Downtown. They wouldn’t be able to get you there, there should still be an abundance of people even if it’s late at night, not to mention all the lights. Your adrenaline was through the roof right now, making you run the fastest you’ve ran.

“Speed up you dumb asses! She’s getting away!” you heard V yell behind you.

It didn’t matter if they sped up now, however. Downtown was right in sight, and, just as you had predicted, it was still bustling with people despite the time. You quickly ran into the crowd, hoping to make them lose sight of you. Luckily, you looked back just in time to catch the three men heading back the direction you came from.

“Holy shit, I need to start working out,” you breathed out as your adrenaline high came down and the fatigue hit you like a bus. On the bright side, you got away from those men, and even saved a man’s life! However, what still plagued your mind was the fact that they weren’t gangsters. They were too well-dressed to be gangsters, so what were they? Why did they have guns? Why did Jackson’s “boss” even owe money in the first place? You shook these thoughts from your head and started walking back home once again, but one thought didn’t seem to go away.

Why was V so attractive?            

a couple of easter bunnies for y’all

I was actually pretty impressed with the Dirty Dancing TV remake…until that ending. What the hell?!?
Ambiguity isn’t an enemy that needs to be nuked off the planet folks. Let the fans decide all the ways the characters lives could play out.

anonymous asked:

Hi! May I please get a protective Cor imagine? Maybe the reader is in the Crownsguard? Love your blog by the way. :)


Cor x Reader
Word Count: 1,441
Slight NSFW

Because we need more Cor! Nothing overly explicit here, just some mentions of intimacy. But I figured I’d put up that warning just in case. Enjoy!

You trailed in after Noctis and the others as he was summoned before the King. You stood by his side along with the rest of your friends as Regis explained to an increasingly apathetic looking Prince about his upcoming nuptials with Lady Lunafreya.

“The decreed hour is come,” King Regis boomed from his throne. “Set forth with my blessing, Prince Noctis.”

“Thank you,” Noctis replied in what you’d come to recognize as his formal tone. “Your Majesty,” he added, even though he was addressing his father.

Regis sighed. “Take your leave, and go in the grace of the gods.”

Noctis gave a nod before pushing past Gladio down the stairs and out of the throne room. You and the others bowed as well, and went to follow after the young prince. As you were heading out the door, a hand closed around your arm.

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Our First and Last (Ch. 1)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 |

 Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin 
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi 
  • Words: 3,297
  • Description: The first time you met Jeon Jungkook was on your tenth birthday. On that day, he was nothing more than the strange man who jumped into a dark portal that suddenly opened in the middle of the park. The ten year old you just stood in the grass, strands of hair ruffling from the calm breeze that swooped by; head slightly tilted, bright, innocent eyes wide open and starring at him with wonder and disbelief. There was a certain amount of confusion, but your young mind was too naïve to question his actions or what they entailed.

Like parallel lines running in opposite directions, the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension were separate worlds that flowed in perfect sync. People living in the Yin dimension aging up and people living in the Yang dimension aging down. But the interesting thing is, once a person’s life is nearing its end in one dimension, they begin anew in the other, forming a never-ending life cycle that’s existed since the beginning of time.

People in the Yin and Yang dimensions never came in contact with each other simply because they aged in opposite timelines and any form of interaction would just create a paradox.

The only case you’ve ever heard about where two people who aged in opposite timelines were able to see each other and fall in love was the famous story of a boy named, Park Jimin, and his lover Kim Taehyung thousands of years ago. It was quite the legend, a tale told to every kid when they were little. Parents always reassured their children that glitches like that only happen once in a million years because the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension flowed in a perfect parallel cycle, and any kind of error was VERY rare. Some people even went as far as to say, the story is nothing but an urban legend about star-crossed lovers, made up to teach children a life lesson, because the accuracy of the flow of time in the dimensional cycle is apparently 100%.

But this very legend had it’s reputation as most popular children’s bedtime story long before you were even born, mainly because of the lovable protagonist Park Jimin, who was described as a pink-haired, fairy –like boy from the Yin dimension, and his lover Kim Taehyung, a beautiful sun-kissed prince from the Yang. It was less about the actual paradox of two opposite timelines colliding and more about what would happen to people if they lost their practical mindset. The two lovers could’ve chosen to forget about each other and just let the cycle naturally correct the mistake it made. But in the end, their love consumed them and they were forced into the dark depths of a black hole, eternally lost. Or so the story goes….

You had no idea how the telling of this legend became an unchanging tradition, let alone why it was even necessary to expose children to such a tragic tale.

The concept of death was literally that, a concept, because no one existing in either the Yin or Yang dimensions knew what death actually was, because life to them was just an endless cycle, a progression of time in a circle…from old to young, young to old and back again.

To just suddenly not exist one day was unfathomable, and no one would trade eternal life for mortality, so perhaps the legend served the purpose of giving people an idea of true love, another unfamiliar concept (perhaps even more unfamiliar than death) for the people of the two dimensions.

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In Dreams 20 and Epilogue

Well, here we are my darlings. I want to give a big roaring thank you to everyone hung in there with me on this one. This was my first stab at a BIG story and while I felt overwhelmed and terrified most of the time, y’all’s love and encouragement kept me going. Truly, thank you.

Chapter 1...Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9...Chapter10… Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19

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He pushes the door open with his hip as he rifles through the mail. He gives each letter a cursory inspection before dropping them all in the appointed wicker basket by the door.

“Hey Scully!” he calls as he closes the door behind him and begins to shrug out of his jacket. “You’re never going to guess what happened. Lydia Seel died this morning. COD is still undetermined but I’m going to push to have the body sent here so you can do the autopsy,” he says as he toes out of his shoes. He heads to the kitchen and opens the fridge, rummaging about for something that didn’t come from the ground. Her resistance to processed food is admirable, but he could really go for bologna sandwich on white bread, preferably with a square of rubbery yellow cheese and Miracle Whip. Of course, none of those things are in this particular refrigerator, so he settles for some pasta salad and a beer.

“Scully?” he calls as he digs in, loosening his tie and releasing his top button. “Did you hear me?”

His heart quickens when he is met with only silence. He abandons the food and begins moving cautiously from room to room. He suspects she could be buried deep in the blankets, snoozing off a long day at Quantico. Or she could be in the tub, her puffy ankles propped up on the edge. She might even be in the baby’s room putting together one of the still-boxed items of furniture. It takes him just a few moments to realize she is none of those places.

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12x10 - Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void - Part 2

This is the second part of my episode review for 12x10 “Lily Sunder has some Regrets”. The first part mainly focusses on Destiel and its HUGE role in the episode. You can go check that out first if you like here.

This part of my review is to talk about some of the other very interesting themes in the episode now that I have screeched about Destiel to my heart’s content and will try to be a more rational person (disclaimer: its not gonna work)

To be honest it is practically impossible for me to talk about this episode without at least referencing Destiel as the very principle theme of the episode is about angels and their interactions with humans in different ways specifically where love is involved. But whether you see Dean and Cas’s love for one another as romantic or platonic the one thing that absolutely cannot be argued away after this episode is that the love between them well and truly does exist in canon. Therefore sorry Jensen but you seem to be confusing Supernatural with another show when you make rash and ill-conceived statements at conventions to appease hateful non-fans. Ahem. Anyway, Moving on…

Angels and Obsession

The starting scene of the episode introduces us to Benjamin. In a bar decorated with vintage video game memorabilia the angel is obsessively playing a game that just makes me think of Charlie. :( Though tbh the symbolism behind an angel controlling an monster to destroy a city is certainly not lost on me and takes my mind right back to the apocalypse where the angels were the ‘monsters’ who wanted to kick start the apocalypse that would literally bring cities to the ground. So yeah, that was an interesting choice of video game basically.

The fact that Benjamin has been here every night obsessively playing this game gives us another interesting insight into angels. One that is explored quite thoroughly in this episode: They have an obsessive nature when it comes to human things.

This opening sequence therefore shows us the most harmless version of this. Benjamin has got himself hooked on video games. (kinda reminds me of Cas taking up Riverboat Gambling. I wonder if Cas ever still sneaks off when the Winchesters are on hunts to feed his gambling addiction? I know it hasn’t been mentioned since but it is certainly within the realms of canon possibility that Cas has an addictive personality, and now after this episode that has been applied to more angels than just Cas.)

I’m now thinking of Endverse!Cas and my heart is breaking because of course Castiel has an addictive personality. Oh and lets not forget 11x04 – 11x06 and Cas’s newfound obsession with Netflix. Human things are shown to be dangerous to angels.  Ishim says this himself later in the episode:

“You know why we’re meant to stay away from humans? It’s not because we’re a danger to them, they’re are a danger to us.”

The thing is, as much of a dick as Ishim was, he’s not wrong. Humans are a danger to angels because angels are not built to really understand human things and emotions. Benjamin’s obsessive gaming is just the start. He may be best case scenario, but Ishim is worst case scenario. An angel who becomes completely enthralled by a human and claims to have ‘fallen in love’ with her – though in Isham’s case it is doubtful he even understands the concept of love. Lily becomes Isham’s obsession. To the point that he terrifies her into calling on another angel to protect her from him.

you were obsessed!” she cries.

“I was in love with you” he argues. But Ishim couldn’t have been in love with her, because as Dean (aka poster boy for humanity) shows us later on, love isn’t about causing your lover pain, it’s about being willing to risk yourself to save them from any further harm.

This is one of the very major points of the episode. Because Angels are not accustomed to deal with Human things, for an angel, love itself becomes the killer. Condemning both the angel and the object of the angel’s affection to a life of pain, tragedy and death. To bring this back to Dean and Cas, it can very easily be argued that much of what has happened to Castiel, and by association Dean, is because of Castiel’s ‘unrequited’ love for Dean. Thinking back over their long tragic history, if you remove that deep love that Castiel has felt for Dean since the beginning where would we be now? Would we have had the leviathans? Would the angels have the angel tablet? The angels probably wouldn’t have fallen, and much of Castiel’s guilt that came from that wouldn’t have happened. On the other hand if we had had canon destiel since the end of season 5, it can also be argued that much of what Dean and Cas and also Sam went through in seasons 6 and 7 wouldn’t have happened because they would have found another way to stop Raphael together. But this is all just speculation after all.

This episode does seem to imply that when the angels love is requited, things don’t go quite so terribly. Whatever kind of love it was that was shared between Lily and Akobel, it worked. He cared for her and gave his life protecting her. Not so much an obsession as a mutual respect and understanding. Then there is Benjamin and his vessel. Not an obsession but a shared trust and care for each other. A devotion that kept them both safe for many years.

So basically, we can conclude that when an angel has a supportive human by their side to help them through any potentially “obsessive” compulsions, it works out okay for both parties. If the angel is shunned and left to its own completely inhuman devices, it turns cold and monstrous. Gosh now this is making me think of that destiel comic where Cas becomes an actual ‘weeping angel’ from Doctor Who. Cold and monstrous indeed.

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Speaking of that last post I think a lot about vampires being really put off by FOOD.

They just cannot. Vampires have one source of nutrition. It’s good, it keeps them alive, & they know how to get it. THAT’S IT.

- Humans eat EVERYTHING. WHY? How can that even be necessary?!

- Vampires constantly pointing to random things and asking a human if they eat that. Being oft dismayed by the answers.

- Vampires acknowledging that food is such an integral part of human life that it can be considered art.

- But also, “I saw someone pick something off the ground & eat it. Not like they dropped it. They plucked something off the forest floor & put it in their mouth.” Other vampires gasping like wtf are they animals!?

- Humans having to adjust their social conventions for vampire guests & realizing just how often food is involved in situations. Can’t really give vampires bread, or complimentary fruit baskets, or make them a meal as a guest.

- Vampires calling all kinds of food just one thing like biscuits.

- Humans rebuffing the apprehension when they get tired of it with “Weren’t you human once?” Only to get an snappy earful of time passed/memory retention.

- In a modern setting older vampires avoiding the hell out of supermarkets because sensory overload. “Why are there so many different breads? Like WHY?”

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That post about Jon's first words being mother upset me so much and Jon's relationship (or lack of) with Cat is literally one of the most fascinating in the show. I don't think either of them hate the other because they aren't capable of that hate (Jon certainly isn't) unless its at Joffrey or Ramsay. With Jon I always imagined that even as he went to the Wall, he never hated her because a small part of him always clung to the hope that the only mother figure in his life would one day love him

the thought of that cuts quite deep :(  show!catelyn (bless michelle’s superb acting) certainly convinced me she hated him. the venom in her eyes when jon went to say good bye to bran could kill (again michelle was amazing). i can’t remember how it was in the books but, but in the show, jon was an angel and i think would’ve jumped into her arms if she opened them for an embrace like for her own kids.