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im just checking into tumblr for the first time in a while and i wanted to say: ive been following you since The Before Times (homestuck) and i remember you occasionally used to post about wanting to work in like DC or marvel and like??? im just so super happy for you to see youve got that opportunity now im SO WICKED HAPPY FOR YOU congratulations holy shit that is amazing to hear about REALLY im fucking overjoyed for you

thank you so much T_T!!!!! <3


I like to just look at the skeletons for my redraws before I start coloring them. See the original raws and then compare them to the finished product to see what all changed.

I’ll be streaming one or both tomorrow on my instagram! \(^u^)/

(Do not repost/remove caption.)

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What would you do if you woke up with a clone of yourself

Jaune: not this again
Enauj: I love you, brother.
Jaune: delet this
Enauj: I don’t understand why you hate me.
Jaune: you are my shadow self and i must destroy you to be free from this withering reality