why was this an outtake

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"Which means that Viktor seriously sat there and DEBATED which pictures he should send to Yuuri that would have the most impact without embarrassing Yuuri too much." Ok, but picture it: Viktor squinting at certain nudes and debating whether or not to send it--if the peek of a buttcheek is teasing or a bit too much, if the bathtub photo shows too much skin or instead balances the perfect line. Mulling and weighing the pros and cons of Too Sexy and Not Sexy Enough. (V, I have no words for you. XD)

“Yes, yes, you are on speaker which is why you could hear Makkachin.”

Chris chuckled.  “But why am I on speaker?”

Sighing, Viktor redid the piles that Makkachin had ruined when she jumped on the bed.  “Because I need two hands to sort through these pictures.”  He paused.  “Chris, you remember the advert I did for that sportswear line?  The one with the jacket–”

“That was unzipped.  And you were drinking water and there was some trailing down your chest and you were all sweaty.  That one?”

He knew he could count on Chris to remember!  “Yes, that one.  Do you think that Yuuri has seen it?”

Chris started coughing.  “Viktor! Warn a guy before you say something like that.  I was enjoying some coffee.  Why?”

“Oh, I want to send him some of my more recent ads… that’s all.”  Viktor picked up the aforementioned ad and put it in the ‘maybe’ pile.

“No, you want to send him professionally taken pictures of you where you think you look hot.  And yes, I bet he has.  It was in an English language skating magazine.”

“Oh.”  He took it out of the ‘maybe’ pile and put it in the ‘no’ pile instead.  Chris raised a good point.  If Yuuri wasn’t subscribed to the English language magazines, then Alexei almost certainly was.  He picked up the next one.  “Oh, Chris! I found the perfect picture! That lotion advert from that French fashion magazine! There’s no way that he’s seen that one before.”

“The one where you’re naked?!  The only thing covering you was the branding!  Are you trying to kill the boy?”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to send him the finished advert, just the picture for it.  The raw.”

Chris was silent for a long time.  

“It’s too much isn’t it?”

“Yes.  Way too much.”  He paused.  “How many pictures do you have set aside to send him, anyway?”



Viktor sighed.  “I probably shouldn’t send him that many.”

“Probably not.” 

“Two.  I think I can get away with sending him two.  But which ones?”

Chris coughed again.  “May I make a suggestion?”

Viktor hummed an affirmative.

“Be subtle.  Yuuri seems like he might be the sort to appreciate subtle.”

i’m so angry at myself i did that thing my tutor told me not to do where i wrote down a note thinking i’d remember what it was referring to and i’m staring at it trying to make the link between the note and the other reading i did and just nope nothing not a single thing wtf was i referring to idk i guess we’ll never know there goes my chances of acing this essay hahahahhahahaha/crey

irritatingly attractive tutor: 1 
defensive zeeb: 0

fair play, fair play

update: i remembered it. ha. i win.

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Every time I watch the promo for SNL I remember the Pepsi commercial for the super bowl asdfghjkl


i still can’t believe harry hissed like a cat at drew fucking brees and why were they karate chopping each other and why did they have 723 outtakes for something that only lasted like 2 seconds