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Almost everyone is leaving tumblr because of the toxic hate spreading around like wildfire. Please, stop….

Choices fandom, wyd???

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fran i find it highly Suspicious that dabi both has a fire quirk and the same coloured eyes as the todorokis 👀

I actually talked about that one theory a lot a while ago :O I can’t find those asks tho #rip but yeah between all the theories going around in this fandom the “Dabi and Shouto are brothers” one is definitely the one I can get the most behind!!!

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"I think my family wants you to marry in."

somehow this screams fem!nyx/fem!noct. also shoutout to @noxulric because of this lovely fanart.

They’re nestled away in the dim confines of Nyx’s apartment when Noctis uttered the words softly against her shoulder. When she glances at the princess, Noctis is pointedly looking away, her own eyes downcast and her fingers were idly tracing the lines of a tattoo that covered the Glaive’s arm.

“…pardon?” Nyx asks, not sure she heard that right at all.

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this episode was SO GOOD TO DEKU even tho I hated seeing bakugo yell at him that much and freaking actually punch him. tho I get why and I love bakugo but it makes me a lil uncomfy–and I know that’s the point, and I know what they’re doin with it.

also ALL MIGHT PLS LEARN TO HOLD BACK. even tho I get why he didn’t as much as he could’ve. I mean it’s just not in his nature for starters, but he’s also got a lot riding on midoriya and tbh even bakugo and the next gen of heroes in general.

but damn sir please that was a bit ridiculous.

also holy shit the preview for the next ep and the music haha bye let’s not go to the mall