why was the whole thing about her not being able to get to him

anonymous asked:

The whole publicity thing is evident. Blake and Miranda both spent the last 2 days with their SO. We have 20 billion snapchats/pics vs 1 fan tweet. I'm glad Miranda continues to chose to be relatively private with her personal life as always.

The thing is… I fail to see why you’re so concerned about what people post on social media. Because…
Is it hurting you? No.
Is it hurting Blake/Gwen? Not that I can tell.
Is it hurting Miranda? Probably not.
Is there anything personal/private being exposed? Not at all.
So why is Miranda such a better person just because she doesn’t post anything on social media? Personally, I love being able to get a little glimpse at Blake in his natural habitat. It helps us see the real Blake Shelton, and not just the Blake Shelton that’s on TV. And as long as it’s not hurting him, I don’t see a problem with it. Gwen has snapped during most of her tour… Why would she stop just because she’s on Blake’s ranch? Sure some of it is to promote the tour but a lot of it is because she loves interacting with her fans and getting their feedback and hearing from them. She likes having them be a part of her life. That’s not a bad trait… She just likes to feel that love from them. Miranda doesn’t feel that kind of love in the same way.
So just stop comparing Gwen and Miranda’s presence on social media because they are two totally different people and there is nothing more noble or whatever about never sharing anything… They just have different relationships with their fans on social media. Neither one of them is better than the other.