why was the whole thing about her not being able to get to him


Not gonna lie. Stakes fucked me up a little bit. Ok, it fucked me up a lot. Mixed in with all the adorable Bubbline moments, there was a lot of sadness, and holy shit did things get deep.

Seeing Marcy going to visit Simon and Betty when all of them were old…I think that was one of the saddest moments of the whole thing. Like. Man. They were cute. Simon being normal always makes me sad anyways but like. Whoa. I think that it was so telling that that was one of Marcy’s dreams. She cares about Simon so much, I think all she wants for him is for him to be able to just have Betty. I was expecting to get to learn more about Simon and Marcy’s back story together, but I suppose that must be for another time. I would really like to know why Marcy killing the vamps was for Simon tho.

Meeting Marceline’s mom was really something. Seeing her sing to little Marcy made me cry a little. I really wanna know where her mom went, and how she ended up getting in a relationship with Abadeer. 

The one part that got to me a lot tho, was when Marcy and the Vampire king were talking. The whole “I’m plunging into the darkness of the unknown” and “history repeats itself because mortals don’t live long enough to see the patterns or learn” thing was nuts. I could barely understand what they were getting at and I’m an intelligent 20 year old. It’s a really challenging concept, and a really deep, even depressing one. Listening to them talk kind of made me feel like someone had punched me in the stomach, and I had a bit of an existential crisis. I’m still sitting here ruminating on what happened, just like Marcy

I have to say tho there was a lot of really cute stuff in this series. I wish it had been a little longer though. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts!!!

I have to say my favorite part was Marceline asking if she could eat forever and Bonnie saying “later…….forever.”