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So what exactly is horsemanship and why do you want it back so much?

It’s an ability similar to flying from the Three Kingdoms Portal set (only creatures with horsemanship can block creatures with horsemanship). It only appeared during that set and then was never used again, and I just am fascinated by the novelty and also am a very casual Three Kingdoms nerd. It’s an ability that is never going to come back that people are either neutral about or are not fans of and I like being an irritating goblin so I just scream about it until someone accosts me.

E.N.D and Zeref

At the end of the chapter, E.N.D is seeking Zeref, and killing anyone in his way, save for Lucy.

I want to focus on the seeking Zeref part. Why exactly is he seeking Zeref? There could be a few reasons.

Reason One: Natsu’s anger towards E.N.D drives him to find Zeref so he could hopefully fix himself.

Reason Two: E.N.D despises Zeref and wants to kill him

Reason Three: E.N.D is technically a new demon, and has not been awakened probably ever until now, so it kinda wants to find it’s creator? Kinda like the Nine Gates’ obsession with E.N.D and Zeref in general.

I can’t think of other options atm, but feel free to add on some of your own theories!

I’m just really curious to know why they want Zeref, and actually…

Who wants Zeref? Natsu or E.N.D? Or both? Or are they the same mind? I DON’T KNOW.

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I'm low key scared about the content of the interview because I was so hyped up with Liam's cover I was really happy and then it broke my heart for a few days, I'd recommend for people not to get too excited

Same same. We all thought attitude would be nice because it was different from their usual media and….nope. People are getting so ahead of themselves about how “omg Harry is finally in control of his image!!” Says who exactly??? Why does a photoshoot mean he’s 100% in control? He will never be 100% in control. People were so quick to say zayn was in control and he wasn’t. Idk what I’m trying to say I think I just think some people shouldn’t go too fast and I can’t agree with my dashboard right now.

Sometimes I can understand why people say I make them suffer with these covers. Some are really f-ing brutal to your feelings. Though I think it’s good in some way, because if you think about it, the songs are “connected” to you. You hear the emotions they bear, you’ve seen the stories behind some of them and felt what the character went through. When the song plays from such a moment, you can’t help but feel like you’re in their place. I’ve felt and still feel like that when I listen to “Love wing bell”. I’m more of a tomboy than a girly person, and I’m fine with that. And that is exactly why I could and can place myself in Rin’s shoes everytime I hear that song.

My apologies for this, just wanted to get a piece of my mind out there.

Imagine going to a haunted house with a few of your friends. You all scream and freak out when a trap door is opened on the floor in front of you. That is; until you see the bow tie.

“Doctor?! What are you doing here?!”
“Oooh, you should’ve seen the look on your faces.”
-“Wait, you know this guy?”
“Yeah, actually I do. Can’t I have a weekend to myself, Doctor? It’s Halloween, for TARDIS’ sake!”
“Well I’m sorry! I saw a haunted house and a costume, I couldn’t say no!”
“You’re not wearing any costume, what are you talking about?”
“Well in all fairness, it didn’t exactly fit, but that’s why it was implied! Didn’t you hear the yo-ho-ho? Seriously, am I going mad, or does no one listen to me?!”
“Okay, that’s enough complaining, Doctor. Get out of that dirty hole, you’ll trip.”
“No, no way. I’ve just started.”
“*face palm*”

  • Me, a polyamorous person:No, I don’t have interests in any other people right now.
  • Them, a stranger I’ve been introduced to:Other people? Right now?
  • Me:Yes? I'm practically married, my anniversary is tomorrow. -Pauses- Oh right, forgot you probably didn’t know, I’m polyamorous.
  • Them:So you’re a cheater with a title.
  • Me, devoid of all emotion and trying to remember how to be nice:NO, I’m polyamorous, a person who practices having multiple partners with communication and understanding where trust is key and everyone involved is aware of each other.
  • Them:Again, so you’re a cheater with a title. You can admit it, I wont tell anyone, being a playboy’s fun.
  • Me:You have exactly two seconds to get the fuck out of my presence before I lose my shit and kick you in the teeth buckaroo.
  • Them:O-Okay. -Flees-
  • This is exactly why I have issues with monogamy && how polyamory is viewed. Also why I loathe being introduced to new people who clearly have no desire to learn or understand new things.

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Komaeda and Hinata's relationship is extremely complicated and important in sdr2 but dr3 has basically retconned everything so literally none of Hinata's relationships other than Nanami have any relevance. Like in future arc we don't even see him with the other survivors because they just aren't important enough. In the narrative dr3 has crafted it wouldn't make any sense in dr3 for their relationship to get closure when they don't have any focus in this particular story.

^ Yes! This exactly! This is why everyone is mad about no komahina in despair arc, because it doesn’t give them build up to interact in Hope, and anyone who thinks they are still going to interact or have closure with this arc are pretty…optimistic? Very optimistic, I wish I could have your hope.

I mean, they might still, but it would feel a bit off, seeing as how they didn’t have any build up for it within the dr3 story. 

If the MCU writers make Tony fucking Stark apologize to Captain Fuckoff I’m going to be pissed. Tony was, for once, trying to do things without violence or anything else he was trying to do it the right way. Steven Rogers ignored over 100 countries telling him that they didn’t feel safe without some kind of safeguard on the Avengers but somehow Rogers knows better than all of them? I don’t think so. Steve Rogers is one man and he has an insane god complex, he can’t stand it when anyone stands up to him or argues with him which is all Tony does. Tony has had to listen to the praises of Steve Rogers since childhood, there’s a saying that you should never actually meet your childhood heros and this is exactly why. Did Tony make mistakes? Yes. Yes he did but did he run from them? Hell no. Tony does not deserve the shit he gets from this fandom. Tony is a man who suffers from severe panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and god only knows what else yet I’ve never seen anyone actually stop and ask the man if he’s okay or if he needs help yet Bucky, who was brainshwashed, gets coddled and told it’s not his fault. 

The Accords were going to happen with or without Tony’s signature so he just signed so there wouldn’t be any trouble because he knew he could try to get a better deal and get them amended once they were passed. Did Cap even read them? Because as far as I know he did not read that fucking long as book called a document. As far as I know none of Team Cap read the Accords, they just followed Captain America. Yet they had no trust in Tony. It’s funny because Tony got called out for not trusting authority yet in the one movie he does everyone else calls him a coward and traitor for it. Steve Rogers called him out on keeping secrets and then what do we have here? Steve Rogers kept a secret! He kept the fact that Tony’s parents were not only murdered but also murdered by the very man he’s disregarding everything for and then tries to lie to Tony about it? 

Yep! That’s the man I want to follow! 

Tony offered Cap a way to bring in Barnes legally and without consequence when he offered that 24 hour grace period and Cap shoved it back in his face. Cap didn’t even ask the others on his team what they would have wanted and as far as I could tell he didn’t even tell them that Tony tried to compromise with him. He just let them all think that Tony was being unreasonable when in fact he gave him several chances for all of this to go away and to not happen. Let’s also not forget the fact that Cap injured several CIVILIANS in that pursuit with Bucky, that was not an Avenger’s mission that was a Cap mission. And we had no clue that Bucky was innocent at that time. Cap found out evidence later that could have given Bucky his innocence in the eyes of the law but he didn’t tell anyone that. He hid information which he should have shared, more secrets on his side!

And can we talk about Wanda please? Am I the only one in this fandom who thinks that she should be controlled? Yes I know that she didn’t mean for her powers to go out of control but when she was working for Ultron and turning the Avengers inside out she didn’t seem to have any problems with her powers then. But now she doesn’t fully understand them and Tony keeps her locked up, without her permission yes, because he’s trying to protect her! If you saw someone with that kind of power that obviously couldn’t control it on the streets wouldn’t you be scared because I would. What if someone had attacked Wanda and made her defend herself? That wouldn’t have helped anyone not be afraid of her, in fact they probably would have grown to fear her even more. She keeps blaming Stark for her parent’s death but really is it his fault? Yes Tony might have designed that missile but he had no reason to attack her country and he said that once he saw the true harm his weapons were doing that he shut down the weapons manufacturing for good. Now look at the time frame, that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Wanda lost her parents about 20 years ago, TONY DID NOT DO IT. Does ignorance equal innocence? No but he also shouldn’t be help accountable for it. 

And how dare they make Tony smile at that piece of garbage letter. That wasn’t an apology, that was Rogers rubbing it all in Tony’s face. I guarantee you that if someone asked Rogers if he would change anything he did in that movie he would say he wouldn’t change anything because he believed he was right. “The Avengers are your family, maybe even more so than mine.” Are you fucking serious. How many Avengers sided with Tony in this debate? In this series we had Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Black Widown; that’s who started out. Hulk and Thor are MIA in this movie and Cap and Iron Man are obviously on their own sides so that leaves the two spies. One of which sides with Cap the other sided with Tony and then backstabbed him and accused him of letting his ego get the better of him. Yep. One hell of a family. 

Then we add to that fact Vision, Wanda, Falcon, Ant Man, Spider Man, War Machine, Black Panther. Vision is basically Tony’s son so yes he sided with him. War Machine has been his friend for over 20 years so yeah he’s with him. Ant Man has never met him yet hates him because someone said never trust a Stark when he has no idea why he’s even fighting Tony, just blindly follows Cap. Falcon just follows Cap because he’s never interacted with Tony really. Wanda hates Tony so yeah not with him, Black Panther is only after Bucky at this point, yes he’s for the Accords but at this point he just wants Barnes dead so if you can say he’s on Tony’s side then I guess. Spider Man was just there to help clean up, he was not supposed to get into a fight with a Super Soldier. WHO DROPPED A LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECT ON TOP OF A KID WITH NO REMORSE. 

In the end most of the Avengers end up with Rogers in Wakanda while Tony ends up with a crippled War Machine and heart broken Vision while he himself recovers from a fight with TWO SUPER SOLDIERS. Both of who tried to kill him yet Tony could have used his repulsors and DID NOT USE THEM. He was pulling punches in that fight don’t even say he wasn’t because his suit still had power when Cap was on top of him and he had his hands up but didn’t shoot when that sheild was brought down on his Arc Reactor. That isn’t pulling punches, that’s going for the kill. 

Captain America was trying to kill him.  

Infinity Wars had better not have Tony apologizing or using that phone to call Rogers for help. 

Rogers had better go to tony for help because Tony has no reason to protect those people anymore. 

Tony can and will pull through without the Avengers, without his FAMILY, because they all back stabbed him when he needed them.

Give me Tony who realizes that for once he did the right thing and doesn’t take Rogers’ sanctimonious shit for even one second. 

Tony Stark does not deserve this and Steve Rogers does not even deserve to be in the same hemisphere as Tony Stark as far as I’m concerned. 

Are some people actually saying Chloe being Queen Bee is a bad thing? No no no no! People, this is a good thing. This is putting her in a position where she has to confront helping people for a change; being a superhero, putting others before herself. She will be chosen for a reason and I can’t wait to see exactly why. This will do wonders for her character and her development.

the name

a/n: celebrating 150th bts drabble/fic ^~^

nobody really understood why, the whole mechanics of it. the strategic yet natural amalgamation of arteries and blood vessels that materialized across the oh so delicate skin of the inner wrist in raised scarlet script.

the human body was a curious thing. and even in the twenty-first century, our modern scientists had not yet been able to figure out exactly why it was that we were born with our soulmate’s names engraved upon our very flesh.

nothing extravagant, nothing so noticeably garish and tasteless like a drunken mistake of a tattoo the youth of the nation were prone to partake in.

a tiny little thing it was, half an inch at best, formed in neat red cursive along the path of the sinuous veins that flashed just barely through the transparency of the skin.

when min yoongi was born to the world, his mother despaired.

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Bisexual Barry Allen Headcanon #47

The first time someone asked Barry Allen if he was confused, he “misunderstood” completely.

“Am I confused? I mean, well…yeah, now that I think about it. I’m confused about a lot of things. I mean, science…there’s a lot of beautifully confusing stuff there. The philosophy of time travel, just….pow, boggles my mind, you know? The meaning of life, why bad things happen to good people, why our justice system is more focused on punishment than rehabilitation. Why flammable and inflammable mean exactly the same thing. Just doesn’t make any sense! Also there’s this girl, and I’ve always had all these…y’know, feelings for her, but she’s also basically my foster sister, and lemme tell ya…that’s confusing. Then there was this thing I saw when I was a kid? Completely defies everything we currently know about the laws of physics, but I know I saw it. How do you wrap your mind around that kind of…of, cognitive dissonance.”

It goes on for a while like that. The person deeply regrets ever asking Barry if he was confused.

vines and wines...
  • me:*watches some of their favorite vines*
  • grandma:*watches from behind without me noticing them*
  • me:this is still one of my favorite vines!
  • grandma:wine?
  • me:no thank you...
  • grandma:no i mean, since when did you start calling videos wines?
  • me:*vinewikipedia.index.html*
  • grandma:so these short videos are called wines?
  • me:it's vine grandma... not wine. i know you can hear the difference of two letters you know.
  • grandma:i shall call those photos i have on my memory stick bread then... you know like wine and bread?
  • me:this is exactly why i don't feel like forcing you to face the 21 century.
  • grandma:how does one open the keylock of this lumia again?
  • me:*sighs*

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I totally feel ya. Even when they're aged up it still makes me really uncomfortable. The innocence of it is one of the best things about these relationships, and idk, I just don't get why people wanna take that away.

Exactly!!!! I write mileven too and the one thing that I work really hard to preserve us the innocence of the children in the fics. BECAUSE THEY’RE CHILDREN!!!!!