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Hey! I'm so in love with your Tyler HCs. You're doing great! Could you do one about Tyler comforting you after a recent break up with a pretty crappy GF/BF that you dated to get your mind off of him?? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, if so, just ignore it! ☺️

I think I get what you mean but I’m sorry if I’m getting it wrong (also thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my hcs!)

- You didn’t even know why you were crying so much about this
- Your s/o wasn’t exactly very good to you
- They were so manipulative, most of the time you didn’t even know if they really loved you or not
- You only started dating them because you wanted to get over your crush on Tyler
- Because you knew it wasn’t meant to be a reality between you and him
- You were scared of messing up your friendship, scared of losing him
- But now you were crying because your s/o had left you for someone they were seeing on the side
- You felt stupid and unworthy and alone
- You heard a knock at the door and thought maybe it was your s/o to take you back.
- You wiped your tears before opening the door to see Tyler with a teddybear and your favorite candy. “Amy told me what happened.”
- You just started crying even more and let Tyler guide you to the couch. You curl up with the teddybear and Tyler sits next to you
- “You deserve better than them. Someone who cheats on you and then leaves you isn’t worth a single tear from you.” He soothes you, wiping away tears
- He spends the rest of the day holding you while you cry and trying to make you laugh and smile
- You worry that you’re bugging him with all your crying but he reminds you that he wouldn’t be there unless he wanted to be
- He tells you that you’re wonderful and deserve someone who will treat you like royalty
- Also some thinly veiled threats towards your ex s/o
- He helps you delete their number and block them on social media

- A few weeks later when you’ve had time to move on from your ex you confess to Tyler you only dated them to get over your crush on Tyler
- He kisses you and tells you that there’s no need to get over him if you just dated him to begin with

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Hi Anne, may I ask you something I don't really understand? why does BTS have Japanese albums and Japanese songs? I mean, is it not possible to enter Japanese market with their Korean albums and promote that albums there as well? I'm curious because I really dont know how it works. and the same thing for the Taiwanese versions of their albums. why make a specific version for that country when it's exactly the same as their Korean one?

I actually am not sure about this either. it probably has more to do about the certain companies responsible for handling bangtan’s music matters in that country. Like it’s not bighit that produces it but their affiliated company in each country. Like in Japan, someone else manages bangtan’s music there so they produce japanese albums and songs.

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the thing abt lotor is that at current, we're at least aware he's a villain. he was introduced as a villain. so shipping him with lance or anyone on team voltron for that matter shouldn't be a thing. we have no idea if he's getting a redemption arc or not, so while we're unaware, and it's just ppl shipping an antagonist and a protagonist, it's toxic and bad and shouldn't be a thing. esp with the shit ive seen of that ship. trying to claim it's 'cute and fluffy' as they make abusive content 4 it

^^^^^^^This is exactly why I don’t want anything to do with him until we actually see him

When people ask “How can someone ship X?”, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they possess enough basic understanding of human psychology to understand exactly why people ship X. They just think shipping X is wrong, and want an excuse to pontificate about it.

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If you still have requests open for your mini-celebration, I'd love something with the prompt "What's so special about his/her/them?" With either Kirk or Bones. You're amazing BTW

Aw, thanks! I hope I’ve interpreted your request properly.

You’d just received a commendation for bravery, and you overheard the new nurse sitting beside Bones mutter “What so special about this one, anyhow?”

Bones stood up, and escorted her out of the ceremony, a storm on his face.

After, it was reported that he had explained exactly why you were so goddamn special, and you should try to be a little more like the Lieutenant, too, while we’re at it. After all:

  • There was the time that half the crew went down with a gastro bug and you’d synthesized a cure from an old earth drug that wasn’t even in common use anymore.
  • The time that Jim tore a chunk out of his inner thigh on an away mission, and you’d managed to bandage him up using a half empty med kit and part of your uniform. A bandage that managed to save Jim’s life, he might add.
  • The time that you realized your hand-to-hand combat skills sucked, so you recruited Hendorff to work with you in private until you were able to hold your own in a fair fight. No more helpless angel of mercy.
  • There was the time that you figured out how to make coffee, even though the replicators were down. You should have got a service star for that but the brass refused.
  • One time, an engineering red shirt came into the MedBay with his arm mangled beyond repair. It was one of the worst injuries Bones had ever seen, and you just worked through the gore and mess, reassuring the young ensign that everything was going to be okay now that he was in Doctor McCoy’s legendary hands. Bones had found you crying and retching into a kidney basin after, but you’d never lost your cool in front of the patient.
  • You knew alien anatomy so well that when Spock’s colour changed because he was coming close to Pon Farr, you recognized the symptoms almost at the same time Spock did, and were able to help him to get the care he needed.
  • You never forgot a birthday or special occasion, including remembering when your fellow crewmates might need gentler handling due to bad anniversaries. The crew trusted you implicitly.
  • And of course, the reason you were being honoured that day with a commendation for bravery: you’d stepped into the line of fire on an away mission, putting yourself between a group of children and the adults determined to murder them.
  • And finally: “Lt. Y/L/N is a better nurse than you are. You’d be wise to seek out her knowledge and learn from her.”

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Ok I know it's in the faqs but it doesn't say why you just said don't talk about it

exactly. respect my wishes, and please stop talking to me about her.

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What would Tracer, D.Va and Mercy be like with an S/O who can use magic?


  • She’s enthused
    • Asking you questions about how it works
    • How it feels
  • She asks you to make a flame in her palm 
    • Giggles while it flickers


  • She asks you questions
    • Whether it’s more like Western or Eastern magic
    • Any laws you have to follow
    • That sort of stuff
  • She’ll look at you whenever the power goes out
    • You make a flame in your hand with a sigh


  • She’s interested on a scientific level
    • And a medical
    • If you give consent she’ll run tests on you
    • Telling you exactly why you can
  • However, she still finds it a little cool when you summon electricity or anything else
    • It brings out her inner child

As Avaline walks through the dense woodland, she eventually comes to a clearing that opens into a small town square surrounded by decrepit, run down looking houses. She feels her heart leap out of her chest as a voice sounds from behind her, causing her to jump around in terror.

She finds herself facing a young teenage boy. He looks exactly like she would. But…why would someone her age without her obsession be lurking around in a place like this in the middle of the night?

Was he a…?

Pretty much. The picture is just shit lmao. But the whole skinny Yuuri issue is,, exactly why I dislike the first couple episodes of YOI. I hate how they make him lose so much weight in an unreasonable amount of time, and the fact that Yuuri being fat/chubby was seen in more a negative light than anything. I especially dislike the whole “little piggy” thing, though that’s apparently a rare opinion?? It just made me super uncomfortable, so I never rewatch first 4 or 5 episodes.

I want an intricate Prince Adam back story

I’m in love with what we already got as of his past life but I want to know more. I want it to begin before his mother’s death and how his father treated him and his mother, then have it progress to her death and then to how it caused Adam’s downfall. I would love to see his personality slowly progress into the imperious, arrogant, self-centered Adam that we saw at the beginning of Beauty and The Beast. It would be great to be able to see exactly why he became that way. Another thing that I’m curious about is his daily life. I would like to see what Adam did (build on his personality, quirks, etc). I think that if an entire back story were to happen, it could lead up to the night he was cursed, but show the whole night (or even before; think of things like him preparing for the party, him getting ready, dancing, talking to the guests and women surrounding him, since he seemed to be a flirt). Then, after he becomes cursed, it could show the after math. The fear that the people at the party felt (them fleeing for their lives), the fear and embarrassment he felt (I feel as if he would have tried to have stopped people from running, not being fully aware of everything just yet), the realization that he faced. I want to see Prince Adam realize what was happening and the pure horror it must have been for him to not only experience something so horrible, but for others to see him like that (this leads back to his conceded trait, everyone would see a handsome, confident prince be ruined and absolutely humiliated). I also think that they could build on how he was the following days, weeks, and months. I want questions answered, such as: when did he stop calling himself Adam and start calling himself “The Beast”? When did his people begin to call him “The Beast”? When did everything sink in for him? Did he ever attempt to leave to castle only to realize he could never be seen by anyone? How did people who were also cursed react? How did they treat him? Was he ever in denial? The night he was cursed, did he even sleep? Or did he cry himself to sleep? They could also pronounce how his personality changed after that. The way he began to down himself.
In conclusion, I believe that there could be so much more to Adam and I also believe that a movie with his back story needs to happen.

I know we all Carli a lot of crap but she has been playing so well for Man City. Granted she’s only played in two games, she has still been a critical player on both sides of the ball in both games. Her scoring that goal in today’s Champions League match is a major achievement. I can already see a little improvement in her play; she’s careful with her touches, getting rid of the ball at the right times, and in the right spot when she doesn’t have the ball. I kept saying how I wanted her to go play in England last year and this is exactly why. I cannot wait to see her play more for City and I cannot wait to see her improvements when she’s with the USWNT or the Dash.


Victor: “What were you thinking?”
Celie: “We just got ourselves a new housekeeper. Problem solved.”
Victor: “But she’s…well, she’s one of a kind. Not the kind I’d want anywhere near Belassan.”
Celie: “That’s exactly why I hired her.”
Victor: *Confused*
Celie: “She seems mad enough to survive this household. And I wouldn’t worry about our son, he knows how the defend himself.”

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Imagine Kai the nerdy manga lord, Soo his bff, Who is in love so he puts up with Kai's manga madness. And Soo slips his favourite BL manga into Kai's new package to see if he swings that way..

U G H you hurt me. but like does kyungsoo choose a BL where the characters look just like them because i think he does (eyes emoji) now i want this as a high school au, where kyungsoo then catches him reading through it in the library during free period, and he slowly gets to see jongin blush bright red (for…. artistic reasons… cough because jongin didn’t realize there’d be porn) and then slam the book shut and rush out of the public area. which is a good enough indication for kyungsoo, and from that day forth he’s always leaving new BL for him and jongin is just like ‘who is this BL fairy god and why do they always gift me things that look exactly like me and my long-term crush kyungsoo :c’ and then kyungsoo starts hinting at lines in the manga’s and teasing jongin by doing similar things to the characters and jongin thinks he’s imagining it all until one day. kyungsoo leaves a note in one of the books that says he thinks jongin is cute. and then jongin’s like ‘i got a confession :c’ and kyungsoos like ‘oh? really?’ and jongin is just :c :c :c while kyungsoo plays it cool. this continues for a million years because jongin is a clueless puppy, until kyungsoo w his great drawing skills (or maybe he hires kris) makes a tiny comic about the two of them flirting and the secret smiles kyungsoo’s always giving him when jongin isn’t looking (nice and subtle art), then sticks it in his locker and jongin reads it and feels all fuzzy and then finally gets the nerve to confess by drawing him back a really terribly messy confession scene that kyungsoo can’t even make out. but giggles at. and then they kiss and live forever in happy manga-loving bliss.

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My cousin birthday is on Mar 26 and the little shit don't even watch YOI I was like WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU EVIL WOMAN *GROSS SOBBING NOISE* EXACTLY 1 MONTH AFTER MINE WHY???????? after the note lol. Now I'll just gonna pretend It's my birthday instead. Healthy coping mechanism they said :)

Happy fake birthday ;)

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who do u think is going to storm out of the party in episode 10??? and why does that person storm out??? luv ur page❤❤

probably jughead. i’m not exactly sure why, but i bet it’s going to hurt. maybe it’ll have something to do with reggie and the other football players that pick on him? i’m sure they’re going to end up at the party one way or another 

and thank you <3333 

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Why, exactly, would we joke about something like this? *Especially* after what you've been put through lately? We want you loved and supported and *knowing it.* *We want you happy.* You *and* Logic--and yes, the others too, but.. nnnnope, not going there right now. Focusing on you two.

I understand that you guys want to help…. I appreciate it so much… These feelings I have… They just can’t come out.