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I worked personally with Dave for many years to get the optimum performance out of him and I actually believe that some of his best vocals are on the ‘SOFAD’ album. Dave’s voice on tracks such as 'In Your Room’, 'Condemnation’, 'I Feel You’ and 'Walking In My Shoes’ absolutely mirrors the intensity of the music. Obviously there is a degradation in his vocals during some of the live performances from 'Devotional’ but this is purely down to the stresses and strains of extensive touring and perfectly understandable. That said, I would rather hear a cracked and 'rough’ sounding voice that is full of emotion, to one that is technically perfect but bland and lifeless.
—  Alan Wilder on Dave Gahan’s vocal performance on Songs of Faith and Devotion
Parallel’s- Zac and his ‘Workshop’ for Jon and Sansa

“Besides the fact that Jon and Sansa were filmed to look like Ned and Catelyn, due to stance, attitude, scenic and shot (way it was filmed) and cooperation, there is more to this scenery.

(There is more below)

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a collection of thoughts about bruce banner, all based off the one picture of him in peter’s science class

  • tony visits peter’s school for whatever reason, and happens to walk in during that class. he sees the picture of bruce. snaps a photo of it on his phone to show him later. makes passing conversation along of the lines of “well, it makes sense. he is a genius, after all. and now a bunch of you will learn that! well. some of you will learn that. the rest of you twerps won’t pay attention. did you know he has a thing for blueberries? not sure about their muffin form, though. i’ll have to ask.”
  • tony eventually texts him the photo and bruce isn’t sure why, exactly, tony has a closeup of a black and white picture of his face
  • then tony follows it up with a picture of the entire row of scientists and bruce notices the whiteboard underneath it and tony says “you’re in good company. smart company, at least. the only downside is that you’re in high school again.”
  • and then it starts to click that what he’s done is being taught in science classes
  • he’s part of the curriculum. him. his work and his accomplishments are being taught and remembered. not the hulk.
  • not the hulk.
  • bruce banner sees a black and white photo of himself next to nikola tesla and he sees a legacy he’s not ashamed of
  • he sees all the scientists he read about and researched, the ones who inspired him in high school, and he sees himself next to them.
  • he sees a possibility that he can be one of them for this new generation, that now he can maybe be someone who gives some kid hope and motivation the same way they did for him.
  • it’s a good feeling. 
  • meeting peter parker, who trips over his words and vigorously shakes his hand, who talks quickly and excitedly about what he knows about bruce’s work? being able to recognize that peter’s nervousness comes out of awe and respect and not fear? that’s a good feeling, too.

asdmabel replied to your post “Also…the ending of Gravity Falls is satisfying purely because it…”

i will fight you bc the dreamscape and the mindscape are two different things and the metal plate protects ford’s mindscape but not his dreamscape. i guess the ds is like the atmosphere for the metaphorical planet that is the ms

That’s not the part that makes no sense. It’s just…okay, so Ford gave Bill an open-ended invitation to enter his mind whenever he wanted. Then Jheselbraum gave Ford a plate made of what I assume to be magic space metal that keeps him out. Fair enough. As a side effect, the memory gun has no effect on him. Sensible enough. But the mind-reading helmet does work on him…But also, apparently if he shakes Bill’s hand and makes a SECOND deal with him, the metal plate won’t work anymore? Why??

Also as long as I’m here, what exactly can and can’t Bill do without getting permission? Because he can enter Stan’s mind and rifle through his memories in Dreamscaperers without a deal. It’s not possession, but it’s definitely invasion of his mind. But apparently he can’t do the same thing to Ford and get the equation that way? Why? Because of the metal plate, presumably? What does the metal plate actually do? Why does it prevent mind invasion and possession but not dream invasion? Why does shaking Bill’s hand render it ineffective? 

For that matter, why can’t Bill use his powers over physical matter to just remove the plate from Ford’s head? Is it magic/holy/something and he can’t touch it? Or was it never the plate itself stopping him from invading Ford’s mind? Was the only reason Bill couldn’t posses Ford because they’d reached “the end of time” and thus the end of his original deal? 

Did the metal plate only ever protect him from getting his memory erased, and if so, did Jheselbraum only give it to him because she knew how things would eventually play out? If that’s true, Ford didn’t know about it because he clearly thought it would protect his mind from Bill in TLM. 

And if that is the case, how come Bill was able to enter Stan’s mind in Dreamscaperers without a deal, but can’t enter Ford’s without a deal??


…I’m not saying it’s impossible to come up with an explanation for all this. I’m a Doctor Who fan, I know lots about spackling up plotholes. But seriously, the whole thing kind of doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I could not care less about that fact, the plate in Ford’s head and Bill’s mind invasion powers do what the story needs them to do. That’s all that really matters.

fabelyn replied to your post “Man, I can’t wait for the second season to be about Yurio and Otabek…”

considering the title can refer to both yuri’s, this would make total sense

That’s exactly why I thought about it!

I mean, perhaps that’s one of the reasons he shares names with Yuuri?
So he can be the protagonist the next time.
Who knows?

I don’t think that shoujo-like introduction to Otabek and Yurio’s relationship was for nothing either (although it could stay as friendship, knowing Kubo the possibility of something more happening is there).

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ok im sorry but this fan from 2010 who's WAY to invested in d&p has no clue what the actual fack a "demon" or "phanti" is. help me

hahaha i guess they’re pretty new terms though so you’re forgiven. a ‘demon phannie’ is someone who ships phan and sees something phan-related in like everything they do and basically their life is ruined bc phan. also known as ‘me’ hello

a phanti/anti phannie is someone who doesn’t ship phan and feels like it’s their job to let everyone know that they don’t, exactly why they don’t and why others shouldn’t either. basically my least favourite people bc like obviously you don’t have to ship it but can u please shut the hell up and stop telling others what to think?? g o d

but yes. so. there u go anon

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Honestly, I'm so sick of shipping discourse, I've seen it in pretty much every fandom I've been in and it still makes me groan whenever I see it, just let people ship what they want to ship! incest grosses me the fuck out but I don't attack people who ship incest ships because I know it's not my right to dictate what people can and cannot ship, people are always going to ship something you don't like so just get over it and start being more mature about it instead of whining about it on tumblr.

Exactly! I don’t see why people can’t just leave other people alone and let them ship whatever they want to ship

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yo, take your time with pdfe updates, you're not under some legal contract to give us the dank memes. we understand if you have real world obligations to tend to first, so don't get too bummed out about us.

And I’m very grateful that you guys have always been very understanding I have real world obligations and circumstances out of my control which can prevent me from updating sometimes. You’re all wonderful followers and I’m grateful for the support!

It’s not so much I feel bummed out about not being able to update. I always make update post like that for you guys to let you know what’s up, which I haven’t done very well this hiatus due to similar reasons to why I don’t know exactly when the hiatus will be lifted. Life is unexpected, I get busy, and there are circumstances that just aren’t in my control.

I just don’t want to leave you guys in the dark because that is unfair to all of you. You guys are very supportive and understanding, so I want to return that kindness in anyway possible (be it making content for this blog, or reading asks of fe things you guys think of, etc) We’re all here because of our common interest in Fire Emblem and I want to use this to spread some laughs and positivity.

Besides this blog was made so I can just make silly no effort doodles about a game series I love to de-stress from life and serious work I need to draw or make. It’s just sometimes life gets busy and I can’t afford to take time away from real world obligations.

Thank you again everyone for understanding, but I promise to bring more PDFE content when time allows for it.

the brunette was almost bored by this little event being thrown and she could place her finger exactly on why; it was so dull. someone needed to put a little life into the party and if katherine was the one who had to do it, so be it. “now a dirty little birdy told me,” she said, picking up a drink from a passing server’s hand before tipping her head to the person beside her. “that you might have something i want.”

Having a hard day. I don’t know why, exactly, except I feel burnt out in multiple life areas and I feel like I can’t ever get recharged enough to function well.

It doesn’t help that today was when bio mom was supposed to go in front of the judge, and would have if she hadn’t no-showed our worker Tuesday. The so-close-it-hurts is just hard.

The kids are in bed now, though, so I’m going to try and cram in self-care now. Pointless post is pointless.

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A jerk of an Asriel from the past: (not the mun, mun is nice c:) To get out of this void? You idiot! Just use your six SOULs???? I mean if you're able to bend you're own form like it never had be seen before, breaking the rules of our world why can't you? Why do I only meet counterpart that cannot even use the powers we shared properly? Heck, why was I even stupid enough to think taking this huge stupid form was scary? Its RIDICULOUS. YOU ARE RIDICULOUS. Asriel truly are morons!

* Listen here, you little prick, don’t go calling me a moron without knowing why exactly am I stuck here.

* Any time I try to leave I just get kicked back here! I’ve tried a million times! And in different ways! Absolutely nothing worked so far, pal.

* So why don’t you shut up and leave before I tear you apart for talking to me like that?

Midnight Mass

Summary: The reader has just completed a hunt and is attending Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. The priests leading the mass are gorgeous but seem out of their element during the worship service. The reader confronts one of the priests in the confessional booth following the service.

Pairings/Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, various OFCs (nuns!); FYI: There are no gender distinguishing characteristics so the reader can be read as any gender!

Word Count: 2466

Warnings: Description of canon typical violence; Reader attends church/Winchesters interact with nuns.

A/N: This was written for @jensen-jarpad‘s Christmas Song Challenge.  My song was “Mary Did You Know” and you can see a video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifCWN5pJGIE.  Also, if you are more smut inclined, you can read the extended version with a smutty ending over on AO3 here!

Midnight Mass

Originally posted by aborddelimpala

You walked into the church, not entirely unaware of what to do but unsure of exactly why you were there.  You had finished the job in town and, after you showered off all the dirt and muck from grave digging and bone burning, found yourself drawn to the church that had been terrorized by the ghost of a deceased nun who, apparently, didn’t like the direction in which the church was moving.  In her life, Sister Catherine had decried any music outside of the large pipe organ in the sanctuary as idolatry and blasphemy.  For her, no translation of the Bible was truly holy and blessed except for the King James Version.  Since her death, the parish had begun using more modern, easier to understand language when reading the Bible but the last straw for Sister Catherine’s spirit was the priest and choir master’s decision to include “contemporary” music at the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.  

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New Undertale RP Blog - The-Knight-Captain

So after a long thinking, and wishing to explain the story, and the possible roleplaying chances with this character, i decided to take the RP blog from a different, more responsible angle, and actually start it as a second project.

This is a roleplay Blog, made for the Undertale themed characters (muses), in which you will be interacting with this particular character, a.k.a. The Knights Captain.

So, who is this guy ?
- The Knights Captain is a revived, human veteran, of the old monster war, turned into a phantom by the magical experiments of monsters. Dealing with his amnesia, which distorts his memories to no end, the knight is on a constant march, to regain his memories, and find out exactly why, he was brought back to life, while constantly fighting with an unending hate, leading his blade of flames to be pointed at the monsters of Underground. Bearing a dark curse, he is destined, to be either on the path of knowledge, and wisdom. Or on the path of slaughter.

What type of RP can you expect ?
- Fighting (until now, mostly used)
- Conversations (sorry for the lack of proper explanation, my english sucks)
- Romance (even if i dont know why you would like too, but meh, if you are into flirting, go for it !)
- Interaction through Asks
- Interacting with different characters from different timelines and alternate universes

Who is the Mun ?

- 12 Years of Experience in Storytelling (mostly DnD type fantasy, but also steampunk, post-apocalyptic, future, sci-fi, and others) Roleplaying based campaigns, adventures and all others

- 24 years old (still behaves like a wimpy child, with zero confidence, please dont hurt meeeeeh)

- Passionate, opened, patient, tolerant, can be lazy sometimes, tries his hardest to make a good job, in love with roleplaying and cute ladies.

- Larper, Cosplayer, Artist and a dummy by heart




Gender equality and your unconscious bias - @ConversationUK
We may think we're comfortable with female bosses and politicians but research into implicit biases suggests otherwise.
By Magdalena Zawisza

What exactly is unconscious gender bias and why do we have it? Unconscious, or implicit, bias happens outside of our control and awareness. It’s automatic and reflects the associations we acquire as we socialise into the culture we grow up in. You can test your own implicit biases more scientifically by taking this Implicit Association Test. The test was designed to capture the brain’s learnt automatic associations. Since it is based on time reactions it can bypass our social desirability concerns and tap into unconscious biases. As such it is reportedly superior to self-report measures of prejudice in predicting behaviours.

Implicit bias is a result of our mind developing mental shortcuts to navigate the complexities of reality efficiently. It is often evolutionarily adaptive. For example, we automatically favour flowers over insects, which protects us from being stung by something that might harm us – a spider for example. This is both a normal preference for most people but has also been seen in implicit association tests. However, implicit association studies also show that we favour the young over the old, the white over the black and heterosexuals over homosexuals. But what about unconscious gender biases?