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Prompt Fic 1: write across the sky in letters

@oliviaspencerrivera asked me to tell the story of when Regina realises that she’s in love with Emma in ‘From Crayons to Perfume’. Will make sense without knowledge of that fic.

It starts with nothing, as the rare arguments she has with Emma so often do. ‘Get your grading off my kitchen table’ turns to ‘why are you so anal retentive’ and then to ‘he’s my son and I won’t feel obliged to you for giving him to me’ and then Emma storms out and gets in her car and Regina gives several A-grade papers D’s and an hour later Emma’s back, normally with some weird gift for Henry or to go another round or before she can decide which route to take, she’s yanked inside by Regina, pressed against the coat closet and kissed soundly until all thoughts of forgiveness or fighting are forgotten.

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Romanced companions react to a stranger pinching Sole's ass and Sole being very uncomfortable? :o

Cait: She would have the strangers wrist locked in her hand before it could even pinch Sole’s ass. Cait would glare at them until she was sure that they got the message. 

Curie: She wouldn’t say anything to the stranger but she would ask them if they were OK later. She’d probably stick her tongue out to the stranger as they were walking away. 

Danse: When the stranger tried to get away, he grabbed them by their arm and started questioning them on why they thought that was OK like an angry dad. 

Deacon: He would straight up chase after the stranger until he finally caught up to them and would start to scold the stranger. 

Hancock: He would get in an all out fight with the stranger and if they pulled out a weapon, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. 

MacCready: He would start to yell at them and continue to yell at them when they were running away, even if the stranger wasn’t likely to hear him anymore. 

Valentine: He would be angry but wouldn’t say anything to the stranger and just ask Sole if they were alright. If the stranger came around and did it a second time, though, he would probably yell at them. 

Piper: She would get up in the stranger’s face, shouting at them about taking responsibility for their actions and how childish that is. 

Preston: He would pull them off to the side and have a civil discussion with the stranger about it, probably making the stranger question their life choices. 

X6-88: He would grab the stranger’s hand so quickly that neither Sole or the stranger saw his hand move. X6 would most likely break their fingers. 

Maxson: Like with X6, there will probably be broken bones involved. 

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it's so annoying, everyone's saying "lauren got laid" bitch no. we know nothing. why don't ya'll say "normani got laid" i mean laurmani were just having fun last night, no need to make assumptions smfh. none of us was near lauren last night so stop pretending to know everything just cause she came later. maybe she had an headache and needed more rest? lmao

why y'all so butthurt? hello it’s 2016 and it’s INTERNET if you get that easily butthurt then you’re not ready for internet jesus just chill the fuck out y'all so annoying and dramatic.

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Why do you hate Erza so much?

Its not that I hate Erza, I actually love her character. Its just I don’t like how much she fights. She fights more then anyone (besides Natsu, and sometimes even him) in an arc. I think that other girls need a chance to shine. 

This arc for example. She fought Ajeel, and got severely injured. Then a few chapters later she fought three people that nearly killed her in the past, got severely injured with them. A few chapters later shes taking out enemies like she didn’t even get hurt and we all know shes going to fight at least one more time. Lucy, Juvia and Wendy have fought once but they had help. 

This is my biggest problem with Erza. Its Mashima’s manga though, and I accepted the fact that Erza’s the main female fighter… I just wish he’d give his other female characters the spotlight. 

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I mean they probably just didn't have time to think out her appearance. After all Garnet looked much different when she first fused. Honestly I think they're adorable but the split arm really threw me off

thats why I’m hoping she gets a redesign later on and this is written off as an awkward first fusion– though i will say Garnet was lovely as first formation too so idk 

GMW 🙄 thought of the day

For a fandom that claims to love the main characters so much… You all don’t think very highly of them. Today I’m talking about Maya.

In Ski Lodge 2… We watched Maya and Josh declare that they liked each other, that they were both playing the long game.
Now a few episodes later, everyone claims that she now has feelings for Zay. Do you really think that she has suddenly realized after years have passed that she doesn’t like Josh after finding out he likes her too? Do you really think she would play with Zay’s feelings?
Also in Ski 2- Lucas and Riley decided to try being a couple again. MJ, Maya & Lucas have all said that Maya does not like Lucas as more than a friend. Why do some of you insist that she does?

Here’s what gets me… I don’t like Maya… Never have…likely never will… Yet I know she would never play games with her friends and their feelings.

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Imagine Peridot coming over and making meep morphs with you. Imagine her catching Pokemon with you. (I hope this was a happy though? Sorry)

I feel as if she would be the only force on earth that could get all of my dad’s crap out of the barn and shed, so this is Good. 

And she would beat my ass at pokemon.

“Why are you not going to catch these pokemon”
“it’s 3am”
“i need sleep”
“i’ll catch them for both of us BECAUSE UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE i want to make sure Team Mystic is strong all hours of the day”
“u do that Perri”
[6 hours later, wakes up]
“MOK, mok–”
“Huh, wha”
“We’re both level 34 now.”
“I got bored with local pokemon as the population soon became insufficient to support our needs, so i ventured north. The ‘border patrol’ is very troublesome, but i have caught almost everything needed to evolve what we have.”
“…you didn’t transfer my oddish did you.”
“I had to transfer some of them, considering space restrictions–”
“The one you designated ‘my baby’ is still there, i promise!!”

i just. see this happening.

And while I’m (sorta) on the subject: Olivia has zero patience for politics and honestly lacks the mind to deal with it. She’d rather bash her way through most problems, or strategize (militarily speaking) if the situation demands. But even more than that is her strong desire to stay as way far away as possible when it comes to politics… especially those mired deeply in Orlais. The Game is a thing she detests

This is all why, a little later on, Olivia is all too happy to allow her sister (@dalishiouself‘s Camilla) to run the show. For the Winter Palace they actually even have Camilla attend as Olivia so that they can actually charm the court. By this time? It’s absolutely no secret that Olivia herself would fuck up and get their asses kicked out. So she dresses as an attending soldier so she can sneak away and do the behind the scenes work without the fuss of anyone missing her. 

@ass-sass-sin-trevelyan [x]

Raising an eyebrow, he gave her a skeptical look and crossed his arms.  “Are you fucking kidding me?  The first thing you say, after being a complete fucking bitch is tell me to kiss you?

He still had no idea why she was so damn pissed at him, it could be quite a few things, or a combination of some (if not all), spanning over at least a month.  But if she was going to go off on him, refuse to explain, and then a few days later tell him to kiss her, she was out of her damn mind.  He was tired of trying to be nice, and done playing whatever game she was trying to get him roped into.  No way.

“Did you ever think that maybe that’’s all I’m worth? Being a complete fucking bitch who knows no better? That maybe that’s all I have left of who I am? Who I was? What, am I not good enough for you, Talon? You’ll fuck anything that moves, but not me?” She came at him quickly, restraining herself from throwing a punch at him. She was still so fucking hurt about everything that had happened, and now all she did was look desperate

And this is what it had all boiled down to. This is all she was. A spoiled little rich brat who threw a fit if she didn’t get what she wanted. “Finish what you started,” she growled, inches away from his face. 

fumi taking an interest in makoto that develops slowly as they become close friends and otome notices the way fumi looks at makoto sometimes. supports her as she tries to drop vague hints to gauge makoto’s interest, but makoto is painfully unaware that fumi means anything other than being friends. fumi getting kind of frustrated by makoto’s density re: flirting because why isn’t she getting it? and otome trying to aid her friend in communicating her feelings effectively aka why not just be blunt with her if subtlety isn’t working. later, fumi puts it all out there at once suddenly and makoto goes into sort of panic denial because haha wait what friends right? YOU MEAN LIKE FRIENDS?? dramatic staring and then “TO BE CONTINUED”

Cosmic pt3


Avengers A/U

Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: language


The video played over and over again. Fury perked an eyebrow at Steve who looked over at Nat. “Well?”

“What do you want me to say?” steve asked watching the video of you in the medical wing. First you had throw a man,then having closed your eyes you made them all disappear. Later to find out they had been moved to the roof of the building.

“What happened? The night at the library.” Fury asked.

“Its all there. We dont know why she was in flames or why Johann Schmidt was there, or what exactly he was after.” Steve exhaled and Fury frown.

“Fine, just get her to talk or we are going to have to cut her loose.”


You peeked out the door. There was no one around still it had been full not an hour earlier.

“If you would like directions or need help finding anything just ask ms. Y/L/N”

You jumped and looked around. “Who said that?”

“I am the AI for this building, Mr. Stark calls me Friday. I can assist in almost anything.”

“Holy crap! That is awesome.” you looked around “can you see me?”

“I can, though your privacy is protected in your bedroom.”

“Oh!” you looked around. “Are-is there anyone else in the living quarters?”

“Currently there is no one, they were called for a meeting.”

“So…kitchen is free.” you smiled and happily walked out.


Steve walked in to see you standing by the kitchen counter. There was a plate with peanutbutter and jam sandwiches and it looked like you were waiting on coffee. He took a minute to watch you as you pulled his sweats back up as they slid down a bit.

“Hey Steve-” Sam came in and nearly ran into him. “Hey..”

You turned around surprised and saw Steve standing there a small blush on his cheeks, how long had he been there? “I was just waiting for coffee.” you said.

Sam smiled, “oh perfect! You are my favorite person right now. Im Sam by the way. You must be y/n Steve wont stop talking about you.”

Steve opened and closed his mouth as you looked at him moving to one side as Sam grabbed the jar of coffee and poured three cups. “All good things.” he finally managed. “How about that movie?”

Sam chuckled. “A movie sounds great! What are we watching?”

You liked Sam, he was easy going and he smiled a lot. “Im up for it.” you followed the two men to the large entertainment room. There were a lot of books, in one end of the room there was a huge tv with several consoles hooked up. You followed Steve and sat next to him as Sam threw himself on the couch next to you.

You smiled as Sam said something and placed his hand on your knee. Steve cleared his throat and picked up the remote and switched through till he found something.

“Oh! This is Turner and Hooch! Such an old movie but so so good!” you exclaimed looking at Steve, a smile falling on your lips. You squeezed his knee and Sam caught your attention again.


You were holding a rubicks cube, and it was hot. So hot. You tried to drop it, but it stuck to you. Pain exploded across you as green flames erupted around you. A scream escaped your lips, somebody help!

Steve shook you hard, you had fallen asleep during the movie and had been making small noises. When you screamed both he and Sam were surprised. Sam jumped away as green flames burst from you. Your eyes shot open and you tried to push Steve off of you.

“I dont want to hurt you!“you yelled struggling with him. Still he wrapped his arms around you ignoringthe pain as flames slid around him.

“Shhh, its okay, im here, i got you.”

Your racing heart began to slow and the sprinkler system finally set off drenching you. Still a small green glow kept you warm. “Im sorry!"you cried clutching steve to you. "Whats wrong with me?!”

Steve pulled away and met your eyes. “Nothing, your perfect.” he saw your eyes flicker to Sam who stood hands at his sides.

You saw the fear in Sams eyes and felt a tear slide down your face. He mlved forwards and you buried your face in Steves chest.

“Sam, im going to take her to her room. Can you clean up here?” steve didnt wait for an answer, he swept you up in his arms and carried you back to your room. He set you down on your bed and looked away.

You frowned and looked down. The shirt you wore was in rags and you realized the fire had destroyedyour clothes. You stood quickly and ran your hands over him, his shirt had been burned but as far as you could see he didnt have any injuries.

Steve held still as your small hands practically groped him. He knew what you were doing, still when you pulled his shirt up and stopped staring at his perfectly sculpted abs he grabbed your wrists.

“Uhm…sorry, i just…” you looked away..

Steve tipped your head up, “im okay. Supersoldier remember?” he smirked as you let out a breath. He couldnt help himself, he kissed you softly.

You jerked away, but he still had your hands in his and he pulled you to him and you melted.

Nat walked in and stopped short. “I, uh, brought you some clothes.”

You two broke apart quickly. She smiled at you as you as you walked over and took the clothes from her hurrying to the bathroom.

They watched you and she nudged Steve in the side. “Already? You move fast.”

“Nat-its not what you think.”

“What is it?”

Steve stared at the door, “shes special.”


Honestly? I wish that things like these didn’t need to be said. But unfortunately, they do.

To all adults who tell kids that being gay is ‘wrong’ or think they can’t understand it, this is for you.

This story starts when I was around 6. My mom has some really close friends she’s known since around high school. They’re so close, that two of them are my godparents. But we’ll get into that later.

Their names are Diane, Alex, Jim, and Randy. They’re all married. To each other, respectively.

I was around 6 when I realized this. I was around  6 when I figured out what Jim and Randy’s matching rings meant. I didn’t have trouble understanding why two guys were married. The only reason I didn’t realize that earlier was because I didn’t understand what marriage was. I soon understood that Jim and Randy were my godparents, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

I was around 7-8 when my godparents, my parents, and my brother and I went out for lunch. Jim and Randy were showing me their rings, I had a book, and all was right with the world.

Until I met my first homophobe. 

A man at a table across from us was just so offended that he just had to yell that they were wrong, and that they were corrupting me and my brother, and that they deserved to rot in hell. 

My dad pointed out that he, the man swearing and cursing was the one “corrupting” us, but he didn’t have enough brain cells to realize that.

He then left, and I was left thinking that there was no way that my godparents deserve to die! he does! he’s rude and mean and a total jerk! my godparents are nice, caring, supportive people!

I hadn’t realized he had said it because they were gay. My first priority in my little 7-year-old brain was to think that they were better people. And they absolutely are. 

So this is to you, people who say being gay is ‘wrong’, especially that rude idiot I met yesterday-

If a 7-year-old girl realizes that two happy, positive, gay men are far better and more capable of love than you assholes, why can’t you? 

If a 7-year old girl has more common sense than you about this, don’t you think you should grow up and realize you’re wrong?

I shit you not
  • Me:Allinah (my neice), Can you get me a dr. Pepper from the fridge please.
  • Allinah:Can I have some!
  • Me:Sure, just get me a Dr. Pepper and a cup
  • Allinah:Okay
  • *runs out the room*
  • Allinah:*comes back five minutes later with two Real peppers*
  • Me:why do you have peppers
  • Allinah:I got the peppers
  • ....
  • Me:*walks into the livingroom* Why do we have peppers?
  • Mom:I dunno, why did you need peppers
  • Me:I said Dr. Pepper
  • Mom:She said 'Peppers'
  • Me:I sit in my room all day on Youtube. Why would I possibly need peppers!?!
  • My mind has been blown. This actually happened.

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i love your writing omg???? also ur leaving me hanging here with that ending to the come back alive prompt. what happens with lola??

nice way: lola tries to kill neil, neils good on his feet, lowkey turns into Nathaniel for a second, he doesn’t kill her but does corner her, traps her, and calls browning to gets her locked away again

not nice way: why would she drag him out to baltimore just to talk?? she tricked him from the second he answered the phone at 4am tbh andrew gets worried when it’s been two days and neil isn’t home yet, he calls the whole team who worked with neil & his case, tells them everything that happened. they found stuart dead in his house & neils body three days later, with marks from a dashboard lighter all over it. 

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2, 3, 4, 6, 21, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36

2. Favorite character and why?
maya! as much as i love riley and a number of other characters, its been maya from day one. back when i was still warming up to the show, i was already crazy about maya. not only is she funny and sassy and entertaining in that sense, but she has one of the most complex and intriguing backstories of any disney channel character. its heart-wrenching but relatable at the same time and sabrina does an incredible job at putting it on.

3. least favorite character and why?
charlie gardner. hes pushy and hates when he doesnt get what he wants, which is annoying. the line “i heard youre free now. are you free?” drives me CRAZY cuz hes like “ok you literally JUST got out of a relationship now youre all mine” im glad riley shut him down sooner than later.

4. OTP
rilaya!!!!! my otp to end all otps

i have a few but riarlies probably number 1. thankfully riley never showed all that much interest in him anyway.

21. Ginger the ferret or Chelsea the fish?

30. Jexica or Dorothy?
aw man….while jexica is one of my fav episodes (and one of the most fun tapings) the whole dorothy storyline breaks my heart so im gonna go with that

32. If you could erase something that happened on the show, what would it be and why?
the triangle in its entirety?? lmao its an easy answer but its true. at the very least id erase parts of it so the resolution makes more sense. its just so heteronormative, forced, and all over the place, and the show would be so much better without it.

33. If you could write an entire episode for the show, what would the title and plot be?
OOOHOHOOHOH. simple, girl meets girl in which riley and maya realize theyre in love with each other.

34. Which character are you most like and in what way?
as ive said before, i dont often find fictional characters that i see myself in, but riley matthews is the best personification of myself ive ever seen. she lives in her own little world, removed from all the bad things happening in real life, and when they do happen to present themselves to her, she either tries to ignore them or change them. shes always as positive as she can be and while she does find herself having to grow up at times, she tries to hold onto her childlike innocence as long as she can. all of that is me to a tee.

36. Which lesson was your favorite and for what reason?
probably jexica, in which they stress that no one should be judged for little things like what kind of movies or music they like. almost all of the bullying i was subject to growing up was as a result of these things, i even lost a number of my close friends simply because of those. because of that, im very sensitive to people judging my interest in movies, music, etc. so to have something like that specifically covered in the show meant a lot to me.

thank you so much for all the questions!!

send me a gmw ask!

// When you think of a heartbreaking drabble. I kind of wanna write it?

I’ll give a brief summary.

  Tay and Eric fighting some mutant / org/ mut-org/ random monster/ Take your pick. But The monster is like– flying or some shit. So Tay flies up to take care of it, only to get hit  and is now unconscious falling. She powers down, and is just like– out of it. Eric being all like “why did she power down???!!!” And he’d run to save her probably do some impressive jump to catch her and just holds her and makes sure that she’s breathing  and that her heart rate is normal. He then makes sure that she’s in a safe place before finishing the battle. or he calls for back up, or gets an ambulance quickly to the scene. Later on he just sits by her hospital bed waiting for her to wake up. It’d be like the middle of the night or something he’d be passed out asleep leaning on the bed. And she’d be like “I can’t believe you fell asleep.” Or some joking line like that. And he’d wake up and just be happy that she’s okay.

*rolls around* feeellsssss. This ship is taking over my lifeeeeeee.

That was very poorly written summary. But it’s midnight and I’m not feeling 100%. So, yeah. xD

Not really heartbreaking. But tugs at your heartstrings. lol

@littlepowerpeach i’ve heard about the deleted scenes and know that they show a darker side to the relationship. and someone pointed out to me that it was mainly “light” and “cute” because it was revolved around harley and showed the relationship through her eyes in a manner of speaking. and considering that she genuinely loves him (which is VERY one sided. he just uses and uses her continually) it’s understandable why it would leave out the abuse. and later on in the movie with enchantress when she’s showing them what they most desire, harley wants a family and for joker to love her. so i get it. i just feel like people are now going to be shipping them thinking that it’s all “cutesy” and not knowing the true nature. i completely understand what you’re saying and where’s you’re coming from though