why was i not born a boy

Letters from R. (young!Remus x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 10 – Remus Lupin

Summary: During your summer holidays, you get letters from an unknown person on a regular basis… but who is the shy boy that confesses his interest in you without revealing his identity?

A/N: This one came into my mind quite spontaneously. It’s longer, just because I didn’t want to rush it even more than I already did lol.

Word count: 2,128

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: flufffff


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my heart is no longer heavy from all the things I could not keep and wanted to. i learn that what is meant to be, always finds a way. it was supposed to happen like this. destiny. it was written somewhere in stone that i’d fall in love with you. without knowing from where or why. it would just happen. and then it did. and although you never learned to hold me like I needed for you too- you were honest. you could have never loved me. and i needed that. because you made room in my heart for love, because the part of me that still believes in loving a person has not died off yet. it was supposed to happen like this. i was supposed to lose you. you were not born the man i’d spend the rest of my life with, but you were born the boy who’d teach me that’s it’s possible to start over in your same home country. as it turns out, this heart is still mine even if it’s loving the wrong people.
anyways, i want to say thank you.
thank you for leaving me when you did.
thank you for leaving behind all that room for beautiful things to happen.
beautiful things have happened since then.
this new love, stronger love, is one of them.

i paused the video at this moment and it’s amazing so i’ll break it down for you because why not:

at first we have j-hope and jin looking like those aunts at family reunions who are waiting for you to spill the tea but once you do, they’ll be judging you hardcore


then we have namjoon proving once more he’s born to be a leader as he talks English as if it was his native language and his kids tae and kookie looking at him suspiciously because he uses words like “contemporary characteristic” and “transcend”

and last but not least there’s my love yoongi being.. yoongi aka asleep and adorable af

Yūri and Viktor's names??

So apparently “Katsuki” (勝生)means “born to win” and “Yūri” (勇利) means “courage to win”

And guess what Viktor’s name means:
Viktor is a variation of of the latin word “victor”(victor, victoris m.) that literally means “the winner”

BOi they are meant to be together

EDIT thanks to @fran-czi for pointing out that Viktor’s surname “Nikiforov” means “the one who brings victory” ((but i have no idea what nikiforov’s etymology is ;-; but sounds similar to the latin word “nicator” which apparently also means “winner”??))

I, a lesbian trans woman, would like to feel like I have a place I can go to. But because of Terfs, I cannot go to lesbian/gay spaces, because I am called a “straight male” and I cannot go to omen safe spaces because I’m a “male.” Why should what I was born as dictate who I am now?
I think I only identified as a boy/male for about 6 years of my life. My family was not supportive so I could not start transitioning until recently. But, I never really had any “male privilege.” I could not even go to the bathroom in public without getting severe dysphoria. And you know what? Terfs have ruined me, and my life, by “"advocating for what is right”“ and I honestly wish I could be seen as a woman. It is all I want. But Terfs are placing the nasty idea in people’s heads that i am not a woman, and it is sending me back into the dark hole of self hatred, dysphoria, and depression. I was plenty happy when I started transitioning. When I finally started getting a body that was closer to who I was. But now I am back to square one.
Terfs are disgusting. They have made me hate myself, again.

  • normal californian boy: wassup you guys it's so hot here like
  • me: stop. ew. why do you sound so white. no.
  • joshua hong: wassup you guys! my name's joshua hong and i was born in LA!
  • me: *sobs* the sound of angels right there. im so blesst.
Hoseok's Secret Praise Kink
  • Jimin: hobi-hyung is sexy
  • Hoseok: *blushes and swats at Jimin*
  • Jimin: did you see hobi-hyung’s abs in his intro?? 👏🏽 HE 👏🏽 DID 👏🏽 THAT! 👏🏽
  • Hoseok: *hides under blanket after flicking Jimin’s forehead*
  • Jimin: did you /see/ hobi-hyung in bst????
  • Hoseok: *smacks Jimin’s thigh then dives into his pillow fort to hide*
  • Hoseok: why am I dating you again?
  • Hoseok: *shoves Jimin off a cliff*
Why You’re Gonna (wanna) Fuck Alec Ryder
  • He was born in 2129 which puts him about early to mid 50′s when Andromeda starts (circa 2183) DAT DUDE IS 50. DAMNY DAMN DAMN.
  • THIS MAN IS THE CAPITAL ORIGINAL FUCKING GANSTA. He was with dem boys when they found the Charon Mass Relay and WENT THROUGH IT. BALLS OF MOTHERFUCKING IRON to approach a Mass Relay and be like lol where does this go having NO concept of a mass effect relay or what it does or what it could do you you.
  • You remember what happened after that right? Remember the first contact war? WELL HE FOUGHT IN THE FIRST CONTACT WAR. Not only that but at SHANXI. This means two things: He was either apart of the guerrilla forces that fought against the turians on the ground facing things like orbital fucking colony drops OR he was part of the alliance liberation operation that kicked the turians T U R I A N S off the colony. Either way. Bad. ASS.
  • He’s smart as shiiiiit. He invented the program that iterally jacks into your mind and matrix’s you. You need to know what the history of this planet? You’ll have that information downloaded directly into your brain. You need to learn kung fu? DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN/BODY. HE WROTE THAT SHIT. AIN’T NOTHING FINER than a smart-ass silver fox bad ass heroic ass mf-er like him.


He also might be Cerberus so….

Your body is your house. It has been since you were born. So why are you tearing your house apart for a boy who couldn’t see your worth? Why are you cutting your house down and setting it on fire to keep him warm when he will never try to repair the cracks that have accumulated through the years?

-Your body is a temple.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #351


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why does it bother you so much that latinxs with latinx names want a fictional character with a latinx name...

Well first off… Latinx isn’t a thing, it’s Latinos. I’m going to defend the correct term til people realize that Latinx isn’t a thing.

Second off, we don’t know much about Lance. Yes, I know the VA said he’s Cuban and “just a boy from Cuba” but that doesn’t tell us much. I could say I’m “from Miami” but in reality, I live in a small town 35 minutes away from Miami, but because people know what Miami is, it is easier to say than to explain. Could possibly be that Lance saying “Just a boy from Cuba” really could meaning “My family or half of my family is from Cuba but I was born in America/Florida” Saying you’re from a place is better than explaining the whole situation.

Now, let me flip this onto you. Why does it bother you that mixed people or Mestizos, want a fictional character that is mixed? Why can’t we have that? Other than Mexico, Cuba is one of the closest countries to the US. We have had a bunch of Latin characters with Latin last names.

  • Dora Marquez and Diego Marquez (Dora the Explorer)
  • Speedy Gonzalez
  • Manny Garcia (Handy Manny)
  • Mafalda (Mafalda)
  • The whole family from Que Pasa USA?
  • Not to mention a bunch of actors from all around Latin America

So here is my problem: Nobody know if Lance is really truly Cuban because what it really is pointing to, is that he’s American with a Cuban background. No accent, no Spanish speaking, no alluded to Cuba (yet), and no last name. So why can’t I, a person not erasing the fact he is probably Latino, can’t include him into a mixed family? Unless, someone on tumblr is a writer and knows everything about Voltron’s future and/or Lance’s character, you have no right to tell me I’m wrong like I’m not telling you, you’re wrong.

I’ve seen already people calling Josh Keaton racist. Why? though he is also from a Latin background? Though he has said getting Caucasian roles and Latin roles are difficult for him to get because of being mixed? The reason why is because he doesn’t agree with them. He doesn’t agree that Lance should have a Latin last name because mixed people exist. He is of a mixed background, of the stuggles, and agrees that you don’t need a Latin last name for a Latin character. I don’t, my friends don’t, your name doesn’t define you.

And I’ll also like to bring up the fact that people on this site uses Keith Kogane when they’ve established that he’s part Galra and Southern American. He could be Keith Johnson in reality but because Kogane is not white, people will use it, same with Hunk. So Lance being called McClain isn’t that far off.

End of Rant

Out of Context Gravity Falls Sentence Meme
  • “I ate a man alive tonight.”
  • “Time to manhandle this…man-handle.”
  • “Darn beautiful men, always eating out of the trash–Wait, what?”
  • “And then he chased me around and spanked me with a paddle for like three hours! Bottom line, George Washington was a jerk.”
  • “Jean-Paul Sartre postulated that every living thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.” 
  • “Totally righteous, bro!”
  • “The inflatable pool duck revolution is at hand!”
  • “Songs are like hugs that mouths give to ears!”
  • “Are you sick of piles of owls constantly blocking your driveway?! Well then you gotta get Owl Trowel!”
  • “You deserve a prize. Here, have a head that’s always screaming!”
  • “Studies show that keeping a ladder in the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That’s why I own ten guns–in case some maniac tries to sneak in a ladder!”
  • “I’m a boy now! Wassup bro? Let’s grow some moustaches!”
  • “I ate a salamander and jumped out of the window!”
  • “Always sassafrassing the customers with their boomy boxes and disrespectful short pants!”
  • “Llamas are nature’s greatest warriors.”
  • “And that’s why we don’t stick our hands in other people’s mouths!”
  • “I smell…emotional issues.”
  • “You’ve become your father.”
  • “The dance floor is a mine field! A mine field!”
  • “Ugh, we’re behind that old guy. He’s probably going to pay with pennies, or war bonds or something.”
  • “Woah, that’s amazing! And morally ambiguous!”
  • “Its like if coffee and nightmares had a baby.”
  • “Am I a man? Am I a baby? These are legitimate questions.”
  • “Who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car!?”
  • “Wanna see my impression of you in 5 seconds? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
  • “Haha, pain is hilarious!”
  • “Deer teeth, for you, kid!”
  • “Help! The nachos tricked me!”
  • “I’m gonna wear your butt on my foot like a rhinestone slipper!”
  • “Oh no, I think I can hear my uncle. Stay perfectly still”
  • “They made the house into a robot… Fascinating.”
  • “I hate my dumb heart for making me feel things!“
  • “Today I learned morality is relative.”
  • “There’s no cops in the forest. We take this to our graves.”
  • “HOT BELGIUM WAFFLES! Wait…I’m alone! I can swear for real! SON OF A— “
  • “My heart, once as hard as oak, now grows soft like more of a birch or… something.”
  • “It’s Heaven’s punishment for our terrible taste in everything!”
  • “I will pay you to put your shirt back on.”
  • “Hey, is the kitchen supposed to have that much fire in it?”
  • “Dinosaurs aren’t magic, they’re just big lizards!”
  • “Finally! A good reason to punch a teenager in the face!”
  • “You can run, but I’ll still be in your nightmares!”
  • “Sometimes I think: Is this all there is? Is life just some kind of horrific joke without a punch line? That we’re all just biding our time until the sweet sweet, release of death?”
  • “I’m legalizing everything!”
  • “Man, revenge is underrated - that felt awesome!”
  • “I think I’m gonna go stare at a wall for a while and rethink everything.”
  • “This seems like the kind of thing a responsible parent wouldn’t want you doing. Good thing I’m an uncle! Avenge me, kids! AVENGE ME!”

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what do we know about bts siblings???

Jin - one older brother, Kim Seok Jung. graduated in Architecture back in february 2016. born in 1990 if i’m not wrong.

Suga - one older brother, name unknown. they say that the unknown boy in this picture is yoongi’s older brother. age unknown.

J-Hope - one older sister, Jung Dawon, better known as Jiwoo on SNS. don’t ask me why, i don’t know why. a fast ’90 liner.

Rap Monster - one younger sister, supposedly Jungkook’s age. either Kim Kyung Min or Kim Geong Min, i’m not too sure.

Jimin - one younger brother, Park Ji Hyun. same age as Jungkook.

V - two siblings, a boy and a girl, both younger. i’m not sure age wise but his sister studied art i think. Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin.

Jungkook - one older brother, Jeon Junghyun aka Sergeant Jeon aka the guy behind all the cute art that Jungkook posts on twitter. to cite a few examples, 1 & 2 & 3.

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  • *Mom walks into room without knocking*
  • Me: When in the twenty first century did people forget how to knock?
  • Mom: Are you wearing boxer briefs?
  • Me: Why are you here again?
  • Mom: I was wondering if you have any dirty laundry.
  • Me: When did you start washing my laundry?
  • Mom: Since you were born.
  • Me: I've been doing my own laundry since like middle school.
  • Mom: So why are you wearing underwear usually made for boys?
  • Me: I don't know if you remember, but I'm gay.
  • Mom: Honey, you're a lesbian. I'm gay.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: I like guys. I'm gay. You like girls. You're a lesbian.
  • Me: Seriously, mom?
  • Mom: Is that why you wanted to do your own laundry? Because I could never differ your flannels and underwear from your brother? I also couldn't tell who's snapbacks were whose. Speaking of which your brother's girlfriend left her flannel on the couch. It looked a bit big for her though so I thought she was just wearing your brother's until I saw your initials on the tag. And I'm pretty sure you two don't have the same initials. I also know that I've made it habit for you to put your initials on your tags since you were a kid. So please tell me why your brother's girlfriend was wearing your shirt?
  • Me: *Fidgets uncomfortably* I mean she's kind of my ex and never actually returned a couple of my flannels, but looks like I got one back huh?
  • Mom: JFC, are you for real?
the boys' birthdays, signs, ages and grades

in case you didn’t know their birthdays and signs or forgot how old they were…I also did the math to get what grade they were in and what year they were born.

Ponyboy Michael Curtis was born July 22nd, 1951, making him a Cancer and in ninth grade, freshman year of high school. He was 14.

Sodapop Patrick Curtis was born October 8th, 1948 which makes him a Libra. He would be a junior if he was still in school. He was 16 but would be 17 in just a few weeks.

Darrel Shayne Curtis Jr. was born January 5th, 1945 and he is a Capricorn. If he went to college without taking a gap year, he would be a sophomore. He was 20.

Dallas Tucker Winston was born November 9th, 1947 and he would be a senior. (Did he go to school?) He was a Scorpio. He was 17 but just about two months short of his 18th birthday.

Jonathan Andrew Cade was born March 1st, 1949 making him a Pisces. Technically, he should be a junior but his teachers held him back a year, making him a sophomore. He was 16.

Steven Lucas Randle was born April 15th, 1948 and he’s an Aries. He’s a senior in high school while still working part time at the DX. He was 17.

Keith Daniel Matthews was born June 20th, 1947. He’s a Gemini and a junior in high school at 18.

you wanna know why finnrey is important to me? representation. I’m mixed, with a black father and white mother and a relationship like that has always been seen as bad or “sinful” growing up. My grandmother has threatened to disown me and my mother just because I was born half black.

Mixed kids are often fetishized, called “superior” or “swirl girls/boys” “caramel babies” ect. We dont get representation in the media often and when we do, its either disrespectful or incorrectly portrayed.

So to all the reylos who bash finnrey and say its “boring” or “too predictable”, here’s an honest fuck you from your neighborhood mixed anti

Shuffled Lyric Prompts ( i )

  • “If you loved me, why’d you leave me?”
  • “You better shape up.”
  • “Sometimes love is not enough.”
  • “Choose your last words.”
  • “In the dead of night, I’m the only one here.”
  • “What are you waiting for?”
  • “I’m never changing who I am.”
  • “We were born to die.”
  • “I tried to make you mine.”
  • “I don’t know where I belong.”
  • “Hey, we’ve got a situation!”
  • “Now if we’re talking body, you’ve got a perfect one so put it on me.”
  • “As I looked around, I began to notice that we were nothing like the rest.”
  • “Boy, I’m not the kind of drum you play one time.”
  • “Where you are, I will be.”
  • “If you wanna go, I would not mind.”
  • “I wanna make this right.”
  • “You are mine, I am yours.”
  • “Are you gonna be my love?”
  • “Nothing else will do, I’ve gotta have you.”
  • “Stupidly think you had it under control.”
  • “Let me live.”
  • “She never asked me once about the wrong I did.”
  • “I don’t ever wanna let you down.”
  • “Love comes slow, and it goes so fast.”
  • “I’ve been living a lonely life.”
  • “Everything you touch surely dies.”
  • “Let’s not fuck around.”
  • “You’ll never be what you wanna be with all that money.”
  • “I know you struggle.”
  • “I packed my things and ran.”
  • “Nights like this, I become afraid of the darkness in my heart.”
  • “You didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.”
  • “All I want is – all I need is – to find somebody.”
  • “Dreams come slow, and they go so fast.”
  • “I’m the girl you’d die for.”
  • “We’re on each others team.”
  • “But it wasn’t my fault.”
  • “I don’t know where I went wrong.”
  • “You can make a true believer out of anyone that you want.”
  • “You can’t get enough.”
  • “I’m doing this for the thrill of it.”
  • “I belong with you, you belong with me.”
  • “No grave can hold my body down.”
  • “What’s wrong with me?”
  • “Secretly, I think you knew.”
  • “So this is what you meant when you said that you were spent.”
  • “I don’t ever wanna leave this town.”
  • “Are you gonna be mine?”
  • “In the mirror you’re a work of art, but this is real life.”
  • “Let me look in your eyes.”
  • “You’re getting higher than the ceiling lights.”
  • “I’m not thinking straight.”