why was he not my christmas present

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"#dean in the rusty bacon shirt #that would be a serious headfuck" omfg why



(so this cap of the shirt comes from 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas, the first episode in which RBS makes its appearance, may I propose an AU for the episode where instead of fuel for Dean and fuel for his baby, Sam emotionally presents his brother with his shiny new Rusty Bacon Shirt and Dean stoically accepts) (further permitting a tearful scene towards the close of S5 where Dean demonstrates his renewed faith in Sam not by revealing the Samulet reclaimed from the trash but by donning the Rusty Bacon Shirt, secondary Symbol of Brotherly Love) (so that scene in 5x22 where Sam’s on the car drinking and Dean comes to say, ‘it’s not on me to let you do anything’, he’s wearing the Rusty Bacon Shirt and Sam sees it and his eyes well up and he says - Dean - the shirt - and Dean says - yeah yeah Sammy it’s just a shirt and punches him on the shoulder and a Bond is Remade)

The Six Thatchers blog post from season 2 was fake, a murder mystery John wrote for Sherlock as a Christmas present. If you read it you’ll see Sherlock literally asked a mall Santa for a murder for Christmas. Because one didn’t happen, John created one as a gift. ***Oh my god, my heart hurts so much right now*** In the story the murder victim was dating a man but loved from afar by a woman. Keep in mind this was written while Irene was in the picture. Write what you know, eh John? Such a good storyteller. He even had himself do most of the work, mentioning how brilliant Sherlock was during the whole thing, barely lifting a finger. What a beautiful Christmas present. THAT’S WHY SHERLOCK WAS READING THAT POST AT CHRISTMAS IN A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA. It was John’s present to him. It’s the post that had the counter stuck on “1895”.

The Six Thatchers episode follows the concept of The Geek Interpreter – stories miraculously coming to life. John’s Christmas story came to life – this is why Sherlock is so bent on premonition, fate, and Death in Samarra. The Lying Detective will be more of this. ***No characters in Sherlock in episode 11 go “Hmm, smashing thatcher busts? That happened already.” because it wasn’t a case. It was a story.***

Can you believe John loved Sherlock so much as to create that for him? My heart is hurting. I welcome death.

Christmas eve sex | Draco Malfoy x reader

You studied Draco’s face as he carefully opened your gift. His beautiful blue eyes, his pale skin, his soft blonde hair, his pink lips. Everything about him was beautiful. “Thanks dear, it’s a beautiful watch. Now it’s time for my present.” He said with a smirk. Confused you started unwrapping the package. A laugh escaped your lips as you saw what was inside. “Why don’t you go try it on, love?” He winked. “Alright, give me five minutes.” You quickly ran upstairs and put on the green and silver lingerie he had given you. Just as you laid down on the bed the door opened to reveal an already shirtless Draco. “Someone’s eager.” He bit his lip as he crawled on top of you, trailing soft kisses up your body. “I’m always eager for you baby. But you know, I don’t really like the lingerie that much you should probably take it of.” You connected your lips, feeling his growing bulge against your leg. He quickly removed your bra, his fingers slightly pinching your nipple as his other hand went down to the hem of your panties. You lifted your hips so he could take them of. Without warning you felt one of his long fingers enter you while he rubbed your clit with his thumb. You moaned at the sudden pleasure, arching your back. He added a second finger and you could already feel your orgasm getting near. You whined as he suddenly pulled his hand back. “Draco why’d you do that?” He laughed at the anger in your voice. “Patience, my love.” He said as he quickly got rid of his trousers and boxers. He slowly ran his tip between your folds. “Stop teasing and fuck me already.” He instantly slammed into you, giving you no time to adjust. He groaned, feeling your tight pussy around his long cock. “F-faster Draco, p-please.” You moaned as he picked up his pace. The sound of his balls slapping against your ass filled the room. You buckled your hips to meet his thrusts. One of his hands was on your breast, the other next to your head, supporting him while your hands were tangled in his hair and scratching at his back. Your walls clenched around him as you felt your high approaching. “Oh that feels so good.” Draco grunted. Seconds later you gripped his arm, releasing on his dick. He looked down, seeing his cock moving in and out of you, covered in your juices, sent him over the edge as he spilled his seed into you. He thrusted a few more times before he collapsed on top of your body, the both of you breathing heavily, his penis still inside of you. You softly played with the ends of his hair as he drew small circles on your hip. “Good thing I wrote Christmas eve sex on my wish list.” He said, rolling of off you and pulling you close.

APH Denmark: Ugh! Not again! Why do you always disobey me?

APH Sealand: Whatever, you’re not my dad.

APH Denmark: You know what Peter, you’re, bad, a bad boy. And you have been all year!

APH Sealand: Name one time.

APH Denmark: Peter, you, are, a, bad, boy!

APH Sealand: Hey, man, no one’s perfect.

APH Denmark: Well enough is enough, no Santa for you this Christmas. This year, you’ll get a visit from Krampus.

APH Sealand: Who?

APH Denmark: He’s the Anti-Santa. Instead of giving presents, Krampus comes to punishes all the bad children by stuffing them into his basket. It’s a German thing. I’m sending to him right now.

APH Sealand: You wouldn’t do that! You’re ruining my life! (runs off)

APH Prussia: You know Krampus isn’t real right?

APH Denmark: Oh, I know, just trying to scare him.

Besides the many Christmas presents all over the floor making Emma write a mental note to ask Henry to put them somewhere else later, another thing catches her attention.

- What’s up with the Santa hat, Killian?

- Henry said it was tradition in this realm, Swan.

- Oh, did he?

Emma makes a huge effort not to laugh at her pirate, but he looks so cute, it’s impossible not to smile at how adorably clueless he is. And why not make up for the little prank her son pulled on him…

- And did he also told you about mistletoe?

- Mistle… what?

- That little plant over our heads. Well, it’s common knowledge that if two people stand together under the mistletoe they must kiss.

While Killian looks up at the ceiling, Emma pulls him to herself and they share a loving kiss and before it gets out of hand, Emma breaks the kiss.

- Easy, tiger, we got company… for now.

Emma winks at him, while he stands there smiling at her.

- I quite like that tradition, love.

- Oh, if you like that, wait until you see your present.

They press their foreheads together, enjoying their quiet moment.

Meanwhile, Henry and Violet are too immersed in their own conversation, not even noticing the two silly adults who look more like teenagers than themselves.

Merry Christmas to all my followers, friends and shipmates. May this be a blessed Christmas to all. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful day!


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by: @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:

19. “I thought you said you knew how to wrap presents!”

“Well I never said I knew how to wrap them well!”

Request from @the008.

Words: 582
Warnings: none

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Secret Santa

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Hey could I request a Mikey smut? Like Christmasy or like he has a “present” for you?
sure thing b !


Everyone was being greeted or greeting anyone they ran into. The champagne glasses were being passed around as I talked with Becca, “Are you and Michael doing anything special this year?” She asked. “I don’t know, he told me he had a special present for me.” I mentioned. “Exciting.” Becca rolled her eyes. We were interrupted with Michael and Calum.

“Hi baby.” Michael kissed my cheek. “Hi my cute boy.” I smiled at him. “Hey, why don’t I get anything special like that!” Calum pouted. “I’m sorry, do you want a kiss too?” I laughed. “Actually..” Calum started. “Yeah no, she’s mine mate.” Michael pulled me back. “Anyway, you excited for Christmas?” Becca asked, already knowing the obvious answer.

Michael smirked, “Yeah, I have the best gift right here.” Calum and Becca shook their heads, “you and your sex drives, Clifford.” “I agree with Calum, I’m not a toy.” I defended. “Anyway, let’s go get something to eat?” Becca offered.


The party ended, and Michael was rushing me to get home. “I can’t wait to give you your gift when we get home.” Michael growled in my ear. “What is it?” I pushed. “You know I can’t tell you, or else it wouldn’t be a surprise princess.” Michael said. “Okay, give me five minutes to help Becca, and then we can go.” I tugged on his tie. “Ugh, baby girl you know I hate waiting.” He groaned. “C’mon, for me, daddy.” I kissed him. “Fine, five minutes.” Michael conceded.

Those five minutes flew by, and Michael practically dragged me out of Becca’s house. “God I can’t wait for you to put on what I have at home.” Michael smirked. The drive to Michael’s was very short due to the fact that he took every short cut there was. “Upstairs and wait on the bed. I’ll come up with your special gift.” He smirked before kissing me.

I rushed upstairs throwing off my clothes all over the apartment. I made my way up to his room and sat on the edge of the bed. He came in with a black box with a white ribbon tied around it. “Open it.” Michael said handing me the box. I took the box, untied the ribbon and slid the box open. My eyes were met with a solid red lingerie set.

“Go put it on, I’ll be here waiting kitten.” Michael patted my bum towards the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and set the box on my makeup vanity and rid the old set that I’ve had for a while now. The delicate fabric left my skin smooth as it slid up my body. Once I finished setting up for Michael, I ran my hands through my hair roughing it up before walking out.

Michael bit his lip looking me up and down, “Fuck I knew you would look good in it.” He moaned. I strattled his lap, kissing his neck while my fingers ran down his torso. His hands unclipped the red bra, and let it drag off my shoulders. “God you’re so beautiful, I’m so lucky, fuck.” Michael mumbled kissing my collar bones. I snaked my hands up his shirt, feeling his torso before peeling the material off his body.

He started unbuckling his jeans before my hands took over to pull them down. He stood up, pushing his boxers down as he was back at my eye level. His hand grabbed the back of my head, forcing eye contact as he licked his lips.“You’re gonna take those pretty red lips of yours and show me how good you can put them to use.” He demanded before pushing me down to my knees.

I forced most of him in my mouth, grabbing what I couldn’t fit with my hands. He grabbed my head again, shoving himself further into my mouth, causing me to gag. I looked up to see him biting him lip as he guided my head at the pace he wanted. I swirled my tongue around him as I felt his cock throb. He grabbed my shoulders as a string of moans left his mouth as he reached his high, filling my throat with his cum.

He pulled out of my mouth, the rest of the cum left dripping on my chest. I stared at him lustfully, not sure what he would do next. My hands were pulled above my head, being held at the wrists by Michael. He used his free hand to rip my panties off before positioning himself at my entrance. “I don’t want you to make a sound, got it, princess?” Michael growled, his finger trailing down my slit again. I bit my lip to suppress a moan, nodding.

With barely any time to brace myself, Michael slammed into me. I hastily breathed out, forcing the moan at the back of my throat to stay there. He barely let me adjust before continuing. Pain quickly turned into pleasure the longer Michael worked me. I bit my tongue as I felt him hit my g-spot, desperately just wanting to let it all out. My eyes focused on Michael’s lust filled gaze as he licked his lips again. His face lowered back down beside my head, his lips dangerously close to my skin.

“How bad to you wanna just scream out right now?” He asked, biting my ear lightly after he did. He had stopped moving, his pulsing cock staying in my pussy. “So bad.” I squeaked out, earning a chuckle from Michael. “Tell me.” He growled, his finger going down and brushing against my clit.

“Fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow. I don’t wanna be able to see straight, destroy me Michael.” I breathed out, my filter non existent anymore. He pulled away, looking at me surprised. I stared at him lustfully, my eyes narrow as I bit my lip and that seemed to do it for him.

“Scream for me baby.” He purred, hitting my g-spot again. His name went from being moaned out to being screamed as I felt a familiar, satisfying warmth building up in the pit of your stomach. “Fuck Michael, I’m gonna-” I was cut off as his lips attaching back to mine. I didn’t realize how much I missed the feeling until it was back.

My walls clenched around him, making me pull away from him, screaming as I reached my high. l was brought into euphoria as Michael screamed right after, reaching his high as well. l rode out our highs, moving my hands to his waist as l caught my breath. As my breathing got back to normal, Michael grabbed my face, not getting enough of my lips. It wasn’t rough and erotic but more passionate and light.

“God I love you,” He whispered. “I love you too,” I smiled back.

Sirius Spending Christmas With Your Family Would Include:


  • him always sitting close to you 
  • because he’s nervous about being around your family
  • your mother always asking him if he wants anything to eat, drink, some extra blankets, etc.
  • your dad checking in on you every 0.5 seconds to make sure you’re not doing something that he doesn’t approve of
  • your sibling(s) trying to embarrass you
  • only to find that Sirius knows absolutely everything there is to know about you
  • teaching him how to bake cookies the muggle way
  • telling him about your past Christmases 
  • writing letters to Santa / Christmas present wish list 
  • playing in the snow
  • sledding
  • him transforming into his animagus to pull you around on the sled
  • “Why is there a dog in my living room, y/n?”
  • lots of hot cocoa
  • even more snuggling
  • showing him your favorite Christmas movies
  • laughing when he gets too into them
  • “Why are you crying, Sirius?”
  • “Because Rudolph saved Christmas!”
  • him sneaking into your room late at night 
  • because he doesn’t want to be alone
  • falling asleep together on the sofa 
  • letting him hang more ornaments on the tree
  • catching snowflakes with your tongues
  • kisses that heat up your body in the frigid air
  • hand holding 
  • iceskating that turns into a competition
  • “We’re not in the Olympics, Sirius. Knock it off.”
  • “You’re just jealous because I can do thi-” *loses balance and falls hard on the ice*
  • “I would suggest to ice that, but it looks like you just did.”
  • snowball fights
  • in the house 
  • your sibling(s) taking sides
  • cuddling up under a blanket with some more hot cocoa
  • reading Christmas stories as he plays with your hair
  • getting to open one present early
  • seeing his eyes light up when you hand him his gift
  • a very long, amorous hug after he opens it
  • “I love it!”
  • him giving you one early too
  • “That’s not the only present I’ll be giving you tonight.”
  • anticipating your first day back at school so you can do magic legally
  • and because you’re tired of your parents always checking in on you
  • all around the best Christmas either of you has ever had

Okay but if Eleven thinks Santa never came to her because she was bad all along, just imagine all the kids over at the Wheeler’s for Christmas dinner and when Karen asks Holly what her favorite present was, she runs over to El and throws her arms around her because, as Holly puts it, “Santa came early when he brought Ellie to us!” He didn’t forget Eleven after all—she was the best present any of them could’ve asked for 


The gift guaranteed to bring out the kid in Cullen, his new mabari, Pup! He loves his little scrapper, drool and all. Cullen could barely keep Pup still for the picture, so he used a secret weapon. Head rubs! Works every time… (almost…)

My little gift to you all but more specifically @ces479 just in time for the holidays! Plus, it had been just way too long since I’d drawn this adorable dork so I had to remedy that. Maker bless you all and have a happy Christmas!

Christmas with Sirius would include:

Christmas with Sirius would include:

  • It would be in your last year at Hogwarts.
  • All the other marauders would be going home but you stayed with your boyfriend.
  • You would spend the days before going for walks in the snow
  • And taking visits into Hogsmeade

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  • Taking pictures of you and Sirius in the snow
  • Spending Christmas eve by the fire streaming your favourite Christmas movies.
  • Staying up till early hours in the morning.
  • falling asleep on Sirius’ chest.
  • Waking up with his arms tightly about your waist.

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  • “Sirius, babe I can’t move” You would giggle, kissing his nose.
  • “Why would you want to move when you could lie here with me” He’d smile sleepily.
  • “Because it’s Christmas!” You laugh
  • His eyes slowly opening.
  • “If I get to spend it with you every year from now on I think it might become my favourite holiday" He smiles

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  • You blush before jumping up.
  • Opening your presents together
  • Laughing at the silly joke presents from your friends.
  • Spending the rest of the day in each other arms because,
  • “I need Christmas cuddles (Y/N)”

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Hanukah-themed headcanons for my Jewish Kiddo!!

⁃ El doesn’t understand why Mike’s family isn’t putting up Christmas deco along with the rest of the boys but she does know that the way Mike’s face lights up when she finally pronounces ‘Hanukah’ correctly makes her feel better than anything else that winter
⁃ Mike gripes about not getting Christmas presents all December long because despite loving being Jewish, he feels kinda left out as the only Jewish kid in Hawkins.. but all of his friends get him some anyways and he feels a little better
⁃ Mike looks forward to the seventh day of Hanukah because that’s when all of his friends come over
⁃ Mike sneaks a quick kiss onto El’s cheek while the rest of the boys are OBSESSING over Karen’s latkes
⁃ Because Karen’s Jewish Staple Cooking. OH GOD THE COOKING
⁃ She can make all sorts of Awesome Jewish Staple foods: hamantashen, latkes, gefilte fish, lox, matzo ball soup, you name it she’s got it in her cookbook
⁃ El doesn’t get this whole religion thing, but that huge excited smile Mike gets when he’s explaining something about Judaism is enough for her to be cool with it
⁃ ALSO, El is like “ok Hanukah was cool bye Mike!!” And he’s like “yeah see you tomorrow for night two” and she’s so excited and is just “THERES MORE?!” And Hopper has to calm her down because she’s so excited that this cool thing happens 8 times???? Woah!!!
⁃ Dustin and Lucas and Will are all just so used to Mike slipping little tidbits of Yiddish into conversation that they’ve just picked up on it. So they’ll get frustrated and say “ai gevalt” and Mike is watching proudly like a proud bubbe
⁃ Dustin’s sleeve catches fire while he’s lighting the menorah and everyone Freaks Out
⁃ Mike attempts to teach his friends the story of Hanukah and ends with “yeah they were kinda bad people but I get presents and stuff so you know”


And here we see the random shenanigans of a sleep deprived artist 
Kind of Christmas based with minimal dialogue for no real reason
Partially based off the fact that my mind immediately called Highway a christmas present when I saw he had another ribbon 

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Seventeen Reaction| Hip-Hop Unit | when their S/O is talking about their favorite things

| svt (hip hop unit) react to their s/o infodumping and basicaly chatting lively abt their special interests and favorite things? | word of warning i wrote this partially at like 2 am why do i do this 2 myself i should be working on christmas presents help ~Admin hedgehog (note from KT: I will talk about my fave things for hours until I sense the person doesn’t care, then I promptly shut down and not say anything for a while XD)

S.Coups/Seungcheol: is gon be like on elf those cheesy scenes in a rom com where he’s daydreaming off while looking at ur face and how adorable and pretty u are and gosh ur just the most stunning human on the planet-shit you asked him a question abort abort give them a kiss to distract them

Mingyu: he’s gonna be actually listening, even if it’s not something he’s super interested in, he’s still gonna ask questions and stuff, but mostly so that he can tease u about being a big nerd lmao he just loves watching u talk a lot and he loves how passionate u get bc i dont think mingyu could date anyone that WASNT passionate about something.

Wonwoo: sweater-darling is gonna b v v into whatever ur taking about!! even if it goes over his head a little bit, or something he isn’t really into, he’ll stop u and ask questions about it, asking u 2 explain something, or ask u how u got into whatever ur subject is, and really genuinely doing his best to support u in that lmao our lil garden-fairy is gonna go look up some books on one of ur interests so that he can talk about it more with u bc he’s sweet like that <3

Vernon/Hansol: ur gonna be able to tell if he’s bored, or lost at any point in the conversation, he’s a very expressive person in his face i’ve noticed so if you’re talking about some super in depth science thing and its kinda going over his head, all u need to do is pause, look at him, and realize he’s looking Shook™ and maybe bring the conversation to something u both enjoy lmao but other then that he hella loves watching u go on and on ur funny when u ramble

Why does John think it’s Sherlock’s birthday, just because he gets a text with Irene’s text alert? Previously, she has texted Sherlock at Christmas and New Years Eve… and why is John not the least surprised to learn that Irene is still alive?

Why does John not know Sherlock’s birthday, as it was written on his gravestone? I’m sure it was also mentioned in the orbituaries…

Why does Sherlock ask “Is it my birthday?” and not exclaim “It’s Christmas!”, like he usually does, when presented with an intriguing case in TST?

How does Irene know Sherlock’s birthday, if even John doesn’t?

Does this mean anything? Birthday - the birth of Rosie - water as a symbol for rebirth?

Big Present

Fred x Reader
12 days of Christmas: day 7
Description: The reader and Fred have a really big Present for the family.
A/n: Question of the day: Why is all my writing trash? I guess we’ll never know.
Words: 1219
Warnings: none

Readers P.O.V
Christmas is usually a time of joy and happiness, especially when you’re spending it with the Weasleys. This Christmas was different, i was filled with anxiety and it was really showing. Fred was the first to notice, and he’s been trying to calm me down but nothings been working. We’ve been married for the past 3 and a half years and I don’t think he’s ever seen me this nervous.

It’s completely justifiable though, we’re heading to the Burrow for Christmas and we had big news. I’m pregnan, four months in and I’ve just started showing so we’ve been able to keep it a secret so far. The hardest part was probably keeping it from George, Fred’s never had to keep anything from his brother certainly nothing this big either. We decided though it’s best we tell them before they figure it out on they’re own when it becomes more visible. So that’s why I’m so anxious, we’re telling them over Christmas.

Logically I know there’s nothing to be worried about but that’s not stopping the bombarding amount of stress and anxiety this is causing me. I don’t even know what I’m afraid of. It’s the Weasleys they love children!

Here we are now, Christmas eve sitting at the dinner table with the whole family. Bill, Fleur, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Molly, Arthur, Percy, and George (Charlie couldn’t make it home). Everyone having their own conversation while we eat Molly’s fantastic cooking. I was looking around the table at everyone when Hermione spoke over to me. “Y/n are you okay? You don’t look so good.” “Uh, yeah. I mean yeah for sure I’m totally fine, couldn’t be better. I’m 100% A-okay.” I started rambling and Fred squeezed my thigh laughing lightly at my failure to act normally. “Of dear Hermione’s right you do look I’ll,” Molly said getting up and coming over checking my temperature. “Dear you’re heating up you must have a fever, you should go up to bed get some rest. You don’t want to be I’ll on Christmas.” She started ushering me up out of my chair. “Mum she’s really fine it’s just a little hot in here, that’s all” Fred said knowing that it wasn’t a fever causing this. “Nonsense! A dear you’re going to pass out from over heating if you keep wearing that big sweater” She dismissed my husband and continued. Reaching to take off my big Christmas sweater that was hiding my baby bump, and in one big swoop she had it off me..

Oh no, oh no. Maybe no-one will notice, if I just head right upstairs. That wasn’t an option though because Hermione and Molly caught sight of the bump and bluntly started at it jaws slack. Causing everyone else to look over at it too. My cheeks flared up, looking over to Fred not knowing what to say. I was so overwhelmed and nobody was saying anything, everyone was just staring at me. So I didn’t what I usually do under stress, I flee. I was out of the house in 10 seconds flat, not really knowing where I was planning to go, especially without a winter jacket. That was a minor thought at the back of my head as I kept walking away from the house, tears streaming down my face.

Fred’s P.O.V
As soon as the sweater was off I knew something was going to happen. What I didn’t expect was silence, or my wife to run out of the house. “OH MY MERLIN” my mom screeched, “SHE’S PREGNANT, WHEN WE’RE YOU GOING TO TELL US? WHERE’S SHE GOING? DON’T BE STUPID SHE’S PREGNANT SHE CAN’T BE OUT IN THE COLD WITH NO JACKET, FRED GO GET HER” Mum was yelling, but it could hardly be heard over the eruption that came from the rest of the table.

I stood up to go get her and George stood up too. He followed me out the house and I assumed he was going to help me find her. “Why didn’t you tell me Freddie?” I heard it from my best friend behind me “We tell each other everything, so why didn’t you tell me?” “George we just needed to tell everyone at the right time, we were gonna tell you all tommorow but I guess nothing can stay a secret for long in this house.” I said as I started looking around for my missing wife. “Well in any case Y/n shouldn’t be out in 5he cold if she’s carrilying my niece or nephew” he said cheekily before he started calling out y/n’s name, little did he know he was gonna be the Godfather.

Y/n sure is one hard girl to find, and I was starting to get really worried when all of the sudden I see her walking about 100 feet to our left. “Y/n comes on you’re actually gonna get sick.” I yelled running towards her. I tried to wrap my arms around her when she pushed me away “Don’t touch me Fred.” She snapped looking up at me with red puffy eyes and tear streaked down her cheeks. “They don’t want this, your family they don’t want me, they don’t want this baby Fred” Now she’s sobbing and before she can fall on her knees I catch her. “Y/n that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The Weasley family not wanting a baby and them not wanting you is even more preposterous. Now come back and we can all celebrate.” George jumped in and I think his words did more then anything I could’ve said. She nodded her head weakly drying her cheeks with her sleeves befor we all allstar Ted walking back home.

When we walked in everyone was ecstatic, especially George, he kept leaning down to y/n’s belly pretending that 5he baby was telling him jokes. Mum already started knitting clothes for the unborn baby, and everyone else was congregating us. It was a beautiful night filled with the happiness that should come with the holidays. In so relived about y/n, she looks better then she had in weeks. The stress was killing her but now it’s all gone.

I was standing in the corner just watching all of this transpire when Ron walked up to me and clapped me on the shoulder. “Ya know Fred I never thought you’d manage to get a girl. When you first brought her home I knew she was way out of your league and assumed she’d break up with you within the month. Even during your wedding I was still surprised she said I do. Now I see, you really got her good. You two are gonna spend the rest of your lives together. Congratulations mate you did good.” He said his little speech before walking over to Bill. I knew this would be the best Christmas yet.


Alright, so I have at least one more Christmas present to share with everyone, because this one also made me very happy, even though I received it a few hours ago. The reason why I got this today instead of yesterday, according to my brother, is because….he forgot. Apparently he hid this from me so well, that he actually forgot to wrap it and put it under the tree. XD

So! Let’s see what it is!

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GOT7 - Would You Rather

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Would you rather:

- Go surfing with Jackson OR Lay on the beach with Jaebum

I’m not a big fan of the ocean (because there are sharks and jellyfish in there obviously) and with my uncoordinated ass, I would probably hit my head on a reef or something. I’ll lay on the beach with Bummie. :)

- Decorate a christmas tree with Yugyeom OR Buy christmas presents with Jinyoung

I wanna decorate the tree with the giant maknae and tickle his tummy when he reaches to put the star on top. ;)

- Go to a cool NYE party with BamBam OR A cozy night at home in front of the fireplace with Mark

Sign me up for that fireplace with Markiepooh please!

- Breakfast in bed with Jaebum OR Out for brunch with Youngjae

If me and Jaebum are in bed, I can promise you we ain’t ever leaving. There better be room service. Defsoul gonna have to learn to work from home.

- Pet cafe with Jackson OR Fancy bar with Jinyoung

Bleh fancy bar. Give me the pet cafe with a puppy Wang.

- Cuddle with Yugyeom OR Kiss Jaebum

Why can’t I have both? Give me both. What kind of kiss are we talking? Is it like a pity kiss on the cheek or is there tongue? Sorry I’m not giving up my cuddles.

- Get tickled by Jackson OR Tickle Mark

If Jackson were to tickle me he gonna need those fencer reflexes because my fists start swinging when I get tickled, it’s not my fault. It’s a survival response. I learned that in psych. I’ll tickle Mark instead.

- Citytrip with Youngjae OR Roadtrip with BamBam

Roadtrip with the dab boy. He not allowed to drive though. Probably nae nae so hard he’d run us into a ditch somewhere.

- Go shopping with Jaebum OR Go to the movies with Yugyeom

Ooh, tough one. How about I go shop with Jaebum and then I’ll meet Yugie at the theater later? Yep let’s go with that!

- Go to a comic con with Youngjae OR Bingewatch your favorite series with Jackson

Oh my goodness I would go to CC with Youngjae. What would we dress up as? I would dress him like Khal Drogo and I would be khaleesi and that would be the cutest thing ever! I wonder if he watch GoT? He’d probably scream every time there were boobs on the screen. Which is every two minutes. :P

- Go on a variety show with Jackson OR Star in a romantic MV with Jaebum

Definitely a variety show. I’m a horrible actor and can’t melodrama. Jackson and I would have a riot with our antics. Aries stick together!

- Go iceskating with Youngjae OR Go for a walk in snow covered nature with Jinyoung

Walk in the snow with Jinyoung, because there would definitely be hand holding so neither of us would slip and fall.

- Get lost in the middle of a forest with Mark OR Lose your paddles in the middle of a lake with Yugyeom

I’ve grown up in the woods. I can find my way out. I’d probably be the one to make Mark think we’re lost just to see how he reacts and to make him stuck out in the wilderness with me for a while. ;)

- Hug with BamBam OR Hold hands with Jinyoung

I want to hold hands with Jinyoung. He my bias. He my love. I’d probably break his fingers on accident from squeezing too hard in excitement. Whoops.

- Work out with jackson OR Go wall climbing with Yugyeom

I love wall climbing! And I’d have a great view of the booty. :P

- Go for karaoke with Youngjae OR Bowling with Yugyeom

Karaoke! I hate bowling.

- Have a candlelight dinner with Jinyoung OR Late night picknick with Jaebum

Oh god not JJP. Gotta go with the bias on this one.

- Get a love letter from Mark OR A love song from Youngjae

I’d die to know what Mark would put in a love letter. I’d probably faint.

- Go snowboarding/skiing with the maknae line OR Après-ski with the hyung line

I pick hyung line by default. Sorry, my babies!

- Go to a famous museum with Jinyoung OR Stay in bed and order roomservice with Mark

Have mercy. I would go to the museum with Jinyoung. I’d just listen to everything he had to say about everything. He’s dreamy. I die.

- Go to a music festival with Yugyeom, Youngjae and Jaebum OR Survival camp with Jackson, BamBam and Mark

Hell yes survival camp. I am all about that.

- Play video games with Yugyeom OR Go to amusement Parks with Youngjae

I am such a gamer. I would love to crush the maknae. Hehe.

- Get spooned by Mark OR Spoon Jackson during a nap

Yeah, Mark can spoon me while I spoon Jackson. There we go.


- Get a striptease from Jackson OR Strip for Jaebum

I would strip for Daddy because he told me to ;)

- Whiny Youngjae OR Rough Jinyoung

Rough Jinyoung is what my dreams are made of. I have to go now. *screams*

- Edge Yugyeom OR Overstimulation by Jackson

Oh my gosh. I’m with Jackson on this one. I’m a big fan of that shit.

- Dom Jaebum OR Sub Mark

Yes, daddy!

- Long makeoutsessions on the couch with Youngjae OR Steaming quickies in the kitchen with Jaebum

That boy better bend me over a kitchen counter or else I got better things to do. :P

- Get carried to the bedroom by Jackson OR Swipe everything off of the dinner table with Jinyoung

I would probably get off just from the sight of Jinyoung shoving everything off the table oh geez I have to stop this is not good for me

- Get blindfolded by Jaebum OR put a blindfold on BamBam

I would put a blindfold on Bambam, tie him up, and then raid his closet to be honest. Haha

- Have angry sex with Jaebum OR Make up sex with Jackson

Angry sex with JB? I melt at the thought. He the only member of GOT7 that could intimidate me. 

- Suck hickeys into Mark’s neck OR Get hickeys from Jinyoung

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Me.

- Ride Jackson’s thigh OR Have BamBam kiss down yours

Not gonna lie. I would ride the shit out of his thighs. He got sexy thick thighs. Damn.

- Perform oral on Jaebum OR Have Youngjae go down on you

Jury still out on this one.

- Ride Yugyeom OR Get bent over by Jinyoung


- Get your hair pulled by BamBam OR Get spanked by Mark

Hm, how many spanks we talking though? I only like the occasional slap on the ass. If he trying to pull me over his lap and spank me a couple times, I would have to retaliate.

- Get tied up by Jaebum OR Handcuff Yugyeom

I don’t like getting tied up. Come here, giant maknae.

- Markson threesome OR JJ threesome

If you’ll excuse me I’m needed at church.

- Have sex backstage with Youngjae OR In the dorms with BamBam

Nope. So much no.

- Get teased under the table at a dinner by Jaebum OR Tease Jinyoung

I would love to tease Jinyoungie to see how he’d handle it.

- Play never have I ever with Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam OR Spin the bottle with Jaebum, Youngjae, Mark and Jinyoung

Bring me the bottle.

- Do body shots with Mark, BamBam and Jackson OR Get lap dances from Jinyoung, Jaebum, Youngjae and Yugyeom

Shots! Shots! Shots!

“Psstt, hurry up” Tony urged as he tore open the wrapping paper for another Christmas present.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Tony.” The policeman was fiercely conflicted about this. He wasn’t quite sure why he’d let Tony talk him into this. “But explain to me again why again we’ve broken into Malcolm Turnbull’s house and are stealing his presents?”

“Because I just can’t stop ruining things for others. It’s deeply ingrained in my personality.” Tony clenched his fists. “What’s that? Is that a frisbee? Let’s set it on fire and fling it at a Greens voter.”

Tony then took some coal out of his bag and started replacing the presents with them. “Help me with this.”

“Where did you get all that coal?”

“Santa brings it for me every year. I have so much it’s starting to take up all my storage space.”