why u turning back to a boy

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Hey so a while ago you did your top Geno gifs, could you maybe do your top 5 Tyler Seguin ones please?

oh my god yep i will happily do this

okay so it kind of turned into top 10 bc i have no self control my bad




a soft boy


give a hockey player a child and i am Dead


put your tongue back in your dang mouth you slut


cheesy boy


idk what he’s so disgusted by but hard same


boy why u gotta open your mouth that wide for that baby pizza slice idk


this one is self-explanatory and i have no excuse


gotta include my bouncy boys


but in the end this is all meaningless bc we all know the real reason i like him is for cash and marshall lbr

  • loves to roast you
  • like boi tears you to shreds same way he would mark
  • but its lowkey just like a reflex at this point
  • he’s actually a sweetheart
  • nd super shy and embarrassed when anything about your relationship is mentioned
  • had a crush on you forever and didn’t know what to do
  • he wanted to ask his hyungs advice but was not ready to be roasted
  • he eventually worked up the courage to ask jaehyun about it

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dating jaemin!!

for my homie @jaeminnana

4/? for dating series!

i have a lot of requests and stuff (surprisingly) for a bunch of members!

thanks for all the reblogs and notes too!



- ok so y'all r classmates

- your desk is right in front of his

- he actually annoys u sm but u like it ;)

- “y/N” x278938393

- “whAT BITCH”

- “hi”

- jfc jaemin 

- once he was laughing so hard that he fell out of his chair

- ofc being the nice person u are, you go help him

- “omg r u ok?”

- thats when nana started to like u


- he choked on his spit and like suddenly his heart was beating 4x faster


- so of course he seeks help from is pal jeno

- “boi help me i think i like y/n”

- “fucc boi ur screwed” - advice that jeno gives to jaemin

- jaemin starts planning out his confession very precisely

- “imma bake her a cak- nO IMMA TUTOR HE- nO WAIT SHE’S SMARTER THAN ME-”

- “jfc jaemin just tell her you like her” - rest of nct

- “nO??!/1 SHE DESERVES MORE THAN A SIMPLE i like u!!!?!?!”

- #firstworldproblems am i rite

- in the long run though, he decides to decorate your locker

- he goes to school EXTRA early I’m talking 7:30 am (my school starts at nine so it considered early i guess)

- he has all these treats and party stuff

- he spends an hour on the inside part of your locker

- it says “ i like u! make me the happiest boi alive nd date me!”

- with a bunch of decor stuffzies around it

- he rly likes u 


- so when u get to school u have no clue why all deez bois r surrounding ur locker and giggling 

- you just open your locker and BAM

- so many candy and snacks fall out of ur locker

- and then u see the message

- and die

- cause like thE JAEMIN JUST ASKED U OUT

- you then hear a cough and turn around

- all of nct is behind u

- pushing jaemin to talk to u

- “uh-,,,hey there,,, wanna date?” 

- “jAEMIN THAT WAS NOT WHAT U PRACTICED” - doyoung honestly

- you accept cause duh u like him back

- time skip to first class

- you just hear constant giggling behind you

- you turn around (and jaemin gawks in your beauty)

- “shut up or i’ll end it”

- giggling stops right away and is never to be heard again



- “aww c’mon babe u know u love me”

where did the shy jaemin go just moments ago 

- u aint denying that


- and y'all r on the couch together 

- not cuddling, oh no more like sitting as far away as you can possible


- it was so awkward

- you wanted to die

- jaemin wanted to die

- moving on

- jaEMiN liKES yOU sO Mu CH

- like in the halls he is always like 

- “hey babe have a good day!”

- all your friends and all his friend go

- “AWOOOO” y’know



- y'all were walking on a cold winter day

- and you forgot you mitts

- and he sees your numb lil hand


- udhuskgwicdh you suddenly heated up and forgot about the numbness you were feeling

- jaemin loves pda

- in class he like rests his head on your shoulder and the teacher swoons




-  his members always embarrass him in from of you

- “omG jAeMin JusT fARtEd!!!!”


- dat kid did nothing wrong

- he just sheepishly smiles

- and the members r like 


- thats not a lie

- he just loves u sm

- omg your first kiss!

- it was a spur of the moment kind of thing

- you were blabbing about you day to him and

- he just kisses you




- like i bet he uses baby lips



- doyoung was lecturing jaemin on the birds and the bee’s

- he almost puked 9 times


- jaemin may be young, but he knows he loves you

- he hasn’t said it yet, but he wants to keep u forever 

- like forever

- and ever

- and ever




now I’m working on that scenario of yuta (the one based of the dating au)

I'm on a rapid update schedule cause I’m not gonna have a free week forever :( i will post when i will be a little less active

anyway bye!

- emma

A day may come, where we lose. But it is not today. That’s what Namjoon had said a long time ago. And back then it might have been true. But the moment that Jungkook heard the ear piercing gun shot and the painful scream of his friends he knew. The day that they lose, the day the young boy had always feared, had come.
And while he turned around in shock and saw the dropping bodies, all he could do was watch.

Shit-Chat [Kleinman!Reader]

Summary: Exams are bAD. The squad and you attempt to motivate eachother, it doesn’t work so well. considering it’s 3.A.M. There’s also a movie night.

Warnings: a lot of swearing, exam stress (?). that’s about it i think

A/N: (pairing: evan x reader) this is…indescribable. If yall like this i’ll make it a bit of a series !

Connor has created a chat.

Connor has added Zoe, [Y/N], Evan, Alana and Jared.

Connor has named the chat ‘somebody fucking help me’

Connor: GUys.

Connor: One of you lazy assholes better answer me right now.

Connor: Oh for fucks sake you’re all sleeping aren’t you?

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Senior Year

Chapter 6: Eros and Apollo

Originally posted by jisootherabbit

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 // Ch. 3 // Ch. 4 // Ch. 5 // Ch. 7

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Mingyu

Words: 1038

Warnings: cursing but its senior year, lets be real what senior doesnt curse

Summary: Homecoming! :D

A/N: i didnt realize that i breezed through september but meh who cares.

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Another Hale?

Request:Hey Could you write an imagine if the reader being Derek’s daughter (same age as Liam)she would be really cocky and she would be a werewolf. The pack would find out by walking in on Derek and her in a training session and they would all be shocked at that Derek had a daughter and that he didn’t tell them. The reader would go the same school as the pack, Derek tells Liam to help her out and make sure she stays out trouble (she doesn’t) And they end up dating. Thank you.

First Liam imagine whoop whoop!!-M

I also didn’t read threw to correct errors,sorry loves

“I just-don’t see the point,“you said as threw and dodged a punch from Derek.He threw one more punch,one in which you caught mid air twisting his arm at a painful angle.

“Ah Ah,okay,“he said going to his knees.You let up laughing at how much pain he was in.He sent you a glare.

“You have to go to school,that’s the point,“he told you standing up and brushing off his sweat pants.

“I’ve went to school my entire life,my mothers idea,now that she’s gone your supposed to be the cool dad that lets me skip out on the rest of high school.I’m actually a really great student,I’ve never had a B,I don’t need the rest of high school,“you told him re-doing your ponytail.

“Your going to high school so you can pack friends.” You rolled you eyes,turning you made your way into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

“So when exactly will you tell the rest of this “pack” you talk so much about,about me?,“you called opening your fridge door.

“I don’t know yet,I’m not sure how they would take it,“he said quietly,but you picked it up do to your werewolf heightened senses.

“How could a person act to finding out you have a daughter?“you chuckled walking back into the room Derek’s was in. He looked at you with almost a apologetic look,you shook your head and handed him a water.But before you could enjoy this father-daughter moment the lofts door was swung open to reveal several unfamiliar faces.

“Hey sour wolf,we’ve decided to have pack night here,“a boy said.He pale with dark warm brown eyes,and he seemed clumsy from the way he almost dropped the box of pizza he was carrying.The boy next to him was tan with dark locks of hair.He was looking down at an stunning asian girls who’s black hair was in a braid that was laying on her shoulder.Her smile was very bright and beautiful. Next was a girl with strawberry blonde strands on hair,she had a breathtaking face,she was talking to a girl with short brown hair,she wore a pair of blue jean shorts.You had to say she was rocking them.Slightly behind all of them was a shorter boy with dazzling blue eyes.He looked more your own age. His gaze caught yours and it felt like your breath was stolen.It seemed he had felt the same,he smiled slightly not being able to take his gaze away from you.

A few more people had began staring at you as well.Practically everyone.“Who is this Derek?,“the pizza box boy asked stepping closer to you,you took a step closer as well.Derek put his hand in front on you before you did anything else.

“This is Y/N,“Derek said slowly.

“Who exactly is Y/N?“the strawberry blond asked tilting her head.

“My u-um,my-“Derek began.

"His daughter,"you answered looking over at him.

"His daughter! Derek why did we never hear of this!"the pale boy in front of you exclaimed.Derek rolled his eyes and turned to the rest of the group,who’s jaws were practically on the floor.

"Why didn’t you tell us Derek?"the tan boy asked calmly.He must of been the alpha Derek had mentioned. He seemed cool and calm despite the situation.

"I wasn’t sure how you would take it,it’s a huge surprise,or at least it was to me,"Derek told him looking back to you,you had a smile playing on your lips.

"We would have token it fine,she’s a hale,we’ve done this before,"the strawberry blond said looking up at the brown haired girl beside her.She must have been Malia,Derek had told you her story.The red head came to stand in front of you pushing the pale boy out of her way."I’m Lydia,the packs banshee I guess you could say,"Lydia smiled at you.

"Y/N,I’m an omega,"you told her. The next to step forward was the tan boy.

"I’m Scott the alpha,"he told you shinning his alpha eyes.You shown back your glowing blue ones."You have blue eyes? You took a innocent life?” He asked you.You knew someone was bound to ask.

“It wasn’t on purpose,my shifting used to be quite rough.,"you told him,looking the alpha straight in the eye.He nodded,but you could tell by the boys eyes he didn’t trust you.But you couldn’t blame him.

"So who’s your mother,"the girl you assumed was Malia asked bluntly.

"Malia-"Derek began.

"She died.She was a werewolf herself,she also had many enemy’s,"you said still looking at Scott.He nodded again,but with a small smile.

"When did you move in with Derek-and oh,I’m Kira,I’m a kitsune,"the girl with the long black braid rambled.You smiled warmly at her before continuing.

"A few months,it took me a little while to find him after my mother died,"you said.The pale boy nearly jumped in the air,you turned your head to look at him.

"You let a random girl come and live with you! How do you even know if it’s your daughter!"the boy nearly yelled.You sent him a glare.

"Stiles,leave her alone,"Derek nearly growled.

"No,if he really wants to know I could show him what I showed you Derek,"you said tilting your head and dancing your claw lined fingers in front of your face.Stiles backed away a bit casting a glare of his own at you.

"You aren’t helping,"Derek whispered to you.Though you both knew that practically everyone in the room could here him. "Y/N has and will continue to live with me,I’m sorry if any of you have a problem with that,"Derek barked out.You smiled at how protective your father was being.

"No problem Derek,we took Malia in,Y/N will be know different.Shes your daughter,and we are all happy for you,"Scott said.It took you a bit back although.

"Woah,I didn’t come to join a "pack”.That isn’t exactly my thing,I’m better a being a omega,“you explained stepping away slightly.Scott nodded at you understanding.You never wanted to be in a "pack”. Even when you lived with your mother,who new about werewolves,you didn’t want to be part of something so intense and sentimental.This had made you independent,and maybe slightly cocky.You weren’t scared of anything or anyone.That was until your mother had passed.You’d been filled with a rage.It had only made everything about you become intensified.You were stronger.

"If Derek can trust her,which is a rare,so can we,"Lydia smiled.You smiled back at her.

"Well,it’s still pack night,and I picked the movie so let’s go,"Maila said as she walked to sit down on the couch.Stiles followed her sitting beside her.Lydia walked into the kitchen to make popcorn.Scott and Kira walked together,Scott sitting beside Stiles and laying a arm around Kira’s shoulder.Derek looked down at you with a apologetic look,you smiled at him and walked with him to the couch.The only seat available after Derek had sat down was between him and the handsome blued boy. You smirked and plopped down beside him.You made sure you were leaning in closer to the handsome young man.His head popped up to look at you.

"U-um,hi I’m Liam,” the boy said turning to you with his hand slightly out. You smiled and shook it.

“Hi,so what movie are we watching?"you asked pointing at the tv in front of you.

"Uh,well if Malia picked it then it probably a horror movie,they are her favorite,"he told you.

"Mm,why is that?” you asked.

“She is always telling the characters how they could attack the killer.She doesn’t understand why the characters are so stupid sometimes,"he chuckled. You smiled at how his eyes twinkled when he laughed.He was so very handsome.


"Mm,you should wear this Lydia said holding up a stylish crop top.You took it from her and held it to your chest looking into her mirror. It had been maybe a month since the pack had found out about you.You became friends with all of them,Lydia and the girls had took you in kindly.It was now the day before your first day back at school.You were far from thrilled,but Lydia was helping you pick out your outfit for tomorrow. You had both went through many options,but it looked like you had found the perfect outfit.

"Oh,this will be perfect,"Lydia said holding up a black skater skirt to match the burgundy top you held.You smiled at her before your phone buzzed in your pocket.You pulled it out looking at the caller idea.It was Liam.You’d definitely became the closest with Liam.You were his age so it was easiest to talk to him.And you hated to admit it but you had fell for the blued werewolf.

"Hey Li,"you answered.

"Hey Y/N/N,I was wondering if you wanted to get some ice cream,"he asked over the phone.You smiled internally.

"Yea sure,are we going to the normal spot?"you asked.

"Of course,"he answered.

"I’ll be there in 20,"with that you hung up and turned to Lydia.

"Hey,I’ll talk to you later ok Lyds,"you told her.She smiled at you knowingly.

"Go get em tiger,"she said to you.You smiled thanking her.You practically ran to the ice cream shop that Liam and yourself had commonly gone to over this past month.He was waiting for you and had already ordered your favorite ice cream.

"Thanks,"you smiled and took your ice cream from his hand.He smiled at you.He always thought your smile was so beautiful.You hadn’t showed it many times but when you did all he wanted to do was grab your face and kiss you. In his eyes you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever saw.The young werewolf had developed a crush on you.

"So,how did it go with Lydia?"he asked as the two of you walked down the street leading away from the ice cream shop.

"Well I think I defiantly have a killer outfit tomorrow,"you told him leaning into his side a bit.

"Anything you wear will look "killer”,“he said quoting the killer part.You giggled in response.

"Mm,I know,"you almost moaned looking up at him.Little did you know you had a dot of ice cream on you upper lip.Liam leaned in wiping it off,instead of backing away he pulled a piece of hair back and behind your ear.You gazed into each other’s eye for a few moments before you smashed your lips onto his.His mouth was sweet from the ice cream as his tongue explored your mouth.You smiled against his lips,tomorrow was going to be great.


"I want you to watch her Liam,"Derek said as the beta stepped into his loft waiting for you before school.

"Why? Y/N is more than capable than handling herself,” Liam said lightly.Which was true,you were an amazing and skilled fighter.

“I know,it’s just….since her mother died it’s been hard for her.She doesn’t show it but lately her changes have been a little rough.She can’t control it as well as she once did.Just watch out for her please,"Derek finished cupping Liam’s shoulder.Liam nodded in approval,he hadn’t known you were going through so much.But he had decided he would take upon himself to watch and take care of you.

"Hey Li,"you smiled meeting him he smiled warmly back at you.You waved goodbye to your father and the then the two of you were off.


Walking out of your third class,you looped your arm onto Lydia’s,smiling at her sassy comment.So far Beacon Hills was better than you’d expected.Even though a few of your teachers were a little bit annoying,your friends had helped you.

"You know,you look great in my top and skirt,"Lydia chuckled lightly.

"Mhm,I agree babe,"you heard a male voice say rudely.You rolled your eyes,and turned to look at the boy who said it.He was tall and quite large,surrounded by other boys who were chuckling to themselves.

"Do you have something to say?"you warned stepping closer to the boy.He leaned off the locker he’d propped himself against stepping closer to you,so you both were chest to chest.

"Nothing baby,just wanted to let you know if you wanted a reaction from that outfit your getting it,"he leaned into you.His hand going to cup the bottom of your bum,but before he got there you were sinking your claws into his wrist.He yelped in pain,you only pushed him into the locker with a bang.Your elbow was pressing against his throat,while the other hand was twisting his arm behind him.

"I didn’t want a reaction from anyone,"you growled out your blue eyes glowing.Before you could take deadly blow that your hand was already prepped to do a pair of arms were pulling you aways by your waist.You struggled before they pulled you into a supply closet.

"Let me go,"you roared turning around to see a beautiful pair of golden eyes staring into your glowing ones.

"Calm down Y/N,you need to calm down or your going to change,"Liam told you cupping your face.You dropped to your knees,desperately trying to focus on your breathing.Liam dropped with you tilting your chin up.Slowly,he began to take deep breaths in and out.You mirrored his actions,until finally your eyes shifted back into their original color.

"There she is,"Liam smiled at you.You smiled before leaning into him,he opened his arms warmly to you.He leaned back supporting himself against a rack lined with cleaning supplies.You laid your head against his chest,just listening to his heart silently.

"This might seem cliche but,I need to know what exactly are we?,"you asked after some time looking up and into Liam’s ocean eyes.

"All you need to know is that I’m never going to leave you.You belong in my arms.You decided what that makes us.”

Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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kuroken sentence 19?

from this. (send me some more!! completed reqs here.)

19. “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

“Kuro!” Kenma calls, and for once Kuroo sees him speeding through the hallways (well, as speedy as Kenma gets, anyways,) desperately trying to reach for his best friend. Among the crowd, Kuroo spots a shadow with quickened pace, eyes narrowing at the second year chasing Kenma. 

Kuroo instinctively moves towards Kenma. Thankfully the hallway isn’t too crowded, Kuroo reaching Kenma with ease.  Kenma gets behind him, hands pressed flat on his back, hiding behind him, Kuroo a shield. 

“Who’s that guy?”

“Don’t know,” Kenma replies quick, the second year getting closer by the second.

“What does he want?”

“Don’t know,” he says, and Kuroo can feel Kenma’s tight grip on his shirt, shaky hands surely causing the fabric to crumple.

“Oi, Kenma—” the second-year boy shouts. Kuroo squares his shoulders. The boy reaches around him, grabs Kenma by the shoulders.

“Don’t you dare try to run you lil’—” 

Without a warning, Kuroo pulls his fist back and punches him. The boy stumbles to the floor, holding his bleeding nose. The whole hallway is silent, Kuroo turning around and pushing Kenma out of the area. They go into an empty class, and Kuroo checks if Kenma is alright. When his anxiety calms, Kuroo asks.

“So why did I have to punch that guy?”

“He beat me at a game and I threw his phone at the wall.”


The Popular Crowd - Newt

Originally posted by die-jou-bu

                                     Modern/High School AU

For: thescarftrials

Character(s): Newt, Thomas, Minho, Chuck

Pairing: Newt x Reader, (mentioned) Thomas x Minho

Prompt: Newt is one of the most popular boys in school; you, however…. are not. One day, during a particular boring day in science class, a note gets tossed to you, from said “most popular boy”, could this be the start of something Mr. Charisma and Little Miss Loner?

Warnings: None

Words: 1,633

Your name: submit What is this?

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fluffplush  asked:

so if ur only attracted to boys online does tha tmean once u meet ur bf u break up or?

This is a really good question! I never got the chance to talk about this before, and I’ll be going into more complex detail.

This is all based on personal experience, and just remember every internet bi is different!

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GOT7ing: Holiday-ing Part 2 Highlights

- yugyeom getting highschool musical/korean drama feels and bursting out in song on the boat to NAMISEOM

- jinyoung being a judgmental lil bitch & making everyone else judge with him (srsly tho you guys need to chill for a sec)

- youngjae: LEEEVER

- jackson just mocked yj’s english & got his ass whooped by the youngjae defense squad. may he rest in pieces

- no one’s fangirling over got7??? who are these people. what kinda place is this

- yugs: come friends we must join our hands together and walk this lonesome path from winter sonata

- js: *freaks tf out in the middle of the forest and strips his jacket off in 0.03 seconds* me: wow i wonder how he learned to strip so fast..wait.,….,oh ;)

- “what are you doing?” “im not sure, sorry” same tho

- js: babe what did u stick down my jacket :)

- mark: garbage lel

- js: wow babe i thought u loved me how could u YOU WAS MY DAISY. MY FUCKING CINNAMON APPLE 

- jb: hey look an ostrich 

- “wat? a LION???” mark u need to take your sass and put it back in your pocket

- markbam doing ostrich mating calls

- “why is it so big??” hm jackson i bet this isnt the first time youve asked that ;)

- when did got7 suddenly become experts on wild animals. did they get animal facts training in jyp ent too

- bambam: “I GO TO SCHOOL BOI”  js: r u sure

- *points to dirt* “wow the grass is so green” MARK YI EN TUAN I HAVE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR TODAY

- i think yugs is slowly turning into a living kdrama 

- jr: hey yugs lets do the fly dance

- yugs: ok mom *jr embarrasses him and leaves* yg: :(

- jr: hey hey everyone lets do the fly dance together *gets trolled by the entire team* 

- jr: smh i played myself :’(

- jr: u know what fuck it *acts extra af & starts barking at yj*

- shit im not even halfway through this video and so much has already happened

- mark: *lies down on the ground to sleep* me: wow mark that green grass must feel really soft

- when will juniors reign of terror end

- mark: *gets up sadly after being ignored* (sorry man no one escapes karma)

- yugs being basic af and taking selcas with his bf bambam

- *jb starts singing dramatically* the kdrama feels. theyre spreading.

- srsly tho what are those things that bam is holding. is it a giant bag of fireworks or uncooked spaghetti

- everyone fucking screeching over a game of rock paper scissors

- praise the person who set up the cam in these boats this is an excellent view of their crotches

- team stick legs vs. the open-mouthed-laughing trio vs. the big booty crew

- bruh is that the same green masking-taped camcorder from the sliding door of their van

- jinson acting like newlyweds on their honeymoon in their duck boats

- subtitles under markbam: “CHOPSTICKS UNIT” ok whoever edited this please come over here i’d like to give you a high five

- markbam + jinson unintentionally holding hands the entire time (or are they)

- if you are quiet enough you can hear the sweet sound of jackson hyena laughing in the distance

- “did you bring my medicine” smh newlyweds turning into an old married couple

- marksons descendants of the sun salute (dont try to hide it everyone saw that)


- everyone burning their tongues on the hotteok ft. youngjae eating and laughing slash crying

- mark: *does cute things* bitch who gave you the right

- markbumgyeom has set sail 

New Year's Kiss

a/n: for new years my guys!!! enjoy (?)

stiles x reader
word count: 2.3k

summary: you’re a mermaid and when Stiles wanders off after seeing Lydia give her new years kiss to someone else you make it up to him

The hot summer sun had disappeared behind the wide horizon, a faint reminiscent of the painted sunset left behind on the sky as people flocked to the beach. You could hear them, their shouting and excited voices, music of all kinds as they set up camp for the night. The bonfires were lit all up and down the beach, the soft glow of the fire looking oddly beautiful and alluring from your view in the ocean. It was New Years Eve and that meant it was party time for everyone.

Your dark scaled tail swished gently below you in the water as you floated stationary in your spot, your eyes flicking up and down the beach momentarily before you began to swim closer to the land, intrigued by the humans who walked on the shore, their loud singing and celebrations, different from normal - there were more people, more voices, more music.

You spotted the dock branching out from the shore, the one you so often visited when life under the sea became a bore and the surface became your playground - you could sit (well, float) for days, just watching their unusual ways of life and they moved on the sand, always interested by the games they played as they ran and yelled happily. But coming to the surface was frowned upon and so you only did it every so often, loving to catch the glimpses of another life you wished to experience even for a day.

The dock was abandoned as it usually was once night arrived and the oceans waters turned dark, scaring the majority of people away which made it safe for you to stop at it, your arms on the wood and your head in the palm of your hand as you observed the people. The wood was cool and you sighed happily, watching a new group of people arrive at the beach and take a spot close to the end of the dock, one quickly working on starting a fire. You watched them, fascinated as fire was a concept only told in stories to the young ones but you loved to watch it as it wavered in the ocean’s breeze. You watched them for a few minutes as they sat, some roasting a sort of food over the heat of the fire, others cuddled into each other exchanging kisses and words. Their life was so different to your own.

A boy donned with brown hair was laughing with his friend beside him, a grin on his face as well as his friend’s and you found your eyes lingering on him a moment longer, something about him which made it hard to look away. A loud cheer further down the beach tore your eyes away and from the yells the followed it, it was clear that whatever they had gathered to celebrate was happening now.

You watched as the beach seemed to collectively countdown, some people pulling other closer as the numbers decreased and when they reached one, you were surprised to see couples all along the beach pulling in their partner to kiss. Loud whoops and cheers sounded and you smiled, the infectious attitude of the humans, rubbing off onto you.

Your eyes drifted back to the boy you were gazing at before, internally happy that he wasn’t locking lips with anyone on the beach though he himself was looking rather sad as he stared at another couple who were almost rather aggressively making out with each other. He spoke to the tan boy beside him who was cuddling a brunette girl before the former boy stood and turned, beginning to walk towards the dock.

Your eyes widened - oh my god, he was coming over to where you were, this would be the closest you’d ever gotten to a human and the thought terrified you and excited you at the same time. He was staring at his feet as he walked slowly along the dock and you quickly slid your arms off, watching but slightly hidden beneath the planks of wood. He continued walking and you pulled back, hiding under the dock as he passed overhead, his feet coming to a stop as he sat with his feet dangling over the edge, releasing a weary sigh.

You rapidly swam out from under the dock, your fingers resting on the rough wooden surface as you slightly admired him from where you were - he looked infinitely better looking closer up and you’d never been this close to a human before, your heart thumping wildly in your chest. You watched his legs sway and tilted your head curiously at the notion, unknowingly swishing your tail a fraction too fast, the sound of rushing water causing him to turn.

You ducked under the dock with a squeal yet you knew he had caught sight of you as he quickly jumped to his feet in surprise and waited a moment before approaching the side you had disappeared under, your fingertips still on the edge of the dock. Why was someone swimming at night?, he thought curiously. And on New Year’s Eve?

And as he peered over the edge, Stiles caught sight of your tail swirling in the water and he sucked in a deep breath of surprise, stumbling back as he tried to comprehend whether he was hallucinating or not. From between the planks you watched, your eyes widening as a frightened look took over his face, swiftly pulling away from the dock and into his view.

Sorry!  I-I didn’t mean to scare you,” You paused your words, watching his face distort from fright into shock and you rushed to justify your staring, not quite understanding his shock was from the fact he was seeing a mermaid and not your staring “I j-just wanted to look.”

Stiles blinked slowly as he curiously walked closer to the edge of the dock, his eyes searching up and down as he took in your form, muttering to himself, “Of course mermaids are real, werewolves are real, so why am I surprised?”

And then as if he realised what you had said, he scrunched his nose in confusion as he bent down to get closer to you, his mind still reeling. “Look?“ 

You nodded timidly as he seemed to relax slightly, swimming a little bit closer as his eyes watched closely, fixated on your tail. Surely, he was dreaming right now.

“At your l-legs.” You explained, gesturing to them with your hand and Stiles looked down at his legs, surprised once again and then nodded, as he muttered to himself, “Right, you’re a mermaid. Oh my god, I’m talking to a mermaid, an actual freaking mermaid.”

You giggled slightly at his words, enjoying how amazed he seemed to be at meeting you (though you were equally as amazed by meeting him) and the sound seemed to break him out of his quiet ramblings as his eyes darted back to your face, then your tail, a bewildered smile tugging on his lips. You had the most angelic face he’d seen and he found his mind running in circles to find a word to even begin to describe your beauty.

“What’s it like?” The question burst out of you before you could stop it, curiosity over taking you as you realised you could finally get answers about the shore you dreamed of so often. Stiles furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, unsure what you meant with your question. “On the shore, I mean.”

You had subconsciously swam closer to the dock, eager to hear this boy’s words and Stiles sat down, blinking rapidly as he processed the situation. He didn’t know how to respond to that - he’d never had to explain the land to a mermaid before.

“Um, it’s okay, I-I guess we have like cars and malls and stuff.” Stiles replied nervously, unsure what you wanted to know - your eyes widened with the new information of the shore and Stiles couldn’t help but smile wider at the marvelled look on your face. You had the purest look of fascination at his words.

Malls? They sound amazing.” You spoke, astounded as you tried to imagine that life or what malls could be and Stiles chuckled, watching mesmerised as your tail turned and flicked excitedly in the water. He had a million questions but didn’t know where to start- so he started simple.

“Do you have a name?” He asked earnestly, shifting to sit cross-legged on the dock, utterly intrigued as you lifted your arms on the dock as you previously had, resting your head on your arms.

You nodded rapidly before you answered, “y/n.”

Stiles smiled wider as you two began to converse, his eyes still occasionally flickering over to your tail as curiosity consumed him. There were still so many questions he wanted to ask but he decided to not bombard you with thousands of his thoughts - where would he even start?

“And you?” You asked in return, your voice dainty and Stiles wondered if every mermaid was a captivating as you - your hair was slicked back from the water and there were dozens of small drops of water covering your face but your eyes shined brightly with excitement, the grin permanent on your face. If you were a human, Stiles was sure you’d be right in with Lydia’s click, a bombshell he’d only ever get to see down a hallway, never actually get to talk to.

“Stiles.” You nodded at his reply, running the name over in your head in delight - he was probably the most beautiful creature you’d ever encountered, the delicate skin on his face dotted with moles, burning amber eyes and rosy lips. You practically squealed at the thought of having an actual conversation with a human and now you were having one with the most lovely thing you’d set your eyes on.

“Why are you away from the celebration?” You asked, pulling Stiles’ attention away from your tail where his eyes had drifted and he was suddenly he was reminded of why he had wandered down the dock in the first place.

“U-Uh, I kinda-well i-it’s stupid really, er, just that- you see that strawberry blonde?” He pointed to the group he had arrived with and you turned your head, the said girl sitting in the lap of another boy as they kissed passionately on the beach. You turned your gaze back to Stiles and the crushed look that rested on his face gave away the rest.

“I-I kinda has- well do have this massive crush on her for awhile a-and I was hoping that I might get to kiss her tonight, with the countdown and all.” He continued, tearing his gaze away from Lydia and back to you.

You tilted your head to the side in confusion, unfamiliar with the tradition on the new year - Stiles noticed this and chuckled at how adorable you looked, continuing in explanation, “It’s a weird tradition but when the year is ending, we count down the seconds and some people kiss when the new year starts.”

You were confused as to why they would kiss but found the tradition adorable anyways and starting a new year with a kiss sounded pretty good to you.

“But she kissed someone else?” You guessed and he nodded, playing with his fingers in his lap and you blushed at the thought that came to head. You couldn’t, could you? The words escaped you before you could think it through.

“I-I could,” you stopped, as the blush rose uncontrollably to your cheeks, trying to stop your stammering. “I-I could give you a New Year’s kiss, if- if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ eyes almost popped out of his head at your suggestion, inhaling sharply as he tried not to look too desperate when he nodded. Get kissed by a mermaid on New Year’s? Hell yes.

“I mean- y-yeah that’d be, uh, nice.”

You smiled nervously as you flicked your tail in excitement, giggling as he stammered to himself as he tried to somewhat prep himself. You could tell he was nervous at the idea but didn’t know how to initiate the kiss and so you quickly reached you hands up, pulled him closer as you planted your lips firmly on his own. It took only a split second before his tense body relaxed under your touch, both your your eyes closing to enjoy this boy’s soft lips that tasted of fresh fruit and smoke. Stiles didn’t believe someone’s lips could be so soft, tasting the salt of the ocean on your skin.

You pulled away after a moment, your hands still resting on the sides on his face as his eyes darted around you face, a blush already flaming up his cheeks.

“Was that- was that okay?” You stuttered, unsure.

Stiles nodded frantically, his own hand coming up to cover one of yours on his face, trying to commit every part of this moment to his memory. The only word coming to head to describe what just happened, what was happening was entirely perfect.

“Y-Yeah, definitely okay. B-Better than okay.”

You grinned at his words, loving how he quickly mirrored it and you felt confident enough to ask the next question, your eyes taking in each detail of his godly face.

“Then you won’t mind if I do it again?” You grinned cheekily and Stiles swears he just fell a little bit in love with you - he pulled you on for another kiss in answer to your question and you both couldn’t help but grin into the kiss.

The was definitely better than kissing Lydia, Stiles decided as you deepened the kiss, only pulling apart to watch the fireworks that exploded in the sky overhead - this was your own little celebration.

Wonwoo: I’ll Pretend

anonymous asked: could I request a fake bf scenario for wonwoo? in which ur parents are expecting u to bring ur (non-existant) bf, who u’ve been bragging about, to dinner. so u ask wonwoo to temporarily be ur bf. u r friends and he likes u. fluff pls!

Summary: a fake boyfriend au featuring the always classy Jeon Wonwoo

“Why don’t I set you up with my coworker’s son? He’s a nice boy and he’s your age.” Your mom says as you pour yourself a glass of orange juice.

“Mom, you can’t just set me up with any random guy. Why are you just assuming that I like guys?” You say and her face turns guilty. “Besides, I already have a boyfriend.”

You’re not sure why you say it, maybe you don’t want her to feel guilty anymore, maybe you just want her off your back. Whatever it is, you’ve said it and you can’t take it back.

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thepeachhashair  asked:

Solangelo Fake Dating 2

Fake Dating AU #2 Solangelo: “It’s bloody Valentine’s Day and there is a discount in the café for a couple and I don’t have enough money and oh hey you are single too so let’s pretend we are a couple and get this fucking discount I am bloody starving”

{This one has been in my askbox for a while as well. Sorry it’s taking so long to get to them all, but I’m steadily making my way through all the requests. I’m releasing this one a few days early because I am ONCE AGAIN going out of town. I won’t be back till Sunday, but hopefully I’ll have time to work on the next fic. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!}

Nico was a broke college student, no doubt about it, and sometimes that meant he went without a meal or two when money was tight. This was one of those times that money was tight, but it was worse than usual. Normally, Nico could work over time or take on odd jobs to make ends meet, but it was February, Valentine’s day to be exact, and Nico had about ten dollars to his name and no way to make quick money. Well, that last part was a little bit of a lie, but Nico wasn’t that desperate yet. See, his dad, Hades, was the super rich owner of Hades Inc, a successful mining company, so the Italian did have ways of getting money, but he swore the day he left, that he wouldn’t ask Hades for money unless his life depended on it. The raven haired thanatology major hadn’t had a proper meal in ages, his stomach growling disturbed his classmates, and his only reprieve was sleep, well what little sleep he managed to get. He still had some small things to eat, but not enough to satisfy his ever growing hunger pains. It may be coming to the point where I have to ask Hades for money, just so I can put food on the table. The Italian growled to himself and shook his head. No… things will get better when the holiday passes.

Nico’s stomach growled loudly, pulling him from his thoughts. He threw his hands up in defeat and let out a small shout of frustration. “Fine! I’m going.” He put on a huge coat, boots, and a black beanie to protect his ears from the frigid February air. The Italian knew of a small café down the street that always had good deals during the holidays. He was hoping that the little money he had would be enough to get him a big enough meal to last him a few days. When Nico stepped out of the door, a strong gust of wind almost blew him over. A hand on Nico’s back steadied him before the owner of the hand spoke. “Woah there, are you okay, Nico?”

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Draco x Harry Smut

**forgive me lord for I have sinned**

I am officially a ninja, I wrote this next to my mum.

Summary: It is the sixth year at Hogwarts and Draco is falling behind in potions. Harry has been given the role of his potions tutor. Their darkest secrets are revealed and smut ensues.

“You are falling dangerously behind in your work, Draco.” Slughorn stated, gently tapping his wand against the desk. “I will be unable to help you catch up in lessons so I have no other option but to assign you a potions tutor.”

Draco sighed and slumped further in his seat. “And who will this tutor be?” He despised the idea of spending two hours twice a week with anyone other than Crabbe and Goyle.

“Upon your fathers request, I must give you the very best. Therefor, Mr Potter will be outside your dorm room at 8 o'clock sharp.”

The mere mention of that boys name caused Dracos heart to flutter. But he could not reflect this on the outside as they were in fact enemies. “POTTER!” he shouted causing a spark of light to fly from his wand. “I refuse to have him enter my dorm.” The boy folded his arms in an attempt to seem threatning.

“Your father has already consented to these sessions,” Slughorn interrupted, knowing what Draco was about to say. Draco would happily disobey a proffessor, but his father was another matter. He had to except his fate.

–time skip–

The Malfoy boy ran back to his bathroom to check his hair for the umpteenth time. He had developed feelings for the dark haired boy back in third year and it hadn’t changed. “Stop it!” The pale boy scolded himself aloud. “It’s only Potter.” Potter. The boy with bright green eyes, tousled hair and a smile to die for. That darn boy. His school trousers now seemed slightly too tight.

“Shit shit shit.” Harry was due outside his dorm in one minuet so he had no time to sort out his issue. He buttoned his robe to conceal the problem, but it was it was still slightly visible. His thoughts were interrupted by a light knocking on the other side of the door.

Draco took one final deep breath before opening the door to reveal Harry with more equipment than he could carry single handedly. So Ron was stood beside him with the books and quills.

“Malfoy.” Harry said sheepishly, not looking Draco in the eye. “Let’s get this over with, Potter.” The paler boy said taking the books from Ron and closing the door on him.

“Colloportus.” Draco whispered with a flick of his wand. Harry was already laying out the cauldron and tiny bottles on the desk. Little did Draco know that Harry was feeling exactly the same way.

All of Hogwarts wondered why Harry had turned down Ginny, the girl most boys would fight for and only Harry knew the answer. His heart lay in the hands of the boy he supposedly hated, and who was currently breathing down the back of his neck as he set out the books and quill ink.

Draco then with a ‘u’ shaped flick of his wand and a whisper of “Accio.” had his chair in his arms. He then sat to watch the lesson Harry was about to teach.

Harry had to read through the book that he had placed on the floor due to lack of space and decided to tease Draco to see if he felt the same way. He bent down to collect the book instead of using a spell, deliberatly sticking his ass out. He swore he heard the other boys breath hitch. Draco’s issue from earlier was getting larger. When Harry tuned around, book in hand, he noticed it.

When he turned around to 'continue’ the potion his whispered so quietly Draco did not here “Wingardium Leviosa.” and Dracos robe was lifted away from the area he was trying to hide.

Harry turned around, as if surprised.“Someones excited,” Harry purred with a sudden boost of confidence. He began to walk towards the blond boy sat in the chair with an erection bigger than he’d ever had. “Someones been wanting this, haven’t they? Wanted me in their room so they could do what they want to me? Well, today is your day, pretty boy.”

Draco had held back long enough already. He grabbed Harry by the waist into a passionate kiss. Soft lips collided with chapped ones, teeth clashing. Draco saw something in Harrys eyes he had never seen before. Lust. Draco walked Harry towards the bed, not once breaking the kiss they have both needed for so long.

It was Dracos turn to talk dirty. “Look at you, sweet innoccent Potter. What if people were to see you like this, so desperate for me ey baby?” Harry couldn’t help but let a small moan escape him. “Why’re moaning baby, you want me to fuck you? Take away your innocence? You want me to pound into your tight lil ass?” Harry was a mess by this point.

Draco tore off Harrys shirt, buttons flying whilst Harry did the same to him. Once shirts were discarded, Harry removed his pants as fast as he could, leaving him only in boxers. He expeted Draco to do the same. However, Draco stood and began to slowly remove his belt, not once taking his eyes off the smaller boy on the bed.

This was driving Harry insane. The grey eyes of the paler boy were burning into him. His belt was off and this mini strip tease was turning him on further, even though it didn’t really seem possible right now. Harry subconciously began to massage the tent in his boxers. “Draco, if you do not get you hot ass over here and fuck me I might have to get someone else who wants a fuck. Like Ginny for instance.”

The light grey of Dracos eyes darkened to almost black. Draco got incredibly jealous very quickly and now was no exception. He crawled on top of Harry and began massaging the tent for him. “You’re mine? Understand?” He began trailing kisses accross Harrys chest and down his stomach, so close to where Harry wanted him most. However, Draco missed and began leaving kisses on Harrys thighs.

“D-draco, s-stop t-teasing.” Harry could feel the familiar pit in his stomach and they hadn’t done anything yet. I guess that showed how much of an effect Draco had on Harry. Draco removed Harrys boxers and his erection slapped his stomach. The pale boy proceeded to take Harrys member into his hand and moved it up and down, his thumb dippng into the slit. “Fu-fuck.” Harry was crumbling, all composure long gone.

Draco was the same, he could not hold back anymore. He has waited three long years for this and he was not going to let it pass. “Are you stretched, love?” Harry blushed even more than he already had and nodded. “Bet you were thinking of me, wishing it was me. You did, didn’t you baby?” While whispering these dirty fantasies, Draco lined himself up and gently began to push inside.

The only sounds were their moans and it spurred both of the boys on. They were both so close already, the pools in their stomachs getting larger and tighter. “Sh-shit Potter I-I’m” The dark haired boy locked eyes with the taller, paler boy above him. “I-I know.” Draco began to thrust harder and faster as he neared his climax. “Shit I’m oh FUCK,” Harry screamed as he released onto his stomach. The sight of Harry coming undone was enough to finish Draco off. His eyes rolled back in his head, his lips slightly parted. He then collapsed onto Harry, their bodies sweaty and tired.

“I think I might need extra tutoring Mr. Potter.”

spoilery cursed child thoughts!!!!

- it has been nine years and ten days since i have had a brand new harry potter book in my hands i am very emotional

- seriously there will be spoilers like i’m just going thru the book so bye bye if u aint read it yet

- also i have literally heard nothing about this so if some spoilers are well known i didn’t know!!

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You see him after your breakup

Niall: It’s a Saturday afternoon and the weather is absolutey lovely today. But you don’t really feel like doing anything today. When ou’re about to watch some Modern Family your cell phone rings.It’s your bestfriend Noa. ‘Hi No, what’s up?’ 'Hi hun, I was thinking maybe we should get some ice cream at the park? I really need a study break.’ 'Yeah sounds great, meet you at 3.' 

’(Y/N) I’m here!’ You hear Noa call you. You smile and walk over to her. 'So how are your exams going?’ you ask. 'Eugh I’m so done with it, if I don’t have ice cream within 5 minutes I’m going to get a mental breakdown. 'Well let’s go then.' 

As you are enjoying your treat in the sun and talking you sundenly see Noa’s eyes getting bigger. 'Are you alright, Noa?’ 'Uh yeah, but please don’t look at your right.’ 'Huh why?’ As the curious person you are you do turn your head and see him. Niall Horan. Your ex. The boy you still love, but broke u with. It was the best. You quickly turn your head back. 'Fuck did he see me?’ You whisper. 'Yes… He’s coming your way.’ 'Fuck, fuck, fuck. Can we go please? I don’t want this.’ But it’s already to late. ’(Y/N)?’ you hear his sweet voice behind you. 'Hi Niall…’ You almost whisper not being able to look at him. 'Uhm… yeah well… Uhm… How are you?’ 'Oh yeah I’m absolutely wonderful, Niall.’ You fake smile. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ Noa says and stands up. You give her a desperate look, but she ignores it. Niall decides to sit next to you. 'I still miss you, (Y/N)… a lot.’ You are finally able to look at him. You sigh. 'I miss you too… a lot.’ You are both quiet for a while until you take his hand and hold it really tight.’

Louis: It’s been almost 6 months after you guys broke up and you haven’t seen each other since then. But you got over it pretty fast, now having an amazing boyfriend who cares a lot more about you.

'Baby, would you like to go out for dinner?’ Evan asks. 'Uh yeah sure, when would you like to go?’ 'What about now?’ 'Now? Evan I’m already in my PJ’s and our pizza will be delivered soon.’ 'I don’t care. I just want to go out with my beautiful girlfriend.’ You stand up and give him a kiss. 'I love you crazy bear, just let me get dressed alright.’

After half an hour you two arrive at the restaurant. 'Table for two please.’ Evan says to the waiter. 'Of course sir.’ 'It’s absolutely beautiful here.’ You say looking around. 'Just like you.’ You start to blush. The waiter escourts you to your table. 

'Sorry I really need to go to the toilet right now.’ You chuckle and stand up making your way to the toilets. When you are done you quickly open the door wanting to head back to your table. But you bumb into someone. Not knowing it’s you ex. 'Oh I’m so sorry sir I… Louis?’ You ask shocked. 'Hi, (Y/N)’ He gives you a small smile. 'I have to get back.’ you quickly say not wanting to have to talk to him. 'You look beautiful.’ He says. 'Thanks…’ 'Who are you with tonight?’ Why is he asking me all these questions you think to yourself. You can barely give him the answer but he knows it by your silence. 'I hope he makes you happy. And if he ever hurts you I…’ 'Louis,’ You interrupt him, 'You were the one who hurt me remember? I’m happy now. Way happier than before. I’m going back to my table right now… Have a nice evening, Louis.’ You can barely hold back your tears. But you need to let him go. 

Harry: His POV: After (Y/N) broke up, I haven’t heard anything of her. That night when I came home she was gone. Nothing was left of her anymore. But it’s all my fault. I was too selfish to even care about her. I miss her so much. Her beautiful smile, Her voice, Her body. The way she could laugh about how stupid we were after a fight. But this time she didn’t smile, she left. And all because of me. 

'Dude, are you okay?’ Niall asks. 'Huh what?’ 'I asked if you are okay?’ I sigh looking at my phone, praying for a call or maybe a text. 'Still nothing?’ 'Nothing… I think I’m going to her house. I need to tell here I’m sorry…’ 'Do you want me to drive you there?’ 'No… I’m going for a walk.’ 'Alright… Good luck mate.’ 'Thanks, Niall.’

I walk out of the studio making my way towards her house. Am I nervous? More terrified. As I arrive I take a couple of deep breaths before I knock at her door. No respond. I look through her window, but it’s dark inside. I bet she isn’t home. As I’m about to leave and turn around, I see her. She’s standing in frot of me. But she doesn’t look the same. She doesn’t look like my happy carefree (Y/N) anymore. Her hair is messy, Mascara swipes out and her clothes are ripped apart. She stares deadly at me. 'Oh my God, babe. What happened to you?’ She doesn’t respond and walks past me wanting to go inside. 'Why do you smell like alcohol and drugs, (Y/N)’ 'Why do you smell like pure shit, Harry?’ 'You don’t do drugs, do you?’ I ask worried. 'Does that matter?’ 'Yes it does matter! You’ll get fucked up by that stuff (Y/N) you have no idea how much you are damaging yourself!’ 'OH EXCUSE ME THE ONLY THING WHO GOT ME FUCKED UP IS YOU. AND I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR THAT. AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR STILL LOVING YOU. BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FORGET YOU HARRY! SO JUST LEAVE AND DON’T YOU DARE TO EVER LOOK FOR ME AGAIN!’ I can’t hold back my tears anymore. 'I CAME TO LOOK FOR YOU BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU TOO. I’VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE AND I BLAME MYSELF FOR THAT EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!’ 'I don’t know how to trust you anymore Harry.’ 'Let me show you.’ 'How?! I really don’t want to be the person who constantly asks you where you’re going or where you’ve been.’ 'If you want to do that you have all the right. If you want to check my phone, go ahead. But I can’t let you walk away again. I’ll never forgive myself that.’ I walk over to her and hold her for dearest life. She cries onto my chest. 'Please don’t hurt yourself this way love. You are way too special.’ 'You have a lot of making up to do Styles.’ 'I know. I know.’ I whisper kissing the top of her head,

Zayn: It just didn’t work out that way. You were busy with uni and he was busy with his career. You still miss him sometimes. The fun days you had together. When he sang to you if you felt down. But it is just better this way. 

You are standing in front of the frozen section at your local Waitrose. Some friends are coming over tonight and you have to cook something, which isn’t really your talend so you decide to keep it simple. 'Where are the mozzarella sticks?,’ You mumble to yourself, 'Fuck they are on top…’ You try to reach for them, but being 5'2 is not that fun.’ 'You need any help with that?’ You hear a voice behind you. But you know that voice way too well. It’s the same voice who woke you up almost every single morning. 'Zayn?’ you ask surprised. 'Here let me get that for you.’ He grabs the mozzarella sticks and hands it to you. 'Thank you.’ 'I see you still like your cheese sticks.’ You blush a bit. 'Yeah… What brings you here?’ 'I’m visiting my family and I quickly wanted to pick something up before heading there.’ 'Well, tell them I said hi.’ 'I will.’ You give him a small smile. 'Well I have to get some other stuff so uhm…’ 'How are you doing by the way?’ He asks. 'Great, yeah… I finished my exams and now I can just take it a bit easy… And are you still on tour or?’ 'We’re having a little break in two weeks we are going to America.’ 'Oh wow nice.’ 'I still miss you (Y/N).’ 'I miss you two Zayn. But it is better this way.’ 'Maybe it is…’ 'I really have to go now. It was really nice seeing you again. And all the luck in America.’ 'Thanks love. Uhm… Do you mind if I give you a hug?’ You smile. 'Of course not.’ You give him a hug inhaling his scent one last time. You pull back and give him a kiss on his cheek. 'Bye, Zayn.’

Liam: 'Mummy! Mummy where are you?!’ Your 3 year old daughter cries. You had the pick something up at the store and decided to bring Anna with you but when you didn’t watch her for not even a minute, she walked a way now crying for you. 'Have you lost you mummy, sweetie?’ A young man asks her. She nods at him a little frightened by his sudden approach. 'Shall I help you find her?’ 'Yes, please’ She cries. 

'Anna?!’ You call, 'Anna honey where are you?!’ 'Miss, are you alright?’ An employee asks you. 'Have you seen a little girl. She is tree years old, has a brown hair with a black bow and wears a white shirt with jeans and converse.’ At that moment you hear her call your name. 'Mummy!’ 'Oh Anna!’ You rush over to her and pick her up. 'Oh honey, never scare mummy like that ever again okay?’ 'I am sorry, mummy.’ 'It’s alright sweetheart.’ You look up wanting to thank the man who brought her back, but when you see him your heart stops for a moment. 'Liam?’ He smiles at you. 'Hi (Y/N).’ 'Thank you so much for helping her.’ 'It’s alright. She looks a lot like you. She has your eyes and smile.’ 'I hear that a lot.’ 'Do you know him, mummy?’ 'Yes I do. This is Liam. I was in love with him before daddy.’ Anna looks confused at you. 'You still love daddy, right?’ 'Of course, Anna. I love daddy very much.’ 'I’m glad to see you happy, (Y/N).’ 'Thank you. It’s been a long time, Liam. How are you?’ 'Oh yeah. I’m great.’ 'How is Sophia doing? Are you still together?’ He smiles. 'Yes we are.’ 'That’s wonderful.’ 'Mummy, are we going home?’ 'Yes in a minute.’ 'It was nice seeing you again, Liam.’ 'Yeah definitely. I got to go as well. All the best (Y/N). And nice meeting you Anna.’ 'What do you say, Anna?’ 'Thank you Mr. Liam.’ 'Good girl.’ You smile one last at him. 'Goodbye, :Liam.'