why u no luv me


How come when I pick up a gun and get in on the action, I get shit for being all pissed off and vengeful?


I’m just curious about what will happen.

me: i feel like i’m going to throw up ): 
mi papá: necesitas vicks 

bts music tag
top 10 bts songs

tagged by the cutie pie @sometimeintheafternoon
i was tagged awhile ago but HERE IT IS!!! to be honest, all these songs i pretty much enjoy so much because the lyrics but i didn’t want to put it in each lil description so i will tag the videos w/ the english translation so if you have never heard/read it you can check it out)

here are the songs (btw these aren’t in any order bc i would spend more my whole life figuring it out LMAO)

  1. hold me tight // this song gets me in my feelings so fast i feel like i need to look out a window. jimin’s high not, the yoonkook harmony, THE RAPS, TAEHYUNG SAYING CAN U TRUST ME, LIKE BOIIIIIII
  2. just one day // omg, the first song i fell in love with, if bts just gave me one day :((((
  3. let me know // this song is so???? relatable??? but not?? u feel me?? BOY LET ME KNOW~!
  4. house of cards // first of all, the performance of this GIRL!!! i feel all my emotions for this song, oh my god. 
  5. 21st century girl // idk man, this song will always put me in a good mood, they hypin girls up how yall not appreciate that?? 
  6. coffee // this song will always put a smile on my face, i always play it when i get coffee, like wow, i love caramel macchiatos.
  7. rain // i listen to this when it rains, always. in THIS RAIIIIN!!!
  8. autumn leaves // ugh, this song. just look up the lyrics and cry w me, NEVER FALLLL!!!!
  9. butterfly // honestly i teared up to this song, it’s so…. amazing. like HE DOESN’T WANT TO LOSE THE GIRL BUT HES SCARED
  10. love is not over // i learned the first part of this song tbh. ugh my heart 

i wanted to add a lot more like, outro: luv in skool, outro: do you think it makes sense?, like (slow jam remix), converse high, war of hormone, lost, supplementary story: you never walk alone, etc. etc. but i based the ones i chose mainly on the lyrics

tagging: @okatokato , @fvshcvkes, (FEEL MY PAIN LMAO) and all my followers/mutuals who want to do this!! 

Kakashi Drunk Texts

Requested by anon!

What kind of texts would Kakashi send to people if he was drunk?

1. To Jiraiya

“I miss u. You need to come back”

2. To Jiraiya

“I wanna reed more of ur books”

3. To Jiraiya

*Message unable to send* “Stopp making me cry”

4. To Gai

“Remember how we’re lik the bigestt rivals?”

5. To Gai

“I wish u wernt in a chair always”

6. To Gai

“I wanna do stupid shit with u again”

7. To Sasuke

“Why were u such a dick?”

8. To Sasuke

“I laughed internally wen u said u wanted to kill me. Remember that?”

9. To Naruto

“Lol being Hokage sucked”

10. To Naruto

“Good luck being buried in paper for the restt of ur lif”

11. To Naruto

“Why did I never have a girlfeidnnd” 

12. To Yamato

“U look really old now”

13. To Yamato

“Lol no I don’t look old u do”

14. To Yamato

“Stop gaurding a tree and come talkk to me”

15. To Kakuzu

“Who is this and why are u confessing ur luv to me?”

16. To Kakuzu

“Oh hi Kuzuka now it makes sense y u want my heart”

17. To Kakuzu

“Aren’t u ded?? lol good luck taking it from me”

“Boba Tea Date” - Jikook

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Here’s my contribution to the fandom

for @btsfeelz cause she is a sweet little cinnamon roll, luv u babyface <3

and for @shiningjimin cause shes feeling under the weather and i wanted to give her a pick me up <3

Love all you guys. Have A Very Jikook Vday 

(ps: slighhhtttly got the idea from this work that was for shiningjimin lol? It’s just cause of the boba…BUT I DONT WANNA TAKE FULL CREDIT CAUSE IT WASN’T MINE SO YEA BOBA IS GUUD FOR TA SOUL HAVE A GOOD DAy…imma stop now..)

 kit  probably  continues  to  gaze  even  after  he  gets  caught  looking  @  ella  like  why  be  bashful  when  he  can  just  admire  how  amazing  and  stupidly  beautiful  she  is  and  fall  deeper  in  love,      u  feel  me  ??