why to kay

Diary of a Niqabi:

“Oh.. I thought niqabis were prostitutes.”

Um… is that a compliment? Should I say thank you?

“OMG! you’re actually really pretty! No wonder you’re wearing it”

The level of my ‘beauty’ has nothing to do with my choice to wear it. Thank you.

“Um, you aren’t actually that pretty, ya know. I mean you are, but not pretty enough for niqab.”

Please go talk with the person above and reach a decision on my ‘beauty and how it reasons my decision on wearing niqab’

“How are you going to get married?”

I’ll wink 3 times at the guy. There. That’s your sign.

“So like, are you going to get married without him seeing your face?”

Yuppp, that’s the plan. Imma get hitched and then “surprise babe!” wtcha think?

And if he isn’t into me, we’ll just get a divorce, it’s cool.

“How do you eat with that?”

Slide to the side, food in, slide back, munch and repeat.

“OMG! how do you wear that? It’s so hot!”

Yeah, love. Jahanam is hotter tho, so..

“OMG! You’re so lucky! It’s so cold, I bet this keeps your face warm”

Mhm, I got my own customized glove for my face, thank you.

“Can’t you, like, at least put on some eyeliner?

Um, like, that’s totally against what niqab is about?

“I mean, thank god you’re all covered up and stuff, you would’ve stolen some hearts. Haha, we wouldn’t have gotten any attention.“

Haha, indeed.

“I’m so sorry! Are your parents forcing this on you? Are they oppressing you to wear it?”

I was the one who did all the ‘oppressing’, don’t worry about me fam

“This outfit doesn’t show your figure at all.”

Yupp, it took me blood and tears to find it. Thank you.

“Um, where is your front from your back?”

Dude! Omg thank youu!

Mission: accomplished