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Goddamn it I’m super pissed at how Chinese has so many variants on characters?? Like it’s bad enough to remember both traditional and simplified – but now you got to add in the others too? 

Eg: 闗, 關, 関 and 关 all mean the same thing -.-

Also..remember how I was ranting about Yan’s name? yeah Ishida spells it like 焔, though the vast majority of people use 焰 instead.

*Fun fact, another version of Yan is 燄

**I’m betting you Tatara’s real name will probably be written like 爐, even though they technically come from mainland China which uses the simplified 炉(of course if his actual name isn’t that or if they don’t come from the mainland but rather from HK or Taiwan or another place which uses traditional lol then IDK I’ll eat my own foot) 

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I mean, they fucked and then had a big convo about how L lives through her? idk, I'm all for Clarke getting laid, but paying tribute to L afterwards, including gazing at her pic while her hook up is still in bed is just...weird. And especially with the vibe this wasn't the first time. Like is that their pattern? Clarke lays in bed naked and talks about L with someone who as far as we know never met her?

Mmmm yes that’s true! I forgot to mention that. It’s the fact that they had sex and Niylah was still laying in bed naked while Clarke was staring at a picture of L, who Niylah knows Clarke still loves. Definitely know now why Tiff described it as “understanding.” But the kiss in the end and the way they were looking at eachother confused me like it was casual sex and then it was a cute/sweet moment so idk what the writers expect me to think about that??? Especially considering last time Clarke would just get dressed and slip out the door 😂

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 41

I have to say so far, this chapter is the best one of this arc (for me), and that’s saying alot! Of course, most of the ‘awesomeness’ was due to the fight scenes (and man did Mutsuki improve! I have a feeling that he probably ate the bodies left in the Auction which is why he’s able to use his Kagune now) and–

OMG is that Amon/Floppy??


And of course, aside from old favourite characters coming back (why oh why did you leave so quickly Amon? Just what are you planning…) I have to say I’ve gotten a new favourite character–

Hakatori! (Please don’t die)

(Who, by the way, is so androgynous that I shall be using the pronoun ‘they’ until gender is revealed. Although another one of the Aogiri thugs called them ‘him’, Imperial scans have been known for mistranslating things, plus I haven’t seen the chinese scans and I don’t read Jap so I’ll just take that with a grain of salt.)

This chapter revealed that Hakatori is a Bikaku and wields 3 tails. However, one little something caught my eye:

But they consume a lot more energy compared to the usual Bikaku” 

What does that even mean? Does it imply that they have more than one kakuhou? (Compared with Mutsuki, who only has one ‘tail’), hence why using it is more energy draining? But Miza also has 3 tails, and seemingly doesn’t show the same disadvantage? Ishida, how do you do Biology in Tg again?? 

(Anyhow, I digress. Ghouls using quinques are amazing so I’ll let that slide for now).

Another thing I would like to point out is how similar Hakatori is to Tatara (of course, being Tatara’s direct subordinate probably has something to do with it)

1. They both have a Bikaku Rc type. (Pretty self explanatory there). Although i’m not entirely sure if Tatara can wield more than one tail; we’ll have to wait and see.

2. If you look at this screenshot:

Hakatori’s overall language “Damage from fighting? How pathetic of you two” is totally something I could imagine Tatara saying. Adding on, Tatara and Hakatori both sport high collared uniforms, with a ‘wave like’ design under the collar (though granted, Hakatori’s design looks more geometric).

Finally, this chapter showed one unexpected character coming back–Eto! 

I’m not entirely sure who Eto is referring to in this scene (could be Amon/Floppy, Kanae, the Aogiri thugs, or the Quinx) but I’ll place my bets and say she’s talking about the Quinx. Obviously, they have improved their fighting skills during the timeskip, which Eto seems pretty happy about? It seems like she’s got another plan up her sleeve…which of course, never bodes well. Is she testing them and their capabilities, so she’ll better know how to ‘break them’? My suspicious senses are tingling…

Another key thing I would like to add: In this panel when Urie finds Sasaki fighting Naki’s subordinates by himself, he has this face:

Which obviously shows his disbelief and surprise at Sasaki’s strength. Personally, I also view that he shows a hint of jealousy in this scene, as in previous chapters Ishida mentioned how envious he was of his leader’s strength, and how Urie would do anything to match it.

Note how Ishida reuses the symbolism of the lizard/gecko being eaten (in this case, the geko refers to Yamori, Naki and Naki’s subordinates, who are obviously being beaten by Haise. However, it seems as if Haise’s symbol has changed from that of a centipede to a snake).

This scene supports my point that Urie has become even more jealous of Sasaki’s skill. When Haise ask if everyone is alright, Ishida only shows ellipsis coming out of Urie’s mouth, so we don’t really know what he’s thinking. But considering his track record, I don’t suppose he’s thinking of anything good…

Oh yeah, one final thing to add: Tsukiyama comes back and Re! (in an obvious paralell to TG) but now he seems…desperate? And I dare say…tired?

Well, he certainly looks less healthy than he did before. Perhaps being rejected by Haise has something to do with it?

And that’s it, I’m afraid. Ishida does love leaving his chapters on a cliffhanger, afterall. Hopefully the next chapter will pick up the pace of the arc…can’t wait fr next week!

PAULIE: Girls are so emotional! VANESSA type thing.  We need to get these ho’s out! Why are Tiff and Day crying? They need to go and accept their fate!

PAULIE: *is nominated*

PAULIE: *isn’t nominated next to a girl.*

PAULIE: *sees a butterfly*

PAULIE: *has to bake pies*

PAULIE: *has to wave a flag*