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An afternoon date~

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Since the Ryder twins were born and raised on the Citadel, I am now picturing the two of them trolling C-Sec officers with slingshots and wads of paper… because they are two bored little kids and it’s funny to watch their targets look around in frustrated bewilderment as they try to spot their “attackers.” Bonus points if you get the wad of paper stuck in a turian officer’s fringe.

C-Sec Officer Garrus Vakarian does not approve.

It just continues to floor me that Seto Kaiba’s obsession with Atem is not only enabled by Mokuba, but all of Kaiba Corp’s employees. Even the town of Domino has been unwillingly subjected to Seto’s very vocal desire to see Atem again. Like damn boy, just broadcast your love life everywhere why don’t you?

I mean, same difference right?

That live concert yesterday was awesome. I really need to draw Zero at some point :’D

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Upon Oswald’s return, arriving home and finding Ed in the mansion.

Oswald: (outraged) “How dare you!”

Ed: (turns around to shockingly see Oswald alive before his very eyes) “Oswald…?!”

Oswald: “I can’t believe you did that!”

Ed: “Oswald, I-”

Oswald: “Do you have any idea how much this hurts?!”

Ed: “I-I’m sorry, I-”

Oswald: “You took something beautiful and ruined it!”

Ed: “I know what I did seems a bit extreme, but-”

Oswald: (lowers his voice, sadness washing over him) “I’m going to need time to heal…”

Ed: “I understand, Oswald.” (cautiously tries to reach out and pull Oswald into a hug) The truth is that I’m so relieved to see you alive and-”

Oswald: (flails and swats Edward’s hands away from him, shouting once more) “It was such an exquisite painting!”

Ed: “…?”

Oswald: “I can’t talk to you right now, Ed, I’ll be in my bedroom…” (gently sobs as he walks out of the room)

Ed: “……..” (turns to look at the framed portrait of him and Oswald, now dominated by the green question-mark painted overtop the Penguin’s regal figure) 


(shouts up to Oswald ascending the staircase) 

“So it’s all good that I shot you, right?!”


This is what happens when you make jokes

pre-Dark Cupid episode
  • Kim: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Max: yeah they are
  • Kim: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Max: *blushes* who
  • Kim: Chloé
I love Do Bong Soon from the bottom of my peanut sized heart

And i hope everyone who calls her a damsal in destress chokes :)

She literally physically felt the pain of herself loosing her strength but what did she do? She got the fuck up and walked towards a psychopath who was directly holding a gun right at her. What did she do? She grabbed that gun in his hands even though she KNEW she had no powers.

Please define to me what a Damsel in Destress is now :)

The “Why I love Kieran” ramble

Seriously though, I feel like I need to get this off my chest.

I see so much Kieran hate everywhere I go and I just completely don’t understand it? 

It’s true, he made a bad choice telling Gwyn about what Mark was saying and it all ended awfully. But can we look at this situation from Kieran’s point of view?

Kieran was alone. Until he met Mark. Mark was the first one for him. Kieran thought that Mark loved him the same way he loved Mark. He was sure that Mark would come back to him, because why not? For Kieran a family means nothing else than pain, rejection and loneliness. He does not understand the feelings Mark has for his family. He does not understand humans and their relations, guess why, BECAUSE HE’S NOT HUMAN. He never lived in a normal family like Mark did, he never had anyone other than Mark showing him feelings of affection.

How would you feel if you saw the only person that ever loved you moving away from you in a way that you have no power over?

Kieran trusted Mark, he trusted him because he loved him, he trusted him because he thought Mark was telling him the truth always, and that his feelings were truth too.

But when he saw him with Cristina he grew anxious. Because he knew that Mark can lie, he is not a faerie. And Kieran has no idea how to deal with lies because he never lived in a world where other are lying.

Kieran was the one that let Mark be who he really felt he is. He was the one who let Mark say and believe that he’s a Shadowhunter. He’s the one who made Mark remember who he is, the whole time he spent with the Wild Hunt.

Kieran gave Mark his heart, the only thing he had, and this fuc… and Mark just threw it away the moment he didn’t need Kieran anymore.

Because that’s basically what he did, used Kieran when he felt alone, and when Kieran was the only one who cared about him, and abandoned him the moment he could go back to his family, his normal life.

And you can think that’s normal, you would do the same thing, but not Kieran

He lost everything he had, the only person who gave him love just abandoned him. He was abandoned AGAIN. And he didn’t want that to happen. So he did what he did.

But that’s not the end. He understood. He understood fully well that he did a bad thing. And he tried to make things better, he tried to help Mark and his family, because he knew already how much family meant for Mark. 

Do you guys even realize, that it’s 99% official, that Kieran killed Iarlath. He killed another Faerie, because this Faerie hurt Mark, his one and only love, hurt him and his family. And Kieran could not forgive that. So he killed him knowing the consequences. 

And the most heartbreaking thing for me was the moment, when Mark told him he’s staying with his family. And Kieran just left. He left to be killed. And he knew that.

But he left, because he didn’t want to bother Mark who didn’t love him.

He left because there was no life for him without Mark.

And I just can’t stand it when I see people hating on Kieran, because he was not in the wrong.

He was just a Faerie boy, who was used and thrown away when he wanted to find happiness.

And that just breaks my heart.

Yes mom, these are the boys that I dedicate my teenage years to.