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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

Me: I need to write and update my fics now that I’m starting to feel better again.

Also Me: Make a short crack fic based on this pic @metawohoo made

Me: But why

Also me: Why not?

Gabriel Agreste was a fashion icon. His company was at the top of the fashion world. He was an idol to every aspiring designer. 

So why was he wearing a flower crown and a butterfly patterned shirt?

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Remember Supercat? Those were good times. Supercat was the best show on TV. Don’t know what this new show is. SuperMono Super ew?  *sigh* 

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i just saw the tweet matt liked and??? i'm so disappointed he doesn't get what we mean at all doesn't he

Looks like it, Anon. I mean I get that it is maybe hard to apologize and admit that you fucked up/made a huge mistake in public, especially since they all can’t change 2A now. We all get that. But is it really so hard to actually assure the Malec fans and more importantly the lgbt+ community that they’ve listen to their concerns and doing their best to make up for it/make it better in 2B? I don’t think so.

This all wouldn’t have happened if that would have been the case from the start. I am telling you. Siiiigh.

can I just say that it is disgusting we have to suffer Man-Hole being on top of Kara on a couch right at the outset but we got hardly any hint of sexuality between Kara and James and it’s only implied for Alex and Maggie through clothing choices

Here’s my hc on how they could have all survived…

K2 somehow overpowers the stormtroopers and gets away, but still locks Jyn and Cassian in the vault.

Bodhi manages to knock the grenade out of the ship like the badass that he is.

Baze lays down cover fire for Chirrut as he walks to pull the lever, and they fight their way back to the ship where Bodhi is waiting (picking up any stray rebels on the way).

Bodhi takes off and flies towards the citadel tower, determined to find Jyn and Cassian. Everyone is shouting at him to just leave them, because the Death Star has fired and the destruction is coming their way. Bodhi refuses, and circles the tower until Chirrut suddenly yells “They’re down there!” and sure enough everyone looks towards the beach and there they are, followed by K2.

They get them aboard the ship just in time, and Bodhi books it out of there. There’s confusion about where they should go, but eventually it’s decided they need to disappear, because the Empire wants them dead and they essentially went rogue from the Rebel Alliance.

Their ship enters hyperspace, then it can cut to Vader’s scene cutting a swath through the rebels.

I am almost at 100 followers!!! Only ten away! How?? Why?? What!? 😲😲😲 Either way, I still love each and every one of you! Those who spend time on my blog liking my posts, rebloging my stuff, and commenting on my things, thank you! Those you dedicated their time to scroll through my blog, thank you. Those who followed my blog and have notifications turned on, thank you! And lastly, those who thought my blog was stupid and made fun of me for what I do, thank you, you made me a stronger person. Now, for the fun part of this already long post! I want each and every one of you, to reply to this post, send me an ask or even message me. I want you guys to tell me what you want to see. I want to do something special for y'all, and I want to hear from you guys. Do you want to see a bedroom? A living room? A garden? A speed build? Whatever you want, I will try my best to make it happen! I love you guys! Without your support, I wouldn’t be here. And by here, I mean in this wonderful Simblr community. Thank you!

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