why this why this happen


*shrugs* (◕‿◕✿)
(I had to, it’s cute okay?)
Sketch by @weather-art
Lining and color by obviously me
@thefandombytes @ladyxgilex @cartooniste2z

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Do you think Solas goes into a different room to fart or just let's them loose where he is? Also, does he fart loudly or silently?

why is this happening to me

I think it depends on who is in the room with him?????

If it’s Lavellan and it’s early in their relationship, of course Solas is going to be a gentleman and either hold it in or go to a different room. 

If they’ve been together a while, he’ll just let it rip, but I feel like he’s a silent and deadly kind of farter. So it takes a minute for her to realize he’s farted, but by then it’s too late and she’s dying and Solas is laughing

and if it’s a large room with a lot of people I feel like he’ll just let rip and watch war break out over who farted. And of course, no one but Lavellan knows the truth. No one would think for a second that it was Solas.

In which Ashi joins me in having late night existential crisis thoughts and feelings and thinking too much about life, existence, what’ll happen after you die, deep heavy stuff like that.

Because, hahaha, I do believe she would have a existential crisis throughout different lives because of that one time she ceased to exist and her soul remembered and didn’t like it one bit.

sententiousandbellicose replied to your post “but I’m your idiot” ummmm. Jasmine that is VERY gay.”

AAU is very much churning them out. It’s in the air~ *remembers Raf and Fletch* I’m actually starting to wonder if it might not be.

look. Raf and Fletch are happily at home with their four beautiful children nd nothing you can ever say will convince me otherwise.

maybe Raf moved to keller because he n Fletch finally admitted their feelings for each over and didn’t want to have the messiness of working together all the time and a relationship?????

I’m just confused because I’m so proud to be gay. I love who I am. Last summer, I felt like I was finally sure of my sexuality after attending Pride. I finally felt so comfortable with it. Then this guy comes along and all of a sudden I’m confused?

This happened once before with a guy. I’d wear his hat all the time, text him all the time, hang out with him at his house and go out to eat with him and our friends. Nothing ever happened with us though.

I’m just so conflicted about everything :(. I honestly almost feel guilty for feeling this way.

If anybody needs me, I’ll just be sitting over here in the corner being UTTERLY perplexed at both the Flash and Supergirl season finales.