why this tumblr is named champagne

17. What is your favourite breed of cat?

Unfortunately I am allergic but I will say I used to have a profound love for tigers…

34. who are your favourite tumblrs?

Agh this is such a hard question.  @monte-cristos @halfofagrapefruit @onvelvet @megross  @champagne @187o @sanctadifferentia @didoofcarthage @lennuieternel @writingletterstoshakespeare, to name a few~

38. Do you like anons? why or why not?

Yeah, I really do!  I think it’s really cool that people can send me a message and hide who they are, especially if it’s something rather personal that they don’t want to be known for.  On the other hand, there was that “rude anon” from the other day … though honestly most anon hate really doesn’t make any sense…

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