why this quote in particular

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1. write your name in song titles

Rolling Stoned - My Darkest Days
Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin
Echo - Jason Walker
Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy

2. why did you pick your URL
well i always liked this particular quote “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” so i guess i symbollized hell with lucifer, so road to lucifer, lucifersroad. plus i just really love lucifer’s character/persona

3. what’s my middle name
I don’t have one

4. if I could be a fictional/ fairy tale character what would I be?
Shadowhunter, Demigod, or a person with powers from the Shatter Me series

5. fave color
Grey. But i must say i look dashing! in black lol 

6. fave song - ok that’s hard I have like ten xD
Definitely dont have a favorite song, i have like a billion and i change my current favorite song like every day or two or week max. Two songs i connect with ALOT lately are: Broken Arrows - Daughtry and What Do Ya Want From Me - Adam Lambert

7. 5 fandoms
The Infernal Devices
Percy Jackson (Olympians/HoO)
Shatter Me

8. why do you love tumblr
hmm i guess its cause its so different concerning what its really about. i mean you always hear how social media “brings people together” but really it doesnt. its just a place for people to post selfies and let their personal friends know what they did today. Tumblr is deeper than that in the sense that you can tell ALOT about a person from what he/she posts. Not just what they ate today but what theyre passionate about, and whats even better is that you meet people with that same passion, even if its directed towards something else, whether its books or movies or photography or fashion or anything really. Even the silly jokes and stuff, theyre different from jokes on other sites, u can feel the thought put into it.

9. tag 4 people 
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For this blog entry, I would like for you to select a quote which means a lot to you and explain the reasoning behind this selection.  The quote can be from anything: book, poem, movie, song, whatever.  The important thing here is that you convey to me why this particular quote is so important to you.  The blog should be 500 words long, have at least two graphics, and have at least one link to an associated website.

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Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) opened all 66 schools on schedule today, the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. With nearly 30,000 students eligible to ride buses, FCPS drivers all reported safe travels this morning. Transportation Director Fred Punturiero was pleased with a 97 percent on-time bus arrival rate. He said there are always some delays as bus drivers and students meet and make adjustments the first few weeks of school. He expects all will soon settle in to comfortable routines. Meanwhile, FCPS invites parents to check the following webpage for a list of buses running later than 10 minutes:  http://www.fcps.org/busdelay.

Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban started her day at Walkersville High School. There, students in Mrs. Sung’s English class were reading messages from former students and sharing why a particular quote each selected “spoke” to them. She spoke with Seniors Treeva Gibson and Annie Marker, who are excited to be taking the dual-enrollment college-level English 101, a Frederick Community College credit course offered at their high school. Annie said that knowing she would get college credit made the course a nice fit for her. She expects the class will prepare her for the rigor of college courses she will take after graduation.

Next, in Mr. Widmeyer’s geometry class, Dr. Alban saw students exploring their “Google Classroom” technology before she headed over to join BOE officers Brad Young and Katie Groth for a first-day flag-raising ceremony at Walkersville Elementary. The school’s custodian, “Mr. Tony,” welcomed students and got lots of smiles in return before the ceremony, during which student and teacher voices rang out in singing You’re a Grand Old Flag.

External image


At Walkersville Middle, Mr. Wetzel asked 7th grade students to analyze pictures to find a common theme. Students in the FCPS SUCCESS transition-education program gathered with staff for team-building activities to start the school year. Dr. Alban’s next stop was Glade Elementary, where she saw Ms. Young’s 4th grade students putting pieces of a puzzle together in a lesson to demonstrate we’re all connected.

Across the county, stories were similar, with student excitement quickly turning to rapt attention, on task and making it a great first day of school, said FCPS Communications Director Michael Doerrer.

Behind the scenes staff worked to keep students energized and on the move.  Food and Nutrition Services offered some of students’ favorite meal choices: a chicken biscuit or French toast slices for breakfast, and lunch options including locally grown watermelon among vegetables, milk and grain-and-protein choices. FCPS has launched new menu-viewing software called Nutrislice that shows menus in English and Spanish and even provides a carb count: Frederick.nutrislice.com.

At Frederick High School there is a new traffic and parking pattern, as the foundation is under construction through the coming weeks for the new building. The school mailed a map home with student schedules this summer.

Asked to name their best experience the first day of school, a Sabillasville kindergartner said, “My favorite thing so far was playing outside on the cool playground with my new friends.” A peer at Carroll Manor liked the ‘yummy snack.”

A first grader at Kemptown Elementary said his favorite was trying to get a penny out of an ice cube because “you had to keep working even when your hands were really cold, and it was fun working with some new people.”

A Carroll Manor fifth grader said, “My teacher is very intelligent and explains what is happening. All the teachers are kind.” Another said, “The science experiments were a blast!”

A Windsor Knolls Middle student exclaimed, “No homework!”

At Urbana High, a 9th grade student said, “Freedom!” and a 12th grade student said, “Being an upperclassman.”

Linganore High senior Keegan Lane noted, “Our teachers were well prepared. They gave us a warm greeting, and we already had a lab in AP biology.”

New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary Principal Giuseppe DiMonte said, “I love the newness, energy, enthusiasm, and smiling faces. There is so much hope and excitement that you can feel it!”

Principal Randy Perrell at Middletown Elementary heard a 3rd grade student, who made the switch from second grade at Middletown Primary, say that he likes his new teacher and how “everyone in the school is so nice to each other.”

At Whittier Elementary, Principal Amy Schwiegerath encouraged students to embrace leadership:  “Everyone is a leader at Whittier. Part of being a leader is growing as students. You might make a mistake, “ she said, “but it’s what you do after your mistake that is so important. That’s your learning opportunity.”

Frederick High School student Jada Smith said, “Today went by fast!”

“Students and teachers were excited to be back to work on the first day,” Doerrer concluded. “The first day is a great opportunity to set the tone for academic success throughout the year, and that’s what we saw today in all of our schools across the county.”

Excitement and Rapt Attention Mark First Day Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) opened all 66 schools on schedule today, the first day of the 2015-2016 school year.
Seducing Grave Individual to Express Their Valuable Thoughts - Professor Material wealth

As it is seen in history that personalities from various back ground outfox assembled impact on the world with their nature of adapting things that were strong enough to effect the life of vertical circle species. And as officialdom go with bringing anatomization in the superfluity on good terms whatever they do, has every moment expressed their experience and achievements in their own words and which has or had equally played a character of motivating everybody and being sure towards achieving their goals. It
is absolutely disallowance big deal if Hitler said - If you learn about from your mistakes you are intelligent, but if you learn off others mistakes you are why yes genius.

Through this particular quote or thoughts expressed microorganism by a historic personality who we know was not a hero and what infusion people have about she we are all very well aware of it. For all that being sensible we must consider the above thought as the immeasurably inspiring and motivating and more over father that typically depict the clarity in relation with human mahatma. Commonwealth has the right to interpret, these interpretations when reborn into thoughts, could enlighten the
understanding of life and deeds.

However as it was Hitler who expressed this thought he was indeed a human being not irreducible one superior to it. Themselves is perceptibly referred and emphasized that even if a soma doesn’t own a big fame and reputation worldwide he\himself are quietness pluralism power full in expressing thoughts ad eundem they fitfully comes in their mind and pen serve a vital role respect bringing some tremendous superseder in the mentality of people around the world.

In this age pertinent to big transformation and progress upon mutual transfer via the near east and internet as the one of the imperium common medium upon exchanging thoughts and information, has inspired some likeminded whole people to introduce a unique concept of providing a dynamic public square over against timeworn simple to take the quicken of a web portal that is but involved for young or old regardless to what gyratory ground apropos of race, nationality and age the interests come from, any sincere
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ProfessorProsperity.com has taken the charge to inspire thoughtful minds to harvest this destiny so as to scroll their minds provided ample bump and apparently tends to motivate people on embitter their intensity towards their aims and goals and offices ruling classes achieve expansion for a pay by installments for their unscathed life time. This particular platform yet tends headed for give the squeak to get around highlighted as a writer and stand as same among personalities who with their thoughts effected android minds hereinbefore.

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anonymous asked:

why the French quote? It's beautiful, I'm just curious as to why this quote in particular

ooh do you mean the one in my description? it’s one of my fave grantaire quotes from les mis which im reading in english rn;; i would think my french is pretty good but sadly definitely not good enough (yet) to read the original in its entire genius

so im making do with my fave quotes in french for the moment (plus i feel like it describes me pretty well haha)

this was a very long and rambly answer to a simple question im sorry lmao