why this its not even real what is life

Entry 4 : Denial

I’ve always been called weird or a creep for embracing reality.
We all have our own battles and we all have our own perspective of what reality really is.
To me reality is what’s dark and what’s bright.
The pros and cons of everything is what reality is.
Even our existence has its pros and cons.
I’ve only been labeled as a creep because I address what’s dark in the world or rather the dark side in us all while others choose to live in denial.
That’s why “ignorance is bliss” is so painfully a real lifestyle.
In fact,ignorance is the only way one can go through life without getting depressed or hung up on something.
The thing is that “ignorance is bliss” lifestyle,nowadays,is of the cons not the pros.
With how far we’ve come along with technology,you can never be ignorant about a scarring event surrounding you.
We CHOOSE to be ignorant because it’s the only way we can happy.
We choose to ignore the cons so we live a life of happiness and love.
Doesn’t always work but worth the shot.
One could let that go but the cons outweigh the pros by so much.
Maybe a couple years ago we had a chance but all the cons are embraced now.
Not the pros.
The darkness in us all is more encouraged.
The world’s evil has already defeated the good.
However, we remain in denial of that fact.
Here’s the good news
The darkness isn’t always bad.
We view it as such because we’ve been taught to fear it.
So embrace the darkness in you as part of who you are
Or else it will catch up to you.

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I'm very confused is there some new show in which Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics make out? What is happening? What is

oh buddy YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF RIVERDALE? where to even BEGIN.

so once upon a time some CW executive was like “you know what The Kids like? those wholesome Archie comics in which people actually go by names like jughead and moose and two incredibly amazing women fight over a thoroughly mediocre boy”

look at how precious and innocent they are, god bless.

“… but you know what else The Kids love???????” the exec said, speaking aloud because why not?


“WHAT IF” says this executive, eyes gleaming in a way that’s a little more than manic, now, “we have ALL THE SAME CHARACTERS FROM ARCHIE only instead of keeping that feel-good tone we turn it into TWIN PEAKS meets GOSSIP GIRL meets VERONICA MARS but like not the good veronica mars, awkward middle of season three veronica mars.”

that sounds terrible, i can hear you thinking. are you endorsing this?

it IS terrible, pal, but let me tell you

let me just say

they have gotten one thing– 

or rather, two things–




are veronica and betty going to be endgame?


do they even legit like girls?


is this show actually, like… good?


but then why…????

look man.

sometimes you want to watch a show that’s going to change your life. a show that gets at the heart of what it means to be human, that really thinks through every twist and turn, that cares about its characters like they’re real people. a show that you then judge all others against.

and sometimes

you want to watch a show that is then judged against those other, actually good shows.

the bad news is that Riverdale is garbage

the good news is that it’s the best kind of garbage


if i go down i’m taking you all with me

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I'd like to ask, how do you know when fight/smut scenes are necessary? Or how to make them effective & not simply as fanservice or just for word count? Usually, I find myself skimming through fight scenes as a reader, bored. As a writer, I'm inclined to just 'fade to black' and imply stuff at the next chapters. I'm not really a fight/smut-scene writer, even though my characters know & need to fight. Thanks for keeping this blog. :D

A good fight scene (and a good smut scene for that matter) always works in the service of the narrative. It works toward the cohesive big picture.

From an entertainment standpoint, violence is boring.

You need your audience invested in the characters participating in the violence, in the actions and events leading up to the fight, in the aftermath and how this will effect the character’s overall goals.

In a narrative context, if you’re bored during a fight scene or a sex scene it’s because the build up to that moment failed. The scene itself may also have failed. However, your foundation is what makes your story sing.

Think of a story like building blocks. You’re playing Jenga with your reader on a homemade house, they’re slowly pulling out the pieces and you’re betting you built your blocks well enough to withstand scrutiny. You’ve got to keep them interested long enough to get to the end before the whole thing comes tumbling down.

A fight sequence which works in concert with it’s narrative is enjoyable, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and ultimately works to build up the story it’s telling. Fighting isn’t fighting, you see. Combat is a form of problem solving, the fight itself is an expression of the character’s individuality. Everything we’ve been learning about them, their goals, and their behaviors are being put in a pressure cooker and dialed up.

You should be learning about the character as the fight progresses, the fight working on multiple levels in concert with its narrative to get the story where it needs to go. Often, a first fight is like an establishing shot in film. You get a feel for who this character is when under pressure, who they are. Peril can be a great way to get the audience invested, but its up to the author to prove why they should.

Poor fight sequences don’t tell you anything. They’re there to establish the character as capable of fighting but don’t even do that because their concept of combat is generic.

The combatants aren’t individuals expressing themselves, the fight isn’t proving anything except fighting, it doesn’t have meaning except for its attempts to prove the narrative’s poor concept of badassery. This often happens with no regard for the setting’s rules, the aftermath consequences, what the character’s actions will effect in the long run.

It doesn’t mean anything and, while violence is shocking and terrifying in real life, in fiction violence has to mean more than just an exchange of blows.

How many times have you read a book where several mooks show up to get their ass kicked by the protagonist? They limp off at the end and while they’re often in a perfect position to be seen again due to their connections, we never do.

In even just a moderately competent narrative, those same mooks are characters. We’ll see them again in bit roles. They’ll play a role, either to help or hurt later as an aftermath consequence of the protagonist’s earlier actions. These are callback characters we can use to remind the audience of what happened previously in the narrative, and offer up some catharsis.

In a really well written scene, these mooks serve an important purpose when it comes to establishing the protagonist’s character in a quick snapshot. Like the moderately competent character, they come back later to the aid or the detriment of the protagonist. The mooks’ response actions are a direct result of their encounter with the character, often acting as an inciting incident. The protagonist suffers direct consequences as a result of their actions, whether its injury, loss, or the attention of the villain which causes them to lose something. In these fight scenes, you can see the story’s trajectory because it acts as another way to get to know the hero, the secondary characters, the tertiary characters, and whoever else is participating. It’s working on five different levels.

What you often see in a good fight sequence, whether it’s in a written medium or film, is the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the part of the author. A smut sequence is a reward, it’s a way to pay off on the reader’s investment in the relationship between these two characters and the narrative’s investment in them. It doesn’t matter if that’s hardcore sex, or a Victorian hand touch, or a knockout blow to the jaw, the end result is the same. It’s entertaining, satisfying, and even cathartic.

A poor sex scene is just dolls bumping bits. A poor fight scene is just dolls trading blows. Nothing occurs, nothing happens, there’s none of the underlying satisfaction or catharsis in the outcome. You don’t have any investment, no consequences, it overstays its welcome and tells you nothing about the characters.

You’ve no reason to care, so you don’t.

As a reader, you don’t owe a writer attention when reading their work. They’ve got to earn it. If they aren’t, then it may be that the story isn’t for you and that’s okay. Take into account your tastes,

It takes practice to choreograph a fun fight scene. Writing sex and violence is mostly about learning to find your limits (i.e. what you’re comfortable with writing), and overcoming embarrassment. Determine the difference between need and want.

Are you avoiding writing these scenes because you’re scared of being bad at them or because they just don’t interest you?

These are two very different issues, and it’s easy to hide from the first behind the second. Be honest with yourself. If it is fear, then don’t give into it. The easy solution if you’re afraid of being bad at something is to practice. Start looking critically at the media you consume, when you start to get bored during a fight scene or a sex scene, when you want to skip ahead, ask yourself, “why?”. Check out the sequences and stories where this doesn’t happen, and try to figure out the differences between the two.

When it comes to the mechanics of both violence and sex, the more you learn the better off you’ll be at writing it. The more you practice writing violence/sex/romance then the better you’ll be. Like with everything, it’ll probably be pretty terrible in the beginning but the more you practice, the better you get. Writing itself is a skill, but its also a lot of sub-skills built in underneath the surface. Being good at dialogue doesn’t mean you’ll be good at action, having a knack for great characterization doesn’t mean you’ll be good at writing setting description. Putting together great characters doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at worldbuilding.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

All it takes to figure out whether or not the time to fight is right is by listening to your gut.

Remember, the best scenes are based in narrative cohesion and emotional investment. They’re a pay off in and of themselves for your audience, dessert after dinner. They aren’t the meat and potatoes. If you set out to just write a fight scene or write a smut scene then it’ll get gratuitous. Then the focus is on the fight or the sex itself, hangs entirely on their shoulders, and you’ve just upped the ante for how entertaining you need to be.

It’s not “how do I write a fight scene”, it’s “how did my characters get to this point and why are they fighting”. If you start from a character place, it gets easier. The same is true with romance. “How do my characters participate in a romance (sex or not)”.

Make it about the individuals, that’s when it really gets fun.

And, if you get too stuck, try writing fight scenes with characters who don’t know much about how to fight. Sometimes, it’s easier to get into it when you begin at the beginning. There’s a lot less pressure convincing an audience with a character who knows nothing than one at the top of their field.

There’s a lot less stress about “is this right?” when you’re trying to get a feel for the flow if you’re dealing with a character who doesn’t know jack shit. Fight scenes with characters who know nothing can also be really, really, really fun. They’re wild, improvisational frenzies where all you have is the character sorting through their alternative, non-fighting skills trying to figure out how to survive.

Believe it or not, this will help you because you don’t get to cheat with the idea that your character already knows what they’re doing when you don’t. It’ll help you tap into the character, seeing scenarios from their perspectives, and writing to that instead of “generic fight scene”. When you’re unsure, characters who know nothing about the subject matter they’re engaging in but still have to engage are great. They teach you how to write from the standpoint and perspective of the individual. You need those skills just as much when writing characters who are professionals or at the top of their field.

If you don’t think you can write an interesting fight sequence with a neophyte, then that might be a part of the problem. A character doesn’t need to be good at something to be entertaining. A smut sequence where everyone’s fumbling, knocking into each other, embarrassed, stuck in their clothing, cheesy, corny, and laughing can be just as fun (if not more so and more honest) than the ones that generally get envisioned.

For me, good is entertaining and the entertainment is based in humanity but you need to define “good” for yourself in your own writing. Be honest with yourself about your fears and you’ll find a way to bridge yourself to the kind of writing you want to be doing.

Freeing yourself of your own internalized preconceived notions will help a lot, and produce stories that are way more fun.


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played final mix for the first time recently and let me tell you. in twilight town, oh it’s so emotional, roxas living his sham of a hologram life and everything, and oh look how much axel cares about him even as they both struggle with whether or not their own emotions are real. look at how sweet they are. the ice cream! oh, poor xion! that new cutscene they added near the end of 2.5, oh i just about cried too. soooo sad!

the fucking hills. a whole line of dialogue about what happens to light as the sun sets and why the sky turns red. a whole iconic line about colour theory. fucking twilight town in all its lovely oranges and purples and golds really capturing that feeling of sleepy half-light. and then these fucking neon green hills. every clock tower cutscene, every touching moment, made completely worthless by these fucking green hills. i felt nothing because of those hills. this is the most you’ll ever see me say on any subject

“I’ve been hurt before, but not like this. Never like this.” G.D

a/n: hey guys! I know I took a little long to post this but its my first post and i kept thinking it wasn’t good enough haha. people on here are so talented tbh so i wanted it to be really good. i also don’t even know why i had to start off with a sad one-shot but i like how it turned out.  let me know what you think.

word count: 1,694 words

They say real love is when someone hurts you, but because you care about that person so bad you choose not to hurt that person in return. You choose to put your own feelings and your pride aside because you can’t imagine a life without that person. 

You rolled onto your stomach and grabbed your phone off the nightstand to check the time, 3:15 AM. You checked your phone for any missed calls or texts but saw nothing. You sighed, and put your phone back down on the nightstand, wondering what time Grayson would be coming home. 

You kept tossing and turning in bed, frustrated to the point of tears because once again, you found yourself sleeping alone in the bed you and Grayson shared and you hated it. You figured you should be used to it by now, seeing as to how this had become an every day thing for you, but you knew you never would. You would never get used to sleeping without Gray’s body next to yours. The warmth coming from his body was always comforting for you as he wrapped you up in his arms. 

From the very start, Grayson had had your heart. You guys grew up as childhood best friends, never leaving each other’s sides for anything. You were simply inseparable; and as you guys grew older, you had developed feelings for the hazel eyed boy. Not only developed feelings, you were completely in love with him. His captivating looks and adorable personality made it impossible not to. Of course, it was never in your plans to confess your feelings to your best friend, you thought it was best to keep them buried for the sake of your friendship. 

As you grew older, you went through relationship after relationship, never really finding the happiness that you were looking for. Instead, you were left heartbroken time after time, but having Grayson there to comfort you made your heart feel whole once again. He always assured you that there was someone out there that was meant to be with you, that was made to make you happy; but it never occurred to you that he was referring to himself. Never in your wildest dreams did you think that your best friend would actually feel the same way about you as you did for him, but he did. 

Or at least that’s what you had thought…

The day after he confessed his feelings for you, you guys went on your first official date and you knew right then and there that he was the one for you. He had made it his mission to make that night magical and unforgettable for you, and boy had he done just that. Fast-forward to two years later, you believed you guys were stronger and more in love than ever. You couldn’t have been more wrong.  

About two months ago, you had caught Grayson sleeping with some girl in his and Ethan’s apartment. The worst part of it was that he didn’t even know you knew. Heartbroken and completely torn apart, you had made sure to walk out of there as quietly as possible because a part of you did not want to believe what you saw was real. And as the weeks on, Grayson became more and more busy with the warehouse him and Ethan had gotten, leaving little to no time to spend with you. But when he asked you to move in with him and Ethan, it gave you hope that your relationship could only get better from here; but it instead made it harder for you to ignore the fact that, day after day, he went back to the same girl from that night. 

Now, you found yourself falling asleep, wrapped up in a blanket as you lay on the trampoline in the twins’ warehouse. You hadn’t been able to handle sleeping alone in yours and Grayson’s bed. The room alone had felt lonely and empty without him. And as time went by, you had kept glancing at the door, hoping to see Gray walk through it, but he hadn’t. 

You must’ve been in that stage between asleep and awake when you heard the door slam shut.

“Y/n?” Grayson whispered loud enough for you to hear. “babe what are you doing sleeping out here?”

Giving him no answer, you stayed completely quiet and still, pretending you were still asleep. You felt him get on the trampoline a few minutes later, his arms wrapping around you to bring your body closer to his as he lay behind you. “I love you so much y/n” he whispered.

You could smell the scent of women’s perfume that lingered on his clothing and did your best to keep the tears in. Liar. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was intentionally trying to hurt you and make it obvious that he was cheating or if he was simply that clueless to what he was doing

You waited for a couple of minutes until you heard his even breathing, knowing he was asleep, before slipping out from under the small blanket and crawling out of the trampoline. You hurried over to yours and Grayson’s room and dropped to the ground as you felt a warm stream of tears fall down your face. You shoulders shook slightly as you held your hand up to cover your face, cover your mouth, trying to keep as quiet as possible as the tears pooled into your palms. 

You couldn’t help crying, choking on the air and sobbing loudly into your hands, wishing for the pain you were feeling to stop. That your feelings could shut off so you couldn’t feel a thing. But your crying doesn’t stop, until you hear the door from your bedroom open. 

“Y/n? A-are you crying?” Grayson questioned, his voice low and raspy 

You don’t respond, you don’t even move, your mouth opens but nothing but a loud, choking sob comes out. 

“C’mere,” he whispered softly as you heard him walk over to you. Your vision comes blurry again as he picks you up and sets you on his lap after sitting down on the bed, wrapping an arm around your waist as his other hand caressed your cheek, “What’s wrong love?”

“I-i can’t” you manage to say before another sob escapes your lips. Grayson just watched you with a confused and worried expression as you shook your head vigorously.

“You can’t what?” he asked as he wiped away the tears that fell. When you didn’t give him an answer, he brought your face in his hands and made you look at him, “Tell me”

“I-i”– another hiccuping sob escaped your lips – “I can’t do this a-anymore” you managed to say before standing up.  

You felt him grab you by the wrist and pull you back over to him, looking even more confused than before. “What? What do you mean y/n?” 

“I can’t keep doing this Grayson.” You said looking down, biting down on your lip hard to repress a sob. “You and me, I just don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Wha- no,” Grayson shook his head, his cheeks flushed to a steamy red as his eyes began to water. “Look, i’m sorry if I did som-”

“No Gray” you sighed, your voice cracking a bit, “I-i know… I know about her” 

Grayson’s face fell, his mouth opened and closed as he tried to say something, anything, but his mind was completely blank. 

Not being able to take the silence anymore, you walked over to your closet and pulled out your suitcase. You threw in as much clothing as you could, ignoring his pleads for you to stop, before he stood up and turned you to face him. “Please don’t do this… please don’t leave” 

“No Grayson” You sobbed, trying to pull away from him but his grip was too strong. “Let me go” 

“Please don’t leave like this.” he pleaded, “Just let me exp-”

“Explain what Grayson?” you asked, “Explain how for two months, I’ve cried myself to sleep, just to wake up the next morning to continue crying because the image of you and that girl is the first and last thing I thought about every single day? E-e-explain how I stuck with you these last two months, waiting for you to realize that the one for you was me, the girl that stayed up waiting for you every single night, and not her?” 

“Y/n i’m so sorry” he cried. 

“You know, better than anyone, that I’ve been hurt before. In fact, you were the one to glue me back together every single time a guy broke my heart” he looked away swiftly, the pain evident in his eyes. 

“But not like this. Never like this Gray” you choke out. “You’re the one person that I thought would never ever hurt me.. and now you’ve become the only one who’s ever been able to hurt me like this.” 

“Y/n… I never meant..” His voice trailed off and he took a few cautious steps towards you. “I never meant to hurt you y/n, y-you have to know that” 

“But you did” you muttered. “You lied to me, y-you broke me, and the worst part of it all is that there’s no one to piece me back together this time” 

You both stood there for what seemed like forever, not knowing what else to do or say. You both knew that this wasn’t only the end of your relationship. You knew that nothing would ever be the same after this.  

"I don’t want to lose you” he choked out. “I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend”

You gave him a sad smile and grabbed your suitcase, walking out the room and out the door. He ran after you and stood at the door frame calling out your name, but you held it together and threw your suitcase in the backseat. 

Once you pulled out of the warehouse parking lot, you looked back up to Grayson through the rear-view mirror, breaking even more at the sight of him crying onto Ethan’s shoulder, his body shaking with sobs as he watched you drive away. 

hope you enjoyed it! 

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I know you are happy for the Klaroline endgame but don't think that it is sad that Caroline was the only vampire left? She will live for ever or at least get to live for a more extended time than humans do and she will see everyone she loves die. It has already started. Her father, her mother, her husband. She will outline her children too. How is that a good end for her?

How is it not?

Let me start by saying that despite JP’s obsession for turning TVD into a human soap this show was originally based into the vampire mythology. It is meant to deal with vampires and their existence. The pros and the cons and the darkness and the grandeur and the immortality. Ships and endgames aside Caroline Forbes ending up the only vampire in a show that is meant to be based on the vampire genre is an honor and a homage to everything this show once stood for. Every vampire of the show faced the same destiny you describe here. Damon, Stefan, Katherine, the Originals. And yet when their stories began and they were introduced to the audience everyone took in their story expecting to feel their age and get to know their ageless journey throughout the centuries. No one complained about their predicament. Everyone wanted to get more into it. Either their story was tragic, or intriguing, or dark, or hopeful. It was interesting because the very concept of immortality is an unachievable dream that intrigues humans. So many writers get to write for Vampires, Demons, Gods, Immortals, etc. Because their stories are enveloping every hope and aspiration and tragedy and epic emotion a human can have and dream of. The unreachable. The impossible. Even something to sent the human soul straight to damnation. All those elements hide greatness and misery in them. And Caroline Forbes was meant to endure and persevere and become a Vampire. She relished in her nature. She owned it. She accepted it and craved the perks that come with vampirism. She would not turn to a human if she had the chance. She never wanted or expressed that wish. For the simple reason that she likes been strong, ageless, fearless and she prefers who she is not to the girl she used to be.

On the other hand everything you describe in your ask are things that can happen in a human life too. So what happens then? You give up? You curse your life? You find no meaning to it? A person can outline others and can outlive even love and memories and things he or she never thought possible. Calamities and tragedy are part of life either that life is meant to carry on for a few decades or longer or less. It is what we do with our time and how we face the things that happen to us that make life worth it. It is even how we stand in the face of loss and loniliness. How we grieve. How we move on. How we hope. How we persevere and if there was one motto that Caroline Forbes ever had in that show was perseverance.

That does not take away the importance of the things you write in the ask. If anything they give more meaning to Caroline’s existence because facing these losses will make her live every day to the fullest. Will make her wiser. Will make her not lose track of time. Will make life have meaning.

Do you know who else also contemplated the very same thing you ask me here? How eternity would have no meaning? How it would suck? How it would be a source of depression. How it would take away and take away and leave no meaning?

Caroline Forbes did. In her birthday in season 3.

So much so that she did not want to celebrate her birthday and ended up giving a funeral to the human girl she buried behind.

And do you remember who exactly showed her that very same day that while life takes something from you it gives you something else back? That there is meaning to found in forever. Because truth is that loss will come and you contemplate giving up.

“ And I could let you… die. If that`s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning.

I`ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

And let us face it. Who doesn’t think of that in their lives? In our human lives fantasy aside have we never thought of that very same question? Of how to endure with loss? Of how to go on? Of how we can outlast the pain and not break? How to hold on to people that leave us behind or we lose them by death or any other reason? There is always a time even for the most optimistic people where they think that life has no meaning or ask themselves what is the meaning of it all.

So here Caroline’s immortality is a parallel to what we face in real life because art in its own way tries to give answers to such questions.

So what is the meaning of it all? How could Caroline ever move on and why should she want to? Why would that be good for her?

Because with the loss there is also the gain. Because life is not black or white. It has endless colors and twists.

Imagine that. Let it sink in. Life does not end with loss or with pain. This is why we are alive after all. There is whole world is out there still waiting. Genuine beauty. And music. And art. And more birthdays. More chances. More dreams. More potential. More possibilities.

A thousand more birthdays.

Because life does not end with loss and misfortune. You do not get to sacrifice your life in the name of loss or lost love or broken dreams. Life moves on. With endless possibilities ahead. With optimism. You grit your teeth and you move on until you can smile again. Life continues with pain and loss and tragedy and laughter and love and joy. Because every turn gives you something and it is in your hand to take that something and make something out of it. Something for you. And this is why people still dream of immortality and want to live longer and crave stories of ageless creatures. And admire those tragically and gloriously beautiful stories. Because life goes on and is full of wonder. And people can only wish to be able to be bigger than life. With everything that includes.

Time is unrelenting and brings change and with it society and culture and life itself alters and people want to be there to see it. To experience it. To live it. Because people reading history and get fascinated by it and then dream of the future. And Caroline Forbes will be there to live all that. Maybe she will outlive some people and maybe she will carry their memories with her but she won’t outlive everyone. Because she will get to meet more people. She has endless possibilities ahead. To love again. To laugh again. To be an extrovert. To be an introvert. To find more questions and answers. Endless horizons ahead and this is why Klaroline and the idea of a vampire Caroline Forbes was always so alluring to begin with and enchanted so many people. Because it held the promise of eternal. The promise of however long it takes. The promise of genuine beauty. Because it was brilliant and ugly and the truth and the lie and it was about brutal honesty and manipulation and rage and soothing silence and it was challenging and unpredictable. Just life is.

And how important is to actually be able to grasp that? And by that I mean life. To have nothing more to do than ask? Because this is what life is. It is your choice. It is as good as you let it. Because you need to want to live it. You need to want to ask. All you have to do is ask. And then take it step by step. Let me say it again. Life does not end with loss or grief. Emotion is not finite. Relationships come and go. Love can be replenished or be found in so many places even unexpected ones. Hope does not end. Meaning is always in different things all the time if you only open your eyes. Pain does not last forever no matter how cruel and unforgiving it seems at first. You fight back and you live. And all you have to do is ask.

And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like Klaroline so much and why their endgame was so important for me. Because of this very message that you sent me. Because Klaroline began with the very same core of question you put in that ask. Their very first defining scene was about what you ask me here and it answers your question perfectly. And that was why I was so moved by Klaroline chemistry and potential aside. Because of the promise of endurance. Because it was a promise of how Caroline could live and become greater than life and …loss. This is how it all began. And this is how Caroline will move on because this has been her origin story and not the end. It is only the beginning. But that is the beginning of another story.

So you tell me anon? How is that good for Caroline? Or for anyone for that matter? How is it good for anyone to actually live their life? To find meaning in that kind of existence?

Maybe simply by living. And that is a good thing.

pages of a lost life

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

pairing: jungkook x mc

genre: angst, hardcore angst.

summary: After finding an interesting enevelope inside his mailbox, Jungkook goes back to the place where everything started. Only to say his goodbyes.

word count: 12k

warnings: there are several mature topics but I can´t specify them without spoiling anything, read at your own risk or read them here.

author´s note: this is a oneshot, there won´t be anymore parts. Also, this story might not be everyone´s cup of tea, but I needed to write it. And as always, if you read this, please let me know what you think, whether it´s positive or negative.

Jungkook never believed time could heal him, or anyone, or anything.

It had been hours, days, months, even years since he had last seen you. He wished he could think about you. He wished for it all the time. To remember the moments the two of you had spent together. But you were nowhere to be found inside his mind.

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Drag Race Season 9 Reunion

- Nina Bo’Nina Brown. An obviously very talented queen, who clearly has issues with paranoia and self-doubt which do not stem from everyday things. It’s weird that the push was to try and fix her thought pattern which is beyond the scope of what anyone there could provide. They should have advocated for getting her real help, instead of trying to absolve themselves in her eyes. Which is not the actual problem. 

- Charlie Hides. We all give up at things in life. You know when you are defeated, and just don’t want to do anything. Why was it such a hard thing for the other queens to just understand that that is what happened with her. Yes, its’ possible and probable that she hurt herself, but even if not, people are allowed to give up.

- Valentina. People are ripping into her for mentioning Selena when comparing herself, but why is that a problem? When you idolize someone, you want to be like them. Rupaul herself is all about Diana Ross, yet no one is coming to snatch her wig when she says that’s who she is trying to emulate.

-  Aja. I never got the hype around her, mostly because I was watching the actual show and I have working eyeballs. As we all know, you can’t blame the editing. But in the beginning of the season Aja went after Valentina before any of the alleged shade Valentina was doing outside of the show. Yet, no one came for Aja on that. 

- The Stans. The biggest issue with the queens was how the fans acted towards the queen. Mostly it seemed that Valentina’s fans were being racist and hateful towards other queens. While Valentina did end up posting something about it later, it truly isn’t her place to policing what people say. I do think it’s a great example of how racism is still a big issue especially in the LGBT community. Also, we have to remember that these queens are real people and not characters who someone wrote and made up. BE NICE! 

- The Tea. This season the level of drama was minimal. Yet on the reunion it was a seasons’ worth of drama. But so what? Literally no one saw what happened in the show. So it came off as if the top four (mostly Shae and Trinity) were being mean to the other queens. This time, I do blame it on the editing. And that editing was the choice to switch up the Untucked format.

-  A Blessing. Cynthia did not say CuCu. It’s a Hanukkah miracle, Baruch Hashem 🤢


Seriously stop. You guys call yourself shippers but do you even care about them as a person? Baekhyun is a guy, a man, a boy call him whatever you want but he is not a girl get that through your thick head. If you are really his fan you would know that he stated multiple of time that he is a man. He is manly. Baekhyun is not a “fragile, delicate princess” who needs his “boyfriend” to protect him. He did freaking hapkido ffs. I was fine with you guys shipping them but sometimes shippers are taking it too far. Making up rumors of them? Like the only reason baekhyun might be limping is because he did “something” with chanyeol. Not because he was dancing his ass off on stage doing what he likes to do. What is wrong with just using real moments of them to spazz. Why must you make something up? Sometimes you guys just like to jump to conclusion without even knowing if its real or not. That hand on baekhyun’s skechers video? Well newsflash its not chanyeol’s. If they are really gay then good for them but dont push your fantasies on someone when they themselves didn’t confirm shit. Some of you talk like you are so sure they are gay. So what if baekhyun and chanyeol wants to follow some girl on ig. Its their life. If you want to be a shipper, be a fun one not a delusional one.

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Honestly monochrome wouldn't work they stated why Blake wants to be seen for who she is not what so pairing her with weiss really goes against Blake's wants. Same with Weiss all her life people only dated her for her last name. Blake even states she loves Weiss ruby & they've fought side by side plus the whole dating what daddy hates trope is dating someone out of spite & isn't real love. not good build up for a ship Blake being with Weiss would be for what she is instead of who she is.

Okay first of all, learn to speak English please because I had to reread your thing way too many times. And also learn to construct a decent argument because everything you just said is proof that Monochrome is the better ship

See like you said, Weiss and Blake want to be seen for who they are, not what they are or what their names is. Which is why these 2 are really the last person in the world who would get with the other for that reason.

Weiss is tired of all those boys like Weptune, Neptune Dicount or Henry mc whatever you want to call him, because all those boys were only interested by one Weiss’ last name, by her wealth, her legacy, the Schnee Dust Company and not who she is as a person. But Blake ? This is the last thing Blake would have in mind when it comes to her. Because if there’s one thing that she knows, it’s that Weiss is so much more than just a Schnee. Same goes for Weiss concerning Blake

Blake says she wants to be seen for who she is, not what she is; in that vein, Weiss is the only ship that makes sense, because she’s the one person specifically taught to see Blake for what she is, a faunus, and she looks past that to see a friend and teammate

“No good build up” ? Really anon ?

Sorry not sorry at all to disagree but, it has been show at multiple times that Weiss and Blake clearly care about each others

Remind me again who in Volume 2, noticed that something was wrong with Blake and point it out ?

And remind me who brush it off as Blake being Blake ?

You can tell to me all you want about their big dialogues scene, but if Weiss hadn’t point out that something was wrong with Blake, Yang and her would never have had this conversation.

Another example : Weiss offering Blake, and only Blake a dust clip specificaly for her weapon

Or maybe we should talk about that time they went to a coffee/tea date only together because they enjoy spending time in each other company without their partners

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Want any other proofs ? Because




Oh also, I know you are the same rude bumbleby anon from last time, so I’m just gonna ask you to leave me alone, block me if you don’t want to see me ever again I don’t care, and go find a life thank you :)

Oh my days the negativity on here is just depressing. All you guys do, day in day out, is complain. Complain about the show. The characters. The show runner. The cast. It is beyond me. You’ve all got blinkers on and are blinded by hatred. I come on here for the gifs now and the occasional post, but you people are why I don’t bother as much. You suck the life out and soul out, i don’t know how you people are not depressed from the amount of complaining you do. I know people say they can post what they want and its their choice blah blah, agreed. But seriously? do you guys not have anything better to do than moan all day, every day, over something that isn’t even real. I’ll leave it at that. Rant over and heres a pretty #Olitz gif for you negative nancies to criticse.
Winwin- Fragile

Group: NCT- Winwin

Theme: Request-  Badboy au: comes off as intimidating due to his silence and his looks but he isn’t a bad person + his shy crush approaches him

Type: One shot- fluff

Plot: You went through just another ordinary day at school until you found Winwin alone at the library where you decided to go talk to him.

*this sounds kinda stupid tbh but like it much better I promise lol

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this fic rec is filled with my fave h/l fics that i’ve read this month . come to me with any questions you have and enjoy! :)

Makes Perfect

“What if you practiced on like, a mannequin?” Louis presses. “Or one of those blow up sex dolls? Or even just like, I don’t know, a pillow or something. Whatever it’d fit around.”

Harry tilts his head thoughtfully, curls catching the light so entrancingly that Louis finds himself reaching up to push his fingers through them. “It’s different, though, innit? When it’s a real person. A pillow won’t snog me.”

“Why should it?” says Louis. “You can’t even take its bra off.” (8k)

Lagrangian Point

They find each other again the night of Valentine’s Day.  (flimsy, 4k)

You Burn With The Brightest Flame

Harry frowns, thinking that he shouldn’t have to be glad about what gender he is, just like omegas shouldn’t have to be scared and nervous that anyone they meet might want to hurt them. He wonders why none of this occurred to him before, how he possibly could’ve just sailed through life before this without realizing how fortunate he was being born a beta. That seems a bit too serious of a conversation for Simon Cowell’s waiting room, though, so Harry puts an arm around Louis’s shoulders and teases, “You say that like you’re old or something. Two years isn’t that big of a difference!”

“Tell me that when you’re eighteen and looking back on this conversation,” Louis says.

“Well that’s - that’s different, isn’t it? We could be anywhere in two years, we could be famous.”

Louis’s eyes light up, his smile widening. “You think so?” (34k)

So I Just Ride

“I want to try something new tonight. I mean, we’ve already done it, but not in the way I’m thinking of.”

Louis cocks an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Like I want you to ride my face.” And it comes out really, really blunt. Like, wow. (3k)

You’ll Be Mine And I’ll Be Yours (Everything Has Changed)  

An AU set in the backwoods of Tennessee where Louis can’t seem to find a pair of shoes and Harry is new to town (6k)

Stars May Collide  

Harry and Louis are co-stars in a popular television show and Harry has no idea how to deal with feelings or his overactive imagination (37k)

Always One Foot On The Ground 

 The Valentines Day themed AU where Liam and Zayn won’t leave Louis alone about his policy against dating, Louis enlists Harry on the fake boyfriends adventure of a lifetime, and Niall is not above bribing everyone with food to get what he wants  (47k)

You Came Running With My Heart  

A post-apocalyptic roadtrip au (55k)

So Wicked In The Way He Moves  

 harry and louis are parents at football practice (3k)

Gotta Make You Understand  

Uni AU in which Gemma, Liam and Louis are One Direction. Harry is the World’s Most Supportive Brother, Niall is a detective, and Zayn just finds the whole thing hilarious  (6k)

Can’t Shake You Out  

 The one where Harry and Louis have lived in the same building for three years but just meet now and bond over their crazy neighbors  (8k)

Space Oddity  

Louis’ blessed with the inconvenience of getting his neighbor’s mail. It works out really well for the both of them  (14k)

We Were Made To Love  

 Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance  (16k)

In Dreams  

When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face  (23k)

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast  

A Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better (60k) 

 Leave It To The Breeze  

A great british bake off au in which louis cares about winning and winning only, harry is made of sunshine and rainbow sprinkles  (81k)

  • You: OMG I love Frozen!
  • Me, an intellectual: While the film has some fantastic animation and lovely songs (sans the hideously overplayed "Let It Go"), it suffers from a clear production rush and its plot makes very little sense. Hans' character development was rushed and sloppy. He claims he hopes to woo Anna and murder Elsa in order to ascend to the throne as king, but he saves Elsa's life earlier in the film even when no one would have questioned her being killed by the guards she was attacking. He also smiles at Anna when she's not even looking, rules Arendale faithfully in her absence-serving the cold and poor subjects and protecting them from treason by the Duke of Wesselton, and generally behaves with nothing but kindness and goodness until the last 15 minutes of the film. It's painfully obvious that his turn to evil was a cheap "twist" decided at the last stages of production after they shied away from making Elsa the villain.
  • On top of that, the origin of the magic and how the rock trolls fit into things is barely explained and ends up creating more questions than it answers. Where did Elsa get her powers? Why do the trolls know all about it? Why does the troll leader ask if Elsa was "born or cursed" with the magic? What is the difference? Why doesn't he give more clear instructions to Elsa's parents about how to control the magic? Why does Anna need to be prevented from knowing of the magic even as an adult? There's also no real explanation as to the scope of Elsa's powers. They range from icy blasts to intricate castle building to dressmaking to creating sentient life. This has incredible ramifications and yet is never truly explained. In the "Frozen Fever" short, it's revealed that every time Elsa sneezes when she has a cold, she creates tiny sentient lifeforms by the dozens. ??? Did the writers not feel there was any need to address this?
On Self-Esteem as an Artist (please read)

Today my design teacher started a revisions-session on our assignments by saying that the classroom was an “ego-less” zone. Which meant that, even though you might be a good artist, you should avoid entering a classroom thinking you don’t need any tips, that your art is the best out there. Makes sense. Especially with a skill such as drawing, you can never really achieve “perfection” - as you improve and change as an artist, your idea of “that perfect drawing” will also improve and change.

On the flip side, and more importantly, is that you should never enter a classroom thinking you suck. I recently wrote a post about self-esteem and attitude here. I just thought I’d re-emphasize some points:

I think the biggest issue I see is that people in general do not know how to accept compliments towards their art. If someone says “Wow, your art is really good!” they’re saying it because they genuinely mean it. When they hear back “no it’s not, it sucks,” I think, at least in my experience, that person who gave the compliment then feels bad themselves. They feel like their generous words meant nothing, that their own opinion means nothing. I see amazing art, and I want to let that artist know, and I want them to feel good about their skill that they’ve honed.

When you receive a compliment to your art, or to anything really, just respond with a “thanks!”. It is not arrogant to appreciate praise. When you accept a compliment, it validate’s the complimenter’s opinion and everyone wins. They are not lying when they say they like your product. Accepting the compliment also encourages a dialogue - they can then ask things like how long you’ve been doing art, advice on different techniques, etc.

Too often I hear from my peers “oh no, don’t look at my work, it’s horrible.” Why? Why do they think that? Did they join the animation program just to complain to more people about their inferior skills? Are they trying to fish for compliments? I don’t think that’s it - I think, unfortunately, it is somewhere in our nature to assume we are inferior. The reason behind that attitude probably has something to do with society and our educational system and never being good enough blah blah - that’s too complicated for my limited psychology knowledge.

An anon recently sent me this message:

“…for the past few months i just cant draw, nothing seems good enough and then i look at other peoples art an know that im never going to be as good and it just discourages me even more, so long story short i am kind of in an art block and i dont know what to do. im the best at drawings faces but everything else im eh at so i dont feel like its worth it but everyone keeps telling to keep going. any tips? advice?help”

I’ve received this theme of message before, and have heard it many times in real life - “why do I bother I’ll never be good as [insert amazing artist here].” I replied to this message by basically saying that every single artist, regardless of talent, relates to this feeling of comparative inferiority. We all see amazing artists online, sharing their masterpieces, pining one day to be that talented. If you’re constantly up-comparing yourself to artists who have been in the industry for YEARS longer than yourself then you’re going to automatically get frustrated. You need to draw to improve past how you drew the day before

***You need only compare your skills to your past self.***

It’s all about striking a balance between modesty and self-esteem - if someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Realize that this person is taking the time to celebrate your skills. You deserve to have your skills acknowledged. Be open to constructive criticism, because if someone is taking the time to actually analyze your work and offer ways to improve it - as in, beyond just saying “Oh hey that drawing is cool”, to “You’re moving in the right direction. I think you could improve [thing] by [adjustment], and maybe try adding [things] there and there.”

It can get very overwhelming, looking at all the amazing artwork online, thinking about all the talent in the world. But remember - all of those artists had to start from somewhere. Like any skill, practice and hard work is necessary to excel. Get inspired, create, revise and learn, and create some more. Most importantly, realize that you deserve to create art. The world can never have too much art.

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What you listed for Stella is why I love the character, not those traits themselves, but it's precisely those questionable and morally ambiguous traits that makes her that much more interesting. Like you, I find those problematic, and I cringe when people proclaim "she can do whatever the fuck she want". But I do know other real life people who can be brilliant with giant blind spots. GA even said Stella has a lot of faults and that's partly why she like her. 1/2

Stella’s personal choice did affect her work, the case, just like other people’s affected their lives (Spector, Burns, Breedlove, Sally Anne, etc), and that’s all an important part of the show. I’ve also disagreed with people who felt Aallan Cubitt was trying to tear Stella down and get her to fail, 1) I don’t think her failed, not getting exactly what she wanted isn’t failing, and 2) life is fucking tough sometimes, just more of what The Fall tried to say. 2/3 (sorry this is getting long)

But I do agree reducing Stella vs Scully to simple “squareness” is just too simple. If you sat down GA for an hour just to dissect the characters she will be able to say much more than that. I feel Stella just resonants with the mature GA much more, not to mention GA can actually collaborate to shape the character. The sureness GA has regarding her own talent is reflected in her involvement with developing the character the the characters own sureness. ¾ (oops getting even longer)         

Also, I think a lot of what GA feel towards Scully is filtered through whatever crap perspective CC has been feeding her, she never was as involved actively & creatively in developing the character or its growth. Even now, it’s clear it’s whatever CC says goes, and she doesn’t even try to influence. So there is a involvement compartmentalization/detachment. Stella is like a flower she planted herself, Scully is one she bought in half bloom. She does appreciate both, just not the same. 4/4            


I agree with a lot of your comments, anon.  I agree that there are brilliant, good people in real life who operate with huge blind spots in compassion and empathy. I totally agree that Stella was deliberately written as a flawed character - and that may be the most progressive aspect of The Fall, tbh. When I pointed out what I struggled with regarding Stella, I pictured her as a real person in my life that I worked with or knew socially; but her issues - however you perceive them - don’t make her any less watchable as a female character on TV. In fact, she is incredibly watchable and intriguing. I believe it’s extremely important to portray flawed women in movies and TV, not just likeable people pleasers. However, like you, I find it concerning when people lionize her because of her issues - especially if they do so just because Gillian said she likes Stella so much.

I also agree that it would be interesting to delve deeper on this “square” thing with Gillian. Further, I think you’re right that Gillian is more detached from Scully than Stella for a multitude of reasons, some of which you pointed out. That’s why I want her to get reinvested in Scully, do her homework and add layers to Scully the way she did in the original run. Gillian usually defers the brilliance of Scully to delivering “what was on the page” but, listen….I have a few XF scripts. There is so much more that she (and David, for that matter) brought to the role than is in those scripts. Sure, the director makes a huge difference, but so did Gillian herself.

I’m cautiously optimistic about S11, but I really, really want it to actually be good. I want Gillian to be good. I don’t want it to go out as sub-par incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo filled with histrionic characters shrilling how they want to believe; I want it to be remembered as the smart, engaging, thrilling, sweetly romantic, compelling series it once was. 

Another one of these chats, huh?
  • Nishinoya: *muttering under his breath*
  • Daichi: what?
  • Tanaka: *smirk*
  • Daichi: wHaT?
  • Tanaka: ...
  • Nishinoya: *sharp intake of breath*
  • Daichi: It'S NoT eVeN a ReAl SoNg!

I need to make this post and ask this real life question, because Eren and Armin just…

Do they

even realize

what they do

to us shippers


Like every single time

these dorks just

act like they don’t care

and they don’t understand

personal space

and just… Like how dare they? How dare Isayama!!

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Attacking "tumblr purity culture" and ignoring that there is media that should be criticized or even outright banned (ie racist or homophobic work for the former, pedophilia or nazi propaganda for the latter) seems short sighted. Its one thing to say when people have gone too far, but using such general terms makes it seem like you are supporting harmful media too. Sorry if this comes off weird

That’s why I said ideally we’d cultivate mindfulness and proper framing. If a story is about something awful, that doesn’t mean it’s encouraging it–a work that helps people recognize what is and isn’t okay in real life is way more effective than a stance that shames people for enjoying exploration of a troubling topic in a fictional space.

Which is more convincing: being told to enjoy what you like in fiction but be aware of the implications irl, or screaming at someone that they’re trash for liking something and they better stop or else?

Then there’s the issue that you need very strict guidelines to adhere to; when you don’t you end up with people bending the rules to suit their own needs, which is how you get arguments that shipping a 19 year old character with a 23 year old one is “pedophilia” even though they are both adults and have a very small age difference.

It doesn’t help when people interpret fiction incorrectly either. One of the most widely banned books in the US is Huck Finn, which is extremely anti-slavery and anti-racism…but gets banned because the n-word appears in it.

You can criticize media without wanting a totalitarian regime. You know what really takes the thunder out of hate groups? Making fun of them. When you ban that stuff, that makes it more attractive to misfits and would-be rebels looking to strike back. Understanding how those people think also gives you ammo on how to counter it.

Has internet purity culture actually affected any real change? Has it brought down the cases of irl abuse or sexual assault or anything? Because the only thing I’ve seen it do is give bullies the weapons to attack anyone who likes what they don’t.

That’s why I reject this system. It’s only a matter of time before it turns on the very people who support it.