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yato x hiyori candyfloss au

give me a pairing and AU setting for a 3-sentence fic

It was hard being a large sentient pouf of spun sugar, but Yato made the best of his situation: mostly, avoiding water and mouths did the trick. One day, he met Hiyori–another who was just like him–another being who shared his struggles, who could understand his emotional turmoil.

Choking up with emotion, he asked her (though he didn’t have lips): “Will you be my sugar until one of us dissolves?”


I wanted to give you my recipe for the most delicious tuna salad imaginable. 1) open can, and make the tuna welcome in your home. It has come a long way. 2) give the tuna a bigger habitat to make it feel even more at home. Add mayo and mustard until the tuna is satisfied. 3) play with the tuna. Make sure the tuna is incorporated into your routine so it feels appreciated. Add garnish and enjoy.

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why does this exist

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i agree with the posts you've made about anti-semitism and you are a good person and i'm sorry about the Nazi troll anons but like as a Palestinian i'm asking you this: why do you support Israel

not sure i’ve actually talked about my opinions on israel on here for the past 3 or 4 yrs because its complicated and it doesn’t really have anything to do with my own judaism. ur question is really broad and i am going to answer it like this

why do i support israel’s government/military: i don’t. i think they’re disgusting racists who mistreat israeli jews of color in addition to treating palestinians with a shocking amount of violence and systematic oppression. israel’s govt is run by right-wing religious extremists who need to be ousted if they ever want to end this mess.

why do i support the existence of israel as a nation: because 6million jews live there, and with the exception of those from the united states and canada, they are all refugees or children of refugees. ripping a nationality away from them is the reason this conflict exists in the first place. do i think palestinians deserve their own state? yes. do i think taking away israeli statehood will do any good 60 years after the fact? no.

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Accidentally put my Rockruff into the fourth dimension. It's both existing and not existing, why haven't I been traded yet? (Nickname: Schroedinger's Rockruff)

You were just traded and yet, you weren’t traded at all. Enjoy your new shiny Pokemon that exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.

I redownloaded tinder last night and I’m already about to delete it lmao because what’s the point?? I’m not into hook-ups… why am i here… why do i keep deleting it and downloading it………. literally sitting on the edge of my bed like…….. why do i exist yfm????

bye for now....

okay so i finally made my decision

i have been feeling really sad, depress and out of energy for this past month

i always question myself like “why do i exist?”, whats my reason of living?” “why do i fail in life?” “would everyone’s life be better if i didn’t exist?”

this may sound pretty dumb but i always have these thoughts running through my head

this feeling comes and goes, i try to smile but i just dont feel happy ://////

so i guess i’ll be going on hiatus for who knows how long

i hope you guys do well  and take care and im sorry

Hello! Just stopping by for a chat. The majority of followers here at selfcarespells are not cishet. I try to keep unnecessarily gendered posts out of the blog, but sometimes I only skim esp if I’m blogging between work shifts. If you see anything out of line, please let me know and I will remove the post/s.

Likewise, if you see content that is from a closed culture that has restricted sharing requested by the content creator or people of that culture and it has been shared here, let me know. For example, some African American witches here (from closed practices) restrict who they would like to reblog their content, and I may reblog this content without knowing. Again, if this occurs, let me know so that I can remove.

I believe that witchcraft is a form of self-care, which is why this blog exists, and that trampling on the identities and cultures of other people prevents them from or increases the need for their self-care. I want this to be a comfortable and secure place for everybody.

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Hey!!! I'm a newbie looking into getting a ball python or a corn snake when I have a stable flow of income, and can properly care for the snake I was wondering if you had any maaterposts on the care of either snakes?? (I'm also doing my own research but a full rundown all in one place would be super comvenient I'm sorry!)

Here is an excellent one for ball pythons (however I don’t recommend them as beginner snakes, as they are sensitive to their husbandry and can go on food strikes when its not 100% perfect) 
And here is one for corn snakes :) Corn snakes make excellent beginner snakes! 
And its no problem friend! Thats specifically why care sheets exist :)

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Gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini/Taurus

Height: 5′0″

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Color: Lime green and mango orange!

Favorite Animal: Oh boy… Dogs, Owls and Foxes!

Average hours of sleep; 4 hours during the weeks, but I’m trying to change my sleep schedule to get a good 6 hours in now with the new job.

Cat or Dog person: Both

Favorite Fictional Character;  …Why do questions like this exist, it’s just…
Kylo Ren, Kristoff, Hiccup, Vegeta, Naruto. Don’t make me pick one. XD

Number of blankets: A sheet. I always kick anything off anyway.

Favorite singer/band: literally so many. My main loves are rock (classic or otherwise), alternative and country.

Dream Trip: To Italy, visit the fam.

Dream Job: Animator. I’m living it. :)

When was this blog made: Uh… almost 4 years ago now. But I’ve been tumbling for about 7.

What made you decide to make this blog: Because Frozen, originally. Mostly Kristanna <3 And now it’s just… whatever I like. Disney/SW is my happy place.

List of people I tag: @these-are-the-first-steps @startswithawiish @coupdefoudrey and anyone else interested!

my biggest issue with the concept of human-driven mechas is like

the mechas are almost always sentient to a point. and then in those universes, why do humans have to exist for them to be able to fight?? 

they often have some kind of lore about ~bonds between the human and the robot~ or w/e to justify it but honestly

that giant ass robot doesn’t need a tiny fleshbag to pilot it, he can kick the Bad Thing’s ass himself


I guarantee your safe passage. Though you’re always welcome to take your chances down there.


I can’t change who I am, not this time
I won’t lie to keep you near me
And in this short life there’s no time to waste on giving up
My love wasn’t enough 

The last dance

( EDIT: sth was missing on Hanzo’s face :P sorry )

i’ll stick you in a wormhole
i’ll stick you in a wormho
i’ll stick you in a worm
i’ll stick you in a wo
i’ll stick you in a
i’ll stick you i
i’ll stick yo
i’ll stick y
i’ll stick
i’ll stic
i’ll sti
i’ll st
i’ll s
i a
i ac
i act
i actua
i actual
i actually
i actually do
i actually don’t
i actually don’t ha
i actually don’t hate
i actually don’t hate yo
i actually don’t hate you r
i actually don’t hate you rig
i actually don’t hate you right n
i actually don’t hate you right now