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#PLL List of Questions

This show is famous for leaving fans with many unanswered questions so we thought we’d keep a list and update it regularly before the show ends. 

1. Who is Uber A?

2. What is Uber A’s motive?

3. Who killed Charlotte?

Mona Vanderwaal.

4. Why was Charlotte killed?

Because Mona saw through Charlotte, she knew that over the five years Charlotte never got better. It was her plan to pretend to get better, get released and start playing the game again. Mona planned on scaring Charlotte so she couldn’t start playing the game again.

But, it was an accident. The two got into a physical fight and Mona threw Charlotte onto a steel pipe which accidentally killed her.

5. Who killed Jessica?

Mary Drake.

6. Why was Jessica killed?

Because of the lies and the way she treated her twin sister, Mary Drake. Jessica had taken Mary’s child from her, and when Mary pretended to be Jessica and was impregnated by Peter Hastings, Jessica organised for Mary to be sent to Radley Sanitarium, once again. 

To top everything off, Mary found out that Jessica lied when she told her that her son Charles had died at age 16, when really Charles transitioned into Charlotte DiLaurentis/Cece Drake. 

Peter and Jessica were also secretly working together, setting out on a plan to use Peter’s pills to kill Mary. This plan had backfired, with Mary learning of their plan. She intercepted, giving Jessica the pills which stopped her heart.

7. Who is the “he” the girls are running from in the 610 flash forward?

Archer Dunhill. Emily has a nightmare in 719 that plays out the flash forward scene, in which the “he” they are referring to is Archer who comes back from the dead to come after Ali. 

8. Who killed Sara?

Noel Kahn (not stated specifically in the show).

9. Why was Sara killed?

Because she was suspicious of Noel and his motives after being asked to help him go on a “treasure hunt” to help find Charlotte’s money. Noel planned on killing Sara and Jenna at the end of the hunt so he could have all the money to himself, but he killed Sara earlier then he planned to help prevent the possibility of her telling everyone about what she knows. 

10. Who shot Spencer?

11. Why was Noel helping with the dollhouse?

12. What is Sara’s motive for helping Charlotte?

13. What really happened to Sara Harvey the night she “ran away” from home? 

14. Who killed Garrett Reynolds?

Darren Wilden did. He killed Garrett because he found out about Wilden being a dirty cop and was going to expose him. 

15. Who killed Darren Wilden?

Charlotte did. He found out Ali was alive and wasn’t going to let her come home to tell her story. Charlotte killed him so that Ali could come home. 

16. What is Wren Kingston's involvement? 

17. Why was Wren colouring in a Red Coat?

18. Why did Wren give Cece a visitors pass to visit Mona in Radley when she was already a patient?

19. Is Wren really a Doctor? 

20. How many children does Mary Drake have?

Two: Spencer Hastings and Charlotte DiLaurentis. 

21. Who is Spencer’s biological father?

Spencer’s biological father is Peter Hastings, who slept with Mary Drake thinking that she was her twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

22. Who is Charlotte’s biological father?

Pastor Ted Wilson. 

23. Why was Mary Drake in Radley?

Mary was admitted into Radley on several occasions throughout her life. The first time was because she switched places with her sister to help babysit Teddy Carver, and when his parents arrived home, they found Teddy dead. Jessica was most likely responsible for this, but Mary was babysitting and was given the punishment of being sent to Radley.

The second time was due to Mary pretending to be Jessica so that she could get with Peter Hastings. After this, Jessica signs the papers for Mary’s readmission into Radley Sanitarium. 

24. Why did Jenna and Sara work together?

They were working together to find Charlotte’s killer, and according to Jenna they were working with Noel to find money that Charlotte had left for them. 

25. Why was Rollins making Ali fall for him even before Charlotte was killed?

He needed to win her over so that she would believe his treatment was helping Charlotte get better, which would ultimately lead to her release from Welby. Charlotte even said herself, “Archie needs to win her trust. Convince her that I’m doing better.” “Alison is the only chance I have of getting out of here.” 

26. When and how did Charlotte and Archer Dunhill (Rollins) meet? 

27. Are Uber A and Amoji the same person?

Read our theory here which explains our take on Uber A and Amoji being two different people. 

28. Are Toby and Yvonne really dead?

Toby survived but Yvonne sadly didn’t.

29. How was Eddie Lamb connected to the plot and what happened to him?

30. What is Bethany Young’s entire involvement in the overall storyline?

31. How did no one know about Mary Drake?

“Many families have secrets. Sometimes those secrets are actual people.”

She spent a lot of time in Radley Sanitarium and possibly impersonating her sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

32. Mary Drake said she got a call from Rollins after Charlotte was killed which made her come back to avenge her daughter. Why did she lie, as we know she landed in Philly a week before Charlotte was killed? 

33. Who is Beach Hottie?

Detective Darren Wilden. 

34. Who gave Ali the bloody lip in Veronica Hasting’s flashback?

This wasn’t answered in the show but rather in an interview with Marlene on an ET Live chat. She said it was someone from the older group of college kids Ali was hanging around with.

35. Was Charlotte really in charge or was their someone higher calling all the shots? 

36. Why did Jessica have a lair devoted to finding out if Ali was alive when she was the one who buried her that night?

We think we may have solved this one ourselves! We posted here about Charlotte finding out Ali was alive in 3x24 and then telling Jessica about it in order to redeem herself. Jessica then returned to Rosewood in 4x01 and set up a secret lair at Aunt Carol’s to try and track Ali to bring her home. She even got Ali’s bedroom set up for her ready for her return!

37. Why was Aria’s file taken from Jessica’s lair?

To blackmail Aria to turn on her friends and join the A team.

38. What was in Aria’s folder?

A report that she had written about Ezra, in which she basically called him out on being a sexual predator and taking advantage of a 16 year old high school student. 

39. What did Maya know? (Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife)

Maya knew that her stalker from True North; Lyndon James, was in Rosewood.

40. Who hit Ali that night?

Charlotte, thinking she was Bethany. 

41. Who killed Bethany?

Mona Vanderwaal hit Bethany thinking she was Ali and left her there. Melissa Hastings then found Bethany’s body, and thinking that Spencer had hit her with the shovel, she buried Bethany in order to “protect” her sister.

The autopsy had shown that Bethany’s cause of death was from suffocation due to dirt being found in her lungs. 

42. Why was Mrs. D taking Bethany to the horse stables, and why did she give her a pony (Custard)? 

Because she was having an affair with Bethany’s father, so by giving her things, she thought this would hide their affair. 

43. Why did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria when he saw her at Radley?

Because he had seen her visiting Spencer when she was in Radley in S3.

44. Who was the mysterious fourth person who showed up at Jenna, Mona and Sydney’s meeting in 5x05?

45. Who pulled the girls out of the Thornhill Lodge Fire?

Sara Harvey.

46. Who saved Hanna from the fire?


47. Why was Hanna left in the fire, but not the other girls? 

48. Why was Jessica in Spencer’s room in 4x22?

That was actually Mary Drake. She wanted to see her daughter.

49. Why did Bethany kill Marion? 

50. Who was was the girl Melissa was talking to wearing the yellow top? 

51. Why did Mona look “dead” in the trunk at the end of 5x12?

Charlotte injected her with a “freezing serum” that made her appear dead. 

52. What is the relevance of the “ghost girl” who appeared in 3x13? 

53. How did Alison’s friendship bracelet end up on Bethany? 

54. Who did Aria stab on the Halloween Train? 

Jason DiLaurentis (who was being blackmailed to push the crate of the train).

55. Who was the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Train?

Melissa Hastings and Darren Wilden.  

56. What is the significance of September 7th? (the password to Charlotte’s lair at Carrisimi).

It is the day that Alison (Charlotte’s cousin) went missing. 

57. Marlene said we had seen the twin (Mary Drake) once before. When was this? 

We had seen Mary in 4x22; after Spencer had returned from rehab, Mary snuck into the Hastings house dressed as Jessica to catch a glimpse of her daughter. 

58. Who turned Cece into the police at the end of 4x23?

59. Who is Arcturus and the little “Hero” boy in Lucas’ and Charles comic book?

60. What are Charlotte’s true motives on being Big A?

61. Who kidnapped and tortured Hanna?

62. Who is the father of Ali and Emily’s baby?

63. Who is Board Shorts?

Ezra Fitz.

64. Why was Ali’s car at the Church the night Charlotte was killed?

I don’t think they’ll answer this in the show so I’m going to attempt to answer it. Charlotte ran off from the DiLaurentis house and probably stole Ali’s car and drove to the church to meet Mona. Ali probably borrowed Rollins car to go after Charlotte and when the two fought and Ali didn’t succeed at bringing Charlotte back home, she probably just returned home in Rollins car, leaving her car with Charlotte at the church.

65. What is Mona’s motive for being Original A?

66. Why did the A game start once Aria returned from Iceland?

We’ll continue to add to this list as we can think of questions to add, and as the show goes on. We’ll also add the answers to these questions once they are revealed. 

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Okay. Real Talk here. I don't know why, but I'm imagining Dio being like this Gaston styled Hunter of centaurs, and now I'm just wondering how Jona will react!

My headcanon was worse xD I imagined Dio was a satyr. But he is jealous of Jonathan who is so strong and impressive. So he kills him and switches lower bodies with him and becomes a centaur. Then when he makes Giorno he is sort of a deer centaur  due to the goat and horse mixing??? I made this headcanon because @badlydrawngangstar and i were discussing what giorno would be in the event if she had the time.

but your headcanon is more nice to Dio. and much more cool I think. Jonathan would probably take it upon himself to kill Dio, as he doesnt want his fellow centaurs to be hunted down, and by a puny human no less.-destiny

So I’m rewatching Hannibal s2 again and thinking about Peter Bernadone, his social worker, The Horse, and mirroring.

I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Peter is a Will mirror? and the social worker is a weak Hannibal mirror. This particular pair of mirrors is used specifically to point out a few things about, you guessed it, Will and Hannibal’s relationship:
1) Will is still deeply hurt and pissed™ at Hannibal for lying to him and framing him, and he states why when he asks Peter about having a “shadow” - someone you trusted, who took advantage?, a friend you thought was on your side and who understood you where others haven’t. It /matters/ that will’s beef with Hannibal is personal and not, ya know, based on like morality or more universal concepts of good and evil.

2) Will assumes Peter killed his social worker because it’s what he would do to Hannibal if given the opportunity… right? Well umm not exactly. Will could have shot Hannibal in his kitchen, but he walked away. Peter could have killed his social worker, but he didn’t. And he tells Will why. Peter never wanted to kill the social worker/serial killer, he just wanted him to suffer as he had made others suffer. Specifically? Peter wanted him to suffocate. So he sewed him into a horse. Which is why Peter being a Will mirror is so awesome, because…

The very next episode starts with Will’s wet dream about strangling (suffocating) Hannibal with a rope cinched by the harnessed ravenstag, which is honestly looking quite horse-like in Will’s dream sequence. Inspired by Peter, huh Will? And that’s the scene in which Will tells himself via Dream-Hannibal that if he wants to really understand Hannibal he’s gonna have to,, oops,,, let himself love him. Pretty big turning point and obviously massive foreshadowing with huge payoff in twotl. Will’s not quite there yet, but he’s thinking about it in his erotic bondage dreams. *insert shrug emoji*

But back to Peter and his desire to make the social worker suffer in the way his victims did. This mirrors Will’s plans for Hannibal in an even more metaphorical way. Will really did kind of drown, suffocate in s1 (all that water) - and it was arguably all Hannibal’s fault. And remember that Will’s anger with Hannibal is really just personal. It comes from betrayal, and really isn’t about the serial killing cannibal bit. Hannibal hurt Will as only a friend can hurt another. Will wants to give that back to him. “Resume my therapy” my ass - Will’s trying to figure out if Hannibal has /a heart that he can break/ (“why not appeal to my better nature?”) then he’ll feel what Will felt.

Sadly :’( Will gets to break Hannibal’s heart in mizumono, but right on the cusp of not wanting to anymore. That’s where the Peter/Will mirror stops holding up, which really only serves to further point out that a) Will’s not actually a “good moral person” in the widely accepted sense, and b) he was at odds with Hannibal for personal reasons, unlike Peter who only turned on his social worker violently on behalf of the victims of his crimes.

This is why this show is so compelling though?? Years later and I’m still having Deep Thoughts™ about the horse episode. I love looking back and seeing all the ways in which this story was always human, always a complicated “will they/won’t they” romance.

The Gift

A silly little Feysand fluff piece, from the Kiss prompt list #17, where there is a height difference such that one person has to bend down and the other is on tiptoes.  Requested by anonymous and @the-bookish-soul.  I must admit that this may have been inspired slightly by a situation my husband and I got into (I’m 5′5″ on a good day, he’s 6′3″).

Rhys followed the sound of muttering through the house.  Nuala and Cerridwen were standing by the opening into the kitchen looking anxious.  A loud crash and a muffled curse made him push past them.

To behold his mate standing on the counter, digging through the top shelf of the highest cupboard, dented cans on the counter and floor around her.

“Feyre, darling, what in the world are you doing?”

She jumped and looked at him guiltily over her shoulder.  “Looking for something.”

“I can see that,” he said drily.  “What are you looking for?”

“Ummm, I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”  Which explained why the wraiths were not helping her.

He stepped further into the kitchen and walked towards her warily, as if she was a spooked horse.  “So there’s something I’m not supposed to know about stored in my kitchen?”  She nodded, her cheeks flushed; he couldn’t tell if it was from embarrassment or frustration.  “And now you need it but you can’t find it.”  Another nod.  Judging by all the open cupboard doors, he suspected she had been looking for a while.

“Please, for the love of all that is holy, please let me help you before you kill yourself.  Or ruin any more food.”

She looked torn for a moment before giving in and kneeling down on the counter.  “So, there’s a box.”

“A box.”

“A blue box.  With a ribbon on it.”

“With a ribbon, got it.”

“We put it here a couple of weeks ago, and now I can’t find it.”

He blew out through pursed lips, amusement warring with annoyance at her forcing him to drag this out of her.  “Who’s ‘we’, if I dare ask?”

“Me and Nesta.”

Shit.  “Can I have, I don’t know, a category for what is in this mystery box?”  Feyre’s cheeks were burning red now, and Rhys bit his cheek to keep from laughing at her discomfort.  He had a pretty good idea that he knew where this box was and what it contained, but wanted to be sure before he got himself into serious trouble with his mate.  And, even worse, his sister-in-law.

“Well….you know it’s Nesta and Cassian’s anniversary tomorrow.”


The words finally rushed out of her.  “So Nesta decided that she wanted to, you know, surprise him.  So I took her to that shop you and I like so much and I helped her pick something out, but she decided that we should hide it here because I guess Cassian is like a bloodhound when it comes to fancy underwear, and she swore me to secrecy.”

Rhys nodded thoughtfully.  Yes, he knew exactly where the box was, having found it the week before when looking for the backup coffee maker.  He had tucked it into Feyre’s closet along with the other boxes from the same shop, hoping she might put the quite daring little number on for him one night.  The severity of this mistake would depend entirely on if Feyre would be able to tell which one was which.  He also thought he could live without knowing about his brother’s preference for lingerie, but so be it.

“Darling, I know what happened to the box.”

“You do.”  She was so cute when she glowered.

“Yes.  And I will tell you if you let me help you down from there.”


He crossed to her.  Kneeling as she was on the counter, she was a good head taller than him, and he couldn’t help but grin at the reversal in their usual fortunes.  He placed a kiss between her breasts and she swatted at him playfully.  Bracing his hands on the counter and tilting his head back, he stretched up to kiss her but couldn’t quite reach.  She mock-glared at him but the smile playing on those beautiful lips gave her away.   She leaned down and kissed him, and when she made to pull back he put a hand behind her head and pulled her back to him, deepening the kiss.  A soft moan escaped her, and she cupped his face in her hands and leaned in further, until suddenly she lost her balance and toppled forward, nearly knocking him on his ass.  His arms reflexively wrapped around her, and he managed to safely, if rather awkwardly, swing her to the ground.  Not for the first time, he thanked his Illyrian combat training  - though he never had predicted it would have saved him from being tackled by his own mate.  

“I never knew being tall was so hazardous,” she said with a grin.  “Now, where is the damn box?”

“As far as the box goes, there’s good news and there’s bad news.  Which do you want first?”

“The good news.”

“The good news is, I found it last week and put it upstairs in your closet, thinking it was yours.”

“Oh, that is good.  What’s the bad news?”

“I’m going to make you go through the boxes one by one until you find it, and I may require you to model each piece for me.  Except the one in question, of course.”

Feyre grinned wickedly as she slid her arms around his waist, then slid her hands down to cup his rear.  “As far as I’m concerned, this is an entirely good news situation.”

MYCROFT: You know what this place is, of course?
JIM: Of course. So am I under arrest again?

This is dialogue from TFP.

This means that this meeting at Sherrinford happened during S3, after THoB, but before TRF. Because Moriarty is released from custody at the end of THoB.

So, this whole Eurus mind control thing still doesn’t explain why Moriarty became interested in Sherlock in the first place. It doesn’t explain why he became such a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. It doesn’t explain his hatred, why he wants to destroy Sherlock and his reputation. It doesn’t explain why he wants to play games with Sherlock. It doesn’t explain why he wants to burn Sherlock’s heart out.

And if he wants all that - why doesn’t he mention Redbeard to Sherlock? Or Victor?

Besides, on the roof of Barts, Moriarty tells Sherlock:

Sherlock, your big brother and all the King’s horses couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to.

So, no Eurus mind fuckery is in play here.

And so we still don’t know what motivates Moriarty. Why he killed himself in the moment of his greatest triumph. Why he wants Sherlock to kill himself. And, as someone else has cleverly remarked - why would Moriarty record all those messages for Eurus to use against her brother when he’d planned for Sherlock to kill himself? Why would he record the Miss Me video if he’d thought Sherlock dead?

And if Mycroft had Moriarty transported to a secure island fort, and knew how dangerous he was, why didn’t he do anything to stop him? Why didn’t he just keep Moriarty at Sherrinford? He knew what Moriarty had done to Sherlock…

This is not unravelling lose threads. This doesn’t make sense at all.

Dawning in Dust: Part V

Claire had always had a knack for compartmentalizing. Whether it was life after her parents’ death, being a nurse in the War, or her recent life as a solitary nomad, she could separate herself from feeling and fear to deal with the here and now. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and set to work.

Despite Claire, Jenny, and anyone else’s opinions on the matter, Jamie had flatly refused pain medications. The stare down between the two siblings was something to behold, but the results didn’t change. He asked for a towel to replace his pillow, a few drams from the farm’s whisky stock, and to be left alone while his back was tended to. Claire had averted eye contact, but caught the gist of the Gaelic arguments going back and forth from all four Scots. They didn’t trust her enough to leave her alone with him, despite the fact that Jamie could probably knock her flat even in his present condition.

“Is… something funny?”

Claire started, nearly dropping the scissors she was about to use to cut his shirt open.

“Don’t do that!” she scolded.

“Sorry,” Jamie replied, though the curve of his mouth suggested he found her quite amusing. “Ought I not be concerned that ye were smirkin’ whilst preparing to slit my shirt open?”

Claire gave him a look. “Oh, I was not ‘smirking’”.

“Aye. Ye were,” he retorted, eyes gleaming with mischief. Claire gave him a look, then smiled and shook her head.

“I think you may be drunk my lad,“ she rejoined, putting the scissors on the table and seeing his raised eyebrow. “Alright. I might have been,” she conceded, taking a knee by the camp bed and pulling a hair tie out of one of her pants pockets. “May I?” she asked, holding it up for him to see.

“No, I am'ne and aye, ye can,” he replied, resting his forehead on his arms so Claire could pull his hair out of the way.

Being caught up in the bantering, Claire didn’t realize how tense Jamie had been. She reached to gather his hair, expecting the warmth of his body this time, but not his reaction. It was as if he unconsciously melted into her touch; like every wave of his copper hair that passed through her fingers rid him of some burden he carried.

Claire could see his pulse beating in his neck, steady but fast; goose flesh rippled over his arms; she knew without looking that he’d closed his eyes. He looked so young and vulnerable and yet he trusted her, a complete stranger, to do this. Trust was a rare commodity these days. She swallowed, placing a hand on his arm again as a sudden wave of tenderness swept through her. He opened his eyes and looked at her, open and fathomless.

“Ready?” she whispered.

He continued to gaze at her for a moment longer before he nodded.

“Aye, Sassenach.”

Claire exhaled, gave his arm a light squeeze, and picked up the scissors again. Jenny had brought a stash of saline and had soaked Jamie’s shirt with it in order to make its removal easier. Claire hoped to trade for some before she left. The antibiotic ointments and fresh bandages were lined up and ready.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,” she muttered, reaching for more saline.

Claire had hoped that the scabbing hadn’t fused with the shirt cloth but found her hopes dashed as she began to tug on the tattered pieces. Jamie’s skin tried to come up with his shirt. The extent of his injuries weren’t apparent while covered up but she could feel now how many lacerations he must have. Claire looked down, seeing that he was clutching the frame of the cot again. As if he sensed her, he opened his eyes to look at her again.

“Do what ye must. I’ll stand it,” he said gruffly, then shut his eyes again.

Claire pursed her lips, but went to grab more damp cloths from the hearth. Placing these by her other medicaments, she grabbed an end of shirt cloth and the saline bottle.

Alright Beauchamp. Squirt the saline underneath and pull the cloth. Stanch bleeding with the damp cloths. Assess. Clean. Disinfect. Possibly multiple times. Keep the wounds moist until scabbing shouldn’t result in infection. Now, how to do this on a large, pig-headed Scot who refused pain medication…

“This is a lovely place,” she said to try to distract him, selecting a bit of shirt that didn’t appear to stick as much.

Saline and pull, saline and pull..

“Aye,” Jamie muttered. “Aye it’s… been in my family since the 1700’s. Ancestral and all that. It’s a bonny place.”

“Mmm,” Claire agreed, pleased to see no bleeding from the first strip. “Are all your family fluent in Gaelic?”


Jamie’s forearms strained as Claire removed the next bit of shirt, taking most of the healed skin with it, but he made no sound.

"Aye,” he said after a moment, realizing the damp cloths Claire was dabbing him with wouldn’t hurt. “Since we were bairns.”

"That’s wonderful,” Claire replied, giving him a moment to recover. “Language is fascinating. Everything else may be shot to hell but people always find ways of communicating.”

"There are more ways than words to do that Sassenach,” the Scot responded dryly.

Claire wasn’t sure she heard him right but, looking down, saw one blue cat eye crinkled in amusement. She smiled and shrugged in assent, appalled to feel a blush creeping up her neck, but her mind returned to his back in the next instant.

God, what did they do?

"Alright. This is the worst part.”

He’d kept his gaze on her and nodded, gripping the cot tighter and setting his jaw.

Saline and pull, saline and pull…. Jamie’s breathing turned into hissing noises, but he still remained silent…. Saline and pull, saline and pull…. the muscles of his arms strained as he held on…

"Almost got it… keep still…” she breathed. Jamie responded with a huff of breath but continued to do as she asked.

Saline and pull, saline and pull…

"Done!“ Claire exclaimed triumphantly, grabbing for the last of the damp bandages to wipe the trickling blood away. Between the stress of removing the pieces of his shirt and the fire in the hearth, Claire felt her own perspiration make its way down her face and back. She wiped her forehead with her arm, then poured more saline on the cloths she’d put in place.

"Well done,” she said softly, bringing a cup of water for him to drink. “I need to clean and redress it, but that can wait a minute.”

"This isna whisky,” he said huskily, forming what he could of a smile. Claire noted the paleness of his face, but his eyes were still focused.

"I promise you’ll be fully rewarded later. Right now though,” Claire gave another Nurse Randall look, “I need you coherent.”

"Careful lass,” Jamie said as she stood. “A promise is a verra serious thing in the Highlands.”


The human body is a miraculous thing. So many connections and processes required for life to go on. Things seen and unseen that is the makeup of a person. Claire removed the cloths and gazed at Jamie’s back in fascinated horror.

"Bloody fucking hell..”

"Aye. It was.”

Jamie sniffed out an uncomfortable laugh, but the tension in his shoulders had returned. Claire took in his flayed skin, some wounds deep enough to cut the muscle underneath. How could he have stayed still like this, let alone ride a horse?


Claire jumped at her name, eyes snapping to Jamie’s. “What?”

"The uh, captain you encountered..” Jamie looked down then. “T'was him that flogged me.”

She nodded and blinked hard, then turned to her pack. He may have refused his sister’s medicines, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him.

"Why were you flogged?” Claire asked, keeping her tone calm as she spread the topical lidocaine through the welts and blood on his back. It wouldn’t completely numb the area, but it would at least take the edge off.

Jamie made a Scottish noise. “Obstruction.”

"Obstruction? Does that exist now, with no one to enforce it?”

"It does if ye have the numbers to make it so.”

"And he does?” she asked, hoping the talk would at least distract from the first round of cleaning.

"Aye,” Jamie all but whispered, blue eyes staring straight ahead as Claire set to work.

"We served together in the Last War. Randall and me I mean,” he continued. “Near on four years ago now, they evacuated our companies from the mainland. I was… glad to come home, away from all of it.“

Claire felt a pang in her own heart at his words.

"Ye might not have noticed when ye arrived but we’ve many tenants near here. Small places that have been part of this land for generations. We didna have the old ways of collecting rents and pledging fealty but… we look after each other. The way it should be.”

"It sounds wonderful,” Claire replied softly, switching out a used cloth for a new one. “Are there many families?”

"Aye, a fair few. Not as many as there once was but-ah!”

"Sorry. This one’s very dirty.”

"S'fine,” Jamie hissed, burying his face into his forearm.

Claire glanced around for something else. “You still have lamps here. Old habits die hard?”

She saw Jamie smirk despite what she was doing to him.

"We’ve electricity.”

Claire stopped dead.


Jamie lifted his head and grinned at what must have been a flabbergasted face.

"Electricity. Dinna have it where you come from?”

"No one’s had electricity since the virus outbreak spread to the utility systems.”

"Well, this modest farm never tapped into the utility systems. We harvest it with old fashioned water power.”

"You’re kidding.”

"No, I’m not. If ye can patch me up, I can show ye tomorrow.”

"Nice try. You’re not moving from this bed for at least three days,” Claire replied, moving on to the next laceration.

Jamie gave a grunt of amusement, but silence soon followed as Claire continued her work. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but Claire felt a weight to it; it was as if something hung in the air that wasn’t quite tangible, but just within reach all the same.

"Why you?” she blurted. “Why did he come after you?”

“I wouldna give him what he wanted. He..” Jamie shook his head, as if to catch the right words. “It’s… personal. Wi’ him, I mean.”

Claire moved to the table to grab the antibiotic ointment. If the scars on this man’s back were any indication, “personal” was an understatement.

“What was it that he wanted?”

A moment passed. Claire thought Jamie was going to ignore her question, but felt him shift a little as he sighed. Exhaustion and sweat lined his body and, when he spoke, he sounded far away.

“Power. Respect. He demanded it, always. The thing he never understood was what it took to earn it.”

Sensing this was all he would say on the subject, Claire nodded, bending down again to smooth Jamie’s hair out of his face. Still pale, but eyes clear. He blinked blearily at her as she touched his cheek with the back of her hand. Slight fever.

“Rest now, hm? I’ll guard the whisky.”

One corner of Jamie’s mouth turned up and he nodded.

“I’ll hold ye to that, Sassenach.”

Claire chuckled, allowed her thumb one light caress of his cheekbone, then stood and covered his back with a light bandage. She’d have to redo the process again, but Jamie needed sleep first.

Claire turned to tell him so but looked down in time to see that his eyes had already closed and his lips were slightly parted in restorative sleep. Smiling to herself, she pulled a tartan blanket off the high backed chair near the head of the cot and laid it gently over him. Claire curled up into the chair, watching over him until fatigue dragged her under, forcing all thoughts and feelings blessedly from her mind.

V ~ Amnesia ~ Final Chapter


I fixed my sleeve collar and gazed at my reflection. Today was the big day. Today was Jumin’s wedding.

I padded into the venue where I stood by the groom, who seemed extremely jittery.

“ What’s wrong Jumin? ” I nudged him with a bright smile possessing my lips, “ You’re getting cold feet on me? You are about to get married to the woman of your dreams. The woman you’ve been in love with for five years. ”

“ Jihyun…. but what if I’m not enough for her? I- ”

“ Jumin ” I sighed “ I know you’re special to her. You had only been dating her for a year before you proposed, yet she didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes. I could tell from the day after I visited you from recovery that she was smitten with you. ”

Jumin nodded, yet his nerves were still visible. Almost like magic, all of his worries flew away as the double doors swung open and MC emerged on to the isle. She looked absolutely stunning. Once she reached Jumin, she held onto his hands tightly.

“ We have gathered here today to unite these two people in marriage. Their decision to marry has not been entered into lightly, and today they will publicly declare their private devotion for one another. The essence of this commitment is the acceptance of each other in entirety, as a lover, companion, and friend. It will take special effort to grow together, survive hardships, and to be loving and unselfish, ” the priest spoke, “ With that being said, please recite your personally prepared vows. ”

“ MC… ” Jumin began, lovingly gazing at his bride, “ Since you arrived into the messenger, I thought God had sent down an angel, just for me. You… we’re there, you looked out for me and my well being. With V traveling, I had nobody to lift me out of the dark hole that I and my company dug, then you arrived. You were the sun on my cloudy day, you kept me in check, and most of all, you repaired the shattered glass that was my heart. You taught me how to feel again. To feel emotions. Ever since we got to know one another, I felt love, happiness, and admiration. MC, I promise to be your best friend. To have your back no matter what. To allow you to fight your own battles and tap in when you need me. I’ll share the covers and let you use the hot water first. I promise to love your family as if they were my own. I promise to trust you enough to take over my cat projects. To kiss you and hold your hand with every opportunity possible. To defend you from others even if you’re wrong. Finally, I promise to put your happiness above everything. Even Elizabeth the third. ”

“ Jumin ” MC giggled. Her smile was bright and beautiful. “ From the start, I knew you were someone I should hold dear. You became my best friend, my companion, my safety blanket… ”

Jumin was so lucky to have her. Apparently I was lucky at once as well.

“ No words will ever be able to explain what you were able to do for me into a full extent. You were there when I struggled with the party. You were there when I lost V. You were there when I found out about the special security system. ”

Special security system. The bomb. I could see Luciel silently chuckle at the mention of it.

“ Jumin Han, I vow to be your best friend as much as your lover. To not question your cat projects. Most of the time. You can get out of hand at times. I vow to tag along to meals with you, your father, and his variety of girlfriends. To hold back Zen from punching you in the face, even though you deserve it sometimes ” MC smiled as everybody’s eyes turned to a smug looking Zen. “ I vow to have your back even if you’re being cold hearted. To brush it off if you spend more time with your cat than me in a day. Finally I vow to love you for who you are. To cherish every aspect of you, and to be the best wife I can be. ”

“ Very good. Jumin, please repeat after me ” the priest spoke as the ring boy ran down the isle, “ I make this oath to love you through all eternity, to hold your hand through the darkness, and to seal our vows. With this ring, I thee wed. ”

“ I make this oath to love you through all eternity ” Jumin picked up the ring.

For an unknown reason, I began to feel an intense pain in my chest.

“ To hold your hand through the darkness “he gazed directly into MC’s eyes.

My smile began to fade. Was I still in love with MC from all those years back?

”… and to seal our vows. With this ring, I thee wed. “ Jumin slipped the ring onto MCs finger.

” MC, will you marry me? “ I asked.

” Jihyun! “ she squealed, ” Oh my god! Yes! “

I could faintly see her hand with the little vision I had left, but I could see it well enough to place the exquisite ring on her delicate finger.

I remember now, but why at this moment? Why here?

” With this ring, I thee wed “

Had I been too busy with my flashback to listen to MC take her oath?

” I now pronounce thee husband and wife. You may kiss the bride “

Jumin tenderly cupped MCs cheeks and kissed her. I could feel my heart sink to the very pit of my stomach, though I kept on a smile as Jumin carried MC down the isle. Once the couple was out of my sight, I made an exit to the bathroom.

” MC are you sure about this? “I panted while her delicate fingers trail down my bare torso.

” Mmmhm “ she mumbled against my V-line and discard my boxers with a swift movement.

“ Oh my god~ “I moaned as she lowered herself onto my rock-hard member and took a hold of my hands. Lacing our fingers, I leaned up to kiss my fiance.

Tears were rushing down my cheeks as Luciel raced into the bathroom.

” There you are! They want you in for the best man speech- are you okay? “he panted.

” I remembered, Luciel. I remembered MC. I remembered the proposal. I remembered our first time. I remembered….. how much I loved her. “

” MC? “ I felt her head relax on my lap ” What do you look like? “

” What do you want me to look like? “ she giggled.

” Mmm… “ I smiled. ” A human. “

” Well I’m sorry to tell you “ she straddled my lap, her lips inches away from my ear ” I look like an alien-goldfish-cow-horse “

Her words caused giggles to emit from both of us. I reached around, cupping her face in my hands.

” I bet you’re the most stunning alien-goldfish-cow-horse “ I rubbed my nose against hers.

” V… I’m so sorry. I’ll make your speech for you and tell them that you had to take an emergency. Okay? “

I was alone after that. Alone to wallow in my broken memories.

She wasn’t mine anymore. I had lost the game of amnesia, in which Jumin was the other player.

Breath of the Wild no plot spoilers highlights part 2:

- Found the cucco fandom.

- I look rad as fuck now.

- I’ve stopped using my horse Taxi Cab because I’m so afraid of getting them killed. I can’t handle that kind of heartbreak. Why does this game let them take damage?

- Apparently you can become a homeowner in this game. I’ve made it to a town where there’s a house for sale and I’m so excited about this. Will I be able to decorate it when I get it?

- I got the camera upgrade and with it you can catalogue every food/animal/weapon/enemy/etc in the game. This game will take YEARS to 100%.

- I had to tame another horse as part of a side-quest. Now I have two horse children I’m terrified of losing.

- I discovered you can take selfies and pose with the camera. There’s me with Cadillac.

Part 1 // Part 3

Lesli Stone is Bethany Young/A.D.

This is going to be a relatively long post… so bear with me. I’m truly convinced that Lesli Stone is actually Bethany and is working as A.D. (A.D. stands for after death, and Bethany has been presumed dead all this time). Lesli Stone (anagram for Stolen Lies) and Bethany were twins separated at birth. The real Lesli is in Alison’s grave, as Bethany killed her and stole her identity.

So we just got an update on the Dilaurentis/Drake/Hastings family tree. Let’s review.

  • Veronica’s only biological child with Peter is Melissa
  • Peter had affairs with both Jessica and Mary. He had Jason with Jessica and Spencer with Mary
  • Mary Drake had Cece with Ted the Pastor
  • Jessica and Kenneth had Alison together
You may have read this by now, but people are speculating that Mary Drake had more than two children. The doctor that Spencer and Aria talked to said he delivered “two OF Mary’s babies” in a tone where it sounded as if she had more than two.

I believe that before giving birth Spencer and after giving birth to Cece, Mary Drake gave birth to Bethany Young and Lesli Stone (twins). This makes sense since Cece was born in 1988, Bethany was supposedly born in 1992, and the liars were born in 1995.

Throwback to the Halloween scene where the twins are clearly not getting along.
This could be symbolic of Bethany and Lesli’s relationship. Lesli is the twin who grabs the knife and stabs her twin, Bethany. Because of behavioral issues and inattentiveness from Mary, she loses custody of her children. They’re given up for adoption to two separate families, the Young and Stone families, but are reunited in Radley years later. In the episode, “She’s No Angel” we learn that Bethany and Lesli were roommates. However, they kept fighting and eventually got split up, so Bethany began to share a room with Rhonda. I don’t think that the other people in Radley knew that Bethany and Lesli were twins since they had different styles. Bethany wore her hair long and blonde and didn’t need glasses. Lesli kept her hair short, dyed it auburn, and wore glasses that concealed her face enough for them to not be recognized as twins.

Aunt Jessie
According to the PLL timeline, Cece, Melissa, and the N.A.T. Club all graduated in 2005. However, we hear Toby say that his mother died on October 24th, 2007. My question is, how did Cece go from being a teenage girl in 2005… to a young boy who has not yet transitioned in 2007? Marlene claims that Marion actually died in 1998, but this doesn’t make sense either because in the scene where Toby and Alison kiss before Toby’s mom walks in, they’re only supposed to be a few years old. So, either this was just one big production failure, or the only other explanation is that Cece was lying about the whole damn story of how Marion died.

My theory is that Cece actually was the one who killed Marion and she blamed Bethany for it. Why else would Jessica cover it up? Jessica felt bad that Bethany was blamed so she took her to adopt her own horse and asked her to call her Aunt Jessie (because she’s Mary’s daughter) and Bethany got angry and threw a bucket at her. This further explains the drawings of Jessica with the words “LIAR” written across her forehead.

The Night Alison Disappeared
Bethany is fed up with Jessica so she plans to escape and hurt her. She steals Cece’s yellow top and escapes with her identity since Cece had out privileges. Lesli suspects that Bethany is up to no good, so she somehow sneaks out and follows her.

As Bethany is approaching the Dilaurentis house, Mona spots her and thinks that she’s Alison. Mona hits her with the shovel until she believes that “Alison” is dead. It makes sense that Bethany was buried before Alison, considering Melissa told Spencer that she found Bethany’s body right after Spencer walked away with the shovel after fighting with Ali. There are two different scenes that show hands reaching from the grave. In the scene where Grunwald saves Ali, Ali’s hand slowly approaches from the ground and has vines wrapped around it. A different scene shows a hand frantically thrashing around and it grabs dirt. This is likely Bethany’s hand before she is saved. (She is likely saved by Spencer, who was on drugs and wouldn’t remember).
^ Bethany’s Hand
^Alison’s Hand

After Spencer unknowingly saves Bethany, Alison is accidentally hit by Cece. She is buried by Jessica and saved by Grunwald, as we all know

Bethany walks around trying to find out who buried her in the dirt. She begins to suspect it was Jessica but then she spots Lesli who is spying on her. Bethany gets angry as she assumes that Lesli is the one that hurts her and attacks her with the shovel until she is unconscious. However, Bethany has a plan. Instead of just burying her sister, she decides to switch identities with her so that Jessica will think that she’s dead. Bethany would be able to torture Jessica and make her life hell without Jessica knowing that it is her. Bethany swap clothes with Lesli and buries her in the ground. The next day, she cuts and dyes her hair before anyone sees her and buys fake glasses. She switches the medical and dental records. She comes back to Radley as Lesli and no one ever suspects a thing. This explains the box of glasses that Spencer and Hanna find in “Lesli’s” car.

Also, check out the uncanny resemblance between the girl who plays young Bethany in Cece’s flashback and the girl that plays “Lesli”

After Lesli’s Death
Bethany, now living her life as Lesli, decides to get her life together. As we see when she is introduced in season 5, she is enrolled in college and has a steady life.

Lesli plans to take over the A game after Cece
Lesli is introduced in season 5, but the strange thing is that I’m seeing very similar parallels between the way Lesli was introduced and the way Cece was introduced. For one thing, their first scenes are both in the brew. Spencer even says on the phone during the same episode “The last time we met someone’s old friend, it was Cece!”

“Lesli” decides to borrow a book from Mona’s room before Mike gets pissed at her and tells her to put it back. And what is hidden in the side of the book? The clip of Bethany Young! “Lesli” is trying to steal it back as she doesn’t want the liars to find it and put two and two together. I think that at this point, “Lesli” knew that Cece was A and was blackmailing her. She orders Cece to retrieve the recording for her, but at the end of the episode, we see Cece dressed as A as she realizes the clip is gone. She bangs the book against the dresser out of anger, thinking that Bethany aka “Lesli” will reveal the truth about her. Why else would Cece have wanted this random voice clip of Bethany!? I can’t think of any other reason.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch! I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil, without a soul. You could be the nicest person in the world she gets them to do whatever she wants! Five minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, two minutes if you’re a man…. not destructive, self defense. It’s me or her. She’s not the only one who can make plans!” -Bethany

First of all, notice how the voice in this clip sounds exactly like “Lesli”. This clip could be about two people… Jessica or her twin, the real Lesli.

So what happens after this? “Lesli” takes the witness stand and completely ambushes Ali which makes sense if she’s Uber A. She knows that Cece is planning for the dollhouse. After the girls escape, she orders Cece to reveal her identity to the girls so that she can take the A game away from her.

Working as A.D.
If you look at the puzzle pieces on A.D.’s game board, you can see that they look freakishly like one of Bethany’s drawings.

It’s possible that after taking over the game, Bethany decided to kill Cece by pushing her off the bell tower… just like how I think Cece pushed Marion off the bell tower.

Let me know what you guys think!



Uke Mochi [保食神] is a goddess of food in the Shinto religion of Japan.

According to the legend recounted in the Nihon shoki (“Chronicles of Japan”), the moon god, Tsukiyomi, was dispatched to earth by his sister, the sun goddess Amaterasu, to visit Ukemochi no Kami. The food goddess welcomed him by facing the land and disgorging from her mouth boiled rice, turning toward the sea and spewing out all kinds of fishes, and turning toward the land and disgorging game. She presented these foods to him at a banquet, but he was displeased at being offered the goddess’s vomit and drew his sword and killed her.

When he returned to heaven and informed his sister of what he had done, she became angry and said, “Henceforth I shall not meet you face to face,” which is said to explain why the Sun and the Moon are never seen together. Another messenger sent to the food goddess by Amaterasu found various stuffs produced from her dead body. From Uke Mochi’s head came the ox and the horse; from her forehead, millet; from her eyebrows, silkworms; from her eyes, panic grass; and from her belly, rice. Amaterasu had the food grains sown for humanity’s future use.

RFA(+V and Saeran) reacting to gamer!MC


° we all know that he is a gamer too

° so the more interesting question is, who is the better one?

° regarding LOLOL it´s a matter of fact that he won

° don´t mess with the No. 2 on the Shootingstar-Server

° but there are other games too

° so one day, you were tried of loosing to him, you decided to battle him in Mario Party

° yes MC is a Little Nintendo child

° you brought your Wii over to his place and by the time he noticed your presence you already finished plugging everything in

° “Hi MC why did you bring your Wii over?”

° “I´m tried of you always beating me so today we´ll Play a game of my choice.”

° before he could do or say anything else you already put the Controller inside of him

° he surrendered after only two minigames

° because he was only ever with mouse and keyboardhe was completly lost

° “MC, please let´s stop this.”

° “No, I are GOD!!!” Kira is that you?

° he was at the edge of tears

° “MC please. I admit I lost and you won but please stop being so scary!” ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° yes, he was crying and yes, it was your fault

° great Job MC..

° “I´m glad you can admit a defeat, honey. I´m going to prepare dinner now. love you.”(´∀`)♡

° you left him Standing there looking like someone who got hit by a blue shell in Mario cart  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


° whenever she was away for work you felt lonly in the house

° well, someone has to earn money

° so you found yourself a hobby you could do from your couch

° you bought yourself a Playstation and a couple games

°  the games you enjoyed most were RPGs/JRPGs

° and this MC plays these games to 100%

° who?Me?

° but turning everything on ond off again was just tooo bothersome

° so why not play 24/7 instead?

° that also meant no sleep fro the time being

° Jaehee was away on a buisness trip with Jumin (the closest she´ll ever get to a vacation XD)

° you were at home, playing The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

° btw I love that game

° when she returned you were fighting the last boss (for the 4th time or so)

° “MC, what are you doing there?”

° “Playing some games.”

° u don´t say MC

° “And for how Long have you been playing?”

° from your current state she could tell it was quite some time..

° “Dunno, wich day is it?”

° “DAY??!”

° “MC get off the Couch, under the shower and when you´re finished we talk about your game-addiction!” ༼ つ °  ʖ ° ༽つ

° that marked the endof your hobby and you had to find a new one (maybe like painting?)

° poor MC !! ( ≧Д≦)


° he often took you with him to his rehersals

° but since there wasn´t much to do for you, you had to find something to occupy yourself

° good thing you brought your Nintendo and a few games to play with you(*^▽^*)

° these were mostly Jump´n´Run but whatever

° but you were a very…… passionate player

° “You stupid Gumba, go die somwhere else!”

° “Bowser, you Bastard go fuck your turtle wife or something!”

° you were banned from the rehersal

° so what to do now?

° simple: go home, eat a snack and continue gaming

° I´m so proud of you MC!

° Zen´s rehersal took a lot longer than usual thanks to a certain someone, wich caused him to come back at 4AM

° he went into the bedroom only to be greeted by the dimm lights of your console

° “MC are you still playing those games?”

° “Yeah.”

° “Please go to bed and finish it tomorrow.”

° you did but this behaviour of yours stayed for the next few weeks

° get up at 12AM, game till 5AM and then sleep again

° simple life, no problems

° at some point Zen had enough of this

° but every time he took your game away from you, you had it back in no time

° he even went as far as asking Seven to hack that stupid Thing in order for you to stop

° but he said no (⌣_⌣”)

° so he did the last thinghe could think of and unleashed the BEAST

° he came in the bedroom to find you once again playing a game and cursing like hell

° oh, did I mention that he was naked?

° “MC, you have to choose now. me or the games?”

° “Zen, why do you say such stu-”

° you looked up

° then you threw your console away

° the beast won once again(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


° at some point he gave in and admitted that it was kind of boring to just sit in the penthouse the whole day

° he let you bring your old X-Box over and you got your own playroom

° yes, playroom, with an X-Box XD

° but when he heard you complaining that there were games you couldn´t Play with the old one he got you a new one

° and a Playstation

° this room beacme your new favourite room besides the bedroom ( ° ʖ °)

° he was glad there was a Thing you enjoyed that much and if you gave even the smallest hint on wnating a new game…

° you got it 3 days before release

° but sooner or later he had to set an end to this

° more or less because you gave those games more attention than him

° when you didn´t evengreet him properly anymore and slept in this Rom he decided it had to be done sooner rather than later

° he was more clever than Zen and didn´t take your stuff away

° he was sneaky

° he was clever

° he was Jumin Han

° and this Jumin Han would make you yourself get tried of these games

° the more games you got, the less fun it was playing

° you played but didn´t felt this satisfying feeling anymore

° so you tryed something new: getting Jumin to play with you

° “Come on Jumin, just one round. Pleeeaaase!!”

° “Okay but than we´ll go to bed. Promise?”

° “Sure.”

° your smile already paid off the soon to be followed torture in his eyes

° you endedn up playing till 1 AM (・_・ヾ

° Jumin discoverd the joy of gamin and enden up int he same hell as you

° but he coulden´t skip wrk and you didn´t want to Play alone anymore

° you made an agreement: no more playing alone for the both of you

° mission succeded, well kinda


° he didn´t play for fun

° he played to make little children Yoosung cry

° mostly aggro-kiddies in CS:Go

° one day you played a chilled Little round of CS:Go with your friends when you heard the two trigger words

° cyka blyat, rush B

° These words were enough to make you go in rage-mode

° you screamed the only Insults in russian that you knew as loud as you could into your headset

° if you want to know russian insults just google them xD

° after your screaming ended yuo heard somthing fall onto the ground

° it sounded like a human..

° “Seven are you okay?”

° “I am but please don´t scream like that in the microphone.”

° he got of the ground and sat down in his chair once again

° you wondered how loud you screamed that he even fell of the chair

° MC. please use your brain

° you turned around to leave the room and then you saw it

° right on his screen

° it looked like he was in the middle of a CS:Go game, nothing Special but then you saw with who he played

° “ Saeyoung….”

° he looked Kind of confused as if he asked himself what he did wrong this time

° “I brought out the trash, MC!”

° “The only trash to throw out is this cyka sitting infront of me!”

° he catched on, but unfortunately too slow

° “You know how much I hate these damn trolls who aren´t even from russian to begin with.All they ever want is to bother others!!”

° “MC, please calm down!”

° poor Seven, you kept lecturing him for about 2 hours …

° but hey, after that you became the best troll-couple in every online game <3


° he didn´t care much about games

° mostly because he´s almost blind

° so he didn´t really cared either that you were a very passionate player

° what should he do against it anyway….

° he often sat beside you when you played another game and you kept telling him what happend

° “MC, why did you kill those harpys?”

° “Because they attacked me.” 

° “MC, why did you die?”

° Because I didn´t kill the harpys this time.”

° Mc, why-”

° you had enough of this

° a question every 5 seconds was just too much to handle for you

° think about her concentration V

° “V, please stop asking such obvious stuff. I can´t concentrate when you Keep distracting me.”

° “Oh, okay I´ll Keep quiet from now on.”

° he did

° for about 2 minutes than it started all again

° “MC, why did you kill them?”

° enough is enough

° you turned off everything and went to the kitchen to get something to drink

° “MC, why did you stop?”

° “Because I somehow lost the joy in playing.”

° thank you V

° from now on you only played when he wasn´t around which was almost never but still better than being bothered nonstop


° since Seven had a far to big TV-Screen, why not enjoy your favourite game on it?

° soon you had plugged everything in and stared fascinated at the Screen

° on said Screen you saw the fictional love of your life : Geralt of Riva (●♡∀♡)

° pls Geralt marry me

° playing Witcher made you frget about time and simply enjoy a great game

° but you also forgot about the non-fictional love of your life: Saeran

° he didn´t like that suprise

° you promised to go and buy ice cream with him and now?

° all you cared about was the stupid game, where a man was riding some horse and killing Monsters

° you didn´t know he was watching you so Yous aid the words that led to your death sentence

° “Geralt, I love you!”

° “MC we have to talk !”

° fuck, he was here

° “Saeran, I didn´t know you were here..”

° he looked pissed

° really pissed

° “MC, first you forget our ice.cream date and then you just say I love You to a fictional character

° “Saeran he is nothing more than that to me, fictional.Don´t take it like that you know you´re the only one for me.”

° “You know you have to make up for it right?”

° “I know.”

° so you payed for ice-cream and some snacks

° you had to take the console back to wherever it was before and apologized a million times to Saeran

° you were so exhauted at some point you just fell asleep on Saeran´s shoulder

° he wouldn´t admit it but as he heard you mumble something about him being the only one for you….

° he forgave you <3

That´s it for this one, I hope you love Geralt as much as I do and also enjoyed reading.  o(^▽^)o

If you did, leave alike or a comment, that makes me as happy as getting a shiny Mew XD

Also if you have some requests or whatever don´t hesitate and send it to me      o(≧∇≦o)

Imagine Ivar being the one who wants to take over your kingdom (part 5)

Part I: http://lordavanti.tumblr.com/post/157144945223/imagine-ivar-being-the-one-who-wants-to-take-over
Part II: http://lordavanti.tumblr.com/post/157202649578/imagine-ivar-being-the-one-who-wants-to-take-over
Part III: http://lordavanti.tumblr.com/post/157369890748/imagine-ivar-being-the-one-who-wants-to-take-over
Part IVhttp://lordavanti.tumblr.com/post/157495361018/imagine-ivar-being-the-one-who-wants-to-take-over

Summary: Arriving at the settlement you noticed how distant Ivar get while facing his brothers again. You had to spend the night alone in a village you didn’t know without the one man you trust. And when you want to go explore the village the next day Ivar comes to visit, turning the tables around and giving you what you were wishing for the whole night, his presents.
Words: 2333

So it was true … they had a settlement. You only knew the rumors about the deal that King Ecbert maked with the sons of Ragnar but this proved everything. After days of travelling you finally arrived in this place. You looked aside to Ivar who stared in the distance while his horse followed the path. The closer you came to the settlement the more distant he got. And you were almost sure it had something to do with his brothers. You stopped your horse and stared around you when you arrived in the center of the place, a whole village filled with Vikings. “Ivar.” You turned your head and looked at the man who stood besides the chariot of Ivar. A tall imposant man with a long braid and an almost bald head. Everything changed, you felt a certain tense in the air that made you uncomfotarble.
“Brother.” Ivar reacted, without even looking at his brother. His brother? You looked at the man again, and you thought his brothers would be dark haired, just like him … But then he looked at you and you didn’t knew what to do, be your old selve and be strongwilled or just look away. His gaze was intensive in another way than the way how Ivar looked.
“Who is she?” He asked with a long thorough look over your body. You looked to Ivar again who gave his brother a warning glance. “Mind me for asking.” The brother said amused by the temper Ivar showed in his eyes. “But she’s a princess. Wich Lord or King you had to kill to make this happen?” He laughed, still looking at you.
“He killed nobody.” You reacted in defense. The man frowed his eyesbrows and looked back at Ivar.
“Get to your brothers.” He finally commanded before leaving like nothing ever happened. You looked the man walking away before your trew a glimp at Ivar who was staring again. He caught your glance and shook his head.
“You shouldn’t have done that.” He said neutral, still a little angry maybe.
“Why not?” You dared to ask. You got from your horse, somebody immidiatly came and took him over from you so you had nothing in your hands left to hold on to.
“It’s not your place.” He answered coldly. You only nodded, not sure if you want to bring this arrgument to the next level. Ivar started staring again so you just looked around. Finally he sighed and turned again to you. “You need rest.”
“I’m fine.” You smiled softly, not wanting him to get to concerned about you.
“Nice try.” He nodded, a little more relaxed this time. He showed you the way to a little cabin … it didn’t present not much but it was something. “You can stay here,” he pointed out. You turned around and nodded before looking back to him. “Don’t run away, I find you in the morning.” He explained. He wasn’t staying? He didn’t waited for an answer and just drove of in his chariot, leaving you behind with the urge to follow him … just to be safe.

Normally you wouldn’t wake until a servant came to wake you. But now it was still early when you felt the slight touth of warmth against your cheek. You opened your eyes, shut them immediately after because of the brightness that poured through the place. In that small moment you laid there you tried to recognize the sounds outside, it was rather comforting that you heared things. You heared laughing while heavy foodsteps walked by, you even heared a kid screaming to his mother. They had already kids here to? The sounds outside gave you enough curiousity to get dresses and go explore the village. But when you sat on the egde of the bed, already dresses you heared another recognizable sound and it didn’t took long before the door swung open and Ivar crawled in. Before you falled asleep last night you could only think of him and how angry and distant he looked. You could have ran away but he would come after you, kill you for real this time so … fear kept you on its place. The door felt shut with a loud crack and you pulled yourself out of your thoughts. He seemed still angry, didn’t give you a look when he crawled to the bed en pulled his body in it. And then things changed with the breath he let out, his body relaxed, his eyes turned calmer and suddenly he looked really tired. “You look tired.” You noticed carefull. “Can I get you something?” You asked not far behind, turning your body a little so you could face him.
“You’re not a slave y/n.” He said. His voice sounded soft, even more tired than his face looked. Why did he put so much effort in keeping angry and looking fierce when the man who sat in front of you now was so handsome and comfortable to be with.
“Is there something else I can do? I want to help but,” your words faded away when you felt his hand around your wrist. Despite that his hand was so large and strong, the gesture was soft and even uncertain. You looked at it, willingly turning your hand in his grip so your fingers could find a hold around his wrist.  Your eyes traveled up to the cross he wore around his neck, your cross. And finally you met his tired bleu eyes, shades of bleu mixed together in a color you could watch forever. He pulled you towards him and you obeyed, shifting over the bed until you sat on your knees besides him.
“Stay.” He whispered, all broken and guard down. You felt your insides melt together when he laid his hand in your neck, his thumb stroking the scared that still were there.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore. You should rest Ivar.” You instisted.
“How can I sleep when you are here.” He said with a little flair of a cocky grinn.
“I can go.” You pointed towards the door. But he smothered your attempts by placing his lips agaist your throat. You took in a deep breath, closing your eyes while his lips places small kisses over the scares you had. Your hand found his jawline, guiding his head up so your lips could find each other. Any other Christian princess would disgust this, making love, or kissing was not approved until married. But you weren’t that kind of a girl, you had always test the limits and even now your christian god maybe was watching you didn’t care. You became as much a sinner as he was. The ruthless Ivar was so carefull with you that you thought you had another men in front of you. You felt his arm around your waist, pulling you into his lap. You broke the kiss, your forehead against his when you looked in those amazingly blue eyes. And you asked yourself, he was a cripple, should he … can he satisfy a woman? “Ivar,”
“No.” He interrupted you, answering your question he probably could read on your face. His eyes looked so uncertain you pulled your head a little back, watching him, a hand resting on its chest. “I promised you I won’t hurt you again.” He whispered. So he tried before? And it hurted the woman with who he was.
“You wouldn’t hurt me if I want it to.” You stroke his cheek, observed every part of his softed face expressions.
“Isn’t there a Christian rule about that?” He asked. You rolled your eyes and took the little cross between your fingers, a little drifted in thoughts.
“Not sure if I am still a Christian girl.” You responed uncertain.
“You don’t switch so easily between gods Y/n.”
“Can we shut up about the gods?” You asked while biting your lip. He looked at you, more intensly than before. He follow the curves that your lip took while biting it. He pulled you closer, a kiss with more passion like he was comforted with the premission you gave him. Your fingers found their way to his hair while his tongue easily found dominance over yours. His fingers started to explore your body, heat welling up inside you. His lips found their way down, over your neck, pushing one shoulder naked so he could get to your colorbone. You weren’t sure who was more experienced, he or you but the slow way of processing this maked your body shiver of enjoyment. How was it that you could love the man that almost killed you? Every single squeeze, every single touch filled your body and you felt him react on the things he could do. His hand traveled up your leg, underneaht you dress, roaming your naked skin. Your fingers unbottoned his shirt, pulling it over his head before kissing him again. You didn’t gave him much time to think about it, you just did. You hand traveled over his bare chest, felt how he sucked in more breath as an reaction on your touch. He pulled back, eyes with a questioning look, his one hand still roaming your skin. You didn’t answer that look, you slowly pulled your dress over your body, gaving him a clear look over the upper half of your body. He pushed you with your back in the bed, leaning over you, skin against skin and you curved your back to get closer to him.
“Are you still afraid of me?” He asked, pressing his lips against the skin of you breast.
“Sometimes, yes.” Your breathed in enjoyment.
“Than I won’t hurt you.” He whispered against your stomach, leaving you with that sensation within. You craved him and he wouldn’t let you.
“Ivar,” It was a moan, reaction on the squeeze he gave your breast. He looked at you, smiling with some of amusement, finding his old self back in the act. “Please?” You asked small. He shook his head and kissed you again, giving you no change to protest against his will. Not that it mattered, this … was all so much already.

A loud crack waked you up, still comfused you turned around in the bed, looking towards the door. You yelled, like a little girl, sitting right up when you saw two boys standing in the room. You pulled the sheets up a little and looked aside you to Ivar who wakened a little slower than you did. “You must be the princess Björn was talking about.” One of them said. Didn’t they know how to knock? Or was that something vikings didn’t do?
“By the looks of it is was,”
“What do you want brother.” Ivar hissed. You didn’t moved while looking at the two boys, both his brothers you presumed.
“I’m Hvitserk, this is Ubbe, he didn’t told you about us, did he?” Hvitserk asked. You felt ivar tensing beside you, waking him up without a reason brought him clearly in a bad mood, again.
“Y/n.” You replied softly. Hvitserk smiled, Ubbe only looked intensly, his head a little tilted before he looked at his brother again.
“Did you,” he pointed amused between the two of you.
“What is it?” Ivar asked again, controlling his upcoming anger. The brothers looked at him now, instead of you and you let your breath slowly out.
“We are going home.” Ubbe announced. Home? That meant you had to leave Engeland? Your eyes gazed carefull toward Ivar who took the first best thing he found and trew it to his brothers.
“Out!” He commanded.
“Get dresses Ivar, you to y/n, not that it is necessary for you.” Ubbe grinned. Your jawn dropped while you looked how they walked outside. Would they be all so free with their words? You were still staring to the closed door when you felt Ivar his touch against your lower back.
“Don’t mind them.” Ivar murmured, already half asleep again. You sat there, still with the sheets presses against your body. After a time, when you were certain his brothers where away you slide on your stomach beside Ivar who laid on his back.
“Is that a thing, walking in before knocking because I’m not gonna get used to that.” You said. He chuckled, loudly and you only smile while watching him laugh.
“We are viking Y/n, you will get used to it.” He still laughed. So, they hadn’t any form of shame? But the fact they brought some news was more of use to her.
“Do I need to come home with you?” You asked softly, resting your head on his bare chest. He looked at you, intensly before nodding.
“You will come, not negotiable.”
“Nothing I do is negotiable.” You protested. He grinned, putting a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Didn’t want you to switch gods?” He asked in return. You felt silent for a moment, looking at the little cross he still wore around his neck.
“Than come and I show you my gods.” He said, pressing a kiss against your lips so you didn’t had the chance to protest right away.
“I’m a Christian Ivar, you will pull me in a village full of vikings, there will be many people who will hate me for my believe.” You spoke uncertain.
“All the people who speak of you wrong, who want to do you harm, who even looks at you on the wrong way will die by my hand.” He promised you. How could he make a threat like that and expecting you not to be afraid of him.
“Don’t kill people over me.” You murmuled.
“You are worth killing for, like I said, you are worth more than gold and I would raise an army bigger than the one I brought to Engeland just for you.” He replied with much confident and earnest in his eyes you swallowed slightly by the thought of an army only to protect you …

Took me a while but here is part 5! Hope you liked it, what should I do next?

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After a night of studying hard for a test, you turn to social media for a good source of distraction and procrastination. On your quest to scroll through mindless amounts of strangers’ photos, you land on @musicallymin’s profile, intrigued by his choice of content and casual indifference. 

A/N - This is an altered version of a story I had posted previously  on my main account, paintedghoul, called Swipe Right for Sarcasm in which the meeting between the MC and Yoongi occurred on Tinder, which is why if you’ve read that fic, you’ll wonder why this one is in a similar style. I had a miscommunication with a friend who gave me the idea for them to meet on Tinder and forgot to credit them for the Tinder part, and no longer felt right about having story up. I had a lot planned for this that went beyond social media, and since the only aspect of the story that involves tinder as the initial meeting, I’ve changed the beginning entirely and abolished Tinder as the meet cute to solve the issue and salvage the writing I had done. Without further yammering, I hope you enjoy!

1  2  3 4

@musicallymin - Min Yoongi. 23. Daegu City. Lyrical genius.

You almost exit out of his page.

The arrogance that emanated from the minimalist bio with absolutely no other information about the guy other than his age and hobby throws you off. His display photo was obviously hastily taken with no effort at a pose - as was per the usual when you found yourself scrolling, save for the shirtless dirty mirror photo with blinding flash - but he had a, you grudgingly admitted, relatively handsome face. Dark hair hung over dull, tired-looking eyes, and the faintest hint of a smirk tugged at the corner of his shell pink lips.

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Hello! Could I request a reader x Jamie Lannister? Like where Jamie has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he'll leave her behind. Thank you so much

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader
Fandom: GoT / ASoIaF
Warnings: aaaangst 

A/N: can I just say how happy I am that you’ve sent me a jaime lannister request and such a good and angsty one at that? I certainly had my fun with it and almost wanted to go down the ‘no happy ending’ road, but then decided against it lol. Anyways, I hope you like this <33


Why did this have to happen every time you were getting supplies.

This had been the third time in only a few weeks that you were caught up in a storm, completely drenched by the rain.

Thankfully enough, you’d be home soon and have a roof over your head and fire to warm you to.

Nothing would distract you now. You were adamant to get there as quickly as..-

Was that a man laying in the dirt?!

Forgetting everything you were just thinking about, you jumped down from the wagon and approached the man lying on the ground.

You turned him around, but he seemed to be unconscious. Even a few shakes didn’t wake him up.

You couldn’t just leave him laying here in the middle of a storm that bad. Might be a bad idea to take him with you as well, but it was a risk you were willing to take. You were a good person and wouldn’t leave that poor man behind, whoever he was. And if he tried to kill you, he would experience what it felt like to fight a girl like you before you’d kill him yourself. Simple as that.

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“Why don’t you just kill me like you did Mycah?” Arya had screamed at him. She was still defiant then, more angry than scared.    

He answered by grabbing the front of her tunic and yanking her within an inch of his burned face. “The next time you say that name I’ll beat you so bad you’ll wish I killed you.”   

After that, he rolled her in his horse blanket every night when he went to sleep, and tied ropes around her top and bottom so she was bound up as tight as a babe in swaddling clothes.

~ A Storm of Swords, Arya IX, ASOIAF, George R.R. Martin

A Helping Hand

Belle was reading a book on the castle’s library when Adam fond her.  

“Come here. I need to show you something,” Belle said in a rushed voice. She pointed out the window, towards the rose garden where Gaston drowse with his head nestled on Lefou’s shoulder.

Adam scratched bellow his chin before sighing. He has been trying to grow a beard to no avail. “If only they were more honest with each other.”

“You are right. Since Lefou nursed Gaston back to health they have grown very fond. It’s obvious to anyone who cares to look that they are madly in love. They even finish each other’s sentences.”

Both of them stopped their conversation for a moment to peer down the window. Gaston was now fully awake, and they were wrestling on the shard, laughing and smiling whenever one of them fond a weak stop on the other’s defenses.    

“Ugh. It’s unnerving just to watch.” Adam turned away.

“What if I give them a little help? I mean, if they were going to confess they should already have done so, right?” Belle asked, pouting when Adam give her a serious look.

“Belle, you know very well they are perfectly capable to work their problems out without your interference. We could make it worse if we tried to push them around,” Adam warned, shaking his head.

“But it seems like one of my romance books, don’t you think?” Belle swiveled around the room, and gave him a dreamy smile. “The main dashing hero, heartbroken by rejection finds loves in his friend’s arms. He fights death…”

“No,” Adam interrupted before Belle could complete her story. “You are reading too much books. Life sometimes is not like a fairytale. Not all people are lucky like us.”

“Fine. I will not intervene.”

Despite what Belle said, Adam didn’t believe her. He pretended he didn’t see her crossing her fingers behind her back. “Everything will work fine without you worrying about them. You will see.”

Belle had to bit her tongue. She didn’t want to hear about minding her one business, or letting nature take its course when she know full well she could help them. Everyone, even Gaston who sometimes could be so dense, deserved a happy ending. She wondered how her opinion of him has changed so much in so little time, since the day he tried to kill Adam. They had forgiven him, but they promised not to forget. Then why do I trust him?    

On the same day, Belle sent for Madame Joana. The two of them had a long conversation, and in the end, Belle was sure her plan was going to work.    


They were sat at the church’s stairs, huddled together, and if anyone at the village found their close proximity strange, nobody said so. Gaston was retelling him a story about how he killed three men when Lefou glimpsed a small form that skittered behind the horses, with a black hood swishing furiously around her face. A ghost, Lefou thought, and a cold shiver ran down his spine.  

Gaston stopped talking when the old lady settled on the stairs without being invited. He gave her a side glance. “We are talking, woman. Go find another place.”

“Let me rest for a little before I go away. My bones are old. The articulations hurt when the wind blow, and tonight its worse.” She studied them with her deep, hazel eyes. “Give me one gold coin and I will read you future, kind sirs.”

The night was cold and gray, and the last thing Gaston wanted was to stay in the middle of the rain, listening to some old woman crooking, but Lefou give him an excited look, and Gaston fond it was impossible to say no. “Be quick. We haven’t time.”

“Very well. Then I will begin with you first,” the woman said, clasping Gaston’s hands. “Oh!”

“What is it?” Gaston asked, with a quizzical expression.

“You will find love in the place you least expected.” The woman gave him a cryptic smile. “Not Belle, if that’s what you are thinking.”

“There is no one at this village able to resist my charm, except her,” Gaston muttered in a low voice as a blush appeared on his cheeks. He gave a quick look to Lefou who began to cough. He had some idea where this conversation was going.

“It’s not a woman. A close friend who has been by your side when you less expected.”

“You are mad and you don’t know what you are saying,” Gaston barked, but he didn’t move his hands, inhaling sharply while he tried to take control of his temper. “It’s not reciprocated.”

“That’s not true,” Lefou whispered. He has been silent until now, when he understood they were talking about him, or at least he thought so. He hoped he was right.

Gaston was speechless for a moment, wearing a surprised expression. Once the words fit on his brain, a small smirk appeared at the corner of his lips.


Later, Adam asked Belle how her plan worked.

“It was magical! They kissed and hugged, and Lefou’s face was all red like a tomato. You should have seen it! They didn’t suspect my disguise.” Belle covered her face with the palms of her hands and laughed.

“I promised you, next time I won’t doubt you.” Adam wrapped his arms around Belle’s waist and pulled her into an embrace, with his chin hooked at the top of her head. “Because I know there will be a next time.”

Ms. Pauling Visits the Mercs #1
  • Pauling: Doc... Why is Scout foaming in the mouth and on the floor?
  • Dr. Hans Ludwig: Misha shot him with a horse-tranquilizer.
  • Misha: He cried many nights over being turned down by you, Miss Pauling.
  • Dr. Hans Ludwig: Ja, und remember when he tried to order a robot that looked similar to Miss Pauling? It refused him, and then we had to kill the robot! Hahaha
  • Misha: Da, do you remember when-
  • Pauling: Oh god... Guys, I think- I think he's dead...
  • Dr. Hans Ludwig: Ja ja ja... Do not worry Frau Pauling, his clone should be receiving his organic data in a few moments. *looks at watch* and he should be exiting those doors in 3...2...1...
  • Jeremy Deluca: *Walks out of RED HQ's respawn room* Hey guys... Do you remember what happened? All I can remember is being shot in the neck by Heavy and gettin all- HOLY CRAP IS THAT MISS PAULING! UM UM UM UM UM MM fjgnjdsfurhujn
  • Misha: *Shoots him in the neck with Horse-Tranquilizer* See? He keeps doing this- this- this muttering like unsure baby-man.
  • Misha: Do not worry Ms. Pauling, just go home, we will retrieve intelligence and let you enjoy vacation.
Purity: Part 2

Regency AU. Servant girls do not normally dance with sons of nobles at balls. But Astrid happens to find herself quite liking this one. He stands apart from the rest. Twoshot.

Part 1

They stared at each other again, only this time, her heart was racing not because of how close they were, but because he was stealing something. And not just anything, a horse. One of the Di Range’s horses. It was Lady Heather’s brother’s favorite.

“Stop,” Astrid said, cursing herself for speaking quietly. What did it matter if they had danced last night? What did it matter that her heart had been pounding all night? What did it matter that he was the first man to look at her as though she was just as desirable as Lady Heather was?

Hiccup didn’t say anything, but he slowly got off the horse, who whinnied as though in protest, although she didn’t know why. He sighed, but he didn’t get closer to her. Still, she naturally moved towards the mop leaning against the wall. If he was to attack, then she would attack right back.

“Astrid,” he murmured, almost as quiet as she, “that is your name, right? Lady Astrid?”

She was hardly a lady, and that should have been apparent now. Of course, yesterday, she had looked like something out of a book, but today, her rags were dirty, her blonde hair had soot, and her shoes were plain and brown. At any rate, calling her a lady would not flatter her - it would not sway her. Astrid was nothing if not loyal.

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1. The third time she meets him, he surprises her at her farmhouse. Living such a remote lifestyle has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, she is free of the terrible judgement and fear that the townsfolk convey every time they lay eyes on her. On the other hand, it allows her far too much time to miss her life and family from the other realm – the life that Regina got to keep by default. She supposes eventually she’ll have to start thinking of this as the real world, not the other.

2. Now is not that time, and she permits the bitterness to linger. She will never be able to let go of the fact that she is worlds apart from her son. In the meantime, however, she has been keeping herself busy in setting up what appears to be the start of her ‘new life’. Her farm has grown nicely, and now supports a few animals as well as the crops. The time she dedicated as Queen to learning about farming in order to be a better ruler is now paying off. Daniel would be proud.

3. She is mid-tending some of the vegetables, her knees covered in dirt and her hair piled high on top of her head, when a voice breaks the silence. ‘You don’t just use magic for that then, witch?’ She stands quickly, fireball already in hand as she spins around. King Henry is perched atop his steed, looking more comfortable than her Henry had ever done on the back of a horse. Her heart aches for lost riding lessons. ‘How did you find me?’ she demands, lifting her chin proudly.

4. If this is a trap, she refuses to go down without a good fight, if not for herself than for Henry – she will not let her death be on his shoulders. No soldiers burst out of hiding for the moment however, and she turns her attention back to her visitor. He has gotten off his horse, standing on the other side of the fence with one hand clenched around the hilt of his sword uncomfortably. He has gotten so tall – she forgets. ‘I thought you’d be using magic,’ he repeats.

5. She shrugs, unsure why he is focused on this point. ‘Living things like plants and animals respond better to a practiced touch than magic,’ she offers, and if she closes her eyes, she can almost believe it is a Sunday afternoon with her own Henry, and they are talking in the park. He always has a hundred and one questions to ask. This Henry just nods abruptly, his fingers loosening and then re-clenching around the sword hilt again.

6. ‘There have been many rumours about the Evil Queen and where she spirited herself off to,’ he explains, glancing off to the side. ‘I thought this one was a little farfetched, yet here you are. I’m surprised you didn’t leave, knowing that I want you dead. Or at least built yourself a castle.’ She snorts at this, waving a hand at herself. ‘I’m not exactly a Queen any more,’ she shoots back. ‘Haven’t been, for a long time. And even if you want me dead, I won’t allow it.’

7. They are almost having a civil conversation, and she feels a terrible flicker of hope inside her. Then Henry – King Henry, she reminds herself – turns and pulls something out of a saddlebag, throwing it over the fence and at her feet. She bends down to pick it up before her brain even registers what it is. There, lying in the mud, is The Book. The Book with ‘Once Upon a Time’ emblazoned across the front in gold lettering, the one with all their stories inside. 

8. She lifts it up, opening it at a random page and frantically riffling through. All the stories are still here, and when she reaches the back of the book, she lets out a sound halfway between a laugh and a sob. There it is, the creation of the wish and this world, her final showdown with Regina, her arrival in this land, and then the story goes on, following the town’s run-in with some villain called the Black Fairy. Two things spring into her mind immediately. 

9. Firstly, she hopes Henry is safe in this new battle. And secondly, her story ends with her arrival here – clearly the Book no longer takes an interest in her life. She really is gone from that world. ‘It appeared suddenly in my chambers,’ Henry snaps, demanding her attention again. ‘I tried burning the wretched thing, and throwing it in a lake. Nothing works. What sort of magic is this? It just keeps returning.’

10. She slams the book shut, stepping forward to hand it back to him. He hesitates for a moment. ‘It is not from me,’ she tries to explain. ‘It must have found you because you are the author in this world. Perhaps it thought you needed to know these stories.’ He grabs the book back, sneering at her. ‘It isn’t a sentient being,’ he rebukes. ‘It is a book that you have put a spell on. Do you really expect me to believe I am nothing more than a creation from a wish?’ 

11. ‘I have memories of my grandmother and grandfather – the people you killed! And my mother, Emma, and growing up here in the castle. Do you really think I would believe I came into existence a few months ago, just because you decided to visit?’ She grimaces in the face of his anger and incredulity. ‘I’m not asking you to believe anything,’ she throws back. ‘I didn’t send you that book, and even if you kill me, it will keep returning to you. It’s part of your destiny.’

12. He growls in annoyance, stomping his feet as he marches back to the horse and stuffs the book roughly into the saddlebag. She almost smiles at that – it is so similar to when her Henry had decided to have a tantrum. ‘Regardless of which version killed them, you’re all to blame for my grandparents’ deaths,’ he swings himself into the saddle and points down at her. She nods her head slowly in response. ‘I suppose I am,’ she agrees.

 13. They look at each other once more. She wants to tell him off, ask him why he visited the person he views as the Evil Queen without having guards as back-up. He is too reckless – it scares her. ‘Do I need to expect your soldiers tomorrow?’ she demands, keeping her voice steady. ‘Not tomorrow, no,’ he responds carefully, and she is unsure whether that is a threat or a step in the right direction between them. He turns then, urging his horse into a gallop. She watches him ride off.

14. Then she is alone again with her vegetables, the breeze rustling loudly in the quiet atmosphere that has suddenly fallen. She runs a hand through her hair and sighs. ‘You’re as real as I am now, Henry,’ she whispers. Has he become real now she is in this world? Or is she slowly slipping into a wish-creature the longer she stays? She doesn’t know any more.

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I have to go back to my dash and find/ read the other ones, because this part 3, I take it? “The third time…”

I’ve long wanted to know what our EQ was up to in the Wish!Realm and how she is getting along with King Henry. Thank you so much! This nailed their interactions perfectly, even in any realm or time period- on some level they are still them.

You are the greatest gift to the fandom Ask Box Fic Anon! Thank you so much for brightening my Sunday! I hope wherever you are, you have a beautiful day as well, because you certainly deserve it.