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Jughead x Reader - request - Partners in Crime

Anonymous said: Hi! I’m so in love with your writing omg! I was wondering if you could do jugheadxreader where they are dating and the reader is really into investigating Jason’s death and she finds out who the killer is but right as she’s calling to tell jug the killer hurts her to shut her up and jughead saves her and sits by her side in the hospital and angst and fluff. sorry it’s long, if it’s too much you don’t have to do it! Thanks again, LOVE YOUR WRITING

A/N: I loved the prompt idea! Thanks for the kind words and the idea anon!

Reader: Y/N

You were close. You knew you were. You were just pacing back and forth in your room connecting the dots. You knew this meant something. Then it clicked. “He lied to Betty in the diner”, the words escaped your mouth. “That’s why it didn’t make sense”. You grabbed your phone to send a message.

Y/N - Hey, I think I know who it is.

J - Who “who” is?

Y/N - The Killer Juggie. Meet me at Pops.

J -Y/N, I told you not to do this without me.

Y/N - It’s fine, just meet me at the diner in 15.

It was a cold brisk night into the first week of December. At this point everyone had been a suspect. Even Jughead by Sheriff Keller.

You knew you were missing something until you overheard them outside the locker room. It all made sense now.

Your head was still racing as you were just trying to make it to Pop’s.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts you hadn’t paid attention to your surroundings. 

J - Hey, are you coming? 

Y/N - Yeah, I’ll be there soon sweetheart. 

J - I hate it when you do that. 

Y/N - Do what? 

J - Call me sweetheart. 

Y/N - Ah but that’s what you are Forsythe. 

J - I love you but please don’t use that name. 

Y/N - Love you back. Be there in a minute. 

You could see the glowing sign of Pop’s in your view. Suddenly you heard footsteps stopping in their tracks. It was fine - you thought to yourself. You heard a shuffle of noise again, you looked behind you but didn’t see anyone. You turned back around and *wham*. 

Jughead’s POV 

I was pacing back and forth outside the booth. Where was she? She said she was close 10 minutes ago….that’s it. I’m going to look for her. 

I started to walk the route to her house until I saw it. Her phone on the ground, screen partially cracked. I saw a couple drops of fresh blood on the pavement. I didn’t see anyone or a car anywhere near. 

“Kev? Hey. Tell your Dad he needs to get to Y/N’s house now”. I raced towards her house hoping that she left a clue to what she found in her room on her own “murder wall”. 


You started to get your sight back slowly. Your head throbbed in pain. You tried to touch the pulsating wound when you realized your hands were tied. 

“I knew you followed me to the locker room. You figured it all out huh?”, the voice was familiar. 

“Yeah I figured out that Jason wasn’t selling those drugs alone. And when you found out he was taking all the money with him as well, you killed him”, you didn’t have to make a guess anymore, you knew who it was in front of you. 

“All from just giving Reggie that bag huh?”, Trev finally came into view closer to your body that seemed to be in some sort of chair. 

“Yeah well you slipped up”, you were just trying to keep him talking at this point.

“When?”, his walk became slower as he also seemed a bit nervous in his words.

“Your “date” with Betty. You said you weren’t friends with Jason anymore after he started dealing. That you stayed away from him when he was doing that”, you winced in the small pain of your head while struggling with the ties around your hands. 

“Ah. And when Reggie said he knew Jason had a friend to help but wasn’t sure who…” 

“Yeah it all clicked. It’s why you left the football team too. You didn’t do it because of the playbook, you just didn’t want someone to ask you more questions. I have one though”. Again, just keep him talking - was all you thought. “If Jason didn’t tell you his plan for Polly and him, how’d you know where to find him?” Your curiosity was in the back of your mind while you also hoped Jughead was looking for you. 

“Something no one’s seemed to figure out yet. You know that old crazy kook Blossom? They never looked into her properties. She had an old cabin in the woods outside of Sweetwater. When I figured out that Cheryl was lying about Jason’s dissapaerence, I went looking for him. It’s where we originally had our stash”. You could see Trev reaching for something in back of him. 

You were still struggling with the rope around your wrists but they were getting looser. “What about the car?”, just keep him talking

“Everyone assumed I was at the show watching my sister. It was a good cover especially since I knew what song they were going to play. But I followed Jones, Betty and you. Waited for you to leave and then had some help with the car”. He grabbed his gun out. 

You were trying not to panic just yet, “FP and the Serpents?” 

“Yeah I knew those bums would be on the Sheriff’s list and they needed to pay me back for pushing their product better than them. It was all perfect until today”. He opened the barrel making sure he had bullets inside. 

“If you kill me, they’ll all figure it out. They’ll know I was close to something”, you were trying to convince him to do something other than what his nerves were telling him. You could tell he was contemplating his next move as he was pacing with his gun in hand. 

“No. No they won’t. You didn’t get to tell anyone. I know you didn’t even tell your boyfriend. I looked at your phone before I dropped it there”, his pace was becoming heavier. 

 Good though. That meant Juggie had the phone, he just needed to figure it out. “You really shouldn’t…” 

“Don’t tell me what to do!” 



Your head still throbbed, but once again you were regaining your sight. You could hear a slight beep happening every other second or so. You looked at your arm and despite the rope burn on your wrists you had a small tube sticking out of it. “Mom? Juggie?”, your eyes looked to see your mom sleeping in a chair passed out while Jughead’s ears perked up to your voice. 

He was sitting right next to you holding your hand. “Y/N!”, Jughead came to your head to kiss the top of it. 

Your mom woke up to your name, “honey!” She grasped your other hand for a second. “I’m going to get the doctor, okay?” She gave a nod to Juggie and left to the door. 

You tried sitting up a little as you felt a slight bandage on the side of your head. “What happened?” 

“Well for starters, you scared the hell out of me”, Jughead’s voice wasn’t angry but rather just happy to see you were there. “Y/N, never do something like that without me!” 

“Hey now, I didn’t know he followed me. Now what happened with Trev?”, your eye still twitched a little from the pain in your head. 

“You almost got killed Y/N! He was about to shoot you when Keller found you. You were bleeding so much I thought he had already…” his words went silent.

“Hey hey, I’m okay Juggie really. I knew I just had to keep him talking as long as I could”, you grabbed Jughead’s other hand now. 

“How’d you know?”, his hands were rubbing yours. 

“He said he left my phone there. I knew you’d look at it and see that I recorded him, that it was one of my tabs”, your eyes watered a little bit as you saw that Jughead’s eyes were beating red. 

“You’re lucky I’m smart”, he kissed you lightly on your lips. 

“So what happened with Trev?”, your curiosity got the better of you. 

“He’s in jail. They’re booking him on kidnapping and endangering you as well as Jason’s murder that he fessed up to. Kev’s dad shot him in the shoulder when he saw he was about to…” his words trailed again. 

“I’m okay Juggie really. Alright sweetheart?”, your hands went to his face and you made sure his eyes looked to yours. 

“I thought I almost lost you. I thought you weren’t ever going to even say “sweetheart” again. I love you Y/N”, his face was close to yours, as he was holding back tears. 

“Hey, you’ve got me now and I’m not going anywhere. I love you too.” you dived in for a kiss. It was long and full of so much meaning, the soft subtle lips of Jughead’s trying to linger on your lips longer until he let them part. 

“Okay but two things”, he gave a smile while now grasping on your chin. “Never ever scare me like that again”, he gave you a small peck, “and keep calling me Sweetheart”. 

You smiled, and dived in for one more kiss. “I can do that”.

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Why do people in Poland love ski jumping so much?

I love your question. 😊
There are many reasons. First of all, Polish are very kind-hearted people and we love attending sport events and supporting our sportspeople. No matter how they do, we are always with them singing, waving flags, supporting them in any possible way. Not only in ski jumping, Polish supporters are quite famous among volleyball, handball and football fans as well.
Moteover, we have had quite long traditions in ski jumping - I mean Wojciech Fortuna won Olympics in 1972 and Adam Małysz was a legend in the 1st decade of 21. century. So now it continues.
Last but not least, we love going to Zakopane and Wisła because od local highlander culture which is unique and one of a kind: food, landscapes, language, traditional outfits. And of course we love celebrations and ski jumping is always an opportunity for a little party. 😉
So we are just ski jumping Freaks. 😉

Behind Blue Eyes

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: pure smut, once again. Because… why not?

**The title doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, just a weird coincidence. And an overused title, but it fits. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

You gripped the teal fleece blanket that gently rested on your legs and tossed it onto the floor. The searing heat that had slowly built up under your skin was finally becoming too much. Every time you closed your eyes, deep blue eyes stared back at you with an ominous spark behind them that drove you wild.

But he hadn’t acted on it yet, which drove you wild in a very different way.

Sure, sex with Castiel was delicious. The feel of his flushed him under your fingertips as he rode you… wow. But every encounter over the last several months had been in the same place, same time. Planned. You hated to admit it, but it was starting to feel so vanilla.

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I wanted to ask you, personally what's your favorite ship in Naruto fandom and why?Plus do you like the canon ships?

My day one ship has & always will be NaruSaku. I ship them for a lot of reason but because throughout the anime & manga they had so many moments that it looked obvious. The Naruto I know has always liked “Sakura-chan” (something he only calls her, i find it so cute) & flirted with her throughout the whole series so for me that’s a big part of who Naruto is. I don’t think he loved her out of rivalry. He liked her before they were even assigned on teams. Plus, when he was Sasuke I recall him thinking to himself: “I think I’m starting to understand why I like Sakura so much.” when he realizes that she craves acknowledgement too. They both were weak but worked together to get stronger & bring their friend home. That’s some shit you gotta respect. They were best friends without a doubt and I always liked the idea of best friends falling in love. They did more for one another than anyone else did for them in the whole series, especially Naruto to Sakura. They truly were the most selfless they could be for one another.

that being said, I do ship SasuSaku, they warmed up on me after ending in 2014. ShikaTema is really cute too but the others I couldn’t care less about.

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can you do one where y/n is really sick so harry focuses all his attention to her? please and thanks :) (i'm v sick that's why lmao)

He would though! If he had the day off to just relax, he’d devote every minute to you. He’d bring you to his house (if you weren’t there already) and tuck you into his bed. He’d probably change the sheets just to make sure they’re extra clean and extra comfy for you. And you’d protest, “Harry I’m okay… you didn’t need to bring me all the way here… I could’ve stayed at my own place…” But he’d be too busy undressing you and putting you in his hoodie. The one he knows you love because it’s the coziest one he owns.

He’d run up and down the stairs, bringing you soup, tea, snacks, anything. He’d probably give you something that would make you drowsy, and swear “Mum always said the best way to get rid of a cold is to sleep.” And while you were asleep, he’d run to the store.

You’d wake up hours later to him sitting up on the bed beside you, not even under the covers. He’d show you everything he got at the store– more soup, boxes of tissues, five different flavors of tea, a few new poetry books for you to read when he’s away, and the newest Disney movie on DVD.

I also think he’d cuddle the heck out of you. Even though you’d protest, “Harry I don’t want you to get sick.” He wouldn’t care. He’d kiss your forehead to check on your fever and let you fall asleep on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and promising every time you dozed off, “Y'gonna feel better when y'wake up. And m'gonna be right here.”

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I've had 4 dates with a guy who is older than me, we've slept together, today he told me he has a girlfriend & apologised to me for keeping that information from me. What?!?!!! How do I deal with this? Was he using me? Does he like me? Is he crazy? Why didn't he tell me? Doesn't he love his girlfriend any more? Does this mean he's cheating? So many questions😭 why is life so tough. I like him🙁

of course it means he’s cheating, like not to be harsh but don’t talk to him again and block him 

The Great Knights of Conquest

So I had a crazy idea the other day: to play through Conquest, but every unit is a Great Knight.

And now, I’ve finally done it! Everyone (’cept Shura ‘cause I forgot about Corrinsexuals) has now been turned into a Great Knight. This is done without any hacking, only with Partner Seals and Friendship Seals.

Why Great Knight? Because it’s possible to turn every unit on the Conquest route into one. You can also do this with Hero. But I picked Great Knight over Hero for more weapon options.

(Shura is hanging out as a Bow Knight, trying to blend in.. eh, close enough I guess. I haven’t and am not going to recruit Izana ‘cause he can’t be on horseback)

^ Map prep screen. It’s actually kinda hard to tell apart who’s who lol.

^ It’s also hilarious to see a group of them in My Castle

^ And cutscenes are hilarious as well. I’m working on getting the Armored Shell for everyone.

Since everyone is a Great Knight, I don’t have a healer, having to rely on items to heal (I have a lot of money from the Gold DLC I used to grind for supports). It’s not too bad if I’m careful about weapon match-ups, since everyone has good Defense and I’m playing on Normal. At least, not yet.. I’m on chapter 23 now, we’ll see if I can get through the endgame. My biggest problem are mages; most of my units have crap Res and I have limited ranged weapons.

Details under the cut on how I achieved this, in case anyone is crazy enough to want to try it themselves.

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do you ever think about what your life would be if you were born in a different year or had a different household or had a different family income, etc. like all these circumstances that we’re born into shaped us into who we are and we had no say over any of it. do you ever just wonder what would happen if one thing was different?

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If this hasn't already been asked, but what did Apollon do for you? I'm genuinely interested, if you'll forgive my prying and ignore me if it's too personal.

I mean… regarding the post I just made about Him? Nothing really specific, He just confirmed a couple of things with me about the oath. We had a good and meaningful chat.

In general? Ooooh boy sit down it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Keep in mind I’ve been worshiping Apollo since (roughly) around 2013-2014. However, I didn’t start to properly worship Him as a Hellenic polytheist until June of 2014. But we still had a nice foundation before that.

He is the reason I am sitting here typing this up and not in the dirt or made into ashes, or whatever. I stopped self harming because of Him and He is the reason I didn’t commit suicide- and I haven’t done those things because I don’t want to disappoint Him. Not that He’d be disappointed in me, although I wouldn’t want that either, but I generally and genuinely didn’t want to disappoint Him. I don’t want to see that look of “Why did you do this to yourself?” ever again.

Aside from that, He gave me… something meaningful to work towards. He gave meaning to my life, gave me a reason to keep on keepin’ on. He taught me how to get some courage, how to be strong. Self control. That my situation(s) weren’t going to last forever, or aren’t going to last forever. He is the reason I have hope and faith in the Theoi- He was my ‘introductory’ God and just ended up staying. He’s everything to me. I’ve had doubt before, I won’t deny that. I’ve had doubt about my religious choices, but they’ve always come back to Him and the Theoi. I’ve always come back to Him, and I refuse to leave Him. 

That is why He is the best thing to have ever happened to me. And He deserves the entire universe and so much more and it frustrates me that I can’t give Him everything, but I can offer my worship, my prayers, and myself, and that is exactly what I’m doing.

oh my fucking god someone from my MIDDLE school days of the internet messaged me on my deviantart a couple weeks back and I only just saw it because sometimes I browse there for any decent art and FUCK



Can’t Sleep

This prompt “It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyways” was requested by @kmmcm with some Bixanna :) Enjoy!

Her tired eyes counted the ceiling tiles for the hundredth time that night. No matter how desperately she willed it, sleep would not come for her. Closing her eyes, she turned onto her other side trying to find that perfect, comfortable position that would help her fall asleep. Why she couldn’t fall asleep was beyond her. It’s not like a certain someone had been preoccupying her thoughts all night…

Lisanna’s eyes snapped open at the shrill ring of her cell phone. She glanced at the name of the caller. Speak of the devil. What was he doing calling her at two in the morning?

“Hello?” She answered.

“Lisannaaaa-” A male voice sang out, bursting into giggles afterward.


“I’m sorry I’m calling so late. I just wanted to hear your voice.” Bickslow was drunk. Judging by the slur in his speech, he was very drunk.

Lisanna felt her face flush at his words. They had only just started talking to each other as more than friends (or so Lisanna thought) and he had never been so forward before.

“Oh, it’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyways.” She should probably hang up. Spare them both from the embarrassment that was sure to come, but she couldn’t bring herself to disconnect the call.

“Were you up late thinkin’ ‘bout me?” Lisanna could hear the smirk in his voice. Her face flushed even more, it’s not like he really knew, right? She should hang up now.

“Bickslow, I should-” She began, planning to end the call as soon as possible.

“LIsannaaaa, I have to tell you something.” Lisanna froze at his words. What could he possibly have to say? Her mind instantly went to the worst possible outcome. “I really, really like you. Like, I like like you.” Lisanna sucked in her breath. “I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember.”


“When I sober up tomorrow, I’m gonna ask you to be my girlfriend. So clear your plans tomorrow!”

A loud bang caused Lisanna to pull the phone from her ears. Strong static followed and she could hear Bickslow cursing in the background before the call disconnected. She looked at the phone for a second before a loud squeal erupted from her lips. Remembering that her siblings were sleeping, she rolled over and squealed into her pillows while her legs kicked excitedly.

The squeal died down into a yawn as a wave of sleepiness washed over her. A soft smile spread across her lips as she pulled the blankets back up around her. She welcomed the sudden onset of tiredness. The sooner she got to sleep, the sooner it would be tomorrow and she was definitely looking forward to tomorrow.