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Important: A Me Post

I know this doesn’t go with a blog, but I don’t really care, this is very important to me, because I have autism.It’s a different form of autism, so many people don’t notice it until they’ve spent alot of time with me. To many people today, many of my friends, I’m a completely normal young woman.

But when I was younger, I was consitered the school freak. No one understood what or why I was doing something, some teachers weren’t even prepared. When I left elementary school, my parents packed us up and moved us to a new state. I was miserable, people didn’t understand me… If kids at the time had something like this, things could’ve been very different.

Please know: I’m happy now. I don’t tell all my friends about my autism, but the ones who do know understand and love me.

And I hope that this can open up more. I hope we can start with kids cartoons, and get the next generation well aware, of the many, many different types of people that are on this earth with us. LGBT, Autistic, whatever! Let’s open up the world to the kids, let them be prepared for the people that will meet and know in their lives. If we had that growing up, it would be a very different world :)

Today’s episode of SU has reminded me why I passionately hate “cycle of abuse” discourse and I admire how well the show avoided falling into the same problems so many other stories have.

People love telling everyone else “the abused become abusers” and never follow that up with any real discussion. They just like throwing that out there. The abused become abusers. Do you know who else uses similar logic? Abusers. Your abuser will tell you over and over again how you’re a monster, how you’re evil, how YOU’RE the real abuser. It’s victim blaming. And to talk about the cycle of abuse uncritically and simply reduce it to “the abused become abusers” is deeply harmful to abuse survivors and it does an abuser’s work for them. You’re telling us survivors that we really are just as horrible as our abusers say we are.

I was emotionally abused and/or neglected by every single caretaker I have had. I have heard people telling me, not aware of my history, that I was destined to become an abuser. And when you hear it often enough, it really does start to feel like it is fate. For a long time, I was afraid to have relationships because I figured I would inevitably become abusive. I made myself small and refused to stand up for myself at critical moments because I was terrified of stepping out of line and becoming an abuser. “The abused become abusers” is damaging rhetoric that allows our abusers to control us even after we have managed to escape them.

So stop saying it. Don’t talk about the cycle of abuse unless you understand it and have something constructive and positive to say to abuse survivors. Because no matter how well you might think you know someone, you will never know for sure if the person sitting across from you has been abused or not. And you don’t know if you’re reminding them of all the things their abuser used to say.

I don’t know why I got so emotional today. But when it hit me that so many of you wouldn’t even be here had I not decided to continue drawing, I almost cried. But it was because of some people, both on this site, and some off, that I kept going. Drawing ponies and posting them on a blog feels a little silly sometimes, but when I see all of you liking and enjoying my work, it makes me so incredibly happy. I love having all of you taking time out of your day to view what I do, and appreciate it.

I would never have made it without a few people, though.

@askprosecutie was a blog that I instantly fell in love with. The art style absolutely inspired me, and the characters were so well developed. They were my very first follower. The mod quickly became a close friend of mine, and even though we haven’t talked for a while, I’m still so happy to have them as a friend.

@chippedtune was a blog that was another early follower of mine, but the mod is a person that I have only recently become friends with. Not only are their art style and characters amazing, but they are absolutely lovely, give good advice, and have become a sibling to me.

@askneonflight is another blog that is very close to my heart. The mod is such an inspiring and comforting person, helping me through panic attacks, and aiding me with their advice. Their characters are so colorful and diverse, and they are someone I look up to very much.

@ask-the-french-olive has always been a delightful ray of sunshine, with adorably sweet characters, a wholesome story, and bright color palettes. Their soft style never fails to cheer me up, and I hope to become closer friends with them. Their style encouraged me to try different and new body types, and despite this still being a challenge for me, I welcome it with open arms.

@askstarlightsong has a mod with a heart of gold. They have a wonderfully streamlined style, elegant characters, and a sweet personality. They manage to capture so much in a single profile, and it’s incredible to see their finished work. It has been my pleasure to speak with them, as well as befriend them.

@wingspiral has become a pillar of hope in my life, with extremely relatable storylines, characters, and events. Their storytelling is something that I can only dream of achieving, but I will continue to work on bettering myself. I haven’t been able to read the story as of late, but in moments where I needed it most, the comforting dynamics of their characters reminded me that good is still out there.

There are hundreds of other creators out there that have inspired my art, work ethic, and goals. Many of you viewing this have brought joy into my life, perhaps even without you knowing.

Thank you.

I never ever would have imagined that my blog would take off like it has but here I am, with 5,000 lovely people following me! I’d really like to thank all of you for visiting my blog, reblogging my gifs, reading my fan fics, and just talking with me and having good discussions about our favourite band and its leader! I’m guessing by now you know just how much Jiyong means to me, which is why I started all this in the first place, to have an outlet for my feelings about him and Big Bang and to meet people who felt the same. Eventually my blog kind of become this nice little garden that I enjoy tending to everyday, so I’m glad that so many people have fun strolling through haha.

Now, if not for these people below, my blog wouldn’t be what it is today, so I highly suggest you check em’ out too! Special shout out to my main tumblr crew in italics:

Some awesome reference/update blogs:

Thanks again everyone for supporting me and my blog! It looks like we’ll have lots of VIP excitement coming soon!!

Until Whenever ~

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.” ― Roy T. Bennett

So since I can’t use ps on my little laptop here, I apologize for the crappy graphic but hey, the motive is Jungkook so forgive me. I don’t think that many of you know but I’m currently in Korea as an exchange student. Things are fascinating as terrifying sometimes and if it wasn’t for a few of you who even stuck with me during my hiatus and also now, I wouldn’t feel as confident and hopeful as I feel today. Due to circumstances, I had to move blogs and only a handful of 400 people followed me onto this account. But this is why I’m even happier. There are people who decided to (re)follow me, with or without much interaction prior. I’m also thankful that you keep up with slow me as my laptop is not the best thing to do replies on but I can’t and won’t miss being on here whenever I can. Kanna, first and foremost is my diamond, she is the one I am focusing on the most. Thank you for appreciating her. Hyunwoo, Hyunshik, Hyunjae and Woojung are characters born through interactions, inspiration and ideas I got thanks to you. I can’t make a special notice for each of you but I hold each and everyone dear to me. Please continue to be fabulous writers and fantastic people !!!

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bloobguy replied to your post “wherem do i go for themes oriented toward people who make a lot of…”

your only two options are “nice looking overall” or “shows tags on posts” and you cannot pick both. this is why i just gave up and im a default theme bitch

LIKE OH MY GOD there were a bunch i tried and then passed up because they had tags and displayed them in a normal way (no tacky icons or weird bubbles or hover effects or whatever) but theyre like……. a mile below the post body?? bc i think the maker wasnt Really epxecting people to have them visible? i discovered so many extra things i hate about theme trends today like i dont want other peoples icons showing on my blog, i dont want thick bars at the top of my posts, i dont want tags at the top, i dont want a ton of extraneous info jammed onto each post with little icons, i dont want the footer post info all on separate lines so its like 120px high on every single post and more if theres long tags, i dont want weird loading effects, i dont want a sidebar with sixteen sections im supposed to put four words each into, i still dont want massive sidebar images even if its now in the form of a rectangular pic of bucky or a kpop boy instead of a transparent anime character…. how do people live. this is why im glad i never go on desktop themes tbh like at least you cant have a tiny cursor and 9pt text on mobile, i get to be oblivious to whatever ugliness people settle for nowadays


excuse my shitty edit i dindt have time to do one properly ):

HEY GUYS!!! as you can see in the horrible edit right there, it’s my birthday today but it doesnt matter u know why? CUZ TODAYS QUEEN BS BIRTHDAY TOO SO WHO CARES BOUT ME ANYWAYS no but all jokes aside i decide to do a follow forever i just….. i just wanted to thank all of u guys for all the sweet mssg, for everything honestly, i met so many beautiful and kind people here and im so happy for that omg i hate yall so much :)))….. i’ve had this blog for about seven (maybe???) months now and i didnt even reached my goal yet but i really wanted to do this so yeah oh and i didn’t do any bolds/italicized just because but i love u all so much!! {PLS LET ME KNOW IF I FORGOT SOMEONE}

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{ k, l, m }  kcbellos keetings kellyharmony kmilacabello korday kordegui kordei krlacabello krstnbell laurabolika laurenauregui laurencabellox laurenjauregei laurenjauregue laurenjaureguo laurenjauresgui laurensboss laurensjauregui laurensjergi laurinah lernhes lernjaureguii letsfuckz lifecamz llaurenjauregui lovingjauregui lowqualitydinah lrwinsashton lylasprides magical-manimanikordayemarijuagamentalisiertmijacabello milasbello milescyruz missgrvnde mlhood monsterlick

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I love you all with all my ♥!


Hi everyone. Today is the first anniversary of this blog! Also, I recently reached 5k+ followers. That’s why I decided to celebrate with my first follow forever. (/◕ヮ◕)/

First of all, I want to thank all of my lovely followers. I appreciate every single one of you and every like, reblog, message or question makes me really happy. When I started this blog one year ago I never thought I would meet so many nice people here.

The past weeks have been pretty busy for me and I apologize for not being able to post many theories/analyses or edits. But I’ll do more again and I’ll start by opening my ask box for Anons again. :)

Also, I want to thank all of the lovely people who run my favorite blogs. Thank you for being awesome and making me enjoy my time here on Tumblr! ^_^

So here are my absolute favorite blogs (everyone, go and follow them):

@akumadeenglish, @blackbutler-blog, @catastrophy-cat, @dorkshadows, @erebuscheslock, @erwonmyheart, @everythingblackbutler, @funtom-cafe, @funtomscandy, @glacierspirit, @her-majestys-watchdog, @into–the–abyss, @kuroshitsuji, @kurotwins, @ladycielindisguise, @littlebratciel, @midnight-in-town, @petitmaitre-et-soncorbeau, @rationalkuroshitsuji, @shinigami-mistress, @vvlin91, @vermeillerose, @wondrouswatchdog

Again, thank you all very much! I hope we’ll all have another great upcoming year!

lmao ignore this weird edit i did this in like 5 minutes

But anyywayyyssss 2015 is coming to an end and honestly this year was a pure rollercoaster for me (irl and here).  I met some really nice people on here, where im just happy that those kind of people exist and people whom i may have disappointed OTL sryyyyy. I also hit few follower goals this year so im really thankful for this. It kinda takes my anxiety away knowing that so many people like my blog. So thank youuuu for following meeehhh 

This ff is for all the people who keep my dashboard alive, thank you. I hope you all will end this year wonderful und start the next year fabulous. I hope 2016 will bring to you all some good stuff like money.

[This doesn’t include any update, official, network, scenario, reaction, etc. blogs or my irl friends heh]

bold - faves


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sorry if i forgot someone OTL this ff was random and spontaneous and im kinda tired heh but here’s my blogroll just in case ^^ 

Here we go again.

Once more this is now no longer about what Mark said. You can agree with me or not about whether what he said was right or wrong. I’ve made many posts today about why I didn’t like it. As far as I am concerned thats it. Matter closed for me. 

But now people are being vile towards each other. There is a blog now with the sole intention of calling out Marks fans. My dash is full of arguments, comments, and just bullshit. This is the reason we have a bad name.

Stop sending hate. Stop giving that blog attention. Stop driving good people away. 

There are only so many times I can sit here and write the same post before I just have to walk away. 

In some peoples options Mark done goofed. In others some are being too sensitive and ‘should take the joke’. Both valid. Both fine. You can shout one and respect the other. Don’t give people shit for saying one. 

There was a time we were respected. Fandoms looked to ours because it was full of good people with the best intentions. We need to get back to that. We need to learn from the Jacksepticeye fandom and The Grumps. 

We need to be Heroes again.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Somebody Stop Me

Good morning my friends.  I seriously doubt I’ll ever do it, but I’ve considered changing dontcryitsonlymike to something like dontcryitsonlyreblogs and doing my reblogging there.  I will say reblogging heavily on your main blog is possibly slightly counterproductive if you actually want to make sure your friends see your writing, and I know it probably chases some followers away.  I’m okay with the second part, and I think it’s wonderful that so many people are reblogging these days and have set up blogs specifically for them.  So why don’t I quit thinking/talking about it, be quiet, and do the same?  Well, so much has changed over the past nearly 4 and a half years that I’ve been on Tumblr (art does imitate life I guess), but back when I reblogged regularly I tried to include a few friends and as many new or newer writers as I came across, and I like to see them receiving as much exposure and hearts as possible.  It was easy then, having been on Tumblr at least a little longer than almost anyone I know today, most of my friends were new as well.  Interestingly though these days many of them have repaid me by becoming just one notch below Tumblr Famous, I’m playing, and I do like to think I have mostly excellent taste in friends who happen to be writers, and while it’s more complicated, one of my greatest joys is still reblogging writers who are un or possibly under known, then watching the friend reblogging network kick in and then seeing them get featured or a ton of hearts.   Maybe I should just follow the old wisdom of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Sorry, I know this is probably kind of meandering and rambling, but before closing I have two more points to make.  The first is that I have over 20 friends queued up, and they must be set free soon.  You have been warned, and the second far more important point is, I do love you all.   Mike.

Modern Recap

I got a message earlier today that my LGS was organizing a last-minute Modern event and I thought “eh, why not?” so I hopped by unleashed some infect. There wasn’t THAT many people, but enough to have quite a bit of variety an action.

My first match was against Jeskai Control (which is a HORRIBLE match-up for me) I was able to lose 1-2 (weirdly enough I was lucky on the second game and was able to win that one.) but I expected losing.

Second match was against some UR Thopter deck, it was janky and a bit all over the place but they had no interaction & my Unblockable Infects were too fast for them. I won 2-0

Third match was against Goblins; it was VERY short & VERY close. I ended up winning 2-1 and the 2 games I won I was a like 2 or 3 life points left…

Fourth match was against Soul Sisters…needless to say that it was a good match-up for me and my opponent wasn’t too happy to see me put down an infect counter on the table before the game started. I won 2-0

The top 4 players did some single elimination matches to see how the prizes were distributed. I faced off against Lantern Control (oddly enough we both thought we had a horrible match-up). He won the first game by locking me down; I won the 2nd game by having a Hurkal’s Recall in my starting hand and some Spell Pierce to keep it safe. He won the last game because I just couldn’t get some pressure early enough, it was really close though as I was able to somewhat play around his lock but it wasn’t enough…I lost 1-2


by being 3rd I was awarded ~12$ in credit OR 4 packs. I hesitated but ended up taking some packs since it’s just 12$…I went with Oath just for fun and….

My first Expedition ever!! :D

I’m so happy :D

I hope I’ll be able to trade it off soon to get closer to finishing off some of my decks. Sadly it’s not worth THAT much so I can’t get a playset of Hierarch or some Wastelands (who am I kidding i’m still really happy about this); but I can probably get the few fetches/shocks I’m missing for my Bant deck :D

FOREVERSEOULBIASED’s 2nd Follow Forever! 

Hello all of you precious human beings. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Since today is the 2nd Year Anniversary of this blog and I’m extremely close to reaching 2k followers, I thought I would make this! ♡ I honestly don’t know why so many people follow me or reblog my dumb edits and text posts but, I’ll always be forever thankful for all of you! Actually I’ll probably never be thankful enough, because even though 2k isn’t a lot to some people, it’s a lot me and I’ll always be amazed by it, even when my follower count keeps growing. It’s all so crazy and whether we are mutuals are not, it doesn’t really matter all that much to me because I’m grateful to each and every one of you guys. 

Even with this small list, it still feels as if I am missing some people. Some of the people listed down below I know in real life, some of you I have only talked to you a couple of times, and some of you… I haven’t talked to at all lmao. But either way all the blogs listed down below make my dash amazing. People I consider mutual’s are bolded. ♡ 


5uho ;  agustd ;a-tom-energy ;babykatzz ; bangtanbong ; below-xero ; bjootooboysrepublicanbumlo ; crayonpoppunk ; delsoonbyedokyungsoosgf ; eobt    


girigarcon ; heechulfucker ; herchanchan ; inmyownfiction ; jaeseops-sexy-eyebrow ;  j-holy ; j4cksone ;  junhy-ng ; kpauper ; kimyousu


leejxnkilizzu-png ; magicminsu ; milkifan ; minsupreme ; mihnyoongi ; nac-seoul ; nerdyzelonolashinao ; nuyabo ; parklunacy ; princess-kiseop ; proudelfbana 


ravbooty ; seduce-me-with-satoori ; seouldreams ; seoullama ; seungheol ; taechill ; ughravi wufabkris ; weetaeil ; xiuareyerisvelvet   

Again I’m really sorry if I missed anybody! Even if I didn’t include you in this, I love you all so much and thank you for talking to me or just for running such amazing blogs. Thank you! ♡