why there are so many people on my blog today

Why I feel raising awareness is important and why I appreciate the existence of a community

I am from an earlier generation than the majority of tumblr, so I wanted to share some of my experiences as an asexual and the reason why I’m so grateful that blogs like yours exist today.

Like many people in my environment I was brought up to believe that being perceived as desirable and/or marriage material is a strong criterion for defining my worth as a person. Even now, much later, this is hard to shake off.

Being of a curious nature and assured that romantic love is the thing to aspire to, I developed a fascination and curiosity about it. Later I would realise that my perception of the subject was not shared by my peers. The connection, the fascination between two (or more) people that I perceived as “romantic” was nowhere near what my friends were interested in. On one side, this was very pleasing to my very conservative family, on the other side, my lack of interest for the “hunt” was considered weird by my schoolmates.  

I had no label for it. There was no name and no community because the internet and all its possibilities and social networks were yet to come. I thought I was a “late bloomer”. The problem with this was - I felt it put me somewhere behind my peers. Like they were all in a club I was not allowed to join and it was the only existing club. Like they were developing into “proper people” faster than me.  I couldn’t have that. So I pretended to be interested in people in the same way as they were. Because, surely, it was only a matter of time until my slow self would also become “right”. As an avid reader and researcher I had no trouble finding the proper language to appear on the same level or even further “in the game” than my peers. My sexual persona was sufficiently convincing and as the years went by, the lie became so comfortable I almost forgot I was lying. An “I’m currently not looking for a relationship” here, a “yes, there was someone, but it was nothing serious” there, or implying I’m in unrequited love did the trick. Some of you might know the insistent nature of questions about marriage and relationships you start getting at a certain point.

I accumulated some experience with flirting, kissing, role play and various kinks that, in theory, seemed interesting, to give my constructs more credibility and substance. I read more erotic literature than anyone in my social circle and tried to recreate the feelings the various authors were describing. I tried to be heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…anything. I overanalysed my gender identity and even tried tantric meditation courses to “awaken my sexual energy”. There was always the hope, that this time I would feel the spark everyone was talking about, this time I wouldn’t be “wrong”.

You would have been tested to find anyone more involved in or better informed about anything concerning sex than myself back in those days. I was an asexual obsessed with sex! What a waste of energy this must look like to everyone! It wasn’t entirely bad, though. Some areas focused heavily on psychological interaction and deep trust, rather than physical stimulation. Those were nice to discover.

As my time at university progressed, the latent anxiety about my “wrongness”  grew. It got worse every time I, for lack of a better term, fell in love with someone. For me it meant intensely craving regular interpersonal exchange, making them understand they were special, beautiful, luminous and incredibly precious to me, maybe kissing and certainly hugging, nuzzling and snuggling the living daylights out of them! And yet…I could never truly approach them, because what could I offer?? The eventual goal for anyone would be a “rich and healthy sex life” and despite all my theoretical knowledge, me deriving no pleasure whatsoever in the actual deed would have put a damper on the whole thing. Even the idea of actually doing the things I knew I was expected to do filled me with dread. So I was left heartbroken and convinced that, really, I had no right to feel heartbroken.

I was never afraid of ending up alone. Being alone was fine, even pleasant! My fear only centred on what I thought of as my “disability” being found out. And that was never going to happen, was it?

It was. You can imagine how it went - I met a person, we became close friends and were compatible on a level that I’d never experienced before. And the perk - they were in a romantic/sexual relationship. So no danger for me, right? Wrong. I found out that being asexual does not stop you from wanting emotional commitment. And here my true agony began. I desired something while not being able to give anything worthwhile in return.  This is how I perceived it. Any story I knew that featured a person unable to give their partner sexual pleasure claimed they “had it coming” when they were cheated on, dumped or ended up living in a broken relationship (or, of course, finally finding Mr./Ms. Right to cure them). I didn’t want that for the person I cared for or for myself.

I won’t bore you with the details. I started distancing myself. My beloved wouldn’t have that. Their relationship was terminated and I got a declaration of love I was overjoyed to hear. Would I try to make the one I adored happy? Of course I would. Alas, at some point the “wrongness” had to be addressed. Although I trusted this person very much, I was prepared to being laughed at or told I was repressed, damaged or insufficient. Instead I got understanding and the promise that whatever physical contact I was comfortable with would be enough. I was too shocked to process it at the moment. I was always worried that it was just pity speaking, or the expectation that eventually I would “come around”. This worry haunted me. I couldn’t believe anyone could possibly tolerate an “incomplete” relationship. My instincts pushed me towards withdrawal and keeping silent, letting us drift apart as friends. Again, I found an unexpected patience combined with a fierce insistence on making it work. Sentences like “With you I found a greater intimacy then physical contact could ever give me” and “I want to be a part of your life, and I want this relationship more than anything” along with many “I love you"s  made me come out of my shell again. There was even some joking about it - "In the near future I’ll be too old for that kind of thing anyway, so don’t worry”. I can’t describe the amount of understanding and love I got in this relationship.

Still, it was constantly on my mind that I was unable to fulfil an important task. My partner seemed reasonably happy, though. So happy, in fact, that the “issue” was no issue at all and in a conversation with a close friend who was devastated about not being able to get “a normal relationship” my partner’s tongue slipped - “What’s a ‘normal’ relationship even supposed to be?? There are no rules for happiness! Look at us! We’re not having sex and we’re still very happy!” When I found out about it, the shame crushed me. I was unable to do something so basic! I was “wrong”! Not one of the “proper people”! And now an outsider knew about it! The thing I spent a big part of my life covering up! All my effort now seemed pointless. I felt incredibly betrayed and devastated. I asked for distance and said I needed a break until I gathered myself.

This may seem ridiculous and you might say - “There’s nothing wrong with being who you are! Own up to it! Just be yourself!"  And, of course, you are right. And this mentality is more recent than you might think. I spent many years of my life in an environment where "be yourself” was little more than a pretty phrase from movies about teenagers who went through a makeover to become more attractive for their love interest. “Being yourself” just meant adapting to the environment, or at least covering up your “insufficiencies”. And this is hard to shake off. Even today I struggle with it.

The story has a happy continuation, though. My partner was devastated about the mistake and tearfully apologised countless times and again - understood why I was upset. There was no judging, no “get over it already” or anything like that. And that’s what made me realise (after I had some time to gather myself) that what we have is more important to me than hanging on to my carefully crafted mask.

We are still together and as happy as any couple could ever be. We have loads of fun and grow together as people. In case it matters to anyone - I’m a woman, my partner is a man.

I am so grateful that blogs like yours exist and that you are raising awareness and giving a community to people who are going through the same things I was going through, showing them they are “proper people” and “right”. With the onslaught of sexual expectation thrown at people every day it’s easy to lose oneself if what you are is deemed “inexistent”. The community gave me a new term to describe “the wrongness” and for that I’m truly grateful.

anonymous asked:

After binge watching a fuck ton of old Dan and Phil videos I think I've figured out why the Phandom isn't as active on tumblr anymore. (Idk if others have figured this out before me) from 2009-1013/14 Dan and Phil had been funny and random and very interactive with their fanbase. Now they're secretive and basic and that's affecting the creative Phannies on tumblr. They aren't tickling our imaginations/random sides of the brain anymore. No encouraging our creativity, No artsy posts. :-\

i would have to disagree, firstly on the “secretive “ part. they’re more open than ever with us these days. yes there are certain things they can’t do/say bc they’ve become so huge and it could potentially be unsafe for them, but overall? they interact with us SO MUCH. they’re constantly updating us on their lives, they do liveshows almost every week so we can basically have one-on-one conversations with them, they interact with fans on twitter, they went on tour to multiple countries so they could personally meet their fan base and from what they’ve been hinting at they’re going on yet ANOTHER tour so they can meet more of their audience! they’re also more open with us through how they interact with each other. we’re getting so many more intimate and domestic moments between them, they’re more touchy-feely, and a lot less filtered with the things they say (i.e., dan talking more openly about his attraction to boys and phil slowly but surely shedding his “innocent” branding). all of this is definitely something worth sticking around in the phandom for.

as for their content changing, that’s inevitable. as the years go on their channels continue to grow and evolve- that’s just what happens. people either like their new content, or they dont. if they like it, they stay, if they don’t like it and they decide to move on for a bit and pursue other interests, and that’s perfectly okay. some of these people might just be taking a break from the phandom while there is a lull in things happening as there is now. nothing super crazy or exciting is going on at the moment! this also ties in to content being produced. it seems like there’s less, yes, but there’s still TONS of content out there! the people producing it just might not have as many followers, so their creations aren’t circulated as much as the creations of more popular blogs. for what you said about them no longer encouraging much creativity, i also don’t think that’s necessarily true. they’ve always encouraged creativity and continue to do so. their content today might not influence YOUR creativity, or a lot of other people’s creativity, but there is a significant amount of people who are influenced by it! i, for one, know it influences me and a lot of my friends on here as well.

i understand why people may think the phandom is dying, but in my opinion, things are just changing! people are moving on, and that’s okay. there will be plenty of other people coming in to replace them! i plan to stick around for a while, so as long as there are still a few people here it will never be truly dead.

A Demiromantic Birthday

Hello everybody!

Today is the first birthday of demi-romantics! Exactly one year ago I was sitting in my bus, browsing Tumblr to figure out what exactly demiromantic and demisexual meant.

Like many of you I found a term that resonated with me. A term that explained why all of my past relationships (which were two at that point) were with people that I had seen as very close or even best friends. A term that explained why I always was this heartbroken, empty, and lonely when a relationship ended.

Originally I made this blog so I would have a place where I could reblog demiromantic posts to or to voice my opinion about something demi related. While that still is most of what I’m doing here, demi-romantics has grown to be so much more. I’ve become part of this community. Blogs that I followed back then to learn more about demisexuality and demiromanticism followed me back, gave me shout-outs(!), and I even befriended the person behind one of these first blogs who is now a dear friend to me. 

As of when I’m writing this, I have 626 followers. I never expected to be this big. I am very honored that so many people enjoy what I do so much that they chose to see me on their dash everyday.

Thank you. Thank you for every like, for every reblog, for every nice word, for every ask. Thank you. Please never forget that I am at your service. You can always come to me and ask for advice or ramble to me about anything. I’m always here.

Special thanks go to:
@demi-aro-ace for being such a great friend to me and to @ace-demi-grey-pride and @discovering-demisexuality  for having been a great help in this one year journey.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out @demisexual-kingdom @being-demisexual or @demiromantic-official then you should totally change that. All of them are great demi blogs with very lovely people behind them <3

Fuck. Are we doing this?

Alright. Because you brave souls, @harrysbreasts and @actionlou spoke their truth. Here’s mine.

My goal if I ever “met” Louis wasn’t to get a hug, or a picture, it was just to hand him a letter. 

In this letter, I firstly thank him for being the man he is, and how being so unapologetically himself, especially in the moments he doubts his own worth, ability, or talent has given me the courage (and inspiration) to live my life in healthier and more productive ways.

I’m in grad school to become a social worker for a number of reasons but I constantly think about what Jay shared with us that when he has a rough day, and he’s down, that he’d go to her and say “Come on Mum, let’s go make someone smile today.”

I aspire to live my life with that amount of compassion, action, and unrelenting drive to not stop fighting against impossible challenges. Sometimes you can’t win the war, but the battles you win, for the people you fight them for, that’s priceless and completely worth it. 

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Sometimes this website is super draining and chock-full of so much drama that it makes me anxious, but then I remember that I have so many amazing friends and followers who support me.

People actively come to me for Scarecrow content, you guys send me the best asks and headcannons. I get so many that my inbox fills up faster than I can answer. (and I have a bunch that I need to address)  It’s constantly a surprise to me that this many people care and it’s what helps to keep my love for Jonathan aflame. I don’t know why I’m being gushy this morning, but I just feel the need to praise all of you. Without Jonathan Crane and all the support I get because of this blog, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Now please take this ascii scarecrow as thanks:

           | \      _
        ==='=='==  (o>
           \++/   / )
     \----.  : .----/
           \_/\|          ()
           / _ \       _  \/()
          / /|\ \     |/| | \/
        _/_/ | \_\_     | |//
       /_/   |   \_\    \_\|

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I like the fact that Jin continues to stuff his face when he's called a pig. I like that even when pink is not considered a "manly color", he wears a pink cap to match his pink shirt and he rocks it. I like that when the members call him childish, he doesn't try to change to match the stereotypical "adult idea". I like the way he embraces the fact that he's not the best dancer and even jokes about it. I like it when he laughs at his own (hilarious) shitty puns and continues to share them -1

I like the fact that he lets his dongsaengs joke with him when age is so important in South Korea. I like how he continues to brag about his face when people call him arrogant. I could ramble for days and I certainly don’t know him personally, but he seems to be the kind of guy who takes criticism only when it will help him become a better person. Otherwise he doesn’t try to change to please the others or to fit what he’s expected to be and it’s admirable -2

It’s such an important message - be yourself, be happy, don’t care about what people could think about you. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I hope I’ll become like him when I’ll be older - or at least like what he seems to be. Aaaah I wrote a book but! I won’t stop here, I’ll probably dump some appreciation again! Because you’re right, it’s important to spread the Jin love. Thank you for being the wonderful stan you are. Have a nice day! -3 

Anon, this message is so pure and beautiful and so full of Jin Appreciation it brought tears to my eyes.  Please feel free to come ramble in my inbox about your feelings for Jin anytime because - let me tell you what - I think everything you said here is so important - these are some of the exact reasons why I bias Jin as well (and I think why lots of us Jin biases bias him).  After all, Jin is 10 years younger than me and he shows me how to be a better human pretty much every single day.  

Jin just doesn’t fit into any pre-set categories of human, he does his own thing and he’s just so lovely at it, and for those of us out there who also don’t really fit into any one cateory…he’s so important.  You can be beautiful AND funny.  You can be the eldest AND the cutest.  You can be a visual even when you have white sauce all over your face - and more.  

Thank you for bringing this beautiful Jinspiring message into my inbox today.  Thank YOU for doing what Jin would do by spreading happiness and good feelings and love < 3

You can be a clueless fuck and say stydia is unhealthy and hate on them for whatever reason, but coming to someone who loves the ship so fucking much, and then going on anon to send them hate about what they love is really unacceptable and sad.

I can be anti something and post about it on my blog, I respect you so that’s why I tag correctly so you wont see it. And you should never send me hate because I am posting about my opinion on something. I follow many people who have different headcanons and opinions and I don’t go on anon to send them hate. I respect that and you should respect that. I literally had a talk with a friend today and she love what I hate but we both were so respectful as we talked about it. 

I don’t want to hear your headcanon about stydia breaking up in the future, I really don’t care about your opinion. and you don’t care about mine, so just get the fuck out of my inbox. you’re so pathetic to the point where you wait for me to open my inbox to send hate. that is a just sad, really sad. and lets not talk about the death threats because that’s a low. I know you’re the same anon who sends hate to the other stydia shippers. 

You have so much hatred in you and it makes me sad, I fucking wish you’re happy in your life and I am not being sarcastic. Leave me happy, because I clearly want you to be happy, but you ruin my day and yours when you got to a pro stydia blog and then send me hate. 

This isn’t good to my mental health and yours. so yeah leave me the fuck alone and never come to my inbox again, I blocked and reported you million times but somehow you always came back.

most important thing i’ve read today

Andrea Radke-Moss, a professor at BYU-Idaho, explains why the LDS church’s new policy regarding the children of gay parents is so problematic. Please read this, especially if you are gay, Mormon, or some complicated combination of the two.
“I have honestly been wondering all day and last night how everyone would have reacted to this if it had come from an anti-Mormon source, or from a source later proven to be a hoax (which I frankly thought it was at first, and I’m still not totally convinced that it’s not), accusing the church of this policy. And how many people would have jumped all over this defensively, saying, "No, we never would do such a thing!”

But since it has now been apparently verified by official sources, I am fascinated by the number of people who are quick to defend it, and even cite questionable justifications for it, before knowing the whole story.

Do we realize that a majority of children that will be affected by this are not some imaginary, adopted/surrogate kid investigator (although there might be some of those) who grew up in a same-sex parents’ home. No, a majority of these kids are children of mixed-orientation LDS couples, now divorced, who share joint custody of children, or visitation, and the custodial, heterosexual parent is still raising them in the church. I know of at least two mixed-orientation or divorced parents in this exact situation, with minor children being raised in the Church. These are real people. How will they be affected by this?

I have already learned of baptisms scheduled for tomorrow that have been cancelled. I have learned of missionaries in the field, children of a same-sex parent. Will they be invited to go home early or released dishonorably? I have learned of a student at BYU-Idaho with a gay parent (and I am sure there are others) whose attendance at the university is now under question based upon whether they continue to live with this parent when they are home from classes. I know some great-grandparents who have fought and struggled and sacrificed to take their three little great-granddaughters (daughters of a lesbian couple) to church week after week.

Are we really ready to marginalize all these kids who happen to have a divorced mom or dad in a gay relationship? Are we really ready to ask an 18- or 19-year-old kid to reject his/her parents so that he or she can serve a mission? I feel confused and overwhelmed at the ramifications of this.

So, I am curious: Is this really about doing what’s right “for the children”? Or does this come down to a simple divide between those who are 100% uncritically loyal to their institution, vs those who are willing to question policies they consider unjust? And if that really does characterize the divide we are experiencing, what is the threshold?

Frankly, I am really struggling today. I am trying to understand. But I am in agony, as I watch friends that I like and love try to “defend an indefensible policy” Emily W. Jensen and friends who I like and love saying that this is their breaking point, and they are done with the church. This breaks my heart, and I almost can’t function today.

So to those of you who are smugly posting a so-called defense of this position from a blog that is well-known for its homophobic positions, why not give some pause, step back and let people grieve and process, rather than assault them with your overconfident confirmation bias? Just for today. Please. Wait until we have actually heard from a general authority on this (which we haven’t yet). I know you don’t like to see the church criticized: I get it. But please, this is hard for even many faithful, active members. Everyone will be affected by this.

To my friends and family members who are bishops and stake presidents, faced with having to carry this out, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You must also be experiencing a range of confusion, hurt, and uncertainty, too. I sustain you as you seek the Lord’s help to do what is right.

To my students, whether you are siblings or children of LGBT family, or are LGBT yourselves, you will ALWAYS have a safe place with me. I am praying for you today, even more than usual.

And to all of my friends who are hurting today, please know that I am praying for you, for patience and grace, for perspective, and Iove.“

We Still Need to Talk About One Direction

Hello all!

I wanted to check in and share some of my thoughts from the last several days, which, for me, have frankly been a bit bizarre. I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who read the first part of ‘We Need to Talk About One Direction’ - it was interesting and revealing to write, but I couldn’t have anticipated the reaction it would receive. Although there has been an element of backlash, I’ve mostly seen really kind things being said about it, so I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

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Hi everyone. Today is the first anniversary of this blog! Also, I recently reached 5k+ followers. That’s why I decided to celebrate with my first follow forever. (/◕ヮ◕)/

First of all, I want to thank all of my lovely followers. I appreciate every single one of you and every like, reblog, message or question makes me really happy. When I started this blog one year ago I never thought I would meet so many nice people here.

The past weeks have been pretty busy for me and I apologize for not being able to post many theories/analyses or edits. But I’ll do more again and I’ll start by opening my ask box for Anons again. :)

Also, I want to thank all of the lovely people who run my favorite blogs. Thank you for being awesome and making me enjoy my time here on Tumblr! ^_^

So here are my absolute favorite blogs (everyone, go and follow them):

@akumadeenglish, @blackbutler-blog, @catastrophy-cat, @dorkshadows, @erebuscheslock, @erwonmyheart, @everythingblackbutler, @funtom-cafe, @funtomscandy, @glacierspirit, @her-majestys-watchdog, @into–the–abyss, @kuroshitsuji, @kurotwins, @ladycielindisguise, @littlebratciel, @midnight-in-town, @petitmaitre-et-soncorbeau, @rationalkuroshitsuji, @shinigami-mistress, @vvlin91, @vermeillerose, @wondrouswatchdog

Again, thank you all very much! I hope we’ll all have another great upcoming year!


excuse my shitty edit i dindt have time to do one properly ):

HEY GUYS!!! as you can see in the horrible edit right there, it’s my birthday today but it doesnt matter u know why? CUZ TODAYS QUEEN BS BIRTHDAY TOO SO WHO CARES BOUT ME ANYWAYS no but all jokes aside i decide to do a follow forever i just….. i just wanted to thank all of u guys for all the sweet mssg, for everything honestly, i met so many beautiful and kind people here and im so happy for that omg i hate yall so much :)))….. i’ve had this blog for about seven (maybe???) months now and i didnt even reached my goal yet but i really wanted to do this so yeah oh and i didn’t do any bolds/italicized just because but i love u all so much!! {PLS LET ME KNOW IF I FORGOT SOMEONE}

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I love you all with all my ♥!

FOREVERSEOULBIASED’s 2nd Follow Forever! 

Hello all of you precious human beings. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Since today is the 2nd Year Anniversary of this blog and I’m extremely close to reaching 2k followers, I thought I would make this! ♡ I honestly don’t know why so many people follow me or reblog my dumb edits and text posts but, I’ll always be forever thankful for all of you! Actually I’ll probably never be thankful enough, because even though 2k isn’t a lot to some people, it’s a lot me and I’ll always be amazed by it, even when my follower count keeps growing. It’s all so crazy and whether we are mutuals are not, it doesn’t really matter all that much to me because I’m grateful to each and every one of you guys. 

Even with this small list, it still feels as if I am missing some people. Some of the people listed down below I know in real life, some of you I have only talked to you a couple of times, and some of you… I haven’t talked to at all lmao. But either way all the blogs listed down below make my dash amazing. People I consider mutual’s are bolded. ♡ 


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ravbooty ; seduce-me-with-satoori ; seouldreams ; seoullama ; seungheol ; taechill ; ughravi wufabkris ; weetaeil ; xiuareyerisvelvet   

Again I’m really sorry if I missed anybody! Even if I didn’t include you in this, I love you all so much and thank you for talking to me or just for running such amazing blogs. Thank you! ♡

How to Move Swiftly Move Into Good Vibes

This blog is easily evolving to give you great value that gets you increasing results in positive and joyful ways. There will be new information and when you see it the more you read it the more you will receive it and apply it effectively.

By the end of the post you will have a tangible tool that you can use to bring tangible results. The more you read this post, the more easier it will be to move swiftly into good vibes. What to do will be so clear that you and I will send each other cheers of beer emoticons, and applause, and thumbs up, and smiley phases (I meant smiley faces lol) in messages and reblogs of this post over and over like I’ve joyfully seen done before. 👍

It’s a celebration (in my best dave chappelle rick james impression haha)!!! You do like to feel good in positive celebration right? Positive celebration feels really good!!! A-celebration-a-day keeps abundance flowing your way!!! 👏

Get ready to experience one of the reasons why so many people around the world get positive value from this blog. Let’s do this!!!

Recently an anon has had a challenge of feeling good. 💡💡💡

Seed of equivalent benefit!!!

So I asked myself, what do I do when I don’t feel any strong emotion and what I really want to do is feel good and do my affirmations while feeling good?

I always just do it, until the anon asked the question I hadn’t asked myself what I actually did. So that’s what I did today. I asked the question. Then a bunch of answers flowed in. I’ll share a few here.

I’ve done this, and I’ve had others do this (without realizing this is what I do in response to the challenge anon was having) and we have received postive results in seconds.

What is this miraculous tool you might ask, because this tool really is miraculous in its simplicity…

Well, it’s just some simple questions you ask. Kind of cool huh?


“What do I want?”

“What would feel better right now?”

“What IS going right for me?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if (and add something that would be nice. Like right now I’m thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun while out dancing tonight?”

“What would be exciting right now?”

“What would bring me great joy right now?”

"Who could I inspire right now?”

“Who can I have a positive impact on today?”

“How can I provide the most value today?”

“How can I be of the most service today.”

If I was standing in a friends shoes right now, what positive things would I say to myself?

“How great would it be to be feeling really really good right now?”

“What would feel absolutely freaking fantastic right now?” (One of my favorites except I use the f bomb in front of fantastic. Lol. For some reason that feels really good to me to say but anyways…I know that type of language isn’t good for everybody haha.

“What would be of the most value to me right now?”

See,I wrote this while feeling at a normal vibe…you could say…and just asking these question (not having answered them yet) directed my mind towards better feeling vibes.

I started feeling really really good and I didn’t even answer the questions yet. Again, the questions weren’t answered yet and I still felt good.

I encourage you my new anon friend who speaks the Icelandic language, and others of course, to ask yourself these questions. Take your time and answer them thoroughly. Then message me and tell me how good you feel. So we can have that beer emoticon, applause, and thumbs up celebration.

Wow!!! I feel really good right now. This will be going into the 30 day manifestation game post later today.

The blog is Changing and the more you read and reblog this post and the other posts to come, the more I’ll know which value to continue to share so that I ensure to the best of my abilities that I deliver to you the absolute best value possible, and that you receive with ease.

All things good continue to flow to you in increasing amounts.

Peace and love to you.

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.” ― Roy T. Bennett

So since I can’t use ps on my little laptop here, I apologize for the crappy graphic but hey, the motive is Jungkook so forgive me. I don’t think that many of you know but I’m currently in Korea as an exchange student. Things are fascinating as terrifying sometimes and if it wasn’t for a few of you who even stuck with me during my hiatus and also now, I wouldn’t feel as confident and hopeful as I feel today. Due to circumstances, I had to move blogs and only a handful of 400 people followed me onto this account. But this is why I’m even happier. There are people who decided to (re)follow me, with or without much interaction prior. I’m also thankful that you keep up with slow me as my laptop is not the best thing to do replies on but I can’t and won’t miss being on here whenever I can. Kanna, first and foremost is my diamond, she is the one I am focusing on the most. Thank you for appreciating her. Hyunwoo, Hyunshik, Hyunjae and Woojung are characters born through interactions, inspiration and ideas I got thanks to you. I can’t make a special notice for each of you but I hold each and everyone dear to me. Please continue to be fabulous writers and fantastic people !!!

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anonymous asked:

Ick. One of the claymates is going off about Zayn. Gross. (Gossip candy)

Lemme say that lately,  I typically avoid blogs that I disagree with. I’ve unfollowed a bunch of blogs. This is one of those unfollows. Easy peasy. You do you over there, I’mma do me over here. So normally I miss the really inflammatory stuff because my dash is under control. However, sometimes things are brought to my attention. And this was one of those things today.

Alrighty. Here we go. Let me be clear: I really don’t care what people think of Zayn, his leaving or who their fave in 1D is. I do care when people take things to a disturbingly disrespectful place. 

So here’s my beef: The response to this anon hate was irresponsible. It was Amy’s choice to publish this. And her response was also her choice. Obviously we live a bully culture these days, especially on the internet. Nobody has to tell Amy that. She’s gotten her share of hate. I’ve gotten my share of hate. 1D gets their share of hate. Most of us get our share of hate. 

There is no fucking excuse for Amy’s response. None. It’s insensitive. It’s ignorant. And it certainly doesn’t treat the subject of wishing a person dead with the gravitas it deserves. Imo, choosing to publish this should have come with an appropriately firm condemnation. This is not ok. Everybody’s life is precious. If someone had come to my Inbox and said Amy should be killed, I would ride hard against that kind of nasty, inflammatory bullshit. There are things you just don’t play around with. I’m sure the response was an attempt to be “sassy” and cool (Lord, send help), but nah. Fail.    

Sure, that anon was probably just a salty kid and wouldn’t ever really hurt anybody (I hope), but that’s all the more reason why this should have been a teachable moment. I see she’s also been shading the young people in the fandom today. Well, lead by fucking example goddammit. 

And I used to enjoy her blog. I liked her. But then there were too many incidents of privileged disrespect (like using the hashtag that was used to send Naughty Boy racialized and Islamophobic insults for fundraising). So I had to swerve, as I personally have a code of ethics much more important to me than fandom shenanigans. This is yet another example of how some of  the “adults” in this fandom have become a problem. That’s been my stance for a hot minute and I stand by it. This behavior is a problem. Again, not ok. 

Regardless of where we stand on 1D’s drama, we need to respect people’s humanity at all times. I don’t hate a single human being on this planet and I would never wish someone dead or make a joke of anyone wishing someone dead. And guess what? It’s not hard. Not at all. This was ridiculous, shameful and an embarrassment to the fandom. I am hugely disappointed and hope people who agree will do the right thing and unfollow the madness. Unfollow those who cosign the madness. You don’t have to send hate. Simply ignore until all these people are just talking to each other. Water seeks its own level. If people ain’t on your level, then well…

Hello everyone!! The first thing I want to let you know is that my url before was jukous and the second thing is I’m finally back!!\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ I miss all of you a lot during my absence!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 If you’re thinking, “what is she talking about? She’s been posting everyday” they’re all queue. The reason why I haven’t been on for so long is that a lot of stuff happened and I was so close to deleting this blog. I know what you’re thinking, why the heck would she do that but let’s just say the last two months was crap for me. I know I posted a lot of things related to deleting my blog but I will assure you I won’t be (: I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I put waaay too much effort into making this blog and I’ve met waaay too many wonderful people to delete everything in one go. Okay enough of this depressing talk! I’m so close to reaching 8k and today is officially my one year anniversary on tumblr which is why I revamped everything (: I decided to go for a bright theme this time because Ao Haru Ride that’s why haha xD Well since this is getting long, I just want to say that thank you so much to all the 7.8k+ people for following me! \(T∇T)/


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senatorofinnistrad  asked:

Let me begin by saying how gracious you are in answering our questions, and how well you generally take criticism. However, I find your responses related to the shift in story-telling to be rather hostile. We've seen how it's being handled now, we're expressing our dislikes, and it feels like your saying "just deal with it."

I think you are misinterpreting my responses. In the last twenty-two years we have tried many different ways to tell our story. We finally have hit upon a combination that has exceeded any previous attempts. We have a lot of hard data that says not only are more players aware of the story, but are enjoying it at record satisfaction levels.

When something isn’t working, I tend to find out why it isn’t so we can fix it. When something is working well, I tend to use my blog to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, so people can understand our decisions. That’s what most of my responses today have been.

That said, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. Yes, there are ways to make the storytelling even better and we are eager to hear it. I’ve just been trying to stress that moving backwards, of retreating to a storytelling style where less people are aware of the story, is not the direction we want to go.

So, should we have explained how Ob got his spark back on a card? Probably. It’s an important story point and players are curious.

Should we stop outlining the plot in the story guide? Absolutely not. In fact, the error I believe is the same text from the story guide should have been up on the website at the same time it came out. More people should have seen it, not less. The basic plot needs to be something we shout from the rooftops because we want as many people aware of the story as possible.

It’s hard sometimes to read tone in print, so I apologize if some read my responses today as hostile. I was trying to be firm but informative.

HIIII GUYS :) can u believe that i have had my blog for a year ??? i can nearly believe it myself. since today is a special day to my blog i decided why not make a follow forever to thank all the people that has been here for me, whether it was from the beginning or just recently. i’d just really want to thank you guys :) and also thank you to the 4.2k people following me i would have never expected to get that many followers :))) 

so lets get started :) 


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