why the world didn't end

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there's this meme mocking posts that say "this can be reblogged by anyone" but i don't get why it's bad. it's not like the world would end if someone you didn't like reblogged one of your posts. and that's not really controllable either.

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okay highkey we know blue is the one to Verbalize the idea of her/gansey/henry instead of just her/gansey + henry. bc gansey would be like "we can actually Do that?" and henry, as outgoing and Good as he is, wouldn't want to be the first to ask bc what if he's Overstepping??? and blues just like "why not i have three moms and the world didn't end"

Yes?? Good? blue has never known the traditional heterosexual nuclear family, why would she Care….. let blue Make The Poly Happen……


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.07 | Invasion!

Celebrating July 4th early?


Chan Gyu Behind Bars

The Steps of Reset
The Steps of Reset

Some of the most emotionally jarring Undertale dubs accompanying an overlooked song from a greatly overlooked movie.

Original song: “The Steps of World’s End” by Akihisa Matsura (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU-hmg8El-c)

First quote: “You’re Okay” as voiced by @going-to-grillbys

Second/middle/last quotes: “Sans in the Mist” voiced by @lolzman87

Third/middle quotes: “Why didn’t you save me?” voice by @chisanaai

  • maxie: so what you're saying is
  • maxie: the world is ending
  • archie: yup
  • archie:
  • maxie:
  • tabitha:
  • steven:
  • may:
  • brendan:
  • wally:
  • youngster joey:
  • rich boy winston:
  • brock:
  • groudon: dude even ~I~ tried to warn you
  • maxie:
  • maxie:
  • maxie: fuck