why the nazis tho

  • this week in marvel: n*zi's won ww2, more spitting on kirby and simon's legacy, james gunn queer baits gotg2, previews show potential romance between okoye and canon lesbian ayo - rushes to deny and make sure everyone knows there are no gays in a marvel film
  • marvel: why are we losing sales tho

I’m lowkey suspicious of anyone who posts about justice and stuff but has ignored the CDM stuff… like why tho

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared II weird stuff

The notebook tho.

Eye on the floor after the freak out thing

Why is he wanted tho

What’s with the June 19th stuff?

Ooh, clown painting

Rat meat mmmm~

Why tho

Dirty dirty

1. Nazi 2. Na bro, that’s not pi

I don’t understand anything (especially the dad and the fish) but these were a bit weird idk

Also when it said quater to 9 and the clock changed, it did not change to that time at all