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Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Never Had a Damn Day Off

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [watching very loud TV]
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sitting next to him, wearing glasses and reading a book called Coming to Terms With Your Traumatic Life]
Luke: [staring at them, annoyed] You know, eventually one of us is going to have to go talk to him. 
Anakin: [still watching TV, disinterested] …talk to who, son? 
Luke: …Ben, dad.
Obi-Wan: [smiling] Why, I’m right here, Luke. And you can talk to me any time. 
Luke: You know who I’m talking about, Obi-Wan. Knock it off. 
Anakin: …don’t sass your Obi-Wan like that, Luke. 
Luke: [shutting off the TV] GUYS. BEN. DARK SIDE. LITTLE HELP HERE. Are you seriously just going to sit here and watch soap operas while the universe goes to hell again?! One of us has to try and talk some sense into him! I think it should be one of you. 
Anakin: [immediately] Not it. [looks at Obi-Wan]
Obi-Wan: Ohhhh, no. I’ve put in my time trying to make people in this family see reason. I’m not helping that brat. It’s bad enough Leia gave him my name. 
Anakin: …there you go! He’s Ben, you’re Ben….you’re his, uh, Great Uncle? Just give him that face you always used to give me when I did something stupid. 
Obi-Wan: [makes a face]
Anakin: That’s the one! There. See? You already know what to do. You’ve got this. 
Obi-Wan: [defeated sigh]

I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 14*

Cameron Dallas fanfic

*WARNING SMUT (somehow. somewhere)

Word count: 2′237

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Cameron’s POV

Fucking hell, I thought. „Dude what was that about? People just came up to me and told me what happened.“ Luke found me. „She has the right to be mad.“ I walked past him but he followed me. „Where are you even going? Dude what happened? Why is she mad?“ I walked down the street and he still followed me. Asking me about what was going on. Where I was going. What was happening. “LUKE SHUT THE FUCK UP!“ I shouted. „Enough is enough.“ I stopped in my tracks and he stood right behind me.

„Cameron. She never even got that mad at Kian and he was a major douche.“ He said. „I fucked up. So what?“ I was fed up. She walked of with that douche. „They told me she called you a bitch?“ He chuckled. „Yes. She did. I am a fucking bitch and I got slapped. And she had the right to do that.“ I wasn’t feeling like standing anymore so I just sat down on the curbstone. He sat right next to me. 

„I can only help you if I know what happened. I know how she is so you must have done some real fucking bullshit.“ He stated looking off into the distance. I leaned my arms on my knees. „I went over to her place and hit and ran. Yeah she wanted me to stay so I acted like I would but I ditched her and went to the party. I thought she wouldn’t…“ I was interrupted. „Are you serious? No one does that with Y/N. NEVER EVER. She gets crazy mad when you ditch her in general. But after sex? Are you out of your mind?“ Luke started to laugh.

„I don’t want that relationship bullshit. I mean she doesn’t want it so she won’t get any of it. No cuddling after sex. No holding hands. No kissing and lips pecking. It’s gonna be straight up sex or nothing from now on if she doesn’t want all of it.“ I started to rant and Luke’s laugh slowly disappeared. „You want a relationship?“ He huffed. „I wanted. But she didn’t.  I mean she won’t forgive me for a kiss that was so unimportant. I get her back to talk to me but I can’t even touch her. She put herself in that position.“ I got up. 

„What am I supposed to do? She’d get even more mad if I fucked around with other people! So why not just fuck her and leave?“ I started to laugh. Was the alcohol taking over? „Okay. Listen. Play your game. But she will play against you, don’t worry. She will tease. She will act all innocent. She will make you jealous. She will make you beg. She’s that kind of girl. Mark my words.“ He got up and clapped my shoulder. „I’m warning you now before you go on and play games with her. You know she’s not like every other girl. To be honest no one is.“ With that he left me and I made my way to my house which meant I’d have to walk past her house.


I just got to my house. It was a silent walk we didn’t talk at all. „Thanks Kian.“ I smiled at him. „It’s fine. You sure don’t want to talk about it?“ He asked me once again. „Yeah. I think I’m just gonna keep it between the two of us.“ I looked down to the ground. „ Alright. Come on.“ He lifted my chin and pulled me in for a hug. His hands were on my lower back, thight around me. Warming, comforting. I missed the closure to him. I leaned my head on his chest and sighed. „You alright?“ He whispered. I nodded lightly and he kissed my forehead. „Thank you for everything.“ I whispered. 

„I should thank you because I never did.“ I looked up to him with confusion. „You never told anyone and I wanted to thank you. And you were there for years and you still are after everything I’ve done.“ He looked me in the eyes. „It’s fine. You didn’t do anything wrong with your feelings. I mean yeah I got hurt but I’m fine.“ A smile appeared on my face. „Thank you.“ He said smiling back at me.

I stepped back to open the door. „Wanna sleep here or do you wanna go home?“ I asked. „I’m gonna go home. I don’t want to start rumors if anyone sees us.“ He laughed a little. I nodded and looked past him for one second when I saw him again. He froze in his spot. „Goodnight Kian.“ I said and waited for him to leave. He turned around and saw him too. He looked back one last time and gave me a reassuring nod. With that he left walking past him.

I waited for him to say something, move or just anything. But he just stood there. Nothing. „What?“ I said and he started to walk towards me. I was scared. What’s gonna happen now? He wasn’t far anymore he was just a few steps away from the porch. „You slapped me.“ He said and began to laugh a little.

I set on the stairs in front of him. „I don’t need you here telling me what happened. If you really wanna talk about it than say so. If you’re here to play games than you better fuck off.“ I said without leaving my eyes from his. He finally sat next to me. „Don’t you wanna go inside. It’s pretty cold and I…“ 

„No.“ I interrupted him. „At least take my sweatshirt.“ He took of his sweatshirt and was only in a t-shirt. I looked over to him. „Take it. I know you’re cold.“ I took a few seconds and than finally took it and put it on. It smelled like him. He came a little closer and put an arm around me. I tried to move away but he didn’t let me. 

„Cameron. Just go.“ I stood up and waited for him to leave but he didn’t. „No. I won’t.“ He chuckled. „Fine. Than sit on the porch and die!“ I stormed off into the house. I shut the door with a slam.

After half an hour I went downstairs to see if he was still there. I went to the window in the living room slowly peeking outside. He was still sitting there. I decided to go outside again. 

I opened the door and he turned around smirking. „Cameron go home.“ I was serious. He got up from the stairs and came closer to the door leaning against the door frame. „What do I have to do to get in your house?“ He licked his lips. „Be sober.“ I just wanted to shut the door when he put his foot in between the gap. „Y/N. Come on. I know you want it too.“ I stared coldly at him. 

„What do I want?“ I wanted him to say it out loud. „Me. You. Up there. All up against each other.“ He pushed the door open a little more. „How do you know that’s what I want?“ My expression was still cold. „Because I know you. We can’t resist each other. And we both know it.“ He somehow managed to enter the house and closed the door behind him. „As I always say: you can always say no.“ He whispered stepping closer to me.

He pulled me closer by my waist and slowly started to leave kisses on my neck, behind my earlobe. He even bit my earlobe which honestly turned me on. „Than lets do this.“ I said in a monotone cold voice and turned around leaving him speechless. 

I undressed myself as soon as I got to the room followed by Cameron. „So you wanna use me? Good. Call me your sex toy or your nightly booty call. Whatever. Just get over with it.“ My face was full of anger and lust at the same time. He was right, we couldn’t resist each other.

„Y/N. That’s not what I meant. I just…“ I interrupted him with a kiss. I pulled up his shirt and broke the kiss. Pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time. „Lets go for it.“ I said one last time.

He hesitated for a few seconds but than went for me. I laid on the bed and he turned me around and smacked my ass. He took one of my pillows and put it underneath my pelvis so the angle was better. Without anything else he thrusted into me. He pounded in and out and the only thing I did was burry my head into the mattress trying to shut down my moans. He hovered over me and left kisses over my shoulder, my neck. 

He was gripping onto my hip but suddenly he took a hand full of my hair and pulled my head up and my moans were suddenly filling the room. „You like it huh?“ He whispered in my ear with heavy breathing. I simply nodded and bit my lip trying not to let another moan out. My breath was heavy as was his. His pounding was slow and rhythmic. He groaned from time to time but every single touch of his made me melt even more inside. 

Before he came he grabbed me around my waist lifting me up. His hand reached down to my clit and rubbed it. I couldn’t hold them in anymore. I began to moan louder and louder until the both of us came.

After a few minutes of him breathing heavily he laid next to me. I turned around to lay on my back and slipped under the blanket underneath me. Cameron did as well. I didn’t look at him. I didn’t want him here. Why did I do this? 

I got up from he bed and went to the bathroom without saying anything. I went to take a shower. I feel so dirty. I didn’t lock the door because I was sure he wouldn’t come near me. But I thought wrong. I suddenly heard shuffling in my room I just got in the shower and I heard his steps coming closer to the bathroom. The steps stopped for a few seconds. Was he hesitating? What is happening? 

I just put shampoo in my hair and my eyes were closed so I wouldn’t get anything in my eyes. The door opened slowly. He didn’t say anything. I just heard how the door to the shower slowly opened and closed again. I could feel his warmth next to me. He gently stroke up and down my waist. Occasionally he went down to my ass. I washed out the shampoo and finally opened my eyes to see him.

He put one hand on my cheeks stroking it gently. He pulled me closer and gave me a long kiss. Am in the porn version of the notebook? What is this? I could feel his smile against my lips. 

Suddenly he picked me up and my legs straddled around his waist. My arms were around his neck and I could feel the head of his length slowly entering me. I gasped. While he thrusted into me once again the only thing I could think off was how strong he was. Holding me for such a long time. In the shower. Where everything is wet and slippery. HOW? 

After another round of moans and thrusting the both of us came and he kissed me with his sweet plump lips and let me down to the ground. My knees were shaking and I could barely stand. He chuckled a little and pulled me in for a hug. He kissed my forehead.

I got the both of us towels. He dried his hair and put the towel around his waist which looked so hot. His v-line was popping outta there like nothing else. Before he left the bathroom he kissed me again. What was up with all these kisses? 

I blow dried my hair and got myself some panties, bra and a big old t-shirt. When I was done I stepped outside the bathroom to find Cameron in his boxers on my bed half asleep. I giggled a little. I still haven’t spoken to each other.

I turned the lights off and laid next to him. I didn’t cuddle or anything. I kept my distance. I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t find a position that felt comfortable. I tried to stay silent but it wasn’t easy. I heard him groan a little and before I knew it he pulled me closer. 

„Turn on your stomach.“ He mumbled. You did as he told you. He slowly lifted my shirt up so my lower back was exposed. He slowly started to trace circles and other different shapes. It felt calming. „Is this alright?“ He asked. „Yeah.“ I simply said. „Now please go to sleep.“ I heard him chuckle a little. My eyes felt heavy and I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up because I was cold. I didn’t know what time it was. I shivered and had goose bumps all over my body. I turned around and Cameron was gone. „Cam?“ I half shouted. No answer. „And I even let him use me. Again“ I said to myself before going back to sleep. 

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that would just be such a me thing to do okay like let’s imagine luke would be laying right next to you and you guys would have been quiet for a while now so you’d decide to call him on his phone because you think you’re being funny but then you’d see your face as the phone starts ringing and you’d be like “what the fuck? why is this my picture?” and luke would be confused a bit as to why you’re calling him when he’s basically next to you but he’d just smile and say “well those selfies you take on my phone have to live for a reason” and you’d be like “no it’s just because im funny” and i guess he wouldn’t have ended the call so it’d still be ringing at this point so you’d just refuse the call on his phone and you’d be like “no, change that picture. i don’t want that picture when i call you.” and luke would just start laughing “hell no, i want to be reminded you’re ugly each time you call” and you’d just look at him with wide eyes and he’d hold your gaze until he’d do a funny face that would make him lose his serious expression and you’d pout and say something like “well guess who’s not getting funny selfies anymore” and with his most serious face he’d say “thank God, you look awful in those funny selfies” and i guess this little fight would never end and aw i want to fight with him

  • Me: [banging of the glass at a Marvel office] HEY! HEy!! Does Luke live with his parents now? How did they convince Ava to drop out of high school to go to the super hero school? Peter didn't realize Aunt May knew he was Spidey so how the hell did he rationalize dropping out of Midtown? Does he still hang out with MJ and Harry? How's Harry doing? Is he eating enough? Is Danny going to have to go back to K'un L'un? Why don't we get any story lines with them anymore? Does the Triskellion school teach like math and english and stuff too or are the superheroes of tomorrow all going to have a less-than-high-school education?
  • Marvel Official: Ma'am, the show is a cartoon.
  • Me: Why was girl!Spidey's name Petra? That's not a common name while Peter is one of the most common names. Why does he keep choosing to team up with Flash and Amadeus rather than his classic team? Is it uncomfortable to be in your super-suit all day, why can't they go to class in civies?
  • Marvel Official: Ma'am, we're going to have to remove you from the building.

hello there wow here we are i might as well just say it i ship lashton HARDCORE. and to start my summer, i thought, what the hell, why not make a lashton master post. 

to start, let’s talk about luke.

look at the way he looks at ashton. his eyes follow his every move god DAMN

LOOK AT HIM. he grips onto every word he says and watches him so carefully JUST KISS ALREADY

look at him biting his lip. he’s having hella sexual thoughts about ashton.

i just… goodbye

even if this one could be taken in a platonic way its still… u kno…


okay but remember that time ashton said he never really took part in the band cuddles? yea? well then explain THIS??!?!? 


this photo is saved as “ashton’s saved seat” in my computer and i couldn’t think of a better way to describe this

THIS IS SO BLURRY BUT LUKE DIDNT HAVE A FORK SO ASH WAS LIKE “well okay I’m gonna feed him lol ((he’s my boyfriend))??” 

this one is kinda like.. they’re tumblr boyfriends or youtube boyfriends or some kind of social media and they have an interview on being internet famous an gay so they take a selfie for instagram ://////

hey guys.. ur gay is showing

ashton’s like “look at my perfect bf” but then he remembers that he’s straight ;)


look how in love they are. side note: calum looks like a lil puppy he is cute i love him


sexy wife melissa ;—–))))))

look at that smile. I’m referring to both of them.

GODDAMN SHOULDER KISSES also this is my icon at the moment that’s pretty damn special

and for the grand finale, my absolute favorite lashton gif of all time. stop being such a tease ash, damn.. (( jk i like it ))


You stared at him blankly, the phone lying abandoned in your lap.

“What does it mean, Luke? Why the hell did I get an anonymous message telling me that you’re in a gang?” He stood there, frozen. “And why is there a pistol in our bedside table?”

Gangmember!Luke AU and aesthetic. Images are not mine, just the edit.

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Somebody Else Pt.2 ~ Luke Hemmings

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I woke up to an oddly familiar room. I began to check my surroundings only to realize I was in my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom.

Everything was exactly how I remembered it. The white walls were still very plain and empty. His night stand still has his 3 favorite colognes sitting on top of it next to a stack of his CD’s. And, strangely enough, the framed picture of the two of us in his family’s backyard from the time we visited still stood on his dresser.

I shifted out of the bed and began to gather my stuff together. 

“Why the hell am I here? Did Luke actually notice me at the bar and decide to make nice? Was I too drunk to decline? Why am I so goddamn idiotic?” Were my first thoughts

As I began putting my shoes on and I was interrupted by Luke walking into the room with a glass of water and a bottle of advil.


“Oh, you’re up. I thought you might need these…” He said as he handed me the  water and two capsules.

“Why am I here?” I said before I could even accept his offer.

“You got really drunk and I didn’t want to leave you alone…”

“Jim usually calls me a cab. I’m not helpless, Luke, we aren’t even together anymore so why whatever happens to me matter to you?”

“He said I was the reason you went there everyday. Do you really get wasted everyday, Y/N? Is it really my fault?” He looked down at me with a pained face.

I gulped, unsure of how I should respond.

“It hurts to see you this way, Y/N.” He spoke again

“You’re the one who left me.  You moved on with another girl. I shouldn’t matter anymore; you never loved me anyway.” I said getting up to head out the door.

“Y/N, that’s not true! You don’t understand, I really do love you. I thought we would be better off without feeling so far apart during the tour and when I came back I could mend the pieces back together. Then management told me I needed a public relationship so they had me date Arzaylea. She’s only for show Y/N. I love you. You’re what I thought about after every show I played. You’re the one that I was looking forward to seeing after the tour. You gave me a reason to look forward to home. You’re my home, Y/N.” His blue eyes looked deep into mine.

I didn’t know what to say or how to react.  I knew I loved him, but I didn’t know if I was ready to start again. If I was ready for the uncertainty of him leaving me again.

“Y/N? Say something, please…”

“What do you want me to say, Luke?”

“That you love me?”

I thought for a moment. I did really love him, but I didn’t know if I should tell him.  Because if I told him, that would be letting him back in again.

“If I said that I loved you what would that make us then?”

“Hopefully on our way to being a happy couple again?”

“It’s not that simple, Luke. I have to go home. I’m already late for work.” I said as I got up and walked out the door leaving Luke behind.

This time he didn’t leave me, I left him and that hurt me just as badly, if not worse than the time he left me.

A/N: Hey Guys its been awhile I’m super sorry! I’ve been really lazy not even going to lie. But now ill be trying my best to fulfill more requests and finishing already started projects. So feel free to send in requests and ill be updating more soon!

Part 3?


here’s Part 1 Part 3

“And you’re my bitch”

Word Count: 2,448

Requested: Yea

Smut: Hell fucking yeah

Warning: They fuck

I exited the hallway, pushing the heavy doors to the school open. School had gotten out about an hour and a half ago, so it was obvious as to why not many students were still on school grounds. My art exhibit is in three days and my piece was coming along great, but unfortunately the fifty-five minutes we’re given to work on it in class wasn’t enough; thus, me staying after school.  I waited for my mom to pick me up, as per usual, but she was always late because of her “hang outs” with her 23 year old boyfriend, Jack. I unlocked my phone, going on tumblr, instagram, and just about all my other social medias rolling my eyes at everyone who has 100 second snapchat stories. Annoying fucks, I murmur while locking my phone. I look around, noticing the peacefulness of the empty parking lot. No annoying freshman, no angry moms, just the emptiness of school. Teachers, of course, being the exception of the last cars present. I walked towards the curb and sat down on the edge of it, fiddling with my phone in hand.

“Y/N,” the annoying voices of the schools “bad boy” squad sounded. How they even know my name was beyond me. But, of course I knew theirs. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Calum’s girlfriend Camie, and their leader; Michael Clifford. His dead blonde hair sticking up in every way blew in the wind. It fascinated me as to how he still has hair considering the amount of times he’s dyed it. They approached me, a look of confusion on my face as to why they’d talk to me; they’ve never done it before, so why bother now? I’m known for my art “skills”, while they’re known for their parties and looks and the amount of fights they’ve gotten into. I stood up, ready to walk away and avoid the situation all together but a hand on my arm stopped me from doing so.

I turned around, facing the bluest eyes on the planet. “What’s up, guys” I breathed out. Luke placed his arm around my shoulder and offered me an actual smile. “Why are you still here,” Camie asked, her hand intertwined with Calum’s. (goals as fuck) I shrugged my shoulders, “My mom is always late.” I smiled at them. “Oh, do you need a ride,” Ashton asked, his hazel eyes staring right back at mine. I shook my head, “thanks anyways,” I looked down, feeling uncomfortable with the situation. “Do we, what’s the word, fluster you, Y/N” Michael asked with a smirk, his hands in the pockets of his jean jacket. “No, you don’t” I snapped at him, rolling my eyes at his cockiness. “Whoa, chill” he placed his hands up in fake surrender. I glared at him whilst he had a smirk on his face. I huffed, not going to wait for my mom any longer whilst hanging out with them. “Goodbye,” I huffed, shaking Luke’s arm off of my shoulder, and walking away. “Bye, kitten” Michael yelled at me while I just flipped him off, beginning my journey home.

After an hour of walking (mostly me getting lost) I had finally made it home, but the worst part was I had forgotten my keys in my bedroom or locker. “Fucking great” I shouted at nothing in particular. “Aw, is the princess having troubles getting inside her house,” the voice I dreaded brought me out of my trance. I turned at him, his oh so famous smirk on his face. I huffed out a breath walking towards him. I looked at him with a blank face, “did you follow me here or are you just naturally creepy?” he laughed at my question, but it was a nice laugh- a genuine laugh.

I looked at him; he had a smile on his face as he dug into his pocket, fishing something out. “You forgot these,” he handed me my keys, I looked at him with a smile, attempting to grab the keys from his hands but he lifted them over his head. I jumped, trying to grab my beloved keys from his hands, but seeing as he’s a good 6’2 and me being a foot shorter than him it was quite the challenge. He laughed at me and I groaned. “Michael,” I drew out, giving up on jumping. “Aw is the princess upset?” he mocked, I jutted out my bottom lip in a pout. This drew his gaze to my lips, his entire demeanor changed by the simple action.

“Michael?” I asked, gaining his attention once again. “What? Yeah,” he shook his head snapping out of his daydream of whatever. “Do I, what’s the word I’m looking for, fluster you?” I mimicked his earlier question with a smirk on my lips. He rolled his eyes with a smile, “No, you don’t, and don’t copy me Y/N!” he whined, I let out a laugh holding my hand out waiting for my keys to be placed in my palm. He looked at it, puzzled he just slapped it with his hand. “My keys please,” I smiled. He sucked in a breath, shaking his head. “Give me the damn keys please,” I tugged on his arm. “Nope,” he popped the ‘p’ in the word. I glared at him, mentally hoping that he would become intimidated by it, but he just laughed. “I will,” I smiled widely at this, “If” I groaned at this, “you let loose with me,” he smiled. I looked down, contemplating my answer then questioning why I should do such a thing.

“Look,” I started, “I don’t see why I should, because it is my house and my keys, so just hand them over and we’ll move on with our lives,” I tugged at his arm once more, pouting. He put his fingers on his chin, stroking it as he pretended to think about his answer. “Hm,” he said, “Let me think. No,” he smiled down at me. I was seriously thinking of kicking him in his shin and taking the keys while he was in agony, but realized that isn’t very nice. “Fine” I let out, monotonously. He looked taken aback, “wait, what?” he looked confused, while I just huffed. “I said fine, I’ll do it,” He smiled and handed me the keys.

I walked towards the front door, finally unlocking the front door. He followed closely behind me as I walked up the stairs and into my room plopping down on my bed. He stood at the doorway, looking around the room. “You have a nice home,” he said. I muttered out a ‘thanks’, plugging in my almost dead phone. He sat on my bed facing me as I got back up from my previous position. He stared at me for a prolonged amount of time until I finally was annoyed at his lack of speech. “Are you gonna say something or just stare,” I snapped. He jumped at my tone and pulled out a bag from his pocket. Four pre-rolled blunts were in the bag. “Weed?” I asked, looking at the contents of the bag. He nodded, “How to let loose. Instructions by M G C” he smiled proudly. “M G C,” I laughed, “What are you, a rapper?” He laughed with me pulling out a blunt from the bag as well as a lighter from his jacket.

“Ready?” He asked, I nodded as he lit the blunt resting in between his red lips. His eyes shut, inhaling the toxins. He held it between two fingers, taking it from his lips and exhaling the smoke. He motioned me to move closer towards him. I moved close to him, our knees touching, as he placed the blunt in-between my lips, his focus purely on them. I inhaled, holding it there before blowing it out. He had a small smile on his face, “Have you done this before,” He asked. I nodded, taking another hit my eyes fluttering close. We continued going back and forth with the joint, each of us taking hit by hit. All the stress from the art exhibit and school in general felt nonexistent. I shifted so I was sitting directly next to Michael, laying my head on his shoulder, watching as his lips wrapped around what was left of the blunt. He looked at me, blowing out the smoke in my face causing me to giggle.

His eyes were now trained on my lips, looking concentrated as he did so. He began leaning in, me reciprocating his actions until our lips met halfway. His soft lips slowly molding with mine as he placed his hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb over the skin while his other was on my thigh drawing soothing patterns. He detached our lips, looking me in the eyes before colliding them once more. I moved my hands to his neck, playing with the hair on his neck. His hands moved to my thighs, adjusting me so I straddled his lap. Our lips began moving furiously together, his tongue tracing the bottom of my lip asking for permission. I opened my mouth, waiting for him to deepen the kiss. He detached our lips, his eyes finding mine. “Is this okay? Are you okay with what might happen?” he asked, concern laced his voice. I nodded eagerly and grabbed the back of his neck, smashing our lips together. We both fought for dominance, but of course he had gained full control over me. I clawed at his jacket, wanting our clothing to be discarded. He hastily gripped it and threw it across the room, his shirt following immediately after displaying his pale chest. He grabbed the end of my shirt and pulled it off for me before pushing me back onto the bed and assaulting my neck with harsh kissed. Moans slipped out of my mouth as he licked a bold stripe up my neck sucking on the skin soon after. I tugged on his hair eliciting a deep groan from his throat, pulling him closer to me.

Michael’s hands found my back, unclasping my bra and flinging it across the room. “God damn, Y/N, you’re fucking beautiful,” his hands planed themselves on my boobs, tweaking with my nipples and rolling the flesh in his hands. I tugged at the waistband of his skinny jeans, wanting them off to feel him properly. He got up off of me, me whining in the process, and attempting to take off the skinny jeans. He was sat at the edge of the bed trying to get the fabric over his legs while I laughed at him. “Stop, you’re ruining the moment,” he whined, finally getting out of the jeans. His cock was strained against his boxers, begging to be released. He tugged at my shorts, bringing my panties down my legs as well leaving me bare on the bed. He bit his bottom lip, his eyes focused on my glistening pussy. He laid down on top of me, our mouths finding each other’s in a kiss with meaning. His hand cradled my face, while my hands rested on his neck. “Ready, kitten?” He murmured against my lips. I nodded, ready for whatever was to come.”Please tell me you aren’t a virgin. Because if you are, I don’t want you to regret your firs-“ I cut him off with my lip on his, needing him much more than I did just a moment ago. “I’m not a fucking virgin. Now, fuck me.” I said, clawing at his chest wanting him inside me. “Beg, kitten. I want you to beg for my cock.” He groaned in my ear, grinding his hardness on my soaked center. Our moans mixed together, sounding through the entire house. “Please. Fuck me, Michael/ I need your thick cock inside me right now. Please.” I shouted. He smirked at my response, releasing his throbbing cock from the confines of his tight boxers. The tip red and leaking pre cum. He went to his jeans, grabbing a condom and returning to my position on the bed. “Put it on me,” he handed the opened condom package to me. I pinched the tip, rolling it on him. He placed himself at my entranced and pushed in, groaning at the feel of my walls hugging him tightly. “So,” he thrusted, “fucking tight,” I moaned at his words while he continued to have your pelvis meet his with every thrust. All of them sending you over the edge as the feeling in your stomach kept building. My fingers dug in to his back, creating scratches and small crescents in the soft skin. He moaned out my name before I screamed his. His thrust began to get sloppier; his hand crept down to rub my clit drawing figure eights sending me over the edge. I clenched around him, moaning more frequently as he pounded into my pussy. “I’m go-gonna-“ I couldn’t contain my screams as I let go, cumming all over his cock. “Fuck,” he shouted, stilling inside of me before releasing into the condom as he collapsed on me. I played with his hair, completely unable to move due to the soreness between my legs and the fact that he was still inside me.

Michael began to kiss my collar bones in a soothing and loving way, letting me fall asleep with no worries.  

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock annoyingly sounding in my ear, to which I responded with a groan and hitting the off button. I turned over, expecting a blonde head of hair but was left with a cold pillow. Nothing near to what I had wanted. But I should’ve known that a boy like him would never stay. I got out of bed, the aching between my legs adding to my already ruined mood though I continued to get ready for the day.

I pushed open the doors of hell (school), approaching my locker but was surprised when a head of blonde hair had already beat me to it. Michael’s green eyes looking back into mine, a smile rested on his face when I acknowledged him. Running up to him, I jumped in his open arms as he held me by my thighs. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him, passion being the only thing we focused on. “You think I would leave a girl like you?” He muttered a fake pout on his full lips as I just smiled shaking my head. “You’re a dork.” I pecked his lips as he set me down. “And you’re my bitch,” I slapped his arm, scoffing at his response. “Sorry, sorry. You’re my girl.”

Fuck yeah, consent. I like boys who use consent and aren’t scum bags

Also, my sister’s ex bf is named Michael and I kept on cringing while writing this but its all good in the Calum Hood

And soz to all you Calum girls

Xx Nirvana

“Babe,” Luke squished your cheek with his finger, poking it one more time when you didn’t answer. “Babe, what’s wrong.” He asked, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Babe,” He drawled out for the tenth time when he still never got an answer from you.

Your boyfriend sighed, grabbing hold of your shoulders and spinning you around to face him. “Babe please tell me what’s wrong.” He mumbled, hand cupping your face and thumb brushing over your cheek. You paused, before looking away from his gaze and blurting out.

“Why are you with me?” Luke almost jerked back when the words left your mouth. “What?” He exclaimed, eyes shooting wide. “What the hell does that mean?”

You muttered something incoherent, not making any sense and earning Luke to ask you the question again. “Why are you with me? Y’know, you could date anyone. Hell, you could be with any Victoria’s Secret you wanted? Why are you wasting your time with me?”

Luke let out a long breath, reaching down to grab your hands. “Babe, I don’t want a Victoria’s Secret model-” You cut off your boyfriend. “Why, you could have anyone and-”

This time he cut you off. “Because babe. You’re perfect to me. I want you.”

Either way y'all need to get over it

I’ve already made a post about this but I don’t care cos I’m still mind blown tbh. Why is everyone upset about this fucking Rolling Stones interview? Even if everything in it is 100% true and nothing’s twisted or exaggerated (which I highly doubt) what is there to be upset over? I’m so confused, genuinely. It’s so immature, as if you didn’t know they party like hell and took advantage of the fact that girls wanted to sleep with them, it’s not as if they took advantage of the actual girls.
Argument for exaggeration: Do you really believe 16/17 y/o awkward, lanky Luke was able to get with any girl he wanted? Do you remember that guy? Do you think they need to drag other artists to make themselves look good? I’m not a particularly big fan of JB but do you think they would’ve said he had his own album on loop to make fun of him? We all know they listen to their own music sometimes so that doesn’t even make sense. Do you seriously think the boys would be allowed to say half the shit in there? They’ve more than likely had media training, like any artist, about how to conduct themselves in interviews, even how to answer questions precisely so they don’t ramble or say anything that has the slightest chance of making them look bad cos some fans are so uptight. I personally don’t believe that 5sos are unprofessional, do you think that they would be as hungover as the article says they were? They may have been partying the night before but not all 4 of them would’ve been completely dead the next morning and I’m pretty sure if they were they wouldn’t have told the interviewer. Also do you think Arzaylea would’ve been allowed to take part in an interview about the band? If she was even allowed to sit in on it? For all we know the interviewer saw her in passing or asked her questions before/after the interview to make friendly conversation and put it in the article to stir shit up.

Argument that everything’s 100% factual: So what if they slept with every single person that threw themselves at them? So what if they had sex with more than one person at once? You all preach about how there’s nothing wrong with having lots of sex if you’re a girl bc it doesn’t make you a slut, but now Luke and Calum are fuck boys? Calling Luke sexist for stating that they have endless possibilities with women? That’s true, y'all would jump at the chance to fuck your fav! What’s wrong with Ash wanting more male fans? We all talk about how we wish more guys/older people would give 5sos a chance. So why is it different when Ashton says it? Y'all want them to be more pop-punk/punk-rock and get more credit in those genres, how much more punk can you get than mad parties 24/7, endless sex and interviews where they’re hungover as hell? They look like guys that don’t care and that’s literally what punk-rock is all about.

The only thing that pissed me off about the article is honestly the fact that music is hardly mentioned, seriously that’s the only reason I’m here. Leave the drama behind cos I cba with that shit. The other thing that pissed me off..there’s a huge section on Arzaylea like, sorry, who gives a fuck? If she was allowed to take part in the interview about the band it’s extremely unprofessional on the guys’ part but it also looks bad on the interviewer, how many other Rolling Stone pieces have huge chunks on the girlfriends of band members?? “Media influencer” wtf is that?? Lol.

Small Fingers (Michael Smut)

wrote this for a friend and decided to post it ;)
Rated: R


Michael and I were at Luke’s apartment, hanging with the boys and goofing around. Michael ordered pizza, Calum brought beers, Ashton and Luke brought chips.

We were all sitting around teasing Michael about his short fingers. I sat in Michael’s lap as usual, his hands around my waist, and my head in the crook of his neck. I picked up his hands to show how short they actually were, when he yanked his hand back and stood us both up.

His actions surprised me. Luke Calum and Ashton and I were just messing around, why is he so upset?

“We are leaving, we forgot to close the backdoors of our apartment.” Michael said calmly, dragging me out by the wrist.

I, still very confused, asked, “Michael, what the hell is wrong with you? We were just messing around, I love your small hands.” The reconcile I was trying to achieve was not working.

Out in the car, I stared out of the window until we got home. Michael, again, grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me inside.

“Small hands huh? Did you forget all the times I’ve made you feel so fucking good with my ‘small hands’? I guess you did, and I guess I’ll have to remind you.”

Michael pushed me against the wall, kissing my lips so hard I could feel them bruising. My hands traveled from his hair to his waist, fumbling with the hem of his shirt. He pulled away to take it off, and I decided mine should go too. His lips attached to my neck, his hands gripping my hips tightly, probably leaving marks as he marks me his.

He pressed me up against the wall so tightly that when he backed away, my feet connected to the ground with a thump. He gave me this look of dominance accompanied with complete lust.

I follow him to the couch, falling into the cushion before he could. Michael’s mouth makes it to my weak spot on my neck, sucking harshly and biting the skin. His fingers traveled south, getting closer and closer to my core. My hips bucked into his hand, and he chuckled.

“Someone’s needy.” I whimpered in response.

“Do something, Mikey.” I moaned out, wanting his touch more than anything.

“No, this is punishment, bad girls don’t get to come so soon.” My jeans were taken off along with my soaked panties. Michael sucked on my nipples, giving each the same amount of assault.

When he finished, he sat up and leaned back on the couch, looking at me expectedly.

“Get down on your knees, baby girl.” I moaned at the thought of having him in my mouth, tasting him and pleasuring him.

I unzipped his tight jeans and pulled down his boxer briefs. His member sprung free, looking painfully red. I began at his balls, massaging until I felt like he had enough teasing. I spat in my hand, beginning to rub his shaft. He moaned loudly and my confidence rose. My mouth attached to his tip, and the dominance Michael was holding onto faded away.

His hips bucked into my mouth, but I didn’t mind. The sensation of me gagging sent him teetering on the edge. He was a moaning mess. I went down one more time, sucking harder, when his load went down my throat in spurts.

He pulled me back up to kiss my lips, and to push me back on the couch. His lips trailed down the valley of my breasts, leaving hickeys as he went, looking up at me.

His lips connected to my clit, sucking harshly as I began writhing underneath him. He had to put an arm over my hips to stop the movement.

He licked a strip over my heat, making me moan out. I felt a finger enter me, curling and pumping in and out. I moaned Michael’s name and pulled on his hair. Another finger immersed into me, stretching my walls and pleasuring me even more.

“You’re close, Kitten, c'mon, come for me. Be a good girl.”

His words sent me into another world and into euphoria. All I saw was white as I climaxed. He licked me clean before pulling me to his chest and cuddling me.

“Remember this when you call my fingers short, Y/N.”

Hanging On Part Three

Hanging On  [Part Two]

“You can’t be serious,” Luke scoffs looking at Jenna; you frown as he takes a deep breath and starts to laugh,

“You think I’d pick you over y/n?” He asks. Her face falls as you slowly start to get dressed properly, in case you needed to, you know, run away or jump out a window or something.

“What?” She whispers.

“I love this woman, a hell of a lot, and even after 5 years she is still the person I think about 99% of the time!”


“Oh shit,” You whisper covering your mouth.

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A thing about shipping that I hope that all upcoming revival series take note of:

(in our time of impending new Han/Leia, and new Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and X-Files having already failed me in this regard, WHY–)

As someone whose #1 hobby has been shipping since I was a wee little six year old nerd just hoping Jeannie and Major Nelson would admit their true love already, here is an observation that I am going to throw out into the universe and hope that perhaps somehow, on some spiritual plane, it reaches certain people. *cough AMY SHERMAN PALLADINO cough*

When planning a return to a beloved story, I suspect that some storytellers/showrunners might have the impulse to say, “This couple whose love you’ve loved so much has been broken up for the entire gap between when you saw them last and when you’ll see them now! Yep, they’ve been apart for years! This way, you can watch them reconcile onscreen! Being an established couple is boring! All the will-they-won’t-they drama – that’s the REAL good stuff!” Because, basically, they think that this will make the more entertaining viewing material.

But the fact is that when fans really love the pairing, they are usually not going to be down with this move, which most of the time really reads like an unnecessary, shallow, and lazy attempt to create narrative tension.

Most shippers who have been really invested in a pairing for YEARS don’t want to imagine Mulder and Scully broken up for seven years (WHY), or Han and Leia getting a space divorce after two months of marriage back in 1983 or whatever space year it was (PLEASE LORD LET THEM BE HAPPY OLD MARRIEDS IN THE MOVIE; also, can you tell I don’t know very much about Star Wars and so I just put the word ‘space’ in front of everything?), or – I tell you it stresses me out just to type it — Luke and Lorelai not having been happily together since the series ended in 2007.

When returning to a beloved story that has been gone for a long time, fans – and shippers in particular (maybe?) – don’t want yet more drama.

What a lot of fans and shippers really want is the knowledge that, even in the time we’ve been apart from them, these couples have been happy together. Sure, it might not sound very dramatic and exciting, but if it’s a ship that has been around for LITERALLY YEARS and had a long and tumultuous journey to their happy ending, we want to know that that happy ending stuck.

I promise: there is nothing disappointing about watching couples stay together and go through life as a team – especially since, for many people, that’s what’s striven for in real life, rather than endless uncertainty and convoluted drama.

So give us Han and Leia celebrating their 30th anniversary. Give us Luke and Lorelai with eight more years of snarky domestic bliss behind them. (And maybe conveniently reveal that the whole Mulder/Scully breakup thing was a huge red herring simply designed to crush our souls for sport, and really Mr. and Mrs. Spooky are doing just fine.)


please repeat the fuck after me; we will not judge calum for the decisions he makes in his life. for god’s sake he is a 19 year old boy who is most likely still trying to figure himself out. criticizing him 24/7 and making him feel like shit will not make anything better. 

i feel like a lot of these so called “fans” need to take a step back and realize that he does a hell of a lot to make us happy. he’s trying so hard to please every single one of us and honestly he doesn’t even have to do that but he still wants too. sending him love and positive vibes are a must because one day it could all get to him and if i ever see something happen to him over all of this hate, i will be so heated. 

calum thomas hood will forever be the most perfect person in my eyes no matter what he does. no fuck that, all four of those boys will always be perfect. we all need to remember why we’re fans of this stupid band in the first place. they do everything specifically for us and if you’re here to make them feel hated and/or judged, don’t let the door hit your fake ass on the way out.

Christmas Eve (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“Why the hell did we put this off for so long?” Luke sighed, as he hung up another bauble. “Because you’ve been on tour until a week ago and then you slept until yesterday” I replied, handing Luke a sparkly reindeer decoration. “It's Christmas in like 30 minutes and we’re still decorating. Procrastination level 7000, babe” he said, laughing.

“Last few, Lukey-” “DIBS ON THE STAR ON TOP!!!” Luke yelled, suddenly grabbing the biggest star, cutting me short. “Oh my god, you are the only one who can reach it anyway!” I said, laughing. “Ehh that’s true but I’m used to fighting about it with my brothers!” he said, kissing the top of my head as I stepped back, letting him put the star on top of the tree.

“Lights, babe” Luke whispered, carefully stepping back, surprisingly not tripping over his feet. I nodded, switching off the normal lights and switching on the lights on the Christmas tree. “Oh my god” I said softly, looking up at our tree as Luke stood next to me, his arm over my shoulder. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked, kissing my temple and I nodded leaning into his side, looking at our first Christmas tree together.

“I love you, babe” Luke whispered, turning me to face him. “I love you too” I said, smiling at him, feeling his hands gripping my waist so I stood on my toes, pressing my lips to his. I reached up, running my hands through his hair, holding his face as he ran his tongue along the top of my lip. I smiled, parting my lips, letting his tongue slip into my mouth, pressing myself closer to him and his tongue roamed my mouth, finally tangling with mine, making him softly moan.

I felt his hands slip under his YOU COMPLETE MEss T-shirt that I was wearing, resting on the small of my back for a few seconds before he ran it up and down my back, not breaking the kiss. He moaned, pulling away, reaching for the hem of my t-shirt, pressing his hips to mine. “Luke, really? In front of the tree?” I breathed out, laughing softly as I felt his growing bulge pressing to me. “It’s kind of romantic, really. It’s not like Santa is watching through the tree!” he said, shrugging and kissing my forehead.

“Go for it then, babe!” I said, giggling. He smiled at me, gently pulling my tshirt off, “Away from the tree” I told Luke and he nodded, throwing it on the opposite side of the room, quickly reaching for my shorts, unbuttoning them, “Me me me” he urged, making me laugh a little as I got his tshirt off, then pulled his tracks down, and he stepped out of them.

Luke kissed my lips, slowly dragging them down to my neck, softly nibbling his way down my chest, massaging my boobs through my bra as his lips moved down my stomach until he was sitting on his knees in front of me. He knew body kisses were my weakness so Luke lingered around my belly button for a few seconds, his hands holding my lower back and he looked up at me, smiling as I ran my hands through his hair.

“You know me too well” I whispered, as he slid my shorts off, holding my hands and helping me out of them, his lips quickly finding their way to my legs, placing soft, wet kisses up my thigh, his hands grabbing my bum as he switched to the other thigh, making me let out a low moan. I closed my eyes and felt Luke pull my panties down, and his hands left me for a few seconds so I opened my eyes, seeing Luke standing up again.

My hands automatically went to his silly ninja turtles underwear, pulling it down and he stepped out of it, his hands reaching behind me to undo my bra. Luke touched his forehead to mine, “I’m so in love with you..” he whispered, placing a soft kiss on my lips, both of us smiling too much to make it last long.

I felt one of his fingers rubbing my slit, so I kissed him again, as he slowly rubbed my clit, “Luke..” I moaned, hiding my face in the crook of his neck, holding his sides as he moved a finger into me, moving it in circles. “One more, baby..” I said, kissing his neck, feeling his heart rate pick up slightly as he moved a second finger into me, moving them in me in a come hither motion.

I felt Luke pull his fingers out, “Sit..” he said, sinking to his knees, holding my back so tight that I didn’t have any option but to sit on his outstretched legs, wrapping my legs around his waist. I looked at Luke, noticing the Christmas lights catching the blonde of his hair, and how beautiful his eyes looked in the dim lights.

“I’m so lucky to have you, Luke..” I whispered, kissing him softly, but me lingering on his lips for a few seconds longer did something to the two of us because suddenly we got more grabby, the kiss getting deeper, and I gently pushed Luke’s shoulder so he would lie down. “Really?” he asked, his eyes full of boyish excitement as I placed my hands on his chest. “Why the hell not?” I said, smiling at him.

I felt him hold my waist as I lifted myself up, slowly lowering myself on to him, gasping as I adjusted to him. “Are you okay, beautiful?” he asked and I nodded, using his arms for support as I lifted myself up again, my eyes involuntarily closing as I lowered myself, hearing a deep moan escape Luke’s lips.

“Oh my fucking god, baby..” he said through clenched teeth as I continued to take him a little deeper each time, feeling him touching every single nerve inside me, forcing me to grab on to his sides. Luke’s grip on my waist got tighter as he took control, helping me ride him, both of us finding the right pace. We were going fast enough for us to be unable to even open our eyes but slow enough for it to be the most romantic sex we’ve ever had.

I rested my hands on Luke’s stomach, feeling it clenching each time I lowered myself on him, my insides tightening around him, barely able to keep going anymore because my legs felt like jelly.

“Luke, I-I’m so fucking..” I could barely complete the sentence, “I know, baby, I know” he breathed out, lifting me up and helping me lower myself one last time, as I felt both of us reaching our highs, mumbling swears mixed with each others’ names.

My inner thighs felt like they were on fire, and I looked down at Luke, a silly smile plastered on his face, and his chest slightly dotted with sweat. “Come on, baby” Luke breathed out, pulling me down so I could sleep on his chest. “Are you okay?” Luke asked, rubbing my back. “I’m great” I replied, giggling. “Do you want me to get you anything to eat or drink?” Luke offered, and I nodded, “Hot chocolate”

“You’re so cliched, babe. It’s summer!” “YOU AAAASKED!” I whined, kissing his chest, looking at him. “I kind of want hot chocolate too so I’ll get us that and my laptop so we can listen to Christmas songs. Come on.” Luke said, helping me up to my feet, then quickly picking me up, making me squeal.

He carried me to the sofa, carefully sitting me down on it, kissing my forehead before sprinting off into the kitchen, emerging a few minutes later with the hot chocolate, and then got his laptop from our bedroom.

He sat down on the sofa, pulling me between his legs, quickly gasping. “What?” I asked, turning around and saw Luke’s lips curl into an excited grin.

“Christmas kisses time! It’s midnight, look!” Luke yelled, pressing his lips to mine. “Happy Christmas, Lukey” I whispered, smiling at him, “Happychristmas, princess. I love you” Luke replied, as he pulled me closer to himself so my back was pressed against his bare chest, and he quietly hummed a familiar Christmas song, resting his chin on my shoulder.

Why would I need any other Christmas presents when I had Luke?


Material List

a rl thing that happened probably
  • Ashton: luke you're the cutest boy that I've ever seen
  • Luke: that can't be possible
  • Ashton: and why not?
  • Luke: cuz you've seen your own reflection :-)
  • Ashton: awwWWW <3 you're still cuter, though
  • Luke: no you're cuter
  • Ashton: no you are
  • Michael: oh my gOd will you two shut up, obviously calum is the cutest one...just fucking look at him
  • Calum: you tell 'em honeypie, I'm cute as hell