why the hell am i still typing this

Just got to do some woodworking for the first time in a long while, and I am once again reminded of why I enjoy my favorite type of word to work with: Purpleheart.

Why’s it called purpleheart?

Muthafuckin’ purple wood. How cool is that? It’s brown when you cut it, but due to oxidization, eventually turns to a beautiful purple color. (if you don’t seal it at this stage, it’ll eventually turn red, I believe, which is still pretty, but you buy purpleheart for purple, damnit!)

And everything you make with it turns out amazing.

Purple floors?


Purple stairs?


Purple table?


Purple guitar?


Purple whatever the hell is going on here?


It’s just such a cool wood to work with, and it’s sturdy enough to be used for just about anything. If I ever get a house, half of it might just end up being made out of purpleheart.

Anyway, that’s enough nerdery for one post. I will now return to reblogging stupid pictures and recipes.


Percy: Okay everybody listening, yeah? Well I have known Nico since a long time now, and as happy I am to him being married to a boy who he deserve. I am still wondering…
Nico: Not again please.
Annabeth: Don’t Percy.
Everyone else: He’s gonna say it.
Percy: Nico, why the hell I am not you type?
Nico: *facepalm*
Annabeth: I wonder why I am your wife.
Will: *smiles awkwardly*

Why Regina and Emma

Been thinking about what it is about Regina and Emma. After rewatching the S1 thru S3 3 times now, when your really think about how long Regina was stuck in that town where time stood still. Before Regina adopted Henry, she was basically in this Ground Hog type situation, every day..for freaking 18yrs! Then she adopts Henry, who helps give her something to focus on, but still, she is stuck in this daily routine. I am sure each day had something diff, she obviously loved cooking, being a witch, that would make sense. Gardening possibly another hobby to keep her mind stimulated, but for the most part, this very intelligent, emotional woman was living a dull, boring hell of a life, except with Henry. That’s why she still wasn’t happy. Then one day…this blonde whirlwind comes in, things start to change. Think about it, Emma gave Regina a challenge, a real challenge, to her intellect, emotions etc. She felt alive, even though on the surface she may of hated Emma, deep down, she felt that fire, something that had been missing for 28 freaking years. That’s WHY it will always be Regina and Emma…Endgame..no matter what.