why the heck this show is so dark

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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“You even killed my younger brothers. Nice!
Osomatsu, the best big brother in the world

Episode 18 of Osomatsu-san was such a blast. It was just a race to see who becomes the protag and man…was that something. :D (never trust this show)

Anyways,I got home pretty late tonight, so I just finished these sketches I had sitting after watching the episode that I figured I’d just post for the heck of it. Dunno who watches the show, but oh well. 
I don’t know why I find Osomatsu’s look like this fun, but it just was. Only losing his coveralls in that ray blast is pretty amazing.
Every week he keeps growing on becoming a favorite of mine. 

Oh, a couple doodle filler normal Oso I added for whatever reason.