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Tony and Peter come back to earth so Tony can introduce Pepper/Rhodey to his and Peters new child.

“Wow! It looks exactly like last time.” says Peter when they are in the living room of the Stark Tower.

“Well since we were here a year ago and nobody else lives here, yeah it does.” grins Tony and Peter sticks his tongue out.

He goes over towards their bedroom and opens the door. They are visiting earth because of their son. Tony said he wanted him to live on earth and space. Kinda like them.

So Rocket flew them here a few minutes ago but will leave again and help the guardians on xander out.

Peter looks at one of the wardrobe doors. The door leads towards a wardrobe bigger than his room is on the milano. Normally the door is a dark brown.

Now it’s a bright green.

“Uh Starlight?” calls Peter and looks at the door. Why the fuck would somebody come in here and paint the door green?

“Yes darling?” asks Tony back and a moment later he enters the room. Their son is still sleeping on his arm. Peter looks at them and smiles. Gosh he loves them so much.

“Your wardrobe door is green.” says Peter then and shows it to Tony.

“What the…” starts Tony and then looks down at his son.

“Heck?” he tries and Peter giggles. Tony tries so hard to be a good father and if you ask Peter he is the best.

“Well open it!” says Tony then and Peter does.

“Fuck.” says Peter and Tony gasps. But then he can see whats behind the door and swears, too.

Its a nursery. And what a wonderful one. There is a cute little crib on their right. A changing table and so many toys.

“Do you like it?” asks Pepper behind them and Peter nearly jumps at that.

Tony turns around to her and Peter can see tears in his eyes.

“I l-love it.” says Tony and sobs. Peter takes his son from him, so Tony can hug Pepper. Peter sees now Rhodey behind Pepper and nods at him. Rhodey smiles back.

Peter has met Pepper and Rhodey a lot in the last years and he really likes them. (He may be a bit afraid of Pepper, but who isn’t?)

“Thank you, Pepper. Its really beautiful.” says Peter when Tony hugs Rhodey and kisses him wetly on the cheek.

“Its nothing. We made it two weeks ago, when we knew you would come home.” answers Rhodey and Pepper nods.

“Well now lets see our godson! I’m still angry at you for not showing us any pictures! I mean he is already 6 months.” says Pepper and Tony steps in front of Peter and his son.

“Uhm wait a minute, please?” says Tony and he takes a big breath.

“What is it?” asks Rhodey and he sounds worried.

“You know uhm… Peter and i are both…man and we can’t give birth to a child.” stutters Tony and Pepper rolls her eyes.

“Yeah no shit.” says Rhodey and Tony glares at him for using a swearword in front of his baby boy.

“Anyway…he isn’t human.” says Tony and looks down. He isn’t embarrassed of his son. He loves him more than the whole world. He would die for him.

But he is afraid that Pepper and Rhodey would look at him weirdly.
He can’t have them look at his son like that.

He remembers that when he was a kid everybody used to stare at him, just because he was famous. And now people would stare at his son…just because he doesn’t look like them.

Its hurts him. But he wouldn’t change a single thing about his son.

“Oh.” says Pepper but she just sounds surprised not disgusted. Peter goes over to her and takes the blanket from his son.

Pepper and Rhodey are silent. Tony wants to take his son back, but then Pepper takes him from Peter.

She snuffles and cuddles him.

“Whats his name?” asks Rhodey and he smiles. Tony can’t believe his luck. They like him.

“Yim.” says Tony and Rhodey nods. Its a mixture out of Jim and Yondu, that Tony made up. Peter loves him so much.

“Hey Yimmy.” says Rhodey now and holds his hand out. Yim grabs a finger and giggles.

“Oh he likes you.” says Pepper and then she is crying happily.

“Everybody likes me.” answers Rhodey easily and Tony laughs.

“He is beautiful.” says Pepper and Peter has to agree.

He doesn’t care that their son has blue skin. He doesn’t care that his son has aerials and purple eyes. He loves him, just the way Tony loves him.

Its their son. Thats the only thing that matters.

Also……….. is it just me or…. is it really something different and signifigant about Cisco’s breakthrough with Killer Frost???? Sure Barry and Julian both forced Caitlin to come back with emotional appeals. And poof. Caitlin is back. For a bit. 

But when Killer Frost came back and it was outside of Caitlin’s control (and even though Cisco even tried to stop it) everyone said she was gone permanently unless they medically forced her back with a cure. Cisco kept sincerely reminding her how much he cared about Caitlin, not just “this isn’t you” but also “when i think about the memories I cherish most, you’re in every one of them.” And it didn’t work because she tried to freeze him out… but he wouldn’t let her, he wouldn’t hurt her, he tried to protect her from Savitar and even HIMSELF…. 

and what really got to her is when he gave her the choice to be Caitlin. So when someone else threatened him and she saved him…. He had gotten through to Killer Frost, instead of just forcing her to turn back into Caitlin. and when he let her go… she was still becoming a New Caitlin. But he warmed Killer Frost’s heart. And allowed Caitlin to come back on her own terms.

I know the show will probably never try to explain Killer Frost’s motives or why she changes, particularly around Cisco whom she tried so often to kill… but I think it would kinda make sense if Killer Frost seemingly hates Cisco the most because she knows he’s the one who Caitlin cares about the most. 

Heck, Killer Frost even kinda wants him to go dark and join her so she can have him on her side (but she knows it’ll never happen). It makes sense then that once Cisco’s gotten through not simply to Caitlin but to Killer Frost… then when his life is in danger, Caitlin’s true underlying feelings are able to peek through enough to save him. But boy before then Killer Frost sure is really trying to shut him out… Maybe because Killer Frost knew Cisco was the most likely to get through… like…. All I know is Caitlin’s dark, alter ego had one of the strongest reactions to him.

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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“You even killed my younger brothers. Nice!
Osomatsu, the best big brother in the world

Episode 18 of Osomatsu-san was such a blast. It was just a race to see who becomes the protag and man…was that something. :D (never trust this show)

Anyways,I got home pretty late tonight, so I just finished these sketches I had sitting after watching the episode that I figured I’d just post for the heck of it. Dunno who watches the show, but oh well. 
I don’t know why I find Osomatsu’s look like this fun, but it just was. Only losing his coveralls in that ray blast is pretty amazing.
Every week he keeps growing on becoming a favorite of mine. 

Oh, a couple doodle filler normal Oso I added for whatever reason. 

A little bit late but yay Jamala made it to the final of Eurovision! I mean I was pretty sure she would make it, but still BIG YAY! Thank you, all the amazing people who voted for Ukraine, it’s appreciated. Now, of course after the results were announced I went to internet to read what people thought about her performance and I find out a lot of nice comments, which is again really appreciated also I saw some comments which were… well I can’t said negative, because it’s not the word I need here. I guess it’s safe to say that some people were a little bit confused? They didn’t understand what was that song really about, why was Jamala so emotional while performing, why we choose “political” song for the contest were a lot of people just want to have fun? And could you blame them? It’s hard to see a whole picture when you don’t know the details. So I decided I’ll try to clarify a few main things here, just to help you all understand everything better.

1. “Who is she?”

This is Jamala

                               She’s really pretty, isn’t she?

She has an amazing voice, I think you all know that already, I mean you did heard her singing, right?

Jamala’s full name is Susana Camaladinova. She’s Ukrainian singer but her nationality is Crimean Tatarian. Crimean Tatars are one of the biggest ethnic groups in Ukraine. They live mostly on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (which is part of Ukraine currently occupied by R.ussia). Jamala was born in Kyrgyzstan, but soon after that her family returned to Crimea, where she lived before she moved to Kyiv to study in National Music Academy of Ukraine. Why was her family in Kyrgyzstan in the first place? Because they were one of the victims of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 (cue to the name of the song).  

 2. “What is this deportation really about?” 

 I’m going to quote some Wikipedia now, because my English is not good enough to describe everything with my own words. 

“ During the WW2, after the liberation on Crimea in May 1944 the USSR State Defense Committee ordered the removal of all of the Tatar population from Crimea, including the families of Crimean Tatars serving in the Soviet Army - in trains and boxcars to Central Asia, primarily to Uzbekistan. This deportation was ordered by Joseph Stalin as a form of collective punishment for alleged collaboration of some Crimean tatarians with the Nazi occupation regime (which was mostly bullshit and never happened). 

 They even deported soldiers who were part of Soviet Army, when the war was over (which is like whole new level of shitty) and those few who weren’t deported were forbid to live in Crimean. Only in 1989 when Soviet Union was living it’s last days (years, but let me be poetic) they were allowed to come back home. During the deportation which started in the early morning 18 May 1944 and ended 20 may 1944 over 230,000 people were deported, almost half of them (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It’ was genocide of Crimean tatars.   

 3. “1944” 

 Jamala’s song is about these events. You just have to listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand. Oh by the way, speaking about lyrics – there is this part in her song which she sings in Crimean tatarian language. It’s part of one of their national songs, which they used to sing in deportation.   

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım

Men bu yerde yaşalmadım

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım

Men bu yerde yaşalmadım

vatanima toyalmadim

which translates like  

I could not spend my youth there

Because you took away my land

I could not spend my youth there

Because you took away my land

I couldn’t have my homeland

Let’s just watch again, shell we?

 4. “Why do you bring it up now? It’s sad, but it’s in the past, why is it suddenly so important?”

Because it’s happening again. Since you all know in 2014 R.ussia occupied Crimean and declared that it’s a part of their country now. And they started oppression of Crimean tatars all over again. They are banning their tv channels, closing their libraries, newspapers, they are haunting down some of them, a lot of Crimean tatars activists were gone missing, some of them where find killed later. They even denied Crimean tatars the right to honor the anniversary of their deportation (18 th May). They banned some of the crimean tatars leaders and now they are forbid to ever come to Crimea (sounds familiar, huh?) and a few weeks ago they officially forbid Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

I hope you see what is happening, the history is repeating itself, Crimean tatars are forced to leave their homes once again and those who stay there have really hard times.

This is why it hurts so much, this is why Jamala is so emotional about this song, this is why it’s so personal to her.

5.  “Eurovision is not a place for such a topics, it’s too serious and dark.”

Listen I know that Eurovision is this crazy freak show (I’m saying this in the most kindly way, because I love every second of it), but you know what else Eurovision is? It’s kind of the big deal, it gets a lot of attention (heck they are even showing it in USA this year) and it’s a perfect place to be heard. It’s a perfect place to make people listen. This is what we’re doing this year, we’re trying to make you listen to us, listen to the pain of Crimean tatars, who have to come through all this horrors all over again.  It’s important so their suffering at least be recognized by world.

Okay, so I hope I didn’t bored you to death with all this and at least someone actually read this. My point of all this rant was to make you see more than on the surface, give you more details, help you to understand better. You’re free to ignore me, you’re free to not like our song (everyone has own taste after all), but if you do like it, if you like the performance, if you like her voice and maybe if everything I wrote here added more depth to the song for you, please vote for Ukraine, show us your support, show Crimean tatars that the world see, the world understand it would mean a lot and it would be really appreciated.  

 Thank you for your attention. 

I hope you all will enjoy the final of Eurovision! 

2ps as things i've said

2p!America/Allen: “you know those people in those as seen on TV ads, where everything’s in grey and they just can’t do anything right? like they’ll literally just be holding a cup or something and they can’t even do that correctly? well, yeah, that’s my life.”

2p!Canada/James: “i own so many flannels yet no one knows i’m a lesbian. how do i make it more obvious??? wear my gay pride pin???”

2p!England/Oliver: “nothing will ever make me feel better.
[…wanna bake something with me?]

2p!France/Francoise: *after getting my braces on* “the pain i feel in my teeth still won’t compare to the pain i feel in my heart.”

2p!Russia/Viktor: “i show no emotion. i can push anyone away.
*sees a video of a puppy, begins sobbing*

2p!China/Xiao: “what the heck. there are so many pretty girls here, and not ONE wants to date me?! not ONE?!?! here i am, looking perfectly dateable, and i get ignored.”

2p!Italy/Luciano: “i swear, if he hurts her, i will shove his face into the deep fryer.
[why a deep fryer?]
listen, i’m tired, i’m hungry, and i’ve already used all my best torture techniques.”

2p!Germany/Lutz: “you don’t know me until you’ve seen me at four in the morning. i have no filter and sometimes i roll around on the ground like a puppy.”

2p!Japan/Kuro: “does it count as porn if i saw it in an anime?”

2p!Prussia/Gilen: “i crave affection, but whenever someone i don’t know tries to be nice to me, i shut down faster than an imac.”

2p!Romano/Flavio: “don’t go on my tumblr. literally 90% of it is just me talking about me being gay. the other 10% is me when i thought i was bisexual, and we all know how that turned out.”

-Admin Rei


And it’s finished @w@ The background took me longer than expected, but at least it turned out decently. Heck, I haven’t drawn such a complex traditional picture in a while x’D It was fun, however in between I was like “ffff… why you smudge markers? Why you get so dark?! asdfg inking accident” Ctrg+Z would’ve been nice every now and then

I love it how the ink reflects light and it’s visible on the photos… not

Will scan and fix it in Photoshop tomorrow, I better clean up my desk for now u__u;

Last photo (cellphone) shows the markers I mainly used for the picture. I think I sorted some in in the middle of the process, however they’re not… that much actually o o;; There are also multiple ones of the same color (C3 and G00 for example) because they run dry in process u__u Didn’t keep track of the polychromos I used though