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Joe Biden + Guide to Troubled Birds 

-autumnal asks-

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone (if you haven’t had your first kiss, who would you like that first someone to be?)

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

“Leave the battlefield
Yet its horrors never heal
Coming home from war
Pieces don’t fit anymore”

Hint: No, he really isn’t fine. 

My sorry attempt at trying to illustrate little Jack’s PTSD. Which I believe he has. I mean, he fought in a war against machines slaughtering men, women, children, even babies, slaughtering every human being in their sight, and he’s probably seen his fair share of bodies. This has been inspired by the above mentioned song (Confusion by Metallica, which is an amazing song if you ask me!) as well as some recent RP I’ve had with amazing people. 

The football jersey he’s wearing? Guess he wasn’t the Quarterback or Running Back after all, but rather offense line according to the number he was given. But the 76 pun was just too good to pass up. It was also the only goddamn piece of clothing in his old room that still fit him. All his other shirts were simply a lot too small. Guess that’s what you get for joining the SEP.

Also the Bloomington High School does actually have a football team called Purple Raiders. I didn’t pick the colors for their jerseys. They did.

Special guest: His mom, who’s a super sweet and loving person, I bet.

svt as things my classmates (and i) have said

seungcheol: assert dominance over the youngins by constantly reminding them of how old you are

jeonghan: I like hitting 2 things at once

joshua: yo hoe, welcome to the show, we should probably go, or we’ll be late and that’s a no-no *random hand gestures*


hoshi: are dolphins’ dicks the same blue-grey colour as the rest of their bodies

wonwoo: isn’t hermaphrodite the name of the goddess (my other friend: THAT’S APHRODITE)

woozi: come here so I can hit you with my slap bracelet

dokyeom: I’M NOT A SEAHORSE (idk why so many of these are related to marine life but just go with it)

mingyu: grapes are allergic to dogs


seungkwan: I’m only here so I don’t disappoint my mom

vernon: at least we have memes to dull the pain of existence

dino: what would happen if every blood vessel in your body was suddenly replaced with a pipe

a colt bc its short like him and a set of lock pick bc he has to pick locks duh

(thank you anon for requesting!! tho I feel like this is neither very fluid nor soothing. if anything the green is kinda scary. or maybe its just me after staring at this for too long while my minds somewhere else)

request post aged 70 years in an oaken box right this way

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Two words. Three syllables….

Ṣ̱̞͕̤͕̻̕a̛̗̰̫̖̫̭̣͘v͓͉̻͎͕̮̩̼͜ẹ̲̝͓͕̀͟ ̶̶̬͕̞͓͖̜m҉̲̭̫e͙ ̵̨̥͈f̵̥̜̱͙̹̙̞ͅr̸̛͔̟̖͙o̡̯̠̪͉̗m̩͍͔ ͏̭͎̗̰̹͎ṭ̷̥̟h̵̷͉̣̞e͚̤̺͔ ̛̖̣̙n̢͏͙͉o̼̠̯̠̥̮̹͞t̺̘̯̖͉̳̤h̛͏͈̟̬̱i̷̞͙͉̞͉̙̬ń̺͎̠͕̣͜g̣̞͉̞̼ ̺̠̮͔̼̫I̶̵̡̫͕̖ͅ'͏̨̜̖͚v̛͏̮̲͙͕̙̣e̢̠̮̞̭̥̬̩̟̘ ̶̖͈̣̯̟b̟̪e̖̺̭̖̤̥͝c̕҉͚͎̺͍̪ͅo̶̢͚̗̰͎̱͔̖m̷͚͈̼͕̳͈͜͠e͔̳̖̲̯̞͖