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{PART 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Tricking Yoongi proves to be easier than you could have ever hoped, as you stumble upon just a taste of what your awakened abilities can achieve. However, in your haste to serve Yoongi punishment for his crimes; you and Jungkook learn that that life and death are just a means to an end - for every living thing…must one day, die.

“To play God not only means to give life; but take it as well. As she stared into the abyss, it stared right back at her…and she finally realised the true meaning behind all things living; even herself.”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 27} {Part 28} {Part 29}

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13 Reasons Why "You Don't Look Sick/Disabled!" Is Not A Compliment
  1. I am ill and I am disabled, and this is what I look like.
  2. What do you THINK disabled or ill people look like?
  3. It makes it sound like you think disabled people “should” look a bit gross or a bit wierd.
  4. It makes it sound like I have to prove my illness to you.
  5. It creates a hierarchy of what one ableist acquaintence called, “Like, you know. Disabled-disabled and normal people disabled. Like, you’re disabled but you’re also normal. You’re disabled but you’re also not really disabled because you’re also like us.” That is not okay.
  6. It makes it sound like if I did “look disabled” then you’d either think less of me or you’d believe me more.
  7. For the same reasons you shouldn’t say to someone, “You don’t look Jewish!”
  8. For the same reasons you shouldn’t say to someone, “You don’t sound black!”
  9. It often sets the conversation up in a way where you are the judge and you can either validate or invalidate my disability and how much it affects me.
  10. Neither my illnesses nor my disabilities are totally invisible if you took the time to learn about them and decided to pay attention.
  11. It makes you sound untrustworthy. It makes me think you’re going to be the kind of person that will jump to conclusions about my health if I don’t look or act in certain stereotypical ways. Can I laugh and have a good time around you without you implying I’m cured or dismissing my conditions? (Because it really sucks when you do that.)
  12. It feels really dismissive and discouraging.
  13. It is dehumanizing. 15% of the world’s population is disabled. We come in more shapes and sizes than able-bodied people do. Whatever a disabled or ill person looks like, that is what disabled and ill people look like regardless of your preconceptions.

Humans are weird/space orcs idea


Like. What the fuck would aliens think when they see two people who look identical, but act TOTALLY different from each other. Example.

Srotar: Ah! Human Max, I was looking for you. What did you say earlier about eggs?

Greg (twin 2): What? No, I’m Greg. You’re looking for my brother. He’s on level 4 watching Earth tv.

Srotar: What?? You’re exactly like Human Max! You have the Human brown hair follicles, the green binocular eyes. You even emit the same sound waves!

Max (from afar): Did I hear my name? Oh, hey Greg. Hey, Srotar.

Srotar (completely shocked): Wha…

Max: Yeah, I forgot to mention. This is my twin brother, Greg.

Srotar: Do all humans have identical copies?

Greg: Oh, don’t be ridiculous. The only thing identical about us is how we look and sound. We’re completely different!

Srotar: I do not comprehend?

Max: He likes the colour blue..

Greg: And he likes the colour red.

Srotar: Why was there no information in the Human Care Pamphlet??

And eventually the aliens learn to find subtle details that allows them to tell the twins apart, and with the introduction of new alien crew members, the Humans prank them by “teleporting” around the ship (twin 1 goes through the door on the left, then twin 2 comes out the door on the right, etc.) and fucking BLOWING the alien’s mind.

the losers club go to the snow ball

i literally wrote this because @elisebazinga made the cutest gif edit of richie and eddie at a dance and now im crying over the thought of the losers going to the snow ball

- mike, richie, stan, lucas and bill all get ready together in mike’s basement and they’re all trying to tie each other’s ties and do their hair in one tiny mirror

- richie is freaking out because he can’t find the right blazer to wear and when stan asks why he just yells “BECAUSE EDDIE LIKES COLOUR COORDINATION, STANLEY”

- bill straightens stan’s bowtie for him just before they leave and they both kind of stare at each other in awe

- “you l-luh-look great, stan”

- “come on lover boys, we’re gonna be late!” lucas most likely

- loser mike and ben get ready together at dustin’s house and they help dustin style his hair just like steve instructed

- “you look great dude, max is gonna love it”

- ben wears a cute little maroon suit and mike is so proud of his best bud because he’s gonna ask bev to dance with him

- steve picks the three of them up and just grins at their outfits because they all look so good and he’s so proud of his sons

- at will’s house, bev, max, eleven and eddie are all getting ready and eddie is sitting with eleven helping her with her hair and she’s so nervous

- “you look amazing, el, trust me, mike’s gonna be blown away”

- “so will richie when he sees you” eddie blushes like a mad man

- beverly does max and eleven’s make up and both girls are so grossed out by the lipstick and blush but they let her work her magic anyway

- will is nervous about going to school with loads of people he doesn’t like but eddie promises to stay by his side the entire night

- joyce takes about a thousand photos of all of them because they all look so cute

- and she drives them all and waves them off with tears in her eyes because she’s so proud of them all

- the three groups take goofy photos together with jonothan laughing at them

- the losers and stranger kids all gather in a big group and are just staring at each other because damn, they clean up good

- richie stares at eddie as he walks across the room and it all goes slow motion and stan has to hit him to make him stop

- “eddie…you look amazing”

- “yeah, you too trashmouth”

- the second ‘time after time’ plays over the speakers everyone goes red because shit, this is a slow song, what do we do??

- when dustin can’t find anyone to dance beverly dances with him for a short while and ben is more than happy to let her because dustin is his best friend and deserves all the love

- he and mike dance together and everyone loves it

- will awkwardly accepts dancing with a girl but he keeps glancing at the boys like ‘help me’ 

- eddie encourages lucas to ask max to dance and nearly squeals when they do because he ships them so hard

- mike obvs asks eleven to dance, leaving eddie, richie, stan and bill alone

- “oh for fucks sake bill just ask him to dance already”

- bill awkwardly pulls stan to the dance floor but they eventually end up hugging and swaying to the beat and it’s so damn cute

- “so…what do you wanna do now, eds?”

- “i wanna dance”

- “o-oh, okay?”

- eddie grins and drags richie by the hand to the middle of the dance floor and he shows two left feet tozier how to slow dance

- richie is concentrating so hard not to step on eddie’s toes and eddie is just slowly falling in love with every second

- when max and lucas kiss eddie and bev just tearfully smile at each other

- when mike and eleven kiss richie cheers and high fives mike when eleven isn’t looking

- and when eddie pulls richie down by the collar to finally kiss him, mostly because he’s rambling and needs him to shut up, lucas and dustin cheer and everyone in their group wolf whistle

- “finally” stan would mutter with a grin as he and bill dance together

- “maybe i should t-tuh-take richie’s advice after all” bill says and stan blushes before kissing bill because fuck it

- at the end of the night jonothan gets them all to take one big group photo together in their outfits and he prints like 100 copies so everyone and their parents can have one

The Flower of Life

Summary: Companion to A Dance With Death. For a thousand years Dan’s regretted the choice he made in saving Prince Phil Lester’s life, realizing far too late that love had never really existed for him after all. When the other gods get sick of the God of Death and the God of Life fighting, Dan and Phil find themselves chained together, forced to work out their differences in one way or another.
Word Count: 13,679
Warnings: minor character death, a child dies, general angst (happy ending)
A/N: Hey guys! Back at it again with another Death God AU! This takes place a thousand years after the first part, but the first part is not required to read to be able to understand this! However, it’s still a fun read so i recommend it! This one is a bit sad, but there’s a happy ending. Since Dan IS the God of Death, however, there is some death of minor characters so be careful! Special thanks to @snowbunnylester for urging me on with this and making me fall in love with this AU, as well as editing it for me. I literally have no idea how I wrote 13k in like three days, but somehow I did! Thank you to all of the wonderful comments I got from the last installment as well! I love you all!

art by haley
art by @dilshamster​

Read it on AO3!


Once upon a time, Dan reckoned he used to like his fellow gods. But as time passed and he became more isolated, the only being who brought sorrow to the world, Dan grew to hate the others.

He hated the way they brought light to dreary situations. He hated the way they looked at him with pity as he disappeared from rooms to bring a passing soul to the Underworld. He hated how they seemed to think he was a lesser God because he destroyed, instead of created.

But most of all, he hated the God of Life more than anything.

Everybody loved Phil. He was the God of Light, the God of all things Holy, basically. He brought happiness into the world, made women into mothers, made seeds bloom into flowers. He was the epitome of everything good in the world.

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Broken Dreams


A/N: This was requested by my lovely @lovethatmendeskid and I just loved the idea. I’m super nervous, legit shaking. I really hope you like it!

Word count: 3,502

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I was sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, staring over at the full plate of - by now – very cold food. Food that – once again – weren’t going to be eaten.

I’d been sitting here for hours, but I stopped counting exactly how many that had passed by now. The more seconds that flew by, the more it stung in my heart.

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Just a reminder: Theatre is wonderful but not nearly as diverse as it should be so support poc actors and directors

Shy Shawn

Request: can you do an imagine where the reader compliments Shawn and he gets all blushy and shy because he isn’t used to being the one complimented?


Your name: Submit What is this?

- - - -

“Are you nearly done?” You call out to Shawn. You can hear the sound of slight ruffling from the inside of the changing rooms as he puts on one of the many shirts that he wanted to try on. He’s getting a growing obsession with buying cool shirts that the fans like for him to wear to the meet and greets he does before concerts, and the actual concerts themselves.

You’re not entirely sure why, but he values your opinion of his clothing and outfit choices the most above everyone else, so you always just go along with it when he wants you to try to help him pick 2 or 3 shirts out of the 10-15 he likes to try on. He’s honestly becoming more obsessed with clothes and shopping than you are… and you kind of love it.

“Yep!” Shawn shouts back as he opens the curtain to the dressing room and struts out awkwardly, pretending he’s walking the catwalk again like he did once. “So, what do you think?”

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Le Paon’s Identity [Theory] [Spoilers]

Hi guys! I’ts been a while since I wrote a text about a Miraculous Ladybug, but I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK.

First of all I’d like to apologize in advance, english it’s not my mother language, so if you see some gramatical errors, I would like to ask you to correct me, please.


So, it’s been a couple of days since The Collector, the first of the episodes from the second season of Miraculous Ladybug, aired.

We learned some things that I’ll like to show you.

The first of the things is that Gabriel Agreste it is Hawkmoth.

And we have a closer look of the Moth Miraculous in disguise.

Just as Marinette’s earrings when Tikki is out of them, the brooch takes a simple look. Not bad, uh?

And when Nooroo inhabits it again, it looks like this.

Colour changes and four wings come out of it.

Why is this so important to this theory?


Let’s talk about the Peacock Miraculous.

Closer look to it.

We have some concept art of Mrs. Agreste here:

White suit with a black blouse underneath aaaaand let’s have a closer look to her.

See that teeny-weeny thing?

What if the Peacock Miraculous just as the Moth Miraculous, takes that form when it’s in disguise?

We know that it’s a brooch too, what if the feathers, just as the wings, come out when it’s kwami inhabits it?

If we see Le Paon’s concept art.

and a photo of Mrs. Agreste.

You’ll notice that the eyes and the face shape in general are similar. Even the jawline, a thing that in my opinion, destroys the theory of Nathalie being Le Paon.

I’d like to add that as far as we know, Le Paon it’s going to be Hawkmoth’s boss, so it’s difficult to me to think that Gabriel it’s going to work for his former assistant.

It would make sense too that Chat Noir changes sides at the end of the season as there are speculations because he’s at the opposite side of Ladybug in the intro.

What do you think?

i am constantly living in fear that hobi’s mixtape will drop without warning

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Can i pls have a fluffy sf9 reaction to their gf having pretty lips. Like their plump, always moisturized and pink

a/n: this is how i think they’d act, no harm done :)

Inseong: Because he has thin lips I feel like he’d be a person that admires yours to the extent of just staring at them while you talk. Like, you guys would be talking to each other about how the guy in your class is an absolute fart and he would just be staring at your lips - not sexually but in a very innocent way. He loves the way that they’re beautiful without you even trying!

“Inseong? Are you even listening to me?!” 

“Shh, don’t ruin the moment,”

*leans in and pecks your lips* *smiles smugly* *pecks them again* “Heh.” 

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Youngbin: Let’s be honest: he’s such a loving guy so what will he not love about you! I can imagine him reminding you to apply your lip balm before bed and after your baths. Sometimes applying it for you himself :D Let’s not leave out the random kisses he’ll give you when you least expect it!

*lies on the bed, waiting for you to finish your night routine* “Don’t forget your lip balm!”

“I know mom -_-”

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Jaeyoon: He’ll be your best friend when it comes to shopping for lipstick, i swear. I mean like-

“Does this colour suit me?” *shows him a nude coloured one*

*shakes his head vigorously* “Are you trying to hide those sultry lips of yours, woman?!”

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Sanghyuk (Dawon): Oh boy, don’t get me started on his obsession on your lips!!!!! You guys would be walking down a path beside the Han River and then he’d just walk up to you and leave you speechless by just pecking your lips like the fRIED CHICKEN HE IS and then run away like a COWARD with you shouting-


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Juho (Zuho): Like, you guys are in the studio listening to the melody he composed the past week and you started to add some adlibs to the song and then you made funny sounds which cutely annoyed him then he would pinch your lips like a duck and say,

“I can’t be mad at you,” *looks at his keyboard again* “your lips are too soft…” *smiles cutely*

in gif: *thinks about your cuteness* “why…………………”

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*comes to you with a variety of colours* “i think these may look pretty on you y/n :)”

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Taeyang: THIS SEXY PUFFBALL I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS LIPS???????????????????????????? Yes, he’d love to kiss you. And sometimes, he’d ask for it, damn it yoo taeyang!!?!?!???! YOU EXTRA PIECE OF-

“Are you going to kiss me now or what y/n?” *smirks innocently but it melts your heart anyway*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): I mean like, of course, he’d love your lips like one time, you were playing on your phone then he stared at you until you looked at him and he’ll tap his cheek :P BUT SOMETIMES WHEN HE REALLY WANTS YOU TO KISS HIM HE DOESN’T EVEN NEED TO TELL YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WANTS YOUR KISSES!!!! I MEAN LIKE HE DOESN’T LIKE SKINSHIP WITH THE MEMBERS BUT YOU’RE AN EXCEPTION 

*taps his cheek cutely* “A reward for doing the chores? :D”

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Chanhee (Chani): THIS FLUFFY FLUFF BALL OF FLUFF. He’s too shy to ask for kisses cmon let’s be honest. The closest thing he came to asking was when you were sleeping on his shoulder and he bent his head a little bit to graze your lips against his check then you suddenly woke up and he was SCARED SHITLESS then you said-

“Wah chani you almost suffocated me with your fluffy cheeks!” 

“Well y/n, you almost kissed me!” 

“Cmon chani i know you want my kisses.” *pecks him anyway despite his half-hearted protests*

*tries to frown but his smile is still obvious* “This is embarrassing…”

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Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

Why I Stayed || Part 1

Wooh second fanfic and I’m still trash. I really hope you guys like it, tbh this is so much better than my first one so like I’m glad but at the same time I wanna cry, ya know? Anyways, happy reading (or happy cringing if I’m right)

tags : @birkinvibes

request : Could u do a peter Parker x reader where he rlly likes Liz but the reader has been his friend for a while and she gets hurt over and over until she just gets mad?? Idk I think I just really like angst♥️♥️ thank u

Y/N = Your Name

words : 2007

Part 2



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“Did Liz get a new top?” Peter sighed dreamily.

“No, just never worn it with that skirt.” Ned replied just as dazed.

“Don’t you think you guys are being a bit creepy?” You questioned the boys sitting across from you.

Ned’s head shot over in your direction before he responded with, “We’re not creepy, we’re just admiring from afar.”

“Mhm, okay creepy.” You laughed.

Your attention turned to Peter, who was still gazing over at the most popular girl in school, Liz Allan. He’s always had a huge thing for her, and you wished that wasn’t the case. For years and years you’ve been holding feelings for your best friend, hoping he’d returned them, until the beginning of high school when he confessed to you about his infatuation with her. It crushed you.

“Hey, earth to Peter,” You waved your hand in front of his face, “You done gawking?”

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Having a little or children means

·Not throwing out their drawings. I don’t care who you are you do not do that.
·Knowing that messes will happen. And that’s okay.
·crayons or colouring supplies will be everywhere and any where
·when they are scared they are going to come to you for comfort and safety-Do not turn away
·they will want space sometimes, this is normal but sometimes it is necessary to invade and make sure they are okay- if you do this be sure to explain why you did this
·more than likely they will be hesitant to tell you if they did something bad or something is wrong. They may make you swear not to be mad or something along those lines. If this is the case and you do end up mad, do your best to remain calm and rational and remind them that you still love them even if you are scolding them.
·sometimes you’ll want to go out but end up staying in, because they need you and you want to help
·more than likely you’ll be introduced to an immense amount of stuffies and be told name after name and be expected to remember them, it’s okay if it takes time. It’s more than okay.
·remembering that you mean a lot to them and so the things you say will stick with them longer. Try to be gentle when possible.

·Remembering that even though children and littles share similarities, they aren’t the exact same thing. That and even if you are a mom or a dad you can still be a little!

To people who are new to being a caregiver or taking on the role of one for a little, or just for people who are indesicive about having kids, these may seem like draw backs. Some of these may seem really negitive or time consuming or like too much work..

But littles and kids will love you unconditionally, do what they can to make sure you are okay, look out for you and most of all.. They will treat you like you are an amazing god. Because to them… You are.

I hope you don’t mind me submitting this, Vixie I thought it might make a good add on to your “having a little means…” series ^ ^

very good!!!! Thank you lovely!!

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My Father Was Like You

Request: “Omg thanks can you do one where Teddy meets a loner Gryffindor girl that disappears every now and then and then find out that she’s a werewolf and like he feels that it’s some kind of “sign” from his father. Pretty pretty please, I so love your writing 💕”

Pairing: Edward “Teddy” Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None

A/n: I literally know -67826% about this character so I hope I portrayed him alright :) thank god 4 the harry potter wiki

“Why do I do this to myself.” Teddy spoke to himself, running up the Grand staircase. His hair transformed into a darker shade of blue as he puffed up the stairs, taking two at a time. He was head boy, but that didn’t mean he didn’t accidentally sleep in once in a while. As he whizzed through the corridor he had almost made it to his Potions class, only to stop abruptly at the door. He was still, trying to pick up the hurried voices that were echoing through the empty hallways. He followed them, knowing he was getting nearer, as the voices went from a hushed echo to a loud whisper. He recognised the Headmistresses’ voice, but the other was unfamiliar. He had his back against the wall, not daring to peer down the hallway, in case he would get caught.

“We will take care of you, no need to worry.”

“But Professor, what if I hurt someone? I don’t want to put anyone at risk.”

“My girl, we have a hefty supply of Wolfsbane potion, and I will watch over you in my office, with the door locked and guarded.”

Teddy had to prevent himself from audibly gasping with shock. Wolfsbane potion? But that was only used by…

“You must prepare for the full moon this coming week. Don’t miss a day, make sure of it. It’s your responsibility to take a potion every day of the week.” Headmistress McGonagall instructed.

His suspicions were proved true by that final sentence, and he pulled himself away from the scene after it was revealed. He had heard stories about how his father attended Hogwarts, being aided by Dumbledore during full moons. And now there was another werewolf student that was being hidden.

A student at Hogwarts was infected with Lycanthropy.

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anonymous asked:

*whipsers* im new in the voltron fandom and im really confused. who is Mothman?

Alrighty Anon, so this is a question I see asked/reflected in a LOT of the tags whenever I post Meithman, and as a result, I’ve actually been meaning to make a post to explain it as best I can for those folks! SO I GUESS THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ACTUALLY DO IT!

The “who” is just as important, however, as the “why,” and to be frank, the “why” isn’t super clear to me, and when I go digging deeper, I feel like Tumblr isn’t actually showing all the results when I search for the truth! (CONSPIRACY!)  So my information is a) not 100% certain, and b) I can’t back it up to give credit where credit is due to whoever made the first, shall we say, “connections” in building this piece of fandom lore, such as it is. I’d love to know as much as anyone!

AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, no longer with deep-digging stripes required, by semi-popular demand!

So first off, is the answer to your ACTUAL question: WHO IS MOTHMAN?

Essentially, Mothman can perhaps best be summed up as an urban legend/cryptid with no actual canon connection to the Voltron show. That’s right, you’re not crazy, you didn’t miss something glaringly obvious! (OR DID YOU.)

[An artist’s interpretation.]

From the Wikipedia article on Mothman, “In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something”. The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the country.“

[What a fantastic headline!]

There were various Mothman sightings back around ‘66-’67 or so, etc, etc, and while many of those sightings are suspected of being hoaxes or misattributions of perfectly normal phenomena (as well as tricksters), the sightings were also sometimes said to precede catastrophic events, etc., leading to the additional conspiracy theory of the of a prophetic element, popularized in John A. Keel’s 1975 book, “The Mothman Prophecies,” made into a movie in 2002. (One such “linked” disaster being the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which included the very real, very tragic loss of many lives.) IIRC some conspiracy theory-type TV shows postulated that Mothman kind of “came” to the town and revealed itself as something of a warning that something bad was about to happen, while others believed Mothman somehow caused the disasters. (Ah, good old conspiracy theory TV…)

Now, with all this unrelated-to-Voltron stuff in mind, the next logical question you might be asking would, of course, be: WHY MOTHMAN?

And it’s a great one! And I’ll be honest, I probably know about as well as you do - my own assumptions are merely that: assumptions. Like most people, I saw the art/tags/head-canons and went, “…What…?” I kind of pieced together what I assume is the reasoning for how it came to be on my own - so my explanation could be spot on, or it could be way off - but I’ve seen similar opinions reflected elsewhere, so I’m fairly confident that my best guess is at least somewhat relevant to why this all came together.

[Keith reveals his chef d’oeuvre at Gallery Desert Shack, June 10th, 2016.]

Honestly, it largely comes down to Keith’s S1E1 living situation and preoccupations. Living alone in a shack in the desert, tracking conspiracies on a cork board, linked together with COLOURED FLIPPIN’ YARN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (And tied in weensy bows! uwu)

So, from there, if you narrow down conspiracy theorist!Keith a bit and you come to him searching, specifically, for the Blue Lion, which, on its own, basically sounds like a cryptid (cryptids, of course, being creatures who cannot be/have not been proven or disproven by science. Well-known examples include the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc.).  After all, a blue lion sounds about as likely as Bigfoot, right?

[Collective groan]

Conspiracy theorist!Keith, not too surprisingly, is often paired with conspiracy theorist!Pidge, who similarly was preoccupied with the conviction that there were aliens puttering about, having a good old chin-wag about something called Voltron, and that said aliens were, in some way, possibly connected to the disappearance of the Kerberos crew, etc.

So. Conspiracy Theorist!Keith begets General Cryptid-Seeking!Keith. You follow?

(Somewhat unrelated, but while you’re here - along a similar vein, Lance, whilst skeptical of all of this, latches on later to the idea that the Castle-Ship is haunted, which, when you float them all together, makes for a really fun paranormal investigation team AU! I like to think Hunk would be really into gemology, Allura would have some possible psychic ability, and Coran would be in charge of setting up the technical experiments & baseline tests,  while Shiro would be the resident skeptic with a dark past/experience he refuses to admit was real. GOOD TIMES! But nobody asked about my random AU head-canons…)


So then, why exactly did anyone arrive at focusing on Mothman specifically? I’m… not really sure. D: It’s something I’d lovet to know; I’ve tried to look into it, but, as I said, Tumblr doesn’t want me to know. Maybe because Mothman toes the line between being considered a cryptid and an alien? (There are UFO theories as well as cryptid theories regarding Mothy.) Idk.  I’m pretty sure someone (I don’t know who, I’d source if I knew for certain) just kind of latched onto cryptid-seeking Keith, it evolved specifically towards a fascination with Mothman in particular, and then before you know it, other people followed suit, and then there were posts and art about Mothman’s fantastic abs, and it escalated. (Or maybe it didn’t really escalate. I don’t actually see a lot of Meithman content these days… What a loss…)

There is this line: “It’s like something… some energy was telling me to search. […] Each [carving] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion… but they all share clues, leading to some event, some arrival happening last night.”

This could be a reason as to why Mothman might have been the cryptid of focus - the prophecy connection. But I feel like this is perhaps grasping…? It could have been that someone just kinda said, “Mothman,” and it stuck. (Or, as with the Meithman valentine I posted the other day, MAYBE IT’S A MOTH-TO-A-FLAME ATTRACTION JOKE? A+ if so. If not, I feel blessed anyway. What a perfect OTP.)

I also like to think this lil’ carving of Voltron’s silhouette could be said to vaaaaguely resemble Mothman. At least in so far as it also does not really resemble Voltron either. Let’s be real though; it could also be a very distinguished looking Kaltenecker.

Anyway, fast-forward a bit through the random conception of this, and Keith pining for Mothman is suddenly a… thing… understood and accepted (well, accepted, anyway) by a large segment of the fandom, VERY MUCH NOT UNDERSTOOD by another segment, and for other people, whichever side of it they’re on, it just confuses them anyway. The fandom, therefore, is suddenly left with the pairing that, by and large, seems to be colloquially accepted as “Meithman” (though I have also seen “Meith,” “Keithman,” and “help how tf do I tag this?”).


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so thanks for asking, Anon! I hope this has been enlightening and entertaining, if not precisely helpful!

Things the ENFPs in my life say to me on a daily basis:

ENFP: You need to get out more

ENFP: Come dance with me!

ENFP: *insert random math equation here* Can you solve this for me?

ENFP: I drew you a *insert random animal here*!

Me: Don’t do that, it’s a bad idea
Me: Why do I even try

ENFP: You should totally go to that party!

ENFP: Ooh that looks interesting and colourful, let’s get it!

ENFP: I think I have a plan!
Me: Okay what do you suggest?
ENFP: I’m still figuring it out okay stop pressuring me

Second Chances (m)

Word Count: 8,833

Warning: Yoongi smut

A/N: I decided to write something a little less serious for a change! The smut turned out a little longer than I expected it to, which is also why the story turned out so close to 9k :) I am so thankful for minyoongiish who proofread this entire piece <3 Hope you enjoy~

If you had the ability to turn back time, you wouldn’t even hesitate to use it in this moment.

“Y/N?” The voice on the other end of the telephone asks. “Something the matter?”

“Oh no,” you mumble. “Fuck.” With one finger, you frantically tap the screen, desperately clinging to the hope that this is still in your hands, that you can still turns this around for the better.

Jimin’s voice sounds both curious and irritated at the same time when he speaks again. “What did you do this time? Did you put your keys in the freezer again?”

You can’t even be mad at his terribly timed comment that you’d normally be very offended about. All you do is curse softly, reading the simple message you sent like it’s a death wish.

You: Hey :) [sent 11:27am]

“Jimin!“ you exclaim, and are rewarded with a startled gasp.

"Yeesh, don’t scare me like that!” He lets out a sigh. “Stop acting all mysterious and just tell me what’s going on.”

You tap the screen again, despite knowing that it won’t help now if it didn’t help last time. A nervous gasp leaves your mouth as you turn your attention to the call. “How the fuck do I delete a message?”

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I’m probably going to get so much shit from tumblr for this but why the fuck do people take pride in something they have no control over like skin colour or sexuality etc? I mean, well done for being born and shit but just because you were born a certain way isn’t really any reason to feel pride.

Pride should be felt through something you’ve accomplished, reading a long difficult book, learning a new language, being able to cook that one complex dish you always wanted to make. (However concerning the LGBT community, you can take pride in gaining courage to come out, there is nothing wrong with that at all. but being proud just because you’re attracted to the same gender etc isn’t really an accomplishment)

When you take pride in something as simple as skin colour, gender, sexuality then you must not have really done anything great enough to take pride in so you take pride in something you didn’t even do. (Also I’ve noticed only certain people can be proud of who they are. I’ve legit seen the LGBT community drag down their own allies who said they were happy / proud as heterosexuals),

Idk, can we just be proud over things we’ve actually accomplished? Now I just wait for the anon hate lmao

The Marauders as Social Networks

James is Facebook. the original one that everyone know and have. thinks is the coolest, is not. still some cool shit happening though, once in a while. have a cool side and a nerd side, bad jokes, some really stupid ones.

Remus is Twitter. witty short answers, and then really long inspiring rants. not as popular but everyone loves it once they try. both great clever observations and opinions and “wher the fuk is my cofee too early fr this shit”

Sirius is Instagram. pretty cool and popular. a lot of selfies. also black and white pictures with deep quotes that represent the tortured soul of the artist. and obviously “LOOK AT THIS STIM IT IS BRIGHTLY COLOURED AND IT MOOVES OMG”

Peter is Pinterest. underestimated and unpopular but you realize once in a while that a lot of good shit comes from here. always ready to help, sometimes clingy ( “we made a SPECIAL BUTTON that appear on every picture you will ever view isn’t that amazing” )

Regulus is Myspace. emo and dead.