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Concussion - Corey Graves

Prompt: #29 “You need to be more careful.” From this prompt list.

Authors note: I can’t stop writing about Corey Graves. It’s those eyes man, those piercing eyes.

Requested by anon.

Word Count: 1.3K

Warnings: A little angst with some cute fluff at the end.

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You moved up to Smackdown from NXT 6 months ago and you’ve taken the WWE Universe by storm. To top that off, you were booked in a feud against Becky less than a month ago and it was getting an insane amount of buzz. Creative made it the focal feud of the woman’s division (even over the women’s championship feud - which was really hard to do).

You and Becky did a tables match on last Smackdown live, which was amazing enough.

On top of that, WWE is trusting you and Becky to do a falls count anywhere match. As a main event of Smackdown.

You’ve never been in a match like this before, but you never turned down a challenge. You took every challenge you could, without really thinking of the consequences.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Corey asked, looking at you with concern in his eyes.

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Good Enough. {Peter Parker x Reader}

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I know the gif isn’t on action gif but it fits the oneshot so well.

Requests are open!!

Prompt: Anonymous said: can you please do a Peter Parker imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and Peter just wants to impress Tony because he likes you and you like him back :))

A/N: I was planning on writing one like this so I was really excited when you requested this.

Warnings: none :)

You sat on the kitchen counter eating lunch with Peter. He’s been hanging around you religiously. You would just pretend you were annoyed but you secretly loved it. You lo-liked him. A lot. Your father would never let you date him though. He kept turning away from what he was doing and looking at what you doing. You two would steal glances from each other. It was so obvious and Tony knew it.

“(Y/N)!” You whipped your head around to see your father strutting into the kitchen. “Get off the counter. I didn’t raise you to be a heathen.” You hopped down and headed toward the door. Peter began to follow but Tony grabbed his shoulder.

“You need to train.”

“Will do Mr. Stark sir!” Peter gave off a salute and headed down to the workout room. You looked your father with a glare.


“Yes really. I see what that spider boy is up to.”

“Being my friend?” Yow hands in the air and walked out.

Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark! Look! I’m using the new-“ Sparks from his web shooters landing on the ground in front  of Tony.

"Great.” The sarcasm was dripping from his voice. The mat burst into flames.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t- I didn’t think that was going to happen.” The sprinklers went off, drenching everything. “Oh my God! Mr. Stark, sir. I’m so sorry sir.” Tony walked away without another.

After what happened during training this afternoon, Tony was determined to stop whatever was going on between his daughter and Peter. You two were watching a movie together. You laid your head on Peter’s lap. Even in the darkness you could see a deep blush creeping up his neck. You laced your fingers with his and his cheeks reddened. You sat up quickly. You were smiling at his red face. He started to lean in. You followed pursuit until your lips touched. it was pure bliss. The kiss was loving but passionate. You had been waiting for this moment since Peter had started to talk to you. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Your fingers in his hair, his arms wrapped around your waist.

Tony was checking the security before he went to the lab. He scanned the cameras absent mindedly. Something or more like someone caught his eye. His daughter was practicing mouth to mouth with Peter Parker.

“(Y/N) Stark! Peter Parker!” You two jumped apart. You stared at him. Neither of you sure what to do. Peter stood and sprinted away. You slouched on the couch. He just had to ruin everything. Tony came down the stairs and stormed into the screening room.

“What.” You snapped.

“I told you before you cannot date Mr. Parker.”

“And why not, dad. Why can’t I?!” Tony opened his mouth to speak but he closed his mouth.

“Because I don’t want to lose my little girl.” His voice was almost a whisper. You wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’ll always be your little girl.” Tony smiled and held you out at shoulders.

“They grow up so fast. Damn kids.” You two hugged again. “Now don't go do something stupid.” Tony walked away and headed to Peter’s bedroom. Peter had been pacing for a good twenty minutes. What was Mr. Stark going to say? What if he lost his position as an Avenger? A million different scenarios ran through his head.

Tony knocked on Peter’s door. Peter opened the door as quickly as possible.

“I can explain," Peter blurted out. "You see, sir, we were just sitting and then I was like-”

“Save it Spider boy.” Peter’s face was frozen with fear. “I have one question for you.” Peter swallowed the lump in his throat. “On a scale of one to ten how great was it to finally lock lips?” Peter immediately became flustered by the question. He rubbed his neck as he looked the ground to hide his smile.

“Well do you want the honest answer?” Tony nodded. “Ten for sure. More like eleven.”

“Well at first I was going to tell you to stop shoving your tongue down my daughters throat. Which you should but you know what I see that maybe you and (Y/N) could be happy together.” Peter’s face burst into a smile.

“Really? Are you serious?! I promise I will be the best boyfriend ever in the history of anything. Thank you Mr. Stark.”

“Take care of her.”

“Of course! I can’t think of why I wouldn’t. I love her too much.” He was smiling like an idiot. But he came to an abrupt stop. “I love her. I love (Y/N). I love (Y/N) Stark! I love you (Y/N)!” He shouted into the dimly lit hallway.

The next morning couldn’t have been better. Well relatively speaking. You woke up the of something burning. You hopped out of bed and quickly walked to the kitchen. Was your dad trying to cook again? His cooking skills would put him on Worst Cooks in America. The whole downstairs was full of a heavy gray smoke. The smoke alarm was beeping like crazy. Tony stood on the other side of the kitchen. Peter stood at the stove desperately trying to put out the small stove fire. Friday’s voice came through one of the many over head speakers.

“Sprinklers have been enabled. Fire to be doused in three…two…one.” The sprinklers went off and the whole room was drenched. You screamed and laughed as the water hit the floor and counters. As the smoke dissipated, you walk over to the stove and dumped baking soda on top of the pan. Peter looked at you with a bashful expression.

“I was just trying to make breakfast for my two favorite people,” He lifted the pan. “Pancakes?” Tony shook his head.

“Good enough kid.”

Some things Have to stay Private ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine Requested

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Can you do a Cam imagine where you guys are dating and he’s on younow but you don’t know, like you think he’s editing a video or something, so you go up and wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him on the cheek, you realize he’s on younow and you like run away and make it super fluffy and like have them make out at the end on camera. Thanks. 

Masterlist  Imagines  Send Request 


Here you are I hope you enjoy this , Thank’s for sending it in :) 


After drying your body you slipped on one of Cameron’s t-shirts and some underwear .

You stared into the mirror brushing your damp hair , After braiding it . You stepped out the bathroom feeling the cool breeze on your bare legs . 

You looked over at Cameron who was so focused on the computer You figure he was editing a video You Jump on the bed .

You wrapped your arms around his neck Closing your eyes just focusing on kissing his neck and tonight . 

‘baby’ Cameron mumbled ‘yes’ You said in between kisses . 

‘You are so good’ Cameron said making you blush .

Cameron winked at the camera in a playfully way . 

‘let me ‘ Cameron said getting off of the bed laying you down he hovered on top of you Starting at your lips making his way down . ‘oh baby ‘ You moaned at the sensation you were feeling . You wrapped your legs around his waste trying to control your self .

Suddenly Cameron stopped .

you looked at him confused .

‘Look’ He said looking at the laptop .

You looked over seeing that he was on You now Realizing what Cameron had just did . ‘oh shit you little fucker ‘ You jumped up from the bed grabbing a pillow throwing it at him / Your mood completely changing .

You stood behind the laptop so you weren’t on Camera While Cameron Laid right in front of the laptop laughing . 

‘why would you do that ?’ You said in a anger tone . 

‘baby I’m sorry but it’s fine I just wanted to see your reaction’ Cameron said in between laughs . 

‘Yeah but it’s not right ‘ You pouted .

‘Come here ‘ Cameron sat on the end of the bed patting his lap . You sat on his lap wrapping your arms around his neck ‘I’m sorry I did that but we aren’t the only couple that make’s out ‘ 

You laughed ‘yeah your right ‘ .

You quickly though of an idea You bit your lip .

you pushed Cameron down and started a make out session . Cameron hands wandered all over your body . 

Cameron stopped the kiss Turning his attention towards the Camera.

‘alright guys I love you have a goodnight but some things have to stay private ‘Cameron said to the you now waving one last goodbye .

You continued to kiss him just for a few moment’s Than quickly getting off of him . ‘what what’s wrong?’ Cameron looked at you confused . You began laughing your head off . 

‘what is going on?’ Cameron started smiling . 

‘your not getting any tonight ‘ You smirked getting comfortable in bed ready to sleep .

‘what That’s not fair I ended the younow , No com on Y/N pleas !’ He begged.

‘no’ You said nodding your head you smirked starting to sleep . 


Hope you’s liked this I enjoyed writing it give me some feedback :) 

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: Are you guys ready for Cliffhanger Friday? I love how much you guys ship Alex and Wyatt, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Some couples are heating up and others are about to have their words turned upside down.


The morning was quiet as Maya slipped out of bed, glancing at Charlie who even asleep looked content. This was her life, even though they were moving quickly, it didn’t feel as though they were, not really. Not with all the years they spent trying to deny themselves thinking the other wasn’t interested while secretly seeking comfort in their darker desires together.

She brushed her teeth, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering around before she opened the bathroom cupboard and took out the pink box she’d been avoiding for a few days. She knew she couldn’t and shouldn’t avoid it any longer.

Two minutes, it would only take two minutes and she would know.

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anonymous asked:

are you working in any new fics

I am, Non-Non! But here’s the thing: it’s been a work in progress now for like…2 years-ish and I couldn’t even begin to guess when I’m going actually going to finish it. I hope it’s sooner rather than later, because it’s taken far too long already. Although, to be fair, I did sort of just put it on the shelf for about a year and a half because I didn’t really think it was something I could write, or even if people would want to read it. But it’s been one of those things where I keep thinking about and so every now and again I would go back and read the scenes I had written for it – and basically it’s just been this constant thing in the back of my mind and the only way it’s going to leave me alone is if I write it. So that’s what I’m doing, it’s just taking longer than expected because A) I keep getting more ideas so it keeps getting longer, and B) I’m being really picky about it, like I really don’t want to mess it up, so I have to be careful.

ANYWAY, that being said, I’ve decided to post what I’ll call the Prologue (for now) – and since I don’t have a standing summary, I’ll just set it up by saying that the idea came from this FIRST KISS video. Except there might be a slight catch.

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