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Gives him a cherry

> Kakyoin looks confused as to why he’s getting a random cherry, but he’s not complaining. He smiles at the anon happily.

“ Thank you. I don’t know why you gave it to me, but they’re my favorites.”

> cue him plopping it into his mouth and going rerorerorerorerorero

so i was talking to @captain-kitt and they came up with the cutest headcannon kJHGFGHJK w hAT IF KARASUNO ALREADY WENT WITHOUT OIKAWA HAVING THE CHANCE TO THROW PETTY COMMENTS AT THEM



Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 


Some “Subtle Melancholy” ronpas for the palette challenge!

Take a moment to think of just
flexibility, love and trust



A couple questions popped into my mind while I was drawing this: what will grunge look like in the 23rd century and will Caprisun still exist?

That moment when you see a follower of yours has deactivated their account...

You may have never spoken to this follower.

They have never approached you.

But they’ve been a constant presence in your activity log. You open your account every day and find them liking your posts, reblogging things through you.

Never a reply. Never with a tag. Never with any indication of a word.

And that’s how it’s continued for days, months, years.

But one day, you open your account and and that name isn’t there. You blink at the screen and frown, then search the url.

Only to find it’s been deactivated.

It is in this moment that your stomach knots a little. Because that url wasn’t a url at all, but someone behind a screen who may have chosen to be hidden and silent and appreciated you respecting that, but they’d been there.

It’s the little things.

And after all of this, you can do nothing but hope they’re well, whoever and wherever they are.

To everyone who follows me, silent or loud, stranger or friend, new or old, I just want you to know how grateful I am for you, for brightening my dayy and giving me a space in your life here.

Just spread some love to all your followers.

You looking for Photo?

These pictures give me so much to work with, and they mean so much to me. Though Yuuri was drunk as hell, Victor didn’t mind, and ended up joining him, where they ended up having a great time. 

The reason it means so much is because, not only did their love cross many boundaries, but it proves that Victor loves every aspect of Yuuri’s being, regardless of what anyone says. They’re truly in love, and I totally respect that.

Another reason is that Yuuri is also completely in love with Victor. Notice, whenever Yuuri looks or makes eye contact with Victor, there’s a certain spark in his eyes, like Victor said “He must be trying to find something.” And the way I see it, Yuuri’s searching for ways to be with Victor, like having matching gold rings, an unbreakable bond, both end up owning Poodles, and so many other bonds that we just don’t know yet.

But, I’m not finished yet. 

This picture also shows the unbreakable bond Yuuri has made with these Skaters. This chapter of his life has brought him even closer to his love of skating, while he lost it for a while, and Victor brought him into the light again.

It all started when Yuri Plisetsky kicked the door in the Men’s room, and when the video of Yuuri skating to one of Victor’s skates, also when Yuuri became drunk, and erm, pole-danced, and danced along with Victor.

And the thing I’m most happy about, is that not only did Victor give him his love for skating back, but Victor had faith in Yuuri, when Yuuri asked him to be his coach. And I feel that since then, Victor paid close attention to Yuuri, even when Yuuri had no idea. 

As he found the viral video posted by the Otaku Triplets.

It proves that Victor never stopped holding onto Yuuri, even when they were countries apart, and that their love is unbreakable.

Thank you for reading my small spout of thoughts.


These two asks inspired me to draw a lazy art thingy! Dust’s a modern day mage, Rubi’s an entrancing bard (also a freaking master KICK boxer), and Sabe’s a rogue dual swordsman.


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

it’s so frustrating seeing lots of people crop up start doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years, yet claim they’re all *original*, *copyrighted*, *trademarked*, *do not steal*, *magical good vibes*

Seven Years - Sherlock

To commemorate and show appreciation for the great work she has done, I have decided to rewrite the words to the song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham for @loudest-subtext-in-tv because she has been truly incredible. I haven’t been in the fandom long, but I have come to see how fundamental she and her work have been to the TJLC community. I know it’s not amazing, but I did it in like a day so sorry. I just really wanted to show my gratitude for everything she’s done for the fandom so hear you go:

Sherlock is seven years old, and Mofftiss told us,

“This ain’t a gay show it’s just a story.”

Sherlock is seven years old

It was a big big show, but you thought we were bigger

Pushing us all to the limits, we were learning quicker

Series three searching hard and making readings slicker

You were always out in front searching with more vigour

Once it was much harder, the wedding coming,

No one thought that Johnlock would ever happen

Once it was much harder

You always had that dream, unlike some fans before you

So you started writing meta, started writing theories

Something about that future, you predicted the whole series

‘Cause you saw that there was true love between those two

Operation Johnlock is Go, that started it all

After The Sign of Three, when there was hope

Operation Johnlock is Go

You only saw your goals, you don’t believe in failure

'Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major

You got the fans with you, at least those in favor

And if we don’t meet before season 4, I hope I’ll see you later

Operation Johnlock is Go, your meta got read

You were writing about everything you saw before you

Operation Johnlock is Go

Soon we’ll be thirty years old, and Johnlock confirmed

We’ve traveled through the show and the canon

Soon we’ll be thirty years old

I’m still learning about life

And reading into subtext

But you have taught me so much

About reading stories

Most of the fandom’s here,

Some are scared of the new series

And some are antis, for now wrong,

But they will see the truth

Soon we’ll be sixty years old, this a distant memory

Remember life, and then your life becomes a better one

You made us all so happy when you wrote a meta once

I hope my children see a world full of equality

You lead the whole fandom here, we owe you so much,

For having the great courage to lead us

You lead the whole fandom here

You lead the whole fandom here, we owe you so much,

For having the great courage to lead us

You lead the whole fandom here

Sherlock is seven years old, and Mofftiss told us,

“This ain’t a gay show it’s just a story.”

Sherlock is seven years old

Sherlock is seven years old