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My turn to have a Voltron dream! :D I had a dream that Lance and Keith got stuck inside a quarantined alien city because of some kind of plague. When the gates were about to open again the Galra attacked, they got separated, Lance was fighting when Lotor saw him. There was an actual swell of romantic music from Lotor's POV lol. Lotor saved him and then tried to get Lance to follow him but had to threaten him with a gun and took him to a romantic garden while the city literally burned behind them

Ooohmygoooods! :D That. That’s amazing. And so in character (or. well. what the fandom is assuming the character will be lol). Lotor has no sense of timing or context, it would absolutely not occur to him that romancing someone while the city burns is inappropriate. Hell he might even think it adds to the romance.
I have a really vivid image of Lotor presenting Lance with some rose-like plant from the garden, feeling all gentleman-ly, meanwhile Lance is horrified, there are big dark plumes of smoke rising from everywhere around them, you can hear screams and explosions, and from behind a corner there’s Keith, who’s just managed to track down his bf Lance and is going pale as he realizes what trouble Lance is in. Priceless. XD
I. I need to draw this. I gotta. This is too good not to illustrate??? It’ll probably take forever, because 90% of the elements of this mental image I have are things that I do not. know how to draw. But what better opportunity to learn than this? X’D

Thank you so much for sharing this dream, it made my day! Also yay you having a Voltron dream! Who knows, maybe it’s only the first of many? :D

alright alright, headcanon time : Keith taught Kolivan about kissing

This one time Keith needed some physical comfort, so he told Kolivan how kissing on the lips is a gesture between humans to show affection, trust and intimacy and that it was something they usually did as a farewell/goodbye/welcoming custom.
Kolivan kisses Keith goodbye before every mission ever since. It’s their lucky charm.

Detective Conan 992 Spoilers [English Translation]

H: At last… yer time has come!
TN: Literally: ‘koko de outa ga hyakunenme’/we meet here for the 100th year, but it means 'your time has come’
O: Yeah… I came to see ya!
TN: Unadaptable stuff. Literally he says 'ai ni kita no no tenmanguu’. Which is 'I came to the Northern Tenmanguu. But this stuff is kaketashikotoba, basically what Englsh 'See you later alligator.’ means. Echoing the last word to make it sound nonsensical.
H: C'mon already… or are ya scared?!
O: Ya exposed yer left shoulder and the tip of yer sword is pointing down and away…
[Fights are always so unexpected… Western Swordsmen clash in battle!!]

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Could you draw Akira Nijino with a kitten please! I love your art! It's so soft and cute.

tfw it takes you five minutes to remember what Harmonica Dad’s actual name even was, but you can still remember the harmonica solo instantaneously

373 followers and it’s all thanks to you mates!!

I’m so lazy that I check the number of followers quite seldom but seeing this made me almost fell from chair. Needless to say that I’m incredibly happy to receive so much positive feedback and followers during the past months from you fellow fans (not only here but also at the rp-blog @luffyasksandanswers​​)

But why suddenly going nachos about a uneven number? Well as you can see from the content of the blog I’m a enthusiastic shipper and this number happens to be linked to my other OTP Sanji and Nami because 373 is their shipname in japanese (more about Sanami and numbers here by @sanjiafsincedayone​​). 

Since I (honestly) never expected to have this many followers and this came suddenly I don’t even know what to give you guys as a “thank you gift”. I’m still working on SaNami in the New World pt. 4 -  Whole Cake island (part of a serie written with fellow mate @pernanegra​) but waiting can feel like forever so I’ll drop a list about my Sanami-related posts which you can read meanwhile :) !

These and rest of the One Piece related posts are listed also in the navigation-page (which needs updating I know). Well the title sums up the thoughts so one more time thanks a big bunch for every follower and mate for patience, comments, likes, reblogs and sharing thoughts about OP without to mention how cool it’s been to get to know you guys via the chat. Have a nice weekend and stay awesome mates!! \o/

im super overtired and every song from falsettos is playing in my head at once send help

So guys, I did some searching myself and I loved the suggestions for my Senior Quote. They were great ideas and I loved them they got my mind going and helped me brainstorm. I’ve decided on the quote above and I’m excitied for it cause I totally agree with this quote and it brightened my day the first time I heard it.

I’m not a normal person, I’m awkward and weird, most of my friends are like this too. We’re all basically the good kids, but we’re not popular we’re our own little family. We may seem like outsiders to some people probably but we don’t care, I don’t care. I honestly want to live in a world where being ‘normal’ is an insult. Who wants to be normal, when you can embrace your wierd side and let it shine bright.



  • not all horses are road safe (riders should not ride their horse down the road if they are not road safe but people are stupid)
  • speeding past and honking your horn can spook the horse even if they are road safe
  • a spooked horse might rear/buck/run into the road and cause an accident
  • could result in death of horse/rider/motorist
  • horses are animals who have a mind of their own and can be unpredictable
  • keep yourself and horses/riders safe by slowing down and not honking your horn
  • don’t be an asshole

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I haven’t answered your ask?? 
It’s not personal. You did not annoy me, I do not hate you. 
I am, however, a little shit, and I forget. Or don’t know what to say. Or, the worst one - so much time has passed that now I feel embarrassed and that’s why I haven’t answered you.
Social interactions are hard I am sorry ruivhnusidhvusdhfnvjdfbvhjgf
I feel terrible, I am going to try harder 


“I have some… Concerns.”

He finally got to try the suit on! And that was the first thing he told me.


“Sunfire mode” is when Tadashi produces flames that engulf his whole body. It’s somewhat similar to the Human Torch’s “FLAME ON!” mode. (I was actually super tempted to just call this Flame On! mode but yeah…)

He is able to fly in super high speed and in this state, he can produce his “psionic Flame Shields.” The Area of Effect can actually reach up to 30 ft. in circumference,enough to shield us all but it is extremely draining for Tadashi. He is still working on more ways to utilize his flames and is doing better and better.

Like what I said, his suit and armor adapts to his current state. Its color changes due to the high temperature and it can actually help in making sure that Tadashi isn’t emitting any excessive, harmful radiation.

You can see the full suit here without its color changed. 

Teehee. Hope you guys like this!

Took me a while to draw this because… HOW DO YOU FIRE??? how.

His look is actually inspired from Famine!Sunfire and a bit of Firestorm, and a bit of Starfire mehehehehe. (Srsly.) I also mentioned to frick-sticks-and-gay-chicks how this form of Sunfire reminds me of Heatblast (from Ben 10.) Haha! So yeah.

Y’know I just really wanted to how this suit would look like stripped off the armor. Heehee.

Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader (Burrs daughter)

Warnings: almost smut?

A/N: Ive seen this idea of Phillip x Theodosia and i jut had to guys. Sorry not sorry.


“So, you’re totally sure your parents are gone?” You asked again. It was just to make sure. Phillip had said that Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton were going to be out of town for a week, and they’d brought their daughter with them. How anyone got Alexander Hamilton to go on a vacation, you would never know, but it meant plenty of alone time for the two of you.

You and Phillip had been together for almost a year, but neither his nor your parents could know. At any costs.
Could you imagine, Y/N Burr together with the Hamilton boy. No, your father would never allow it.

“Yes, I promise. They left a hour ago I told you.” Phillip looked at you for a second before leaning in and planing a soft kiss on your nose. Then another on your forehead. Soon he was bombarding your face in kisses.

“I just wanted to make sure because you know-” He cut off your sentence with a long kiss on the lips. Making you gasp a little.

When he finally pulled away you saw his eyes look up and down your body.

“Hey, you look really good in that dress.” Phillip smirked. Whatever was going on in that beautiful brain of his, it wasn’t good.

“Why thank you, Daddy got it for me as a present.” You said going along.

“But guess what?” His twisted smile widened.

“What?” You leaned in close to his face, leaving just inches between your faces.

“I bet you’d look better out of it.” He looked into your eyes for a moment before closing the gap and tackling you. You reached up and pulled his face down onto your own. Locking your lips together.

You slid your cold hands down Phillips chest until you felt the hem of his shirt. Slowly, you slipped your hands inside and ran them against his bare skin.

“Here ill make that easier for you.” He sat up, straddling your hips. With one fluid motion he tore off his shirt and threw it across the room. God, he was perfect. Phillip was that perfect in between where he wasn’t ripped but he had just enough muscle to make a girl go weak in the knees.

He leaned down once more. This time pressing your chests together. Keeping eye contact, you fiddled with the waist band of his pants. Slowly untying the bow that held them taunt.

You pushed your fingers past the fabric and rested your palm on his hip bone.

“We’re ba- Phillip oh my god!” A woman’s voice barked from the door way. You whipped your hand out of your boyfriend’s pants. Turning your head to the side to see none other than Mrs. Eliza Hamilton standing in the hall looking into the living room at you and her son.

“What’s the matter Eliz…oh. Oh?” Mr. Hamilton joined her in gawking at the two of you. You looked up and poor Phillip was still on top of you, starting back at his parents. His face pale. You cleared your throat softly to try and get his attention. That didn’t work at all. “Phillip!” You whispered harshly. Still no response. “Phillip!” You put your hand on his cheek and forced him to meet your eyes. “You might want to sit up right about now. Sound like a good plan?” He nodded his head and wordlessly pushed his body up and off your own. You sat up along with him.

Well this was just perfect. There are two confused and angry Hamilton’s standing in the door frame. Another half naked on the couch, and the girl he was just on top of. Sounds fun right?

“Welp. We came back because your sister forgot her suitcase. So I’m gonna go grab that. You got this Eliza?” As Mr. Hamilton crossed the room he looked back at his son and tried not to laugh. Failing miserably he ran upstairs covering his mouth.

“You’re not helping dear!” His wife called up after him. Planting her palm into her forehead. She stepped into the room and sat on a chair adjacent to the two of you.

“What am I going to do with you Phillip?” She let out a deep sigh. “Will you at least introduce me to your little friend here?”

“My name is Y/N.” You piped up. It was quite obvious that your boyfriend was still to shocked to say anything.

“Do you have a last name dear?” Eliza was obviously faking the huge smile on her face. “It’s umm… my last name is…” You looked over at Phillip hoping that he could offer some sort of help. Guess not. Your eyes turned back to Mrs. Hamilton.

“It’s James.”

“It’s Thomas.”

You and Phillip said at the exact same time. Shit, this wasn’t going well.

“What’s your last name?” Alexander came bounding down the stairs, a small suitcase in hand. He continued on until he was in the seat next to his wife.

“My name is.. it’s umm… it’s a name, that’s for sure.” There was sweat on your brow. The Hamilton’s could sense something was wrong.

“What is is girl?” Mr. Hamilton was getting more annoyed by the second.

“MylastnameisBurr.” You mumbled covering your mouth with your hand. You looked up at Mr. Hamilton, lowered your hand and offered a smile. Hoping to get him to back off a little.

“What’s your name damnit?” Alexander was agitated with your lack of cooperation, but what were you supposed to do?

“Her last name is Burr, dad.” Phillip sounded so defeated, it broke your heart.