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@reserve​ and i were talking about contemporary witch kylo on twitter dot com and we agreed a lot of it is probably just kylo buying too many crystals and trying to get hux to wear protective charms (and also kylo making up weird rituals to try to get hux to try new things in bed) ANYWAYS i really like the aesthetic

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  • "I love you."
  • "I hate you."
  • "Worst date of my life."
  • "How do you feel about polyamory?"
  • "So... I stabbed him."
  • "I might have killed him."
  • "Wanna go on a date?"
  • "Alcohol is not my friend."
  • "Can I marry whiskey?"
  • "I'm a drunken one-night stand type of girl."
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "I'd rather marry the cactus."
  • "Wanna have the sex?"
  • "I killed my pet rock."
  • "Call me Satan."
  • "Why are bar fights frowned upon?"
  • "Why study when you can drink?"
  • "I have the power of a thousand unicorns."
  • "Werewolves are hot."
  • "I may or may not have binged Teen Wolf."
  • "I have the mutant ability to watch two weeks worth of episodes in two days."
  • "Sleep is for those who haven't spiraled into a life of chaos."
  • "I'm fluent in geek."
  • "Next person to tell me a cheesy pick up line gets slapped."
  • "That sweater has more sex appeal than you."
  • "Punch me."
  • "Netflix and chill?"
  • "I'm too adorable to slap."
  • "Just hit me."
  • "I never say no to drugs."
  • "You caught me, I'm a drug dealer."
  • "I think I married the vodka."
  • "My girly-ass drink has five times the alcohol than your wheat tea."
  • "So many fuckboys."
  • "Are you a serial killer?"
  • "I've killed more people than I can count."
  • "Brainwashing is fun."
  • "All I want is a kitten and vodka."
  • "Kiss me."
  • "You have nice skin, I can't wait to try it on."
  • "Stop yelling at me."
  • "Why do you have marshmallow flavored vodka?"
  • "I'm only drunk 99.9999999999999% percent of the time."
  • "He's only slightly dead."
  • "Don't judge my music."
  • "I don't like your pants. Take them off."
  • "We might have to huddle for warmth."
  • "Turns out, our parents/family/whatever arranged for us to get married."
  • "Satanism isn't all that bad."
  • "I'm a pagan, suck it up and move on."
  • "Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it."
  • "I' trying to flirt."
  • "I'm kinda drunk."
  • "____ stole my vodka."
  • "Call me Batman."
  • "Be the Batman to my Joker?"
  • "I'm trying to tell you I want to have a homoerotic relationship with you."
  • "I will go done with this ship."
  • "Makeout session?"
conundrum. (arranged in haphazard rondo)

In lieu of soukoku episode release & soukoku week, I decided to post a soukoku fic at last ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

tl;dr: An introspective overview of Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship over the years, told in five brief parts; from childhood, to the Dark Era, till the very end; and me postulating the ending of BSD encompassing much angst and tragedy.


- table of contents -

i. The Worst Day Ever
ii. The Scariest Day Ever
iii. The Absolute Worst Day Ever
iv. The Happiest Day Ever
v. The Worst Day Ever


i. The Worst Day Ever

There wasn’t really anything that happened between them.

“I’m Nakahara.”

“Name’s Dazai.”

“Your face pisses me off.”

“As does yours.”

“I’m glad it’s mutual.”

Perhaps it’s meant to be. Their first look at one another left a sour aftertaste at the back of their tongues, like the revolting bitterness of herbal medicines. It’s strong, it’s repugnant, it’s also inexplicable – arising as naturally as the Sun from the east. The French use the saying, “le coup de foudre”; perhaps between them lightning struck too hard, and the nasty burn that it left behind sizzled on for many years to come.

It’s not like Chuuya can ever forget that day – he even went on to elegantly coin it with a name of utmost sophistication (‘The Worst Day Ever’). It’s as if he is forced to endure the taste of cheap, oxidized beer; the odious gaze of those black eyes from across the room left in him a prickly sensation of disgust, coupled with the urge to flee at once.

Not that he could. “Now, lads, no fighting,” instructed Kouyou, her tone motherly. Her eyes shot him a knowing look, and Chuuya understood the threat that came beneath that beaming visage. “The Boss insists you lads be cordial.”

“How ‘bout no.” Chuuya mutters, eyeing the other boy suspiciously.

“My sentiments exactly,” says the boy with a subdued glower.

Kouyou’s smile only widens to terrifying proportions, and she says nothing, turning to grin at the man standing behind the young boy. It is the boy’s caregiver, Mori; a figure whose role paralleled hers to Chuuya. The man shrugs, amused.

Meanwhile the boys are engaged in their own interaction of silent looks, scrutinizing one another with disdainful contempt; between them stood a battlefield of sheer eyepower and pride, alongside equal prowess of detestation flung at one another carelessly like spears, hitting all but their target’s unyielding ego. Neither relents. Neither triumphs either.

Their stalemate is abruptly broken when Kouyou, with her heavy kimono and large traditional umbrella, steps in regally between them, the slight smile of her face both mystifying and alluring at once. Both boys are halted, and turn their gaze towards her subliminal beauty in stunned wonder.

She turns to each of them, tossing charming glances through half-lidded eyes – enrapturing them with the exquisite sheen glimmering in her eyes. She grins. Mori watches on, respectfully amused at Kouyou’s wit.

“Orders are orders, lads,” says she, emancipating an immeasurable amount of matured charisma.

The two boys dumbly nod, eyes fixated and enthralled like the bewitched; unquestioning.

It is only much later that Chuuya realises what he had agreed to, and groans in unfathomable regret and angst at perhaps the worst command of all time.

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Not to be rude but the writers and Jennie can’t say #teammichael forever right after killing him like??? obviously not.. stop speaking his name

TL:DW Seventeen MV’s Edition

Adore U: Pledis was so scared that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of us, that they got the not so great idea to put a teeny tiny video of us in the corner where we mouth along to the song like we’re reciting nursery rhymes for 3 year olds. Fall in love with us as we go wild with the green screen and show off our bootleg designer fashionable white outfits.

Mansae: Why study when you can spend all day trying to impress chicks with basketball skills and ladder hide and seek? Featuring kinky face slap fetishes, the smell of fresh bleach and fried ends, the rise of the Visual Line, and Kim Mingyu having an amazing hairstyle, that to this day, was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Q & A:  Probs the fastest a subunit has ever formed. Three of them couldn’t keep up with their grades since they only chased girls and never studied, so now they have to make it up in their hot, but strict teacher’s class. Lots of rolling around floors and stylish glasses to compliment the bright and fun atmosphere of the song.

 Chocolate: This song is boring. But at least your eyes get a nice sweet treat in watching the Vocal Line ignore their studies (again) for a girl. Anddd of course they all got rejected because it wouldn’t be a Seventeen video if anyone actually ever got lucky in love.

Pretty U: The boys go hardcore, street cred tough, in this epic mini bad boy musical adventure. They vandalize property, wreck a restaurant, drive cars through buildings and cross the street without looking both ways….That’s what Carats tell themselves when they realize that this cutesy piece of fluff is the closest we’ll probably ever get to a dark concept.

아주 Nice: When you think that the China Line is going to rise from their graves and bring honor to their country, but they actually only get a line and a half as usual, and a center dancing spot, and you realize your hopes never should have went up. Lots of heart explosions and glittery deaths. Jeonghan pretended to know what rejection felt like and Wonwoo suffered silently just to make a great video for all of us.

Bucky sarcastically addressing T’Challa with unnecessary titles whenever he’s asked to do simple chores.

“Bucky can you take out the trash?”

“Yes, your highness.”

“Also I think you left some dishes in the sink earlier.”

“I’ll take care of it, your grace.”

“And while you’re over there can you put those socks in the laundry?”



“And you, Master? What does your heart tell you you’re meant for?”

“Infinite sadness.”