why stoop to their level

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There's really no need for all the hate between the shipping fandoms. I mean, we all love the same characters, so what's the big deal if we prefer one ship over another? One of my favorite op artists on tumblr ships Lawlu, in contrast to a Lunami shipper such as myself. I don't send her hate messages just because we don't agree on a ship, and even though I don't ship Lawlu, I can still appreciate the time and effort she puts into her artwork.

I share the same sentiment exactly. I never start anything, I just finish things. I don’t have any distaste for any shipping blog and I follow a bunch that aren’t lunami.

I don’t know how the haters found their way to my blog or why some stoop to Naruto fandom levels by calling us names like “lunatards” like……how old are you? Grow tf up lmao

are you fucking kidding me?!
Over 80 people were killed in the Nice attacks and you’re saying that they’re stealing your attention??
I support black lives matter but this is disgusting and I have lost so much respect because innocent people were killed and deserve all the attention and honor. Yet BLM are saying that they’re just trying to draw the attention away from their movement. It’s not always about you.
No matter what your fucking campaign is, innocent people died. So shut the fuck up and respect them.
BLM has to stop this bullshit. I’ve lost hope for humanity because there should be equality, why should minorities stoop down to such levels to wish death upon whites. That’s disgusting.

I promised you that
I wouldn’t call
And I promised myself that
I’d be strong

But for the first time
In a long time
I feel like promises
Don’t mean anything

They never did to you
So why should they to me
I don’t want to stoop to your
Level of not dealing
With things

But I just can’t.

Because no matter how
Hard I try
I cant forget about when we
Danced outside
And I felt safe for
The first time

It’s taking everything
I’ve got to
Stay away
Cause I know that
It’s not a problem for you

I don’t want to talk
About you with my friends
With anybody
Because it honestly
Destroys me inside

The worst part
Is thinking about
What could have been
I’ve always wanted
You and me
And that’s what’s
Killing me
Slowly but surely…

It has to get better
Otherwise everything everyone
Has been telling me is just
Part of some procedure
That will just make me
Feel numb to you

But maybe that’s for the better.

But how is any of this
For the better
When I’m so fucking
Miserable without you

Yet miserable with
This version of you
That I don’t recognize
The one that I always
Have to apologize to
When it’s not even my fault
But I always take the blame
Because that’s something
You aren’t capable of

That’s what love is though
It’s about driving each other
So mad that you just
Want to grab their face
And scream…
But all that
Comes out is a passionate
Kiss that I’ve been longing
For so long.

That’s what’s killing me
That small, faint sliver
That the person I thought you were
Would come back
And tell me that everything is fine
And that even though everything
Has changed at the same time
It hasn’t

But I know that I can’t
Think like that anymore
And I know that I have to
Let go of you
And everything I dreamed of
For us.

You just made it look
So easy
Like you unfell for me
A long time ago
And it just makes me
Wonder if it was ever
Real for you

Because it was for me
And I don’t know how
To come to terms with
The fact that you’re
Just going to be a ghost
And a stranger by choice.

You never got to hear
Me sing the song that
Was my love for you
So I guess that’s what this
Is except it’s just all
Of the things that I
Never got to say.

Things that I shouldn’t
Be saying at all
Because my head keeps
Telling me it’s not worth it
But my heart is crying
For the look you
Gave me when I told you
My initials were like a silly
Lunch meat

And all I want is for
You to remember how
We were before our lives
Got so flooded
And how the way we consumed
Each other wasn’t in the form
Of a parasite
But in the form of ham
Because ham is good
And so was my love

—  I loved you so much that I lost myself when you left

Women aren’t always saints when it comes to Tinder, but more often than not, we’re on the receiving end of the garbage that comes out of it. I wanted to see what would happen when I hammered my potential paramours with offensive and unsexy lines, including references to The Human Centipede and distinctly unsubtle allusions to pubic hair. 

It was oddly gratifying — yet ultimately revealing about men and why some stoop to this level.

As someone who has loved dc for as long as I have, I’ve seen and experienced  so much hate over the last few years. But recently I’ve noticed certain dc fans spewing the same kind of hate towards others that others have spewed onto us. I understand marvel stans and people in general have attacked us and fans of zack snyder for years now. Not a day goes by where those people don’t piss me off. But I’m never gonna stoop down to their level, why? Because it’s not worth it. Being a part of the dc fandom has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life, BECAUSE of the love and positivity we have spread over the years. There’s absolutely no need to step down to a trolls level and start shit just because others have. I’ve always tried to represent dc in a proud way, and I know this will come off as cheesy, but I’ve always tried to be the person superman would want me to be. To be that person to spread hope, love and positivity among those who I cross paths with. So to my fellow dc fans I just want to say this, don’t step down to the haters level. Be the best person you can be and spread positivity. Don’t be just another person on here who only wants to start drama and spew hate. We have enough of that in the world.