why stoop to their level

i’d like to see more content of allura being a relatable teen. she’s a Kool Kid! i’m gonna make some Relatable Teen allura hcs and if anyone else has any they would like to add then that would be encouraged

- every time she gets caught getting into teenage mischief or doing something she shouldn’t be doing she just goes “i’m a princess i can do what i want” n no one can say anything about it. they’re not sure if it’s even legal to. well, coran says something, but that’s different he’s basically her dad.

- she made some especially funny jokes a few times and they made everyone laugh and sometimes she thinks back to them and laughs at her own jokes for thirty minutes at a time

- [well crafted joke with lots of thought put in] “i suppose it’s a bit amusing :)” [literally just the word ‘snungus’] “[loud cackling she’s unable to hold back]”

- ^^^ also applies for “hinter bush” and every day sentences with the phrase 'i’m gay’ incorporated

- “coraaan, i looove you…” “i love you too, allura :{) is there something you want?” “other than to tell my trusted advisor and second father figure that i love him? why, coran, i’m appalled! i would never, never stoop down to such levels! if i tell you that i love you it’s because i genuinely do, not because of some–some ulterior motive!” “well, is there?” “actually… now that you mention it… there is this tiny thing…” it is usually Not So Tiny.

ATTENTION: Ladies, please look around you and make sure you do not have a “friend” like Ninaki Priddy. ---- CRITICAL THINKING is required to proceed in this post.

With a “friend” like her, Meghan did not need enemies. 

Designer Ninaki, who was maid of honour at their wedding in Jamaica, said: “What came to light after Trevor and I spoke ended my friendship with Meghan. I think everybody who knew them both was in shock”.“All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated, very calculated, in the way she handled people and relationships,” she told The Sun.

OK, Ninaki, you’ve said your piece and sold your friend out……..now it’s time to face critical thinkers who will examine YOU. Since you put yourself out there in the limelight and offered your “insight” for a few coins. Guess your career isn’t so hot and you’re looking for a boost to stay afloat in these difficult economic times.

>>>>>>>>>Sounds to me that Ninaki was VERY CLOSE to Trevor indeed. Perhaps inappropriately so.

If MM was so awful, why carry on a friendship with her for most of your lives??? 

Ninaki sounds like an unstable girl/woman who is always jealous of her friend but too bitter to break up the friendship because she has this sick desire to feed her pain.

So after a SINGLE conversation with Trevor, she was so shocked/disgusted by what she learned that she ended their friendship??? No confronting MM to get her side of the story? The woman she’s known since childhood?? There are always two sides to every story. Any idiot knows that. I keep reading that MM  used Trevor for opportunities. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….Why didn’t Trevor use HIMSELF to gain opportunities? 

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Have you seen his filmography? Have you seen MM filmography prior to SUITS? That girl struggled. The best he could do for her was cast her in ONE of his projects as “Fedex Delivery Girl”. At least she said one line and it wasn’t edited out of the movie. So yeah…..I guess she did use him. LOL

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He was NOT and is still NOT this big-time producer with major connections! If your girlfriend appears in a bunch of high-profile projects that YOU produce and then dumps you when she makes connections and moves on to OTHER high-profile projects, then you can consider having been used for your connections. Trevor has NOTHING to worry about given the current state of his career. He has a little bit of heat on his career NOW because of MM.

Isn’t he the one pitching a show about an American woman who marries British royalty then divorces and must share custody?

***************Who you are in a crisis reveals everything about your true character !!!! Trevor and Ninaki are the true NASTIES here.

 Let’s say, hypothetically that fame did change MM. For the sake of what you had, wouldn’t you want to cherish that and be the bigger person? Why stoop to a low level, if you are the one in the right?

If fame changed MM, why didn’t MM “use” SUITS to gain more limelight and fame? Why settle for a quiet life of food blogging, dinner parties, shopping, humanitarian work and quiet time with her dogs? Why have a low-profile relationship with a local chef? Why was she trying to get a cooking show on the food network? That doesn’t sound fame-hungry to me. That sounds like a foodie doing foodie things. Why waste your time giving all these speeches on female empowerment and supporting water projects in Rwanda when you can stay home and continue to network to star in more roles?

Why not act crazy on instagram? Taking half naked selfies? Why not be photographed at most award shows in revealing clothing? For the most part, she kept to walking the red carpet for industry/network events. Why not use your bit of SUITS fame to get more attention? Yes, she loves food, wine, traveling, good conversation, shopping/clothes and fascinating people. No crime in that.

The fact is that the majority of people who did not watch SUITS did not know who she was when the news broke of the relationship.

Sounds to me that SUITS offered MM a chance to re-evaluate her life and take the opportunity to remove some dead weight that was holding her back. It’s ok for women to take inventory of their lives and see which relationships serve them well and which ones do not….and get rid of the useless and/or bad ones. It’s ok to put yourself first.

Y’all… been seeing people reblogging a post telling people who believe Amber to ‘die in a ditch.’ And I wasn’t going to say anything but it’s actually been eating away at me all night.

Seriously don’t reblog crap like that or I will unfollow you so fast. That is LITERALLY the kind of trash we had to put up with all summer, people telling us to die and whatever other horrid shit. What does doing the same thing say about us? Why stoop to their level?

Johnny is a better person than Amber, so can we please try to be better people than her stans? Can we discuss facts calmly and not tell people to go die? Then we’re no better than them. And I KNOW we’re better than them. I know you want to reblog all posts supporting Johnny, but if it comes along with the same abuse we had to go through last summer? We don’t need it. 🙏🏼

Kiss and Tell (Sirius Black x Reader)

Summary: You were known for your ability to sleep with anyone you wanted to, so what happens you get paired with the only other person in the school who was capable of the same thing.

TW: Promiscuity, swearing

Masterlist Mobile Masterlist

You walk into the dining hall later than most people. Your hair is a bit messed up, but not for the reason most people think. You do nothing to correct them, though. You only toss your hair more and reapply your lipstick before taking a seat next to a few of your friends at the Gryffindor table. “Who was it this time?” one asks, causing you to chuckle.

“I wouldn’t want to embarrass him, but it was pretty bad,” you respond.

The girls around you giggle. “Come on. Please tell us.”

Another girl chimes in. “I don’t want to make the same mistake.”

You shake your head before pulling out one of your textbooks.  

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itsanneelisehere said:
Hey Doll, I was wondering if you could do a Shawn imagine. Could it be about Shawn defending you you then getting into a physical fight with another magcon boy because they were saying mean and untrue things about y/n. Then y/n takes care of Shawn when they get home. Thank you! Btw, I love your imagines!!!!


I was pretty much hated by a couple people, for reasons, I myself don’t even know about. I was having a party at mine and Shawn’s house. Shawn, my boyfriend of a year and half, and a couple of his closets friends where among the few people here.I was having a good time dancing, when Mahogany came over to me “Y/N, carter’s talking about you” she whispered in my ear “why?” I questioned back. I’ve never done anything to no one, especially Carter of all people. “I don’t know, he’s calling you a lot of names and saying you tried to fuck him, and when he denied you, you started rumors about him” “but I never even knew he existed until I met Shawn” “I know” she put her hand on my shoulder. At this point, I was fed up. Fed up with the lies and fed up with everything. “Does Shawn know?” I questioned “no not yet” “good.” I went past everyone, to find Carter by the pool talking to Taylor, Sammy and Nate. They did not seem to agree with what Carter was saying, yet didn’t stop him. “Well, well, well here comes the little slut now” he smirked at me “excuse me?” I sent him a glare “you heard me” he chuckled “what the fuck is your problem” I questioned “you” he said serious “what did I ever do to you?” I almost yelled, he smirked which got me even more angrier. “What haven’t you done to me?” He sarcastically said, “I’ve never done anything to you Carter, I did even know you existed until i met Shawn. Now your telling people I tried to fucking get with you and you rejected me, and I started rumors? Like get your story straight kid, cuz I’d never try, and get with someone like you, nor will I waste my precious oxygen spreading lies. Your not worth my time nor my thoughts. If your gonna say shit, say the fucking truth. You and me both know your mad that I rather be faithful to Shawn then cheat on him with a no good person like you.” I snapped back. His face changed to anger “says the slut who was practically begging me to fuck her, remember? Oh wait your gonna say you don’t because you were too busy being "faithful to Shawn”, your nothing but a nobody that fucks with anyone and everyone she can fuck with" he chuckled “what did you say?” I heard a soft voice that I could only recognize as Shawn, I looked over to Sammy and his face shifted uncomfortably, and I knew I was right. Carter looked up and got nervous. “What?” He questioned back “I said, what the hell did you say about my girlfriend?” Shawn said walking past me “Shawn stop, he’s not worth it” I said pulling his wrist “your not worth it” Carter chuckled under his breath but Shawn caught it. “What the fuck is your problem” shawns voice grew louder “your fucking slut of a girlfriend is my problem” Carter said. Before I knew it Shawn had punched Carter straight in the nose “SHAWN NO!” I screamed. I tried to break it up but Nate picked me up pulling me away “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” I screamed trying to break free “your not getting hurt, let them be. Let Shawn get his anger towards Carter out. Shawn’s been waiting for this moment for a long time let em be.” He said pulling me farther. Tears came down my face, I looked, and in that moment Carter punched Shawn in his lip, causing blood to gush out. “SHAWN NO!” I yelling, I broke free, and ran but Nate caught up. Fists were flying, blood was everywhere. I needed to stop this and I needed it to be stopped now. “I’m sorry Nate” I said “what?” I kicked him in his balls, causing him to drop me, and fall to his knees in agony. Carter and Shawn stood up to deliver more blows, when I got between them. “Get out of the way” Shawn yelled “Yeah listen to your boyfriend, whore.” Carter spat. “NO! I’m not letting you hurt him” I yelled at Carter. I turned to a bloody Shawn and placed my hand on his cheeks “babe please… For me?” I said looking him in the eyes. His eyes shifted from mine to Carter, when Sammy finally got in it blocking Carter. “For you” Shawn said cleaning his lip, and walking inside the house. “Everyone out now” I yelled going after Shawn. I went upstairs, and found him in the bathroom. “Sit” I said pointing to the toilet seat. He walked over, and sat down. I got towels, first aid kit, and a couple bandages, and helped clean him up. I got on my knees, and cleaned his lip. After a 20 minutes, Shawn was back to normal, with a couple scratches and bandages here and there. I helped him over to our bed and lied him down. “Why did you do that?” I asked him sitting on the bed, “because, he was saying things I know for a fact where not true.” He said brushing his hand through his hair “if you knew they weren’t true, why stoop down to his level and fight for me?” I questioned “because, your worth it” he said sitting up “but” “no butts, he needed to be taught a lesson. He goes around, and does what he wants. Not caring who he hurts in the process, he’s picking on your for no reason, calling you all these untrue names for what?” “For the simple fact, he doesn’t have me like you have me” I said pushing him to lie back down. “Are you mad?” Shawn questioned “no, I just don’t like seeing you fight, and get hurt. I love you, and love the fact that you were looking out for me” “I’m sorry babe, but no one, and I mean no one will talk About you like that. Ever!” He said rubbing his hand against my face “I love you” I said cuddling into his chest “I love you too, never forget that” he said kissing my forehead, as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Just a funny Anti thought

Okay so you know how Anti emphasized that he had been in control this whole time(presumably since last October)? That just put a funny thought in my head that if this is true Anti had to pretend to be Jack this whole time meaning that Anti had to play Dream Daddy. The idea of Anti having to pretend to be in love with and gush over these suburban dads really strikes me as funny. I wonder if that is why he is so angry. He feels like he had to stoop to Jacks level to entertain us as to not blow his cover. 

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Hey just genuinely curious, why do you think telling someone to kill themselves is ok? Even if someone is super shitty, how is telling them to die not stooping to their level? Why cant non-suicide baiting insults be enough...

i dont like telling people to kill themselves but i sincerely and genuinely do not fucking care about the well-being of terfs/transphobes or any other bigots because the fact is if they didnt exist then my life would be easier and i would have more of a chance of succeeding in a job or relationships or, yknow, living past 30

cis people keep thinking of this shit as “b-b-b-but theyre a person too!!!! words hurt!!!!!” i dont fucking care. if every single terf disappeared from existence this very second a significant portion of the hatred and exclusion of trans people (mainly trans women) would disappear as well. 

stop valuing cis feelings over trans lives because of some bullshit sense of white knight morality. like i said earlier, all morality went out the fucking window the minute someone drew trans people boiling to death.

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all of you phan people are dumb children smh it's got me so fucking annoyed. it's like you've never heard of fan service lmao

how does it feel to ship these guys when you must know it’s all a lie?like honestly how do you tolerate them doing this fan service bullshit for a while and knowing how their fans take it and then immediately no homo'ing again? Are yall just that deluded? 

right. okay. i have put off answering these asks for a while because judging by the way they are phrased, neither of you are open to a discussion about dan and phil and their roles as entertainers. not only that but you have clearly already concluded that anyone who disagrees with you does so because of a lack of intelligence or because they’re too young (and therefore too stupid?? inexperienced? naive?) to think critically about the content that they’re consuming. while i welcome perspectives that differ from mine in my inbox, and in fact cherish the opportunity to rethink my own opinions in a different light (because at the end of the day we are all viewers with access to the same amount of info about dan and phil and that amount is relatively minuscule), i do not in any way appreciate rudeness or condescension directed towards me for expressing my personal opinions on my personal blog. also i’m a week shy of 22. not a child.

the thing is, i receive the occasional negative message that i don’t respond to bc i think it’s pointless to perpetuate negativity. but the opinion that you’ve both put forward has been niggling at me in my own moments of insecurity and doubt and i’ve seen the sentiment reflected elsewhere by people who love dan and phil but are too afraid to trust what they have been seeing in the past few weeks with their own eyes. so i’m responding to these just to allay those fears for anyone who feels sincerely confused about what to make of the marked shift in tone of dan and phil’s content recently.

the issue with the conversation around “fan service” is that people frequently lose sight of what that term actually means. put as simply and clearly as possible, the term fan service seems to have two general uses. the first is very literal: providing an audience with what they want to see.  the second is more disquieting, and alludes to the willful manipulation of an audience by exaggerating truths or outright lying in order to provide them with what they want to see. in my understanding, dan and phil certainly engage in the first version of “fan service” which is nearly synonymous with just entertainment and therefore a bit redundant. of course dan and phil know what we as an audience want to see—that’s LITERALLY what they’re paid to do as entertainers. to provide us with content that will entertain us.

the second version of “fan service” as applied to dan and phil is the notion that they are lying to us or misleading/manipulating us to play into our desires to see confirmation of their romantic/sexual relationship. i assume by the tone of the first ask that this is the version of fan service being referenced, and the second ask basically points to it directly. it’s the version that is most often used to discuss (and criticize) dan and phil. the concept is that we shouldn’t believe any part of what dnp do in videos bc their behavior is all specifically calculated to satisfy the portion of the audience that wants them to be together. other term for this include ‘ship baiting’ or ‘queer baiting’ which one can basically use synonymously with ‘fan service’ at this point. 

i think there are a number of reasons this is a pretty terrible thing to accuse dan and phil of doing. foremost is that it would be intrinsically queerphobic of them to decide to manipulate their viewership into seeing them as queer, especially when they know and recognize that a sizable portion of that viewership are lgbtq+ themselves or are allies of the community. it wouldn’t just be a disappointment if it were true, it would be abjectly unethical and a bit disgusting. such behavior would tremendously contradict the progressive and empathetic stances that dan and phil have taken time and again on numerous issues including lgbtq ones. furthermore, i’d argue that it takes far more mental acrobatics and reaching to accuse two people who have built a life together for seven years to suddenly, seven years later, decide to fake or exaggerate any part of their interaction or relationship with each other, OR to assume that they have been faking it for seven years and yet still decided to share a home together for five of those seven, go to every social gathering together and stay glued to each others’ sides, co-own most of their possessions, etc. it is a lot simpler to follow one’s intuition that two people who have shared so much for so many years … are actually fond of each other, are comfortable around each other, bring each other genuine happiness, and, yes, love each other. i fail to see how any of that seems like a stretch or “a lie.” but even if you don’t buy any of it and you want to believe that suddenly after a massive two years of multimedia expansion and pushing products (a book, an app, a tour across three continents, a film, another film, another book) as a branded duo, after all of it is ostensibly water under the bridge, they NOW want to fake some part (or all) of their love for each other, i just would ask … why? like literally why would they? what incentive do they have? they are literally millionaires. they are already wildly successful at commanding attention and keeping their audience loyal. they sold out every one of their 79 shows, they get millions of views on each video they upload. why would they now feel the need to stoop to the level of lying and manipulation to gain viewers/make more money? 

the recent resurgence of these accusations is fueled, from what i can tell, by two things: 1. dnp’s recent behaviors that seem to flout their normal boundaries regarding physical touch and earnest expressions of affection, and 2. dan’s own comments about “what the people want,” his overall awareness of his audience and comments to that effect, and his own use of the term fan service in the joint live show they did a couple weeks back. it certainly makes sense why the past month or so might raise eyebrows, as dan and phil are acting differently to what we are used to from them. but to me the most logical explanation of these differences is not to accuse them of being straight or platonic pals who suddenly realized that performing queerness could be profitable for them. again, it’s not just illogical, it’s actually quite offensive. more nuanced and measured reasoning could be 1. they are tired of maintaining those boundaries themselves or feel that they’re unnatural, 2. they know that suddenly being more physical or flirtatious will lead to asks exactly like this one and therefore are calling out the concept of fan service THEMSELVES so people will see how absurd it is to entertain the idea that anything they’re doing is made up for views, 3. they want to rapidly normalize some of the way that they behave off-camera and instead of doing it very gradually (though you could argue that they actually are, and have been, doing it gradually) they decided that a daily offering of videos for nearly a month might do the job and are concentrating on making sure we can see the fondness between them. by the end of it we’ll all be so inundated with their affections that it’ll quickly cease to be shocking 4. idk they’re just chiller now? they’re TIRED from the year they’ve had? and also enormously CONTENT? bc their year has been amazing and why not bring some of their happiness to their youtube content???? ? is that really such an outlandish idea?

in conclusion: i want the term fan service to die unless someone has an extremely well-formulated argument for why it isn’t a queerphobic accusation and i want everyone to calm the fuck down and just appreciate the love that dnp are showing each other and us this month. they are so genuinely happy. they are working so hard to give us content that conveys that happiness. that’s the only “service” they’re providing us and instead of nitpicking what we see and breaking our brains trying to undermine the evidence of our own eyes, we should probably just be thankful and happy in return.

Empires Fall (1920s Mob AU)

Chapter Two: “The North”

AN: I don’t feel as good about this one but

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Word Count: 1,306

Warnings: drinking? kind of?

Chapter OneMasterlist

Thomas leaned back in his chair with a sigh and threw back the rest of his whiskey. He had no real reason to be so stressed, seeing as business was going better than it ever had, but something felt wrong to him. Of course, he almost always felt like that with the new head of the Outfit. The man never seemed to stop and enjoy his victories, and it irritated Thomas to no end, as well as his lack of etiquette.

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Alright kids, just when you were ready to count out the porch guy. I come back with what is easily on of my favorite non-porch outdoor seating areas / TRANSITIONAL SPACES.

I’m in a good mood today. I just put a deposit down on a dope ass apartment and I went to my parent’s house where my dad gave me some food and I took a little bit of gin so I could have a tasty beverage to write this post.

Today we’re all about TRANSITIONAL SPACES. What is a TRANSITIONAL SPACE you ask? Well, I don’t know the architectural academic definition, but to me and the people at work I discussed this with it’s a space that exists outside a dwelling that you then transition into or out of the greater space!

TRANSITIONAL SPACES are everything and as it turns out, they double as sick ass seating areas (SASA’s hope you’re not tired of dumb acronyms because I sure as hell am not).

So what we have here I guess could be called a stoop. Stoops are great. Stoop kid from hey! arnold is even better. I can’t believe it took me 4 posts to mention stoop kid on an outdoor seating blog, but hey I have some level of self control when it comes to stoop themed references!

This is a hot stoop for one reason, there are two levels. Why are two levels on a stoop important? Well what if that outdoor chair wasn’t there, where could you sit? Why you could post up on the sweet upper level all day! Or at least until you use the function of the TRANSITIONAL SPACE and go inside.

Aesthetically, I love this stoop. There’s lots of plants and it has a wild rustic feel (you have now entered HGTV). The chair is a nice touch and I’m really into that table because you could very comfortably fit an adult beverage on it (a child’s non alcoholic beverage could fit there too, but lets be real who sets down their capri-sun, you inhale that shit. I love the TRANSITIONAL SPACE door portal and the flowers hanging make sure that the area smells good. Flowers are like the potpourri of outdoor spaces. Its like natures potpourri (there’s several levels to this joke don’t tweet me about it just think okay).

All in all this is a hot stoop and on the Good Porches, Great Porches Stoop Rating System © I give it a hot 8/10. Drinkwise drinking on a front stoop is next level shit, so you better be rocking something in a can in a paper bag. Twisted Tea makes a wonderful Tall Boy I can heartily recommend.

If you want me to rate your porch or just want to follow my porch themed tweets, follow me over at https://twitter.com/porchrates


Guys, I’m not asking y’all not to defend BTS or whatsoever, but can you guys give better comments instead of sending death threats and saying fuck you? It’s so darn u professional, why WHY IN THE WORLD did you stoop to that level????

Fighting hate with hate will only hurt everyone, please rethink before you post shit like that.

I get that you guys are angry and stuff and you want the best for BTS but this behaviour is not the best, you got time to post that stuff on the comments? Then go vote for MAMA u idiots.

Please remember, your behaviour reflects BTS, do not post mean stuff to any other figures that disrespect the idol. You need to rant? Rant to your friends, rant to me or whatever. DON’T BE STUPID.

Oh and thank god to you other ARMY angels asking these immature kids to stop, you guys are the Adorable Representatives eMcee for Youth💙💜

Spread Love, not hate

Misadventures #67

INTP and ENFP: *are explaining the MBTI to an INTJ*

ENTP: INTP thinks that people can’t change, but I don’t really agree with that.

INTP: *sighs* It’s not that I think people can’t change, it just that…you know what? Never mind. See this door? If I slammed this, you would jump. That’s you’re natural reaction, and that won’t change easily.

*INTP already knows that it’s a faulty analogy, but it works for the point they were trying to get across to the ENFP, and the ENFP wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s faulty*

INTJ: Actually–

*INTJ proceeds to tear apart the analogy, and explain to the INTP exactly how your reaction could be changed, etc.*

INTP: *thinks* I already know that…thanks for “informing” me, and sorry, I don’t ever recall addressing you with that comment, so why are you butting in? If you were so smart, you’d understand the point I was trying to make, not just point out my logical fallacies that I already knew about. I would understand that if I were talking to you, but I’m not. So shut up now please.

INTJ: *smiles thinking they blew the INTP’s mind*

ENFP: *smiles because they think they finally won an argument against the INTP*

INTP: Yeah, that makes sense.

INTP: *thinks* You wouldn’t be smiling so smugly if I–no, bad thoughts, bad thoughts. You will not stoop to that level. NO. Bad INTP! …why does this always happen to me?

I promised you that
I wouldn’t call
And I promised myself that
I’d be strong

But for the first time
In a long time
I feel like promises
Don’t mean anything

They never did to you
So why should they to me
I don’t want to stoop to your
Level of not dealing
With things

But I just can’t.

Because no matter how
Hard I try
I cant forget about when we
Danced outside
And I felt safe for
The first time

It’s taking everything
I’ve got to
Stay away
Cause I know that
It’s not a problem for you

I don’t want to talk
About you with my friends
With anybody
Because it honestly
Destroys me inside

The worst part
Is thinking about
What could have been
I’ve always wanted
You and me
And that’s what’s
Killing me
Slowly but surely…

It has to get better
Otherwise everything everyone
Has been telling me is just
Part of some procedure
That will just make me
Feel numb to you

But maybe that’s for the better.

But how is any of this
For the better
When I’m so fucking
Miserable without you

Yet miserable with
This version of you
That I don’t recognize
The one that I always
Have to apologize to
When it’s not even my fault
But I always take the blame
Because that’s something
You aren’t capable of

That’s what love is though
It’s about driving each other
So mad that you just
Want to grab their face
And scream…
But all that
Comes out is a passionate
Kiss that I’ve been longing
For so long.

That’s what’s killing me
That small, faint sliver
That the person I thought you were
Would come back
And tell me that everything is fine
And that even though everything
Has changed at the same time
It hasn’t

But I know that I can’t
Think like that anymore
And I know that I have to
Let go of you
And everything I dreamed of
For us.

You just made it look
So easy
Like you unfell for me
A long time ago
And it just makes me
Wonder if it was ever
Real for you

Because it was for me
And I don’t know how
To come to terms with
The fact that you’re
Just going to be a ghost
And a stranger by choice.

You never got to hear
Me sing the song that
Was my love for you
So I guess that’s what this
Is except it’s just all
Of the things that I
Never got to say.

Things that I shouldn’t
Be saying at all
Because my head keeps
Telling me it’s not worth it
But my heart is crying
For the look you
Gave me when I told you
My initials were like a silly
Lunch meat

And all I want is for
You to remember how
We were before our lives
Got so flooded
And how the way we consumed
Each other wasn’t in the form
Of a parasite
But in the form of ham
Because ham is good
And so was my love

—  I loved you so much that I lost myself when you left

Donatello: Someones just trying to get under our shells. Why should we stoop to their level?

Casey: But this is a matter of honor! What about all that bushidoodoo stuff you guys always talk about?

Leonardo: That’s Bushido, which has nothing to do payback for a bunch of nasty wall doodles.

Michael Clifford Imagine: He cheated

This is for the lovely anon who requested it! i did my best hun!

I refused to believe the rumors. Michael had been away on tour for a couple months now…3 months 12 days and 21 hours to be exact. And he wouldn’t be home for a few months still…4 months 26 days and 4 hours actually, but I’m not counting. My boyfriend travels a lot with his band these days because they finally got their big break, and who am I to stop him? Although with travel comes rumors and recently they have been out of control. Michael isn’t the cheating type, in the 14 months we have been together I’ve never had to worry…until now. The tweets were becoming too much so I decided to call Mikey, he picked up right away.

“Hey I can’t talk right now I’m busy.” he said rushed.

“Hey sorry I just miss you an-”

“Mike come back to bed love.” an unfamiliar female voice groaned.

“Wh-who was that?” I said shaking and confused.

“Nobody, just som-”

“Babe come cuddle” she spoke again. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I tried to find my words.

“Oh, obviously you have plans for tonight, don’t let me stop you. Bye, don’t call me back…please” the last of it came out in a desperate whisper as I hung up and threw my phone down on my bed. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me. I’m so stupid to think he was different! I lowered myself to the floor and pulled my knees up to my chest and cried while the boy I love was with another girl. I cried for what seemed like a lifetime before my eyes dried up, my body cried itself out. I then turned to anger. How the hell did I fall for such an ass? An inconsiderate tool. I shot up and grabbed my phone. I opened twitter and my rage took over.

“Can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner. Waisted 14 months.”

I didn’t think about how fans would react. The fans always supported out relationship, our ship name was even a worldwide trending topic once. The boys really do have the best fans in the world, and I just dropped a bomb on them. Instantaneously I got replies from worried fans asking what happened and if we were going to be okay. I shut my phone off and decided to go to bed, it may have been early but i was exhausted from crying so much.

In the morning I woke up to a tweet by Michael:

“You only know you love her when you let her go, and you let her go.”

He always loved to tweet song lyrics, sometimes we even tweeted them back and forth. I felt guilty for my mean tweet but that went away when that girls voice replayed over and over in my head. I checked my messages next. 47 new messages from Michael al saying he ‘can explain’ that ‘it isn’t what I think it is’. What else could it possibly be? And with that thought my phone started buzzing, he was calling me. I panicked but answered slowly.

“Hello..” I said quietly.

“Y/N oh my god, you answered. Hell, I’ve been trying to reach you all night! Love, where have you been?” he responded in a desperate tone. 

“Don’t call me that.” I spat, biting my lip and holding back tears. I didn’t know the sound of his voice would get to me like this. 

“Please, you have to listen to me. I can explain, I-”

“No, I don’t want to hear it Michael. There is nothing you could say to make this better.” I interrupted. And with that, he broke down. I heard him sniffling on the other end of the line with a few curse words here and there. 

“I know I can’t take it back Y/N, but you are so far away and I missed you so badly. I couldn’t take it anymore.” he sobbed.

“So why didn’t you call?! Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t do it?! Why did you have to stoop to that level Michael?! I loved you..” I snapped back. He was silent for a bit.

“You said loved..in past tense.” he chocked out. I hated hurting him like this, but what was I supposed to do. 

“Well when you love someone and they break your heart it tends to make you think about how you feel.” I said. “Michael, I can’t talk about this right now. I-I..I have to go.” and I hung up just as broken as the night before. Bawling because the one person who could make me feel better was a thousand miles away in another girls arms.

It had been over a week and there was no word from Michael, I guess he gave up. Douchey, right? I was sitting in one of his old shirts, not realizing it was his, watching old movies alone at home when my doorbell rang. I got up to see who it was, and as soon as I open the door Michael scoops me up into a hug. God he smells like home. I couldn’t help but get lost in the moment and not until I felt tears once again did I realize this was reality. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked in shock.

“Y/N, I can’t live without you. I can’t go on and live my dreams of being in this band without you there by my side. Y/N I-”

“Micheal sto-”

“No, I’m not letting you go again. Y/N I can’t live my dream without you because you are my dream. I don’t want to go to sleep on the other side of the world knowing that you are awake and hurting here. I need you, and I love you. No distance or other girl will ever change that. I only want you.” he explained. I melted, this big doofus standing on my front steps with bright green hair was the boy I love. I couldn’t stay mad, I wanted to, I really did, but it was no use. One look into his puppy dog eyes and I folded. 

“I love you too.” I whispered.

“Love? As in present tense?” he asked wide-eyed. 

“Yes asshole present tense.” I giggled as he pulled me into a much awaited kiss. 

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” I warned between kisses.

“Never my love.” he replied with a smile. And with that he picked me up and carried me inside where we spent the night cuddling and catching up. I’m not a firm believer in second chances, but I do believe in true love, and Michael is my one true love. 

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The whole "no such thing as racism towards white ppl" spiel really bothers me. It sounds like an excuse for some ethnic ppl to be horrible to white ppl. White boy/girl is commonly used as an insult despite being a mere fact of a person. We insult people for something they can't control. Ethnic people understand how frustrating that is. Why stoop to that level? Why add more hate? There are lots of awesome white ppl. I hope all the hate on white ppl can stop.

you know, this is really really fucking sad

ive been a fan of avenged sevenfold since i was 12. im 23 now and i STILL dont know alot of personal information about the band (yes that includes friends and family members)

why dont i know this when i had years to gather that information? because im not an inconsiderate disrespectful piece of shit.

there i said it. take it as you want to but knowing anything about the guys thats outside of the band or zacks clothing line to me personally is crossing a line. yes i can admit i do share pics of the guys with their wives but thats only when the guys are in the picture. as long as the guys are part of it i’ll share it otherwise i dont bother knowing anything about them or their friends or their family. and i definitely dont share pictures of matts kids because yes he actually has stated in interviews that he doesnt want his son to be put in the spotlight and has asked fans personally not to share pics of his sons

and when it comes down to his family and friends having “public” accounts (which btw still doesnt justify being a creep and finding out who associates with the band for the sole purpose of seeing pics of them with the guys) that still does not give ANY OF YOU permission to share pics of his kids. his friends and family have permission. not the fans. and personally who gives a shit what his kids names are or what they look like. kids in general arent fucking cute so why glorify them?

for the most part ive stayed away from making comments about this recent situation because im honestly tired of trying to reason with some people who dont get that they’re being creepy or understand what respecting someones privacy is.

like honestly just imagine yourselves in the guys shoes. honestly sit down and think about how you would feel if you were in a band and your fans wanted to practically know when the next time you were gonna take a shit. just think about it. sounds creepy af right? so why would some of you waste your fucking time doing that. why? why stoop to such a fucking level that honestly makes this fanbase the laughing stock of the rock community? 

because guess what? we are the laughing stock of the rock community. we actually fucking are. all because a majority of this fanbase are a bunch of gossip mongering brats who think theyre entitled to know everything just because they want to? 

fuck i can no longer talk to people about my music interests irl without them making fun of me for liking avenged sevenfold. almost every single person ive encountered has had the nerve to tell me “so since you like a7x you’re like super creepy obsessed right?”

do some of you not understand how shitty that makes me feel? do some of you not understand that i now cannot have decent conversations with people because im afraid they’ll make fun of me? do you not understand that i am now generalized into something i literally have no part of all because some of you dont know how to respect someones privacy? no less someone you dont even fucking know? because literally every single fan on this godforsaken website does not know the guys on a personal level whether youve met them or not.

and when it comes to the wives, you can hate them for all i care. but i see people on here spreading rumors about the wives and literally the rest of you actually believing these rumors and some of you use that as an excuse to hate them and call them bitches or gold diggers and what not. really? really? you literally do not even know them and you want to be negative and all for what? a few notes on a post or a few followers gained? you know how pathetic that makes you?

im not saying you cant hate the wives. by all means more power to you. but keep your negativity out of the fanbase. keep your obsession about matts kids off the internet. keep that shit to yourself. just stop. stop giving this fanbase a bad name. its literally no wonder why so many people in the rock community make fun of a7x fans. its because of all this bullshit. 

honestly im getting tired of it. this whole rant i have going here isnt going to change anything. i already know that, but wishful thinking is a weakness i have and i would hope it would get some of you to change your views and make you better and respectful fans but who knows maybe maybe not.

im not saying im gonna leave the fan base. there are very few of you who ive come to see as actual family in the fan base and so im only going to stay for them. anyone else who’s creeped on the guys and got information on them and has stolen pics of them or matts kids or hell even people who follow their friends cause they know the guys, i want nothing to do with you. i dont want to see that bullshit on my dash anymore and if you condone this idiocy you can unfollow me it wont hurt my feelings. im seriously tired of seeing this fan base fighting over such issues that honestly there are far more important issues in the world and some of you want to pick and choose and argue over the pettiest of shit.

any other fan base i have been in inside the rock and metal community do not act like this. they dont. period. they literally do not act like the way this fan base acts like and in the end.. thats whats really fucking sad. whats even more sad is that i understand now why some of my favorite blogs recently left the fanbase. they dont want to deal with all this bullshit anymore. hell i dont want to either but this band, Avenged Sevenfold is the only band thats keeping my stupid ass alive. they have been for years.

and i know some of you wont stop. i know some of you will still creep the guys family and friends accounts. i know some of you will still want to see pics of matts kids. i cant stop that from happening. but please PLEASE keep that shit off the internet from now on. keep it to yourself. keep it out of the fanbase so maybe someday the rock community can stop looking down on us as if we we’re lower than dirt. i get enough of that with everything else going on in my life, i dont want that in my safe haven.

sorry for the long post. this is all i have to say on the matter.

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Maybe I don't get it because I'm not black but why is it ok to say "ugh white people" or "only white people would do this" when one white person does something but if a white person said "ugh only black people would do this" is not ok? And I know people generalize blacks all the time but if that's so bad why would you want to stoop to their level and do it as Well?

This whole stooping to their level thing would be valid if a black supremacy existed. Generalizing white people doesn’t lead to systemic discrimination, it doesn’t lead to oppression, and it doesn’t lead to injustices enacted upon them. Generalizing white people for an exaggerated joke is just that.


are you fucking kidding me?!
Over 80 people were killed in the Nice attacks and you’re saying that they’re stealing your attention??
I support black lives matter but this is disgusting and I have lost so much respect because innocent people were killed and deserve all the attention and honor. Yet BLM are saying that they’re just trying to draw the attention away from their movement. It’s not always about you.
No matter what your fucking campaign is, innocent people died. So shut the fuck up and respect them.
BLM has to stop this bullshit. I’ve lost hope for humanity because there should be equality, why should minorities stoop down to such levels to wish death upon whites. That’s disgusting.