why stan why


Carter Baizen’s parents adopted you when you were little. The two of you grew up together fully knowing you weren’t related by blood, and with mommy and daddy out of town so often, you started playing games. The thrill of messing with other people’s lives wasn’t enough, it actually only made you hungry for something else, and soon enough the two of you started an affair.

Someone enlighten me pls

What has gotten into him?

He looks much more mature these days This is just like my expections and it stresses me out

Im never gonna find a way out of him, will I?

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The only cover of Lotto and Blood, Sweat and Tears that matters

edit: To those asking who they are: The girl with short hair is Exy, rapper of WJSN aka Cosmic Girls, and the other girl is called Lovey. They have another cover of Ikon’s My Type